Emperor Chapters 1001 to 1003

Translator: Bao
Editor: Nahct
Proofreader: Light

Chapter 1001
Chapter 1002
Chapter 1003

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One happy event after the other! Yesterday was chapter 1000, today is something else entirely!

Read on to find out what makes today so joyous 😉

PS: Chapters 999 and 1000 have been updated.

5 thoughts on “Emperor Chapters 1001 to 1003” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I come to this site; to read 3 novels here on wuxiaworld
    –> DE ( the release and wait are painful and from 14 chap to 10 erratically released chapters,)
    –> ED (the only steady novel i look out for everyday and will in future even if the site changes.)
    –> RMJI ( transported here)

    You have my gratitude for your dedication immortal bao

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