Chapter 680 – Liu Mei’s special treasure

Wang Lin opened his eyes but it was filled with clarity. Although it was still filled with pain but it was as if he had seen through the world. It was truth he had learned before, that that should disappeared then he should let them disappear…

He used his right hand and a strand of mist appeared in his hand. This mis was all the smoke that had entered his body. His origin soul contained part of the ancient thunder dragon and contained the power of the heavenly thunder. This Ten Thousand Illusion Heavenly Devil Dao wasn’t enough to cause his origin soul to burn.

Looking at the mist Wang Lin pondered for a bit and then crushed it.

“Although your cultivation had been forcibly increased but your understanding of your domain isn’t enough. Ordinary people have a say, to spoi things through excessive enthusiasm. That is your fatal weakness!”

At the moment he crushed it a muffled groan came from the void. Following that Liu Mei’s figure appeared in the distance. Her face was pale as she stared at Wang Lin, her eyes filled with hatred and she hissed “You are indeed Wang Lin, with a ruthless heart.”

“I’m not the who is ruthless but you!” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed bare killing intent.

“I focus my life on dao but you used the domain soul to break my virgin body, how do you explain this!” Liu Mei’s voice cracks. All the calmness from before disappeared and the hatred in her eyes became even stronger.

Wang Lin frowned, this was a memory he didn’t want to remember. His eyes became cold and softly said “You were the first to act. Also the matter with the domain soul was an accident.”

“Accident…” Liu Mei began to laugh, her laugh grew louder until it was filled with vileness. She can keep her Ten Thousand Illusion Heavenly Devil Dao mentality before anyone. However when it came to the person before her she couldn’t keep that mentality.

“You answered me saying it was an accident then I’ll give you another accident!” There was a hint of complex pain inside her hatred. She touched her bag of holding.

Wang Lin frowned, the celestial guard before him suddenly appeared and stepped toward Liu Mei.

Liu Mei’s right hand lifted from the bag of holding and the storage bag opened. A black mist rushed out from inside the bag and a monsterous resentment burst forth.

This resentment was heaven shaking, the sky darken as if it covered by clouds. Large vortexes began to slowly rotate in the sky.

The resentment was too powerful, as it spread out the ghostly wails began to appear within five kilometers as if they were in the realm of ghosts.

A burst of sharp shrill burst out from the black mist. The black mist was too fast even for divine sense to lock out. It suddenly charged out past the celestial guard directly toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was normal as he stared at the black light. At the moment it closed in he stabbed his finger forth like a sword created a gust of wind. This wind blew away the black mist revealing a pair of dark eyes.

The moment Wang Lin’s eyes fell on that pair of black eyes he was startled. The eyes were completely cloudy, there was no light only a monsterous resentment.

However at the moment Wang Lin saw that pair of eyes his mind shook and a feeling of harmony filled his body. It was as if ten thousand thunder exploded in Wang Lin’s ears causing his own body to tremble. He subconsciously withdrew his finger, took a few step back, and stared at the black mist.

“This… This is…” A terrible pain appeared inside Wang Lin’s heart and immediately filled his body. He looked at the black mist and his eyes suddenly turned red. He waved his right hand causing the celestial guard to immediately return. It became a large shadow that surrounded the black mist preventing it from doing anything.

Wang Lin’s face was filled with ferocity and shouted at Liu Mei “What is inside there!”

Liu Mei revealed a smile but her eyes were filled with pain. She looked at Wang Lin and smiled “You don’t recognize it? No with your cultivation you should be able to recognize it.”

“There was a legend among mortals. A person lost several children, the souls of those children will not dissipate but always follow you, watch you, and seem to be staying something but you can’t hear. It won’t be until the moment of your death that you finally hear them ask Daddy why don’t you want me…”

Liu Mei’s voice was a bit strange, there was even a trace of madness.

“I refined this child inside my body for a century until he finally became a resentful spirit. When he gained consciousness I kept telling him that it was his father who abandoned him. His father is called Wang Lin!

Wang Lin you ruined by dao heart, ruined my domain, and took my body. If all of those was an accident then let me return you a special magical treasure!”

Wang Lin silently pondered, this was a true kind of silence. It was as if all the life in his body were drained away and the only thing that remains was endless death.

There was no shock like tens of thousands of thunder exploding in his mind when he found out there was hope in reviving Li Muwan. There was not outburst of madness like when he faced Teng Huayuan1 There was on extreme focus like when he faced a crisis.

The current Wang Lin only silently pondered, so silent that it was terrifying.

It was as if this moment the heaven stopped, the earth stopped. It was as if everything in the heaven and earth froze due to the stop spell, everything became silent.

Looking at the black mist surrounded by the shadow created by the celestial guard Wang Lin’s eyes seem to be able to pierce through and saw a weak figure.

That powerful resentment wasn’t able to stop Wang Lin’s gaze.

