Desolate Era Queue Closed!

Friends, just slightly over a full year has passed since I took over translating Desolate Era quasi-full time, after my completion of Coiling Dragon. When I took it over full-time a month or so later, I used the same method that I had used towards the end of Coiling Dragon; I didn’t accept donations directly, instead adding to the queue based on donations forwarded to me that were made to other Wuxiaworld novels.

This was originally done in order to help drive donations and support to other translators. Given how much Wuxiaworld has grown, however, it has become clear to me that this is no longer the case; the end result has mainly been that people are forwarding emails of previous donations to me once the DE queue is clear. In other words, I’m just creating busywork for myself and for others…and so, as of today, I’m officially shutting down the Desolate Era queue and will simply move to doing ten regular chapters each week, no donations of any sort required (although I still strongly encourage donating to other translators!).

For the remaining six chapters in the queue, I’ll add them to this week…which is to say, I’ll be posting sixteen chapters this week, rather than the usual ten. Enjoy this very special week, and thanks to all of my readers!

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      1. o.O wow 45 volumes. That’s a long road.
        I am still amazed at the distance Wuxiaworld has gone. So many new and different novels have been introduced since then. I have not been here since the beginning but I remember when I had come here, there only used to be only 4 novels that were being translated.
        I am grateful to Wuxiaworld for all the good time it has given me.
        Thanks for all the hard work Ren, DB and all the other people!

          1. The number of novels has at least tripled since I joined (iirc around volume 7~8 or so of CD), and to me this is probably my favorite site out there right now. I’ve grown to really enjoy the CN stories that they work so hard to translate for us.

      2. I remember walking up a 2 km hill to get to a wifi spot just to load 10 tabs of chapters for cd than walking down the hill again back to my hammock to read them, i did this from the first chapter till the last for two weeks.

  1. Yay, extra chapters this week! Lol.
    Wuxia World certainly has gotten huge. And not just Wuxia World, but the translation scene as a whole. It’s gotten to the point where I can no longer keep up with even half of the series because there are just so many of them! Amazing job to all the translators out there.

  2. Thanks a ton Ren! All the translator on this site – and on other notable sites – do a fantastic job but I especially appreciate the work you and Deathblade do for your novels!

  3. Wow, it’s been a year huh time sure passes quickly haha I haven’t been here since the site sarted but I was still there for CD hahah thanks ren (well the end of CD to be honest)

    1. Same… I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and then i got to the 16 Chapters and was like oh YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! XD

      And thanks for translating Ren 🙂

  4. When I started reading you had already completed CD so it has been really fun going through the journey of DE with everyone together, thank you so much Ren!

  5. Thank you so much for all the hard work! Although as much as i love DE please don’t overwork yourself I can’t imagine how difficult it is to translate so many chapters a week.

  6. Just quick question Ren would you possibly ever considering just opening a separate desolate era queue with a 80 dollar per chapter so it instead of doing all this cross donating? I don’t see why you wouldn’t try to get any donations for your hard work unless you also are trying to drop time you translate. You could even raise the price on donations for DE (say 100$) maybe seeing such a large number they would just donate to a full 50$ chapter of another novel along with still getting that periodic 20$ donation for DE from random people?

      1. Some people do it to gain experience. Others do it because they dont need the money. Etc etc. The reasons are endless. However its none of our business. If this is what the person themselves is alright with then so be it. Who are we to question it? However instead we should be saying ‘if you ever need our help money wise please re instate the donations for DE’. With that ill leave it at that.

  7. hello.
    thank you for your hard work all this time. currently I am reading two novels “Wu Dong Qian Kun ” and “desolate era”. I just can’t wait to read another chapter of either one. I am not able to donate because I do not have an international account. I just can send you my best wishes and positive energy. stay healthy and enjoy your life

    1. I would HIGHLY recommend ISSTH, the first volume (so the better part of the first hundred chapters) is fairly boring, but afterwards it gets really good. In terms of consistent badassery, enjoyment, character development, plot and self-consistency it’s easily #1 for current CN series for me, with DE being #2

  8. Thanks for all the Hard work! I honestly can’t imagine DE being translated by anyone else and it being as great as it is with you.

    I hope you can stock chapters for the Endwar, or any other ‘book’ part that is interesting and takes up a lot of chapters, whenever you have time after finishing the 10 weekly chapters, and then mass release it!

  9. I’m a bit late to the party–about 4hrs late– but I also want to say thanks to you and wish you good luck RWX. That goes to all of the translators, editors, meme masters, etc. that make all of this possible as well.

  10. Ive been reading perfect world and spirit realm recently along with emporers domination so i can let my faves get a long list rolling for me. Now i have three new stories added to my list of to reads lol. So thank you DE for the huge list i have to catch up with :p anyone know what chapter is the one that has to do with saving whats his names dao companion after she was captured to make her partner have to build constructs?

  11. Hey Ren. I just wanna let you know that you are pretty much one of the greatest translators on the web right now, that even includes translators doing manga, and you have made THE greatest site for wuxia novel translations.

    However, I know that you retired from your job recently in order to work on the website full time…are you making a living without donations towards you? I wouldn’t want you stressing yourself out with 10 chapters a week if you are not making a living from it. ;-;

    Apologies if the question seems a tad to personal. Worried is all.

  12. Hey Ren, just wondering but didn’t you quit your job to fully focus on translating? But if you never actually took any donations, how do you earn your living?

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