DE Book 7, Chapter 33

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Book 7, Stillwater City, Chapter 33, Two Major Factions

With a thought, Ning removed his binding from the Thousandswords Golem, then leapt three hundred meters and landed outside the battle arena. He secretly sighed to himself, “Although I have reached the Dao Domain level, and my soul is at the ‘divine sense’ level…if I hadn’t meditated on the [Lesser Five Elements Sword] and increased the power of my sword arts, it would be hard to say if I would have won, or this Bu Ying would have won.”

His foundations were exceptionally stable, at the level of a reincarnated Immortal. However, prior to joining the Black-White College, his sword arts had been very weak; only after learning the [Lesser Five Elements Sword] had he been able to address this shortcoming.

If he hadn’t learned it, he would have had to rely on the power of his soul and controlled even more flying swords to achieve victory through numbers.

Swoosh! Bu Ying landed next to Ning as well. “Senior apprentice-brother Bu Ying,” Ning greeted him modestly.

Bu Ying sighed. “No wonder Immortal Diancai accepted you as his disciple, junior apprentice-brother Darknorth. I whole-heartedly acknowledge my loss. You were able to simultaneously control twelve flying swords and execute the ‘Drizzling Rain’ technique. Your level of insight is very high, and your soul is powerful; all of these things inspire admiration in me. In addition, junior apprentice-brother, you were even able to execute the [Duality Azureflame Sword]…I have nothing to say about my loss.”

“Here are a hundred black-white pellets and five kilograms of liquefied elemental essence.” Bu Ying tossed two bottles to Ning, who accepted them. “However, junior apprentice-brother, you’ve now defeated both Bladask and myself.” Bu Ying looked towards Ning. “Make your preparations. This matter will not conclude here.” After speaking, Bu Ying began to walk towards the outside.

“It won’t conclude here?” Ning frowned, then followed him outside.

“Senior apprentice-brother Ji Ning, senior apprentice-brother Ji Ning.” Northson excitedly ran over. It was as though he was even more excited than Ning by Ning’s victory. “That was too incredible. And to think those old disciples wanted to teach us new disciples a lesson. Hahaha! They’ve lost two rounds in a row now. This time, the old disciples really did lose face.”

Ning laughed. “It was nothing more than a spar.” Northson disagreed. “No, this was about face. This year, there are only two new disciples, you and me. Now that you’ve won, senior apprentice-brother, as your junior apprentice-brother, I’ve gained face as well.”

While chatting, the two moved to the outside. As for the old disciples, none of them, including Bu Ying, Winterain, and Bladask, moved to speak to Ning. The atmosphere was clearly rather awkward. The only person to move closer to him was Ninelotus.

“Senior apprentice-sister.” Ning felt his heart clench. Ninelotus truly was a naturally mesmerizing figure. In terms of appearance, she could be described as a peerless beauty; of all the beauties Ning had ever seen, she was second only to Meng Xin. But in terms of grace and aura, she was unquestionably number one.

“Junior apprentice-brother Ji Ning.” Ninelotus’ voice was very soft and gentle. “You must be careful. You won two rounds in a row. The old disciples won’t just let things slide like this. No matter what, the traditions of our Black-White College will not be broken just for you. When you go back, you need to make your preparations.”

Ning’s pupils contracted slightly. He nodded. “I, Ji Ning, have always looked forward to the opportunity to spar with my fellow disciples.” Ninelotus nodded as well, then departed.

Ning glanced at the other old disciples. However, given that even Bu Ying had been defeated, none of the others felt any confidence in being able to win, and so they naturally didn’t say a word.

“Let’s go.” Ning immediately led Northson away, and the two left the Dao Debate Palace. Swoosh! The two quickly disappeared into the night sky.


They watched as Ning and Northson left. Only now did the old disciples within the Dao Debate Palace begin to speak amongst themselves.

“We actually lost two battles in a row!” A tall, skinny youth said in a hoarse voice, “We old disciples are meant to teach a lesson to the newer disciples, to let them understand the principle that there is a heaven beyond the heavens, and geniuses beyond geniuses. This is a tradition of our Black-White College that has lasted for countless years! All of us are old disciples who joined years ago. No matter what, we can’t just admit defeat like this!”

