DE Book 9 Chapter 6

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Book 9, Ji Ning of Serpentwing Lake, Chapter 6 – A Surging Killing Intent

Although Ji Ning spoke very softly, Mu Northson and Qingqing could both sense the boundless hatred and killing intent within those words. This enmity had sunk deep into his soul, and had embedded itself within the marrow of his bones!

Ning could never forget it. When he had left Swallow Mountain, Ning had deeply desired to take revenge! However, at that point in time, he didn’t know anything about the world; it was simply too vast and too alien. That was why he had decided to join a school and to first increase his own power, temporarily burying his hatred deep within his heart. Now that he had finished his training and joined the Raindragon Guard, it was time to take revenge!

“Father, Mother, Uncle,” Ning murmured to himself silently, “Those three of them…your child will not spare a single one! Not a single one!”

“Junior apprentice-brother.” Ning turned to look at the nearby Northson. “I am going to take revenge. It will be enough for me to bring along Qingqing and Uncle White. There’s no need for you to go.”

“Senior apprentice-brother, what the hell are you talking about?!” Northson said furiously, “I no longer have any kin in this world, now that my mother is dead! I have no attachments to anyone, so you don’t need to worry about causing trouble for me. As your junior apprentice-brother, I know exactly how agonizing your pain is, with your parents having been killed. In the past, I personally slaughtered those evil villains and avenged my mother. This time, I will definitely go with you!”

Ning was stunned. His mother had died? He had taken revenge on behalf of his mother? He had no kin left in the world? His junior apprentice-brother had never told him this before.

“Fine!” Ning nodded, then gave Northson a gentle clap on the shoulders. “You are a good brother.” Northson looked at Ning, who said, “Let’s go. Let’s go to Stillwater City.”

Northson immediately said, “Stillwater City? Right…didn’t you say you wanted to get revenge? As I see it, although we’ve fulfilled two assignments already, for now, there’s no need for us to go back to the Crimson Dragon Mountains to turn them in. For now, we can go act against your enemies while claiming we are on a mission to apprehend suspects on behalf of the Raindragon Guard. This gives us a good excuse.”

Ning nodded. In the past, Xue Hongyi had used the excuse of ‘suspecting that the Ji clan was harboring criminals’ to investigate Ning himself. Fortunately, Northmont Baiwei had stopped him. At that time, Baiwei had the status of ‘Emissary for the Marquisate of Stillwater’; if he hadn’t, even he would’ve found it difficult to stop this matter!

“That’s exactly what I was thinking,” Ning said. “However, we still need to go to Stillwater City to make some preparations. First, I need to get the intelligence reports on my enemies. Second, I need to buy some magic treasures.”

“Magic treasures?” Northson said, puzzled, “Can it be that your enemies are extremely powerful, senior apprentice-brother?” Ning shook his head. “No, they should only be Zifu Disciples. Even if they make a breakthrough, they’ll only be ordinary Wanxiang Adepts.”

“Then why must you buy treasures to deal with them, senior apprentice-brother?” Northson asked, puzzled. Ning said in a low, growling voice, “Because…I am going to shatter their souls!”

The cold malice in these words caused Northson, Qingqing, and the Whitewater Hound to all feel shocked. Northson thought back to how when he was a child, he had slaughtered those enemies…back then, he had been similarly crazed by hate. He could completely understand what Ning was currently feeling.

“Let’s go,” Ning said. “Alright.” The group immediately boarded the dragon-headed warship, quickly departing and going to Stillwater City.

Stillwater City. Ning first paid a visit to his good friend, Baiwei. “I already know,” Baiwei said, “That the most recent group of Raindragon Guard testees included you, Brother Ji Ning. And the name of your junior apprentice-brother, Mu Northson, as well.” Baiwei looked towards Ning, then smiled towards Northson as well. He saw that Ning was glancing towards the maidservants, and he waved his hand towards them. “You can leave,” he said, and they all left.

