Do you like feet?

Hi Fellow Daoists,

I recently discovered I made some errors in how I calculated some measurements of things. Long story short, some things are bigger than I originally described. Hey, bigger is always better, right? I was already in the process of going back to make a bunch of tweaks to previous chapters to make sure all terminology and everything is consistent, so I will include this in my editing. If any important changes are made, I’ll be sure to mention it in an announcement or chapter release. In the meantime, I’m curious which you prefer, metric units or imperial units?

Please take time to participate in a quick vote.

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  1. No imperial units, please!!!

    Feet? How much is that? Like a palm and a half? Who measure things with their feet nowadays? why stick with a stupid old inconsistent system?

  2. I really hate how some people still use imperial units. I mean the scientific community, amongst many, are using Metric units instead of the archaic imperial units. In fact, more than half the world use the metric unit instead of the imperial units. It’s easier, universal, and everyone knows it.

    1. Even NASA gave up on Imperial after crashing a probe into Mars’ atmosphere due to some of their staff incorrectly calculating altitude using Imperial measurements.

      It’s time for the rest of the USA to do so too. 😉

      1. Yep. Marching to the beat of the a different drummer might be all well and good, but this asinine decision to keep the imperial system really makes me feel like there’s a Christian fundamelist group behind this, a conspiracy of control and defiance against the SATANIC metric system! Mayber you’d even find Discovery Institute thugs around the corner…

        Jimmy Carter, u should have tried a mite harder T_T

          1. Hell yea! Just use Metric units! So much easier then Imperial. Dam the other 1/2(?) of the world using Imperial.

            But least they are not Sitting & driving on the wrong side of the car & road lol. Double FAIL England.

            Also i love a Chicken Feet~

          2. So do what the Chinese and turn everything to metric but leave the labels the same. That’ll cut your costs in half. 😛

            PrinnyX it’s less than 400 million people on the planet using Imperial and lots of those use Metric for work anyway. 😉

          3. 380 million people in the countries that still use imperial units (only 3 in the world including the US). That’s about 5.2% of the world. Of course this doesn’t include the professions that never bothered to switch over to metric system

  3. Metrics. Most people in the world use metrics, and imperial measures are stupid anyway (what… like… inches are divided into 8ths, with 12 inches per foot, 3 feet per yard, and 1760 yards per mile… it’s just nonsensical).

  4. Use what ever is easier for you to use… the quality of our translations depend on it….

    Just don’t use those Chinese measurements… feet, meters… I don’t care… they are both easy to understand and are known by most of the world…

    It should be whichever one is easier for our translator and what you are used to….

  5. Metric, and I’m glad the result shows 65% prefers metric system. And I think chinese system coresponds to metric system well (divided by half or so), anyway.

  6. Metric is the easiest to understand for majority of people. But very few people can understand the Chinese system so that’s out the door just on principle alone. and even though a lot of the people who visit this site are from America more of them understand metric better than the damn feet. So conclusion, for consistency and majority of the viewers, would understand Metric!!!

  7. I vote metric, just because I’d be pretty much lost if you used the imperial system… I mean, I can roughly estimate the size of an inch, but for the rest, I have no idea XD.

    Also, at this point in time, it looks like I’m the only person who voted in a 3hr drive radius XD At least I know I’m not alone in my country.

  8. depends on whose feet we are talking about. there are so many people with so many feet, that i dont think its possible to know whose feet you are talking about. just stick to the normal way, you know… the more logical and intuitive measuring system. bananas

  9. Unless the distance is always above 1 mile, use the metric system for simplicity sake… dealing with large distance is simple, but once you get down to inches and feet, it will probably get really annoying for the non Americans since they are not use to it lol…

  10. Doesn’t matter to me. Do we know what the current majority demographics that are visiting the site? What’s the easiest to convert for the translation? I think that latter of the two is more important. When you get to bigger quantities it’s more of a relative figure anywho.