“Right. If we admit defeat, then that means that we old disciples are admitting inferiority to the newer disciples.” Even Winterain nodded as well. The old disciples all nodded. This was a tradition!

The old disciples were to teach the new disciples a lesson. These old disciples had joined many years ago, and although some of the weaker ones amongst them would occasionally lose to a new disciple, the stronger ones amongst the old disciples would gain a victory back in turn! If they weren’t able to do so…didn’t that mean that every single one of them was inferior to the new disciples?

“From ancient times to modern times, there has never been anyone capable of forcing the old disciples of the Black-White College to admit defeat. Not even reincarnated Immortals!” Bu Ying nodded solemnly as he spoke. “I will go ask junior apprentice-brother Qinghe.” After speaking, Bu Ying left the Dao Debate Palace.

“Let’s go!” The old disciples all departed from the Dao Debate Palace, transforming into streaks of light and disappearing into the sky.


The disciples of the Black-White College were divided into three generations. The third generation consisted of Zifu Disciples and Wanxiang Adepts. Amongst the Zifu Disciples…the most outstanding and dazzlingly strong one was Qinghe.

Qinghe entered the school at eighteen years of age, and had also reached the Dao Domain level. Given his current level of insight, he could easily reach the Wanxiang Adept level, but he needed to further solidify his foundation. Only with a sufficiently stable foundation would the Zifu Lake within his body truly expand to the limit, allowing his future potential to be greater.

Late night.

“Junior apprentice-brother Qinghe, junior apprentice-brother Qinghe.” Bu Ying charged into the skies above a towering mountain, then immediately began to shout, his voice echoing within the entire estate.

The Zifu Disciple retainers and the commoner servants in the estate below all began to react.

“Senior apprentice-brother Bu Ying, why have you come to speak to me so late at night?” A figure suddenly emerged from the courtyard, head upraised and staring towards Bu Ying, who stood there in the night sky. Bu Ying immediately landed within the courtyard.

“I’ve come here this late at night to inform you about something, junior apprentice-brother.” Bu Ying shook his head and sighed. “I’m ashamed to even say this. Each year, the new disciples of our Black-White College will go to the Dao Debate Palace and be taught a lesson by us old disciples. In the past, the two of us experienced this as well.”

Qinghe laughed and nodded. “Right. The old disciples have all been in the school for many years. Naturally, they will win.”

“Except, we lost.” Bu Ying shook his head. “Just now, several of us old disciples were at the Dao Debate Palace, sparring with the new disciples, Ji Ning and Mu Northson. We defeated Northson twice in a row…but afterwards, when we sparred with Ji Ning, we were defeated by him twice in a row. In fact, even I lost to the hands of junior apprentice-brother Ji Ning.”

“What?!” Qinghe was shocked. “Senior apprentice-brother, you lost?”

“Right. That’s why I came to invite you,” Bu Ying said. “You can be said to be the Zifu Disciple amongst us who is at the very peak of power, and so…”

Qinghe nodded. “Senior apprentice-brother, don’t worry. Naturally, I won’t shirk my duties in this matter.”


“Senior apprentice-sister, senior apprentice-sister.” Ninelotus stood there in midair, staring down towards a graceful estate below.

“Little sister, you came?” A clear, cold voice rang out. “Why don’t you come in?” Ninelotus immediately landed. There was a black-robed maiden standing there, beneath the moonlight. In front of her there was an exquisitely carved wine flask and wine goblets.

This maiden’s beautiful features were absolutely superior to that of even Ninelotus…and that cool, indifferent aura made her seem like a true Immortal of the heavens. And, in truth, this black-robed maiden was indeed a reincarnated Immortal. Within the Black-White College, she was an extremely famous reincarnated Immortal, the Rainbowflame Fairy, Yu Wei! As one of the extremely few reincarnated Immortals, although she was currently only at the peak Wanxiang Adept level, her status was comparable to that of the Primal Daoists.

“Senior apprentice-sister.” Ninelotus sat down as well. “Are you aware that amongst the new disciples, there is one who is apparently a reincarnated Immortal as well?”

“Are you referring to junior apprentice-brother Ji Ning?” The black-robed maiden sat down, then nodded gently. “I heard that Immortal Diancai chose him as his disciple.”

