Dragon King with Seven Stars – Three new chapters!

I went through a marathon binge of translating and am happy to release three chapters.

Chapter 3 – Flowered Flags
Chapter 4 – An Old Man Playing a Sanxian
Chapter 5 – Silver Lightning

For all of you who were scratching your heads trying to figure out what’s happening, I think by the end of the 5th Chapter you will definitely have a much more clear idea of the basic plot. With these posts, the translation of the book as a whole is 22% complete.

A suggestion was made to link the footnotes together with hyperlinks, but I’m too technically challenged to do that, so the best workaround I can suggest is to just open two copies of the story in separate tabs of your internet browser. Have one scrolled to the footnotes and one opened for reading the story. Then switch back and forth as needed.

I’m now 75% finished with editing Heroes Shed No Tears. I’ll try to post the full book as soon as possible!


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  1. Thanks!

    I was like wtf Ren is still awake! I was hella worried about his heath. Then I realize it was just death Meh… worried for nothing.

    *cough* but you know thx death blade

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