    I’m from the U.S.A. so I grew up with the Imperial System. So it doesn’t seem nonsensical to me (btw feet and yards are rarely used with miles, I’d say <50% of the US population including me would not be able to tell you miles to yards/feet conversion). Depending on how you grew up what ever system that was used makes sense, it's an… elitist? attitude to bash on the other. I know exactly what 5'10" looks like, but what the heck is 178 cm? I know what 165lbs looks like on a person, but whats 75kg? 0°F-100°F makes more sense to me than the equivalent of ~-18°C to ~38°C (or whichever round numbers are used to describe cold and hot). It's not like science in countries with Imperial units are taught with them, we learn that Earth's g constant is 9.81 m/s not… *looks it up* 32.2 ft/s. /endrant

    Cool tidbit: The fibbonaci sequence is a quick and dirty rule of thumb when converting between miles and kilometers.

    1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 etc.

    Miles to Kilometers is picking a number and going up, while kilometers to miles is going down.

    1. 5280 because my dad used to quiz me on this crap for ice cream. And about height and weight used to describe people, it doesn’t matter. Most of these novels are paid by word count so they will also describe the person’s appearance, you don’t have to know what 165lbs looks like. As far as centimeters for height the story will tell you “Oh, by the way, this guy out protagonist is about to trounce is as tall as he is arrogant.” That way when he loses all three of his legs it’s extra funny.

    2. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said “I’m from the U.S.A. so I grew up with the Imperial System. So it doesn’t seem nonsensical to me”. This is the reason that the imperial system still exists. The imperial system is what many people are used to, but that doesn’t make it the best. The metric system is better in pretty much every way, it’s easier to learn, easier to convert, and has a better scale. Even I still use feet and pounds, since just like you it’s what I was taught. However, I have to admit that it is kinda nonsensical, and I would never teach my children the imperial system. The imperial system is the past, the metric system is the future. Of course there will still be some people who insist on using the old way they were taught, but it will eventually go the way of the dinosaurs.

    3. Only issue I take with your statement is the comments on hot and cold. Cold is 0°C, the temperature water freezes at. Very hot is 100°C – water boils here. In imperial it’s the low 30 somethings for water freezing, and somewhere just over 200 for boiling right? (We are assuming at sea level and 1 atmosphere of pressure)

      We use the 0 to 100 range too, we just have really easy to reproduce, significant points for where they’re set at…
      Are there any significant occurrences at 0 and 100°F?

        1. Nope. It’s saltwater (apparently). Ethanol’s (Alcohol) freezing point is -173.2°F (-114°C).

          I say apparently for saltwater because the freezing point is also dependent on the amount of salt in the water and the actual agreed freezing point for saltwater is -5.98°F (-21.1°C).

  11. PLEASE use metric! Only Americans are stupid enough to use some guys foot as a unit of measurement. Imperial system needs to go away and die, it’s absolutely retarded that other countries still have to deal with ridiculous, out-dated, non-standard units of measurement just because the stupid U.S. can’t get it together.

      1. You don’t know that… Maybe some engineer thought they were doing calculations on metric measurements, but they were actually imperial, which caused a huge accident… Maybe…

  12. UK resident here, for any large distance we tend to use miles and we do speed in miles per hour, we basically never use kilometres for a distance unless it would be a hassle to describe in terms of miles.
    As for other measurements, apart from if it’s a tool measurement (e.g. A half inch socket for a nut) inches, feet and yards tend to be used for approximations (e.g. He’s about 6’6″ or the snake is about 3′ long) because it’s quite easy to imagine a rough estimate of size in the imperial scale. But the metric would be used for an exact measurement (e.g. The wood needs to be 31mm thick or he’s 1.74m tall) because metric is easier to work with when it comes to fine detail

  13. Please use the metric system.

    Btw. was I the only one confused during the time after reading the title before reading the post content?
    I was wondering if we were being asked about our fetishes.

  14. My first thought is “Why are you calculating things?” Maybe it’s because I’m an American and already do conversions to English Imperial in my head, but I don’t see why the rest of you can’t just deal with it and convert Chinese imperial units into meters in your head.

    But really just do whatever you like as long as you don’t precisely convert things and have the character saying things are 1.34 meters away and such nonsense.

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