Emperor Chapters 512 and 513

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Chapter 512
Chapter 513

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And now it’s time for the actual chapters!

I hope that you all enjoyed the little April Fools chapters that I wrote. I spent a couple hours after yesterday’s chapters were released to write them and it was pretty fun to do so. There were many plot holes and incorrect details so forgive the lack of thoroughness!

For those who didn’t enjoy the prank, I do apologize for it. I understand that some read these novels very passionately and I’m sorry if the chapters broke your immersion or gave you a negative experience. However, I don’t regret what I did.

Lastly, as some of you have asked, separate links have been added to the table of contents that link to the April Fools chapters so if you want to read them again, you can find them there.

Enjoy the chapters!

PS: To StarShadow – No worries. We appreciate your support and we hope that you’ll continue to enjoy reading!
PPS: Thanks for all the comments! It’s good to see people enjoyed the chapters 😉

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