DOUBLE Skyfire Avenue Sponsored Release… AGAIN! 291-292

Oh man,

So some crazy philanthropist decided he loves you guys. Right on the heels of our last double release, here you have a second one.

Your spoiled guys, really.

Huge thanks to EvoBoy who made it happen. Don’t let people know where you live or you’ll get love-mobbed.

Chapter 291: Everyone Passes kicks it off.

Chapter 292: The Second Stage of Training brings it home.



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  1. Thanks so much for your hard work! We all truly appreciate it. To those others please no more bricks or barb wire. He needs his hands and his wit to translate

  2. Huh…it’s a good news,really!but… I haven’t been able to load the chapters on my cell since chapter 288…wanna read skyfire…plz do smtg for me guys T.T

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