FYI – I think I’ve finally nailed down the culprit, which per Bluehost was causing my own PHP to ‘fork bomb’ my server, all the way from the usual load of 1-2 to 110 earlier. I think it might have been that damn thermometer plugin. I’ve been testing all the plugins one by one now, and as soon as I re-enabled the thermometer, the load started to climb again, from 1 all the way up to 3, with no signs of stopping. When I disabled it, it went back down again. I’m leaving the thermometer gone for now and will just something in manually. Sorry for the hassle guys.

EDIT: Yes, it is definitely the Olimometer! I enabled all other plugins; no problem. Enabled Olimometer; within five minutes, it spiked up to a server load of 6 and rapidly climbing! After disabling it again, now it’s going back down. Tested it twice, same! We shouldn’t have this problem again! Will put in a replacement!

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  1. As long as you know what caused it it is not that bad and it was resolved so fast on your end that it did not cause us a real inconvenience

    guess we can go back to spam F5 now 😀

    P.S. Damn the Thermomonster

    1. Yeah, I’m just going to do something manually for right now. I had the Paypal stuff as part of the thermometer, but that isn’t necessary. Will keep testing tonight.

    1. The ‘fancy’ thermometer was using the same plugin as the original one, called ‘Olimometer’. The new one was just a different picture, same function and underlying code.

  2. A new Bar is up by the side. Not As fancy looking as the thermometer though… F5 til 14 comes out bleeding ^_^

    p.s. the countdown for editing is a new one for me.

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