Do you like purple?

Greetings Fellow Daoists! If you have a good memory, you might recall that Wang Tengfei’s fiancee belonged to what I called the Purple Cloud Sect. Sadly, I had a brain fart and translated it wrong. Soon, we will hear more about that Sect, so I would love your opinion on what to call it going forward:

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  1. Purple is the colour of their qi, or possibly just their qi techniques. Their destiny is tied with their purple qi cultivation.

    I still say we go with Burple Sect.

  2. Okay, just saw “Purple People Eater Sect” and have to agree that that’s pretty genius.

    It’s hard to make an accurate translation because of the ambiguity of characters, 运 can also mean to move, use or apply something in addition to luck, destiny or fortune depending on what it’s put with. With that in mind, I put in “Purple Control Sect” as a serious option.

    1. guys… here´s a guy that understands the ancient language, capture him and make him translate for us.. Hurry before he flees

  3. i’d go for fortune. would be odd to call a sect destiny or fate, since those often have negative connotations.
    i don’t know the history of the sect though, choose destiny if that makes logical sense, like if they exist to fulfill a certain destiny, or all the purple automatically connects everyone to some specific destiny.

    fate is a little too weird. unless there exists a sort of purple fate in that universe, whatever that may be. itdoes make it sound likea purple fate is something you’d like to avoid, a person’s fate is often connected to their deaththe way it’s used in english. destiny is still possible, since that’s something you reach in life.

    1. Yah while I voted for those 3 choices. Purple Fortune was my top choice for certain. Since I love purple, and Fortune. Well this city was the top City in the area, and received tribute from all the other close by cities. So Fortune was definitely the top pick imo

    1. It was with glittering eyes that I observed this potential translation option. My body trembled as I considered the ramifications, and yet… continued to consider it!

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