After an unknown amount of time Wang Lin softly said “Thank you…”

Liu Mei was startled as she stared at Wang Lin and snapped “Wang Lin, does your heart not ache!!”

Wang Lin didn’t even looked at Liu Mei. He only looked at the figure inside the mist and softly said “If you can refine him into a resentful spirit then I can changed him back even if it takes thousands of years…. Tens of thousands of years… Thank you for returning him back to me…”

All of this was completely outside of Liu Mei’s expectation. She sneered and said “He can’t recover, to make him completely become a resentful spirit I…”

Before Liu Mei finished speaking Wang Lin softly said “If I say it’s possible then it’s possible!” His gaze withdrew from the mist and fell on Liu Mei. This eyes were no longer calm but filled with unimaginable killing intent. Aside from Teng Huayuan Wang Lin never had so much killing intent toward someone!

“Now it is your turn!”

Wang Lin’s voice wasn’t cold but it made the surrounding suddenly seem to enter winder. He took a step forward and pressed down his right thumb. The underworld finger suddenly appeared.

There was a loud bam in the sky as the underworld river appeared once more and fused into Wang Lin’s finger. The underworld finger formed by the underworld river flew out and charged straight at Liu Mei.

Liu Mei retreated as he slapped her bag of holding and a large old mirror appeared in her hand. This was a treasure the Huan family ancestor gifted to her, a low quality celestial treasure!

The underworld finger fell on the mirror and caused an earth shattering explosion. At the same time Wang Lin stepped forward and the Seven Star Sword Formation surrounded Liu Mei. Wang Lin let out a shout and seven rays of sword energy flew out.

Wang Lin calmly said “A fake late stage ascendant cultivator with only celestial energy and no domain in my eyes isn’t even a match for a mid stage ascendant cultivator!” The finger of death appeared and closed in on Liu Mei along with the Seven Star Sword Formation.

The sword energy closed in causing Liu Mei’s expression to change greatly. Feeling sense of crisis she bit the tip of her tongue. Blood flew out of her mouth along with an object, it was a blade needle.

The moment the needle appeared it immediately circled Liu Mei and blocked the Seven Star Sword Formation. Even the finger of death was pierced by this needle.

“The fourth soul!” Wang Lin coldly looked at it as his eyes became even colder. He raised his right hand and gently pointed at the needle.


The black needle suddenly paused, as it struggled Wang Lin took a step forward and arrived before Liu Mei. His right hand mercilessly pressed down between her brows.

Liu Mei let out a miserable groan as a large amount of black gas came out from between her brows. She immediately retreated and her eyes were filled with horror. Although his Wang Lin’s cultivation was only at early stage ascendant but his various spells and treasures were extremely shocking.

“Want to run!” Wang Lin took another step forward as his two finger formed a sword. A part of the thunder in his origin soul condensed at the tip of his finger ready to take this vicious woman’s life.

The shadow of death surrounded Liu Mei’s body and mind, her expression was deadly pale. Wang Lin’s finger earlier had immediately injured her origin soul. If it wasn’t for the fact that she had a lot of celestial energy in her body she probably would had died already.

Liu Mei shrilled “Li Er!”

Wang Lin frowned and saw the black mist surrounded by the celestial guard began to churn violently. It let out shrill cries that were like swords that charged toward Wang Lin and torn his heart.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a trace of sadness but he stabbed forward without any hesitation. This finger rushed out like a bolt of thunder toward Liu Mei.

Just at the moment of danger Liu Mei’s eyes were filled with despair but a vortex suddenly appeared before her. This vortex was pitch black as if it was surrounded by clouds.

A slightly withered arm came out from the vortex and casually pressed against Wang Lin’s finger.

With a loud bang Wang Lin’s body flew back like a meteor. His expression became pale as he cough out a large mouthful of blood but his eyes were filled with a monstrous cold light.

“Eh not dead?” An ancient void came from the vortex. The withered arm grabbed Liu Mei and dragged her directly into the vortex.

“You save her and the Huan family will be wiped out!” Wang Lin’s voice was like the freezing winter wind as he stared at the vortex. He was clear that the only person who could rescue Liu Mei right now was the Huan family ancestor.

As he spoke Wang Lin stepped forward as he condensed Ling Tianhou’s sword energy without any hesitation. His finger pointed out like a flash of lightning and the sword energy charged directly at the vortex.

“Arrogant junior, even if you have an Yin and Yang stage puppet you are still no match for this old man. Seeing that you and Hua Mei have a past this old man won’t get involved in your grudge. However if you continued to this then this old man won’t spare you!” The ancient voice came from the vortex. He grabbed Liu Mei and completely entered the vortex.

However at this moment Ling Tianhou’s sword energy had charged through the vortex directly toward the Huan family ancestor on the other side.

  1. Guy who killed his whole family and then killed Wang Lin.