“Brother Baiwei, I’ve come to ask you for some help,” Ning said solemnly. “Please, speak,” Baiwei said.

“I need intelligence reports for three people,” Ning said. “Snowdragon Mountain’s Dong Seven, Shui Yi, and Yu Dong! However, I don’t wish for the Heavenly Treasures Mountain to know that I was the one investigating them.”

Baiwei nodded lightly. “Understood. I’ll immediately arrange for people to go to the Heavenly Treasures Mountain and do some investigations.” “Sorry for the trouble,” Ning said.

Killing the three of them wouldn’t be hard. What made things difficult was Snowdragon Mountain. Shui Yi and Yu Dong had less impressive backgrounds, but Dong Seven was the grandson of a Primal Daoist of Snowdragon Mountain. Once Ning acted against him, no matter how secretively he acted, Snowdragon Mountain would still investigate…and if they discovered that someone had once investigated all three of these individuals, they would definitely grow suspicious. Thus, he had to leave as few clues behind as possible.

“I’ll immediately send someone to go. In less than two hours, they’ll be able to have the results,” Baiwei said, rising to his feet. “The two of you can rest here. I’ll make the arrangements.”


Just two hours later, a servant came in, carrying three thick tomes and giving them to Northmont Baiwei. “You can leave now,” Baiwei instructed, and the servant quietly departed.

Baiwei handed the three reports directly to Ning. “These are the most detailed reports the Heavenly Treasures Mountain has regarding these three individuals. Reports are divided into multiple levels, but these are the highest level reports, and are the most detailed ones, which have all of their most secret details. However, the Heavenly Treasures Mountain is just an intelligence network, not the heavens; they can’t possibly know everything. For example, they have no idea that this time, it was you, Brother Ji Ning, who wanted these reports.”

Ning nodded. Human resources were limited. No matter how formidable the Heavenly Treasures Mountain was, they couldn’t know everything.

“Dong Seven.” Ning began to flip through the book. The nearby Baiwei simply drank his wine, slowly savoring it, while Northson did the same. None of them spoke or did anything to disturb Ning.

Ning read quite quickly. This report was fairly detailed; it had records of many of the events Dong Seven had carried out since he was young. It had details on some of the problems he had caused Snowdragon Mountain, and even discussed some of the women he had raped. There were records of many events…but no records of his attack against Ning’s parents and his uncle.

“The Heavenly Treasures Mountain isn’t omniscient. Immortal cultivators will occasionally run into trouble while wandering the world. If they don’t tell anyone, it really is quite hard to find out about it.” Ning shook his head.

“This Dong Seven…he truly is a calamity.” As Ning continued to read, he began to understand that Dong Seven was a child who had been spoiled rotten. Even now, he was still a mere peak Zifu Disciple.

Dong Seven came from the major ‘Dong’ clan. Because the Dong clan had a Primal Daoist amongst their ranks, Daoist Coldsun, they naturally were an extremely powerful clan. The Dong clan had quite a few talented figures, and the earlier Dong One had been the eldest and most talented member of Dong Seven’s generation! But of course, Dong One had already been killed by the Dragonwhale King back in the wild marshes of the Gaol Mountains.

Daoist Coldsun previously had a single son, but his son had died while roaming the outside world. His son had left behind only one child as well; Dong Seven. Thus, Daoist Coldsun doted far too much on this sole grandson of his.

Although the likes of Dong One and the others of his generation would also be treated well, they naturally couldn’t compare to Dong Seven. Thus, in the Dong clan, there were many who would flatter and fawn over Dong Seven, causing him to grow ever more arrogant and brash. His greatest hobby was to rape beautiful women, but only those with particularly refined auras.

Thus, he had caused countless calamities. However, due to his powerful background and strong supporters, nothing had ever come of it.

“What’s this?” Ning frowned. “He actually lives on Snowdragon Mountain, along with Daoist Coldsun?” Dong Seven truly was coddled too much. Others found it quite difficult to even see a Primal Daoist in person, but he actually lived alongside his grandfather.

