Emperor Chapter 689

Translator: Bao
Editor: Nahct
Proofreader: Light

Chapter 689

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Something seems fishy about this Maple King. What could Allpine Mountain be scheming?

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  1. *hump*
    *Snort*..only one?!
    Thank you!!!

    Let’s say a kid gets 3 cookies everyday from her parents ….one day she suddenly gets only one cookie…and she feels angry….can u blame the kid?!…no!!…coz she’s a kid!!!!, Some kids won’t even say thanks after getting only a single cookie…but I’m a much filial kid!!

  2. Hi ImmortalEmperorBao,
    I am interested in helping out with translating, proof reading, or editing if you need any assistance. Let me know if I can help out in any way.

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