Do you like rainbows?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been thinking about a term that comes up fairly frequently in I Shall Seal the Heavens (and other xianxia fiction apparently). Often when the characters fly or move very vast, it describes them as turning into or looking like a rainbow. Sadly, unless you are into the Muppets, the Carebears or My Little Pony, rainbows just aren’t very cool. I’ve been thinking of translating this term in a different way. If you could take a quick moment to vote about it, I would be very grateful!


39 thoughts on “Do you like rainbows?” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I noticed some people translate it as “a streak of light” which I find still very easy to understand and i guess it still kind of depicts a “rainbow” which is light.

  2. I really dont want to imagine them turning into ‘my little pony’ when flying, so, please no rainbows… 😛

    Just like with ‘monk’, it makes us imagine strange things… 😛

  3. the feelings reading all the other suggestion reminds me last time doing one-time work as a vote counter for election. all those voids and their scribbling 😀

  4. Hmm let’s think about this logically, rainbows make me think of butterflys, butterflys make me think of bugs, bugs make me think of people that step on them. Therefore they fly off like squished bugs under shoe.

    1. I like this, it could just be “spectrum of light”.

      Of course we are all assuming the rainbow is referring to the look in terms of colours, while it may be referring to the flight pattern, as a rainbow has a semi-circle kind of look and that’s how a forward jump at those heights would look.

  5. Ya rainbow does sound a bit off but streak of light is also pretty flat sounding. I vote for randomly giving characters cool sounding colorful names when they fly about such as golden/azure/hot pink etc.

  6. Im laughing so hard, I think I may have devoped an ulcer. Plz. Stahp. The poll, the comments, the post. It’s all too much! And the rainbows while reading ISSTH already nearly killed me, this post dealt the final blow?

  7. Please, no rainbows. That would make me picture something like Nyancat, and imagine Meng Hao streaking across the sky farting a rainbow…. PLEASE NO! Use “A ray of light” instead.

  8. The first thing I pictured was something like a blurry after-image.
    But putting it in words… meh.
    I would have to go with streak of light. More than that feels like too much.
    All the other things I can think of off the top of my head just don’t cut it.
    And who knows, maybe you’ll think of something better in the future.
    .txt files have this wonderful option, “replace with”. *whistles innocently*

    On a side note… Rainbow streakers huh? ;p

  9. i’d also prefer streak of light, just because ponies ruined the rainbows.

    though it’s still interesting to think of how xiuzhenists will gain the ability to turn into a rainbow when they reach a stage that common folks think og as immortal or godly.
    compare this to how those who wanted to travel between asgard and midgard (without freya’s bird hide) would have to walk over a rainbow bridge, be they gods or mortals that the gods caught interest in.
    funny coincident, don’t you think?

  10. I think trailing a rainbow is only an issue if you’re unsure about yourself. I’m male, and I’m comfortable enough with myself to admit that I happen to enjoy a dark, electric pink color. Why do rainbows make people uncomfortable?
    I know a guy that wears his rainbow proudly, even though he looks like bikers would run away from him, lol. And he’s not even gay… He just loves to see people react when they see the shirts and then his face on top 😛
    If you like them, then they’re cool enough. If you don’t, then go meet Butt Stallion. The pandoracorn that can crap rainbows that become legendary weapons if you feed it enough radioactive ore.

  11. I actually don’t mind the Rainbow translation. It seems accurate and gives you a better image (imo) than just a streak of light etc.

    Although I laughed when I saw some people vote for Skittles …. Taste the Rainbow! lol

  12. I don’t really care, I think the other options are slightly longer so it will take longer to type, so I voted for rainbow because it has less letters…XD

  13. When I first read rainbow in your novels, I was confused and had difficulty visualizing it. It seems out of place when used to describe an intense chase/escape. But it’s grown on me, it’s weird, light hearted and adds character, so I voted for rainbow. Also as a guy said previously, rainbow will be much easier to type seeing as it’s only one word.

  14. If you take 虹 on its own and look at how it shows up in other words, it’s basically just used to refer to any sort of light. From what I understand, 长虹 is not so much used to indicate a rainbow as a stream of colours left by the afterimage of them flying away. Remember that their clothing was often quite colourful.

    Anyway, I voted for streak of light, but like colour rays as well.

    My personal preference would be to translate the whole phrase as something like, “leaving a colourful trail in his wake” or “with a rainbow of light trailing behind”, maybe even “travelling like a rainbow across the sky”.

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