Emperor Chapter 252

Translator: Bao
Editor: Nahct

Chapter 252

… So much for a couple hours earlier, it’ll only be an hour earlier!

Anyway, here’s an important little note that you guys should know…


“Mistake from the last chapter, Ji should be Chi. So Ji Clan = Chi Clan, Ji Xiaodao = Chi Xiaodao. RIP to all the ISSTH Ji Clan theories :(“

So yeah, sorry for the mistake and enjoy the chapter!

8 thoughts on “Emperor Chapter 252” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I know less chinese than ancient Ming language, but Ye should be lord right? So li qiye is lord li? That had clogged my mind. Ji under Lord Li. I have even gone to past chapters to search for some general Fang.

    When lord fifth arrives, which seafood dishes dare to cause strife!

  2. And here I thought that I can finally say the Ji Clan is dead ( ISSTH) ??

    Oh, so it is indeed Chi rather than Ji. I thought the machinetrans site got the mistake. So I was a lil confused with it ? thanks for correcting

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