“If he lives on Snowdragon Mountain, there’s nothing I can do.” Ning shook his head. Although he was confident, he wasn’t so crazed as to charge straight towards an ancient school that had existed for countless years. Even Loose Immortals would probably be hesitant; after all, that was the foundation of the entire school, and the various formations as well as suicide or self-destruct mechanisms there would be enough to threaten even them.

“Next one.” Ning turned to Yu Dong’s information. Yu Dong was a cultivator with tremendous ambition, and who was incredibly calculating. For the sake of acquiring enough resources, he willing served as Dong Seven’s henchman! After getting what he wanted for Dong Seven, he had silently slipped away.

“He’s now an early Wanxiang Adept, and he lives at Mount Mooncrescent with his master, a peak Wanxiang Adept.” Yu Dong personally hadn’t actually done too many vile deeds; the records of the Heavenly Treasures Mountain, at least, included only two matters. Naturally, what he had done to Ning’s parents hadn’t been included!

His master, Adept Mooncrescent, had actually done quite a few evil deeds. He was a sinister, despicable fellow who had reached the peak of the Wanxiang level more than two centuries ago, and was extremely strong!

“Although he has a master, they are at Mount Mooncrescent?” Ning felt relaxed. “This is in a wild, desolate region; dealing against him won’t be too hard. Let’s look at the last one.”

Ning flipped to Shui Yi’s materials. Shui Yi…he was originally a servant of the Dong clan, but was an extremely outstanding one who had been viewed favorably by the Dong clan. By now, he had become a peak Wanxiang Adept as well, but because his potential was limited, he had left Snowdragon Mountain and had always lived within the Dong clan’s territory.

“The Dong clan’s territory?” Ning begin to feel a headache coming. “This is a bit more troublesome. However…I’ll still be able to kill him.”

The Dong clan was the clan of Daoist Coldsun. Daoist Coldsun, however, stood guard over Snowdragon Mountain, and so there were no Primal Daoists protecting the Dong clan. It did have a group of Wanxiang Adepts, but clearly, the Dong clan wasn’t guarded nearly as tightly as Snowdragon Mountain was. Ning felt confident in being able to deal with them. After all, he only needed to kill Shui Yi, not annihilate the entire Dong clan.

“First kill Yu Dong, then kill Shui Yi. In the past, it was the two of them who actually fought against my uncle and my parents; they are the actual killers,” Ning mused to himself.

The nearby Baiwei could sense the hard, killing intent radiating from Ning, as well as the cold, ferocious light flashing through his eyes. Baiwei mused silently to himself, “My brother, Ji Ning, is normally an extremely amiable person, but he actually has such a fiendish side to him as well. This must be a deep enmity, and an extraordinary one at that.”

“Brother Baiwei.” Ning rose to his feet, and Baiwei hurriedly rose as well. “Sorry for troubling you, Brother Baiwei. You’ve helped me numerous times. I won’t waste words thanking you; I, Ji Ning, will remember everything you’ve done.” Ning clasped his hands. “I won’t stay any longer. I’ll leave now.”

“If there’s anything further you need, Brother Ji Ning, please feel free to tell me,” Baiwei said.

“Everything is as I expected.” Ning clasped his hands again, then led his junior apprentice-brother and departed.

Two hours later. After the sun had set. Ning’s group boarded the dragon-headed warship and flew into the skies, departing from Stillwater City.

“With this magic treasure, I will definitely ensure that you won’t even have a chance to reincarnate!” Ning gripped a magic treasure that looked like an incense burner, then raised his head. “Junior apprentice-brother, let’s go south. To Mount Mooncrescent!”

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        1. Going into the clan and killing someone is revenge. Killing the ones that try to stop you doing so is also revenge. But if after the kill, if he has the possibility to leave easily but choose to stay for slaughtering the rest of the clan, it must be bad karma.

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