Dragon King With Seven Stars – Index

Dragon King With Seven Stars

Upon the death of multi-millionaire playboy Sun Jicheng, Jinan city suddenly becomes the center of a maelstrom of Jianghu intrigue. Once again, the mysterious death and/or disappearance of some of the most powerful and famous martial artists in recent years, such as the “End the Heavens, Destroy the Earth” crime-fighting duo Gao Tianjue and Guo Mie, and the master thief “Laughing General” Li, come to the spotlight. Smack dab in the middle of all the plotting and fighting is Ingot, a scrappy beggar who is far more than what he seems. A Gulong novel, translated by deathblade.

Chapter 1 – The Death of a Multi-Millionaire
Chapter 2 – Ingot
Chapter 3 – Flowered Flags
Chapter 4 – An Old Man Playing a Sanxian
Chapter 5 – Silver Lightning
Chapter 6 – Den of Immortals
Chapter 7 – Wisp of Smoke
Chapter 8 – A Sword Which You Cannot Drop
Chapter 9 – Wagering People, Not Lives
Chapter 10 – The First Star
Chapter 11 – Ingot’s Adventure
Chapter 12 – Ingot’s Seven Stars
Chapter 13 – A Silent Funeral Song
Chapter 14 – A Silver Mask
Chapter 15 – A Dark Night on Lake Hu
Chapter 16 – Big Boss Tang’s Adventure
Chapter 17 – Congratulations!
Chapter 18 – A Red Flower in a White Head of Hair
Chapter 19 – A Hand and a Foot
Chapter 20 – The Second Star
Chapter 21 – A Small Star, Glistening
Chapter 22 – A Story
Chapter 23 – Applause
Chapter 24 – Cause and Effect
Chapter 25 – The Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Stars

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