ED’s Quick Update

I think Nahct passed out sleeping, so we won’t have another chapter today. We’ll just release more chapters tomorrow 🙁

Also, I’ve been reading more comments about the author dragging it out with word count and while this is completely true, try to limit pointing it out each time since there is nothing I can do about it. It is a bit discouraging to go through those comments. Trust me, I know how much wordplay he is doing since I’m the one slowly translating as well as trying to rephrase repetitions in different manners, but I can’t do it for all of them.

My only advice is to perhaps save up 50-100 chapters for those who hate the daily style. I know Shanks loves to save up chapters before reading.

See you guys tomorrow,


13 thoughts on “ED’s Quick Update” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Its okay, bao. Some people doesn’t like this kind of arc but for me I like this kind of arc. The need to power up, collect treasure, and proving everyone how badass mc can get. Im not keen to war and battle but I dont dislike them.

    1. I’m the opposite; I like action and hate war. War has very little character building, and all that wordiness is summarizable. (Are those even words?) My English language curriculum says that shorter is always better. Bao, if you read this, please note that these are my preferences, so it only means my enjoyment slightly lessens when I see these things. I still like your translations!

  2. I don’t mind dragging out stuff if it’s done decently well. But when they literally just rephrase the same stuff it’s a huge turn off :/

  3. They do not understand the Dao of Face Smacking and Dao of Domineering requires sufficient build up for it to be epic. Without these build ups the face smacking will just be something to read, but not remember by.

    Do not be disheartened by the comments.

    What you’re doing has kept lots of people happy than those who don’t.

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