Ninelotus immediately said, “Senior apprentice-sister, you don’t know this, but even before joining the school, Ji Ning has already reached the Dao Domain level, and his soul has supposedly even reached the ‘divine sense’ level.”

“His soul has supposedly reached the ‘divine sense’ level?” The black-robed maiden was rather surprised. Ninelotus nodded. “This is what my master told me.”

“Immortal Fivecraze?” The black-robed maiden nodded gently. “Intriguing. I didn’t expect that one of the new disciples would be such an impressive figure.”

Ninelotus continued, “And just now, at the Dao Debate Palace, this Ji Ning consecutively defeated two of the old disciples. I trust that once this information spreads out, the old disciples definitely won’t let this matter rest. No matter what, they will have to win it back.”

“Mm. Win. Yes, it will be necessary to win a match back.” The black-robed maiden nodded, then smiled. “But if he really is a reincarnated Immortal, given his current level of insight, he might even have some of his former memories from his past life. If you aren’t careful, his power might suddenly explosively increase. Defeating a reincarnated Immortal won’t be an easy matter.”

Ninelotus glanced at this senior apprentice-sister of hers, this Rainbowflame Fairy, Yu Wei. Of course reincarnated Immortals were terrifyingly strong. All of them had astonishing levels of talent, and when they started to train, they increased in power at a shocking rate.

“This Ji Ning is only sixteen,” Ninelotus said. The black-robed maiden laughed. “If he hasn’t awakened any of his former memories, beating him shouldn’t be too hard. When are they going to go challenge him? I will go and take a look.”

“It should be tomorrow,” Ninelotus said. “Fine. I’ll definitely go.” Yu Wei nodded.


Wanxiang Adept Northmont Blackcurrent frowned. “Ji Ning?”

“Right. Ji Ning. He consecutively defeated two of the old disciples. Even Bu Ying was beaten by him.” A black-robed youth sat there, chatting leisurely.

Blackcurrent laughed. “I didn’t expect that the Ji Ning who Northmont Baiwei befriended is actually as powerful as this. I previously misjudged him. Since he is going to be challenged tomorrow, I’ll go and take a look as well.”


“Ji Ning? I heard that in the Carefree Caverns, he unleashed a Rainwater Sword Domain. Clearly, he’s already reached the Dao Domain level, yes?”

“What? Dao Domain level? No wonder he is this powerful.”


“The new disciple, junior apprentice-brother Ji Ning, defeated two of the old disciples? How can we accept this? No matter what, we have to win a match back.”


One told ten, and ten told a hundred.

There were only so many disciples in the Black-White College to begin with, and most of them had known each other for many years and were on quite good terms with each other. As they exchanged this news amongst each other…by the second day, this news had already spread throughout the entire Black-White College. In fact, even some of the well-connected major powers within Stillwater Commandery, such as the Northmont clan, had received word of it.

For now, the other disciples all felt that, no matter what, they had to win a match back.

The disciples of the entire Black-White College had naturally divided into two major factions. The first was the new disciples faction; this consisted of just Ji Ning and Northson. The second was the old disciples faction; that consisted of all of the other disciples.

“Senior apprentice-brother, did you just say that this disciple of mine consecutively defeated two of the old disciples?” The black-robed, black-haired Immortal Diancai had a hint of curiosity in his eyes.

“Right. Virtually all of the third-generation disciples are going to the Dao Debate Palace. They definitely want to win a match back..” The short elder, dressed in ragged beggar’s clothes, said with excitement, “Hahaha, it’s been a long time since something so amusing has happened within our Black-White College. Myself, an ole madman, just survived the ninth-century tribulation, and now I’ve encountered this. Intriguing, intriguing. When the time comes, I’ll definitely go watch. Are you going?”

Immortal Diancai nodded gently, then laughed, “Since you are going, senior apprentice-brother, as your junior apprentice-brother, I’ll naturally accompany you.”

“Hahahaha. Great, great, great. Intriguing, intriguing.” The short elder, Immortal Fivecraze, suddenly waved his hand. “Now hurry up and bring out that Centiflower Immortal Wine and let your senior apprentice-brother have a taste.”

“Centiflower Immortal Wine? But I got that in one of the minor worlds…” Immortal Diancai’s face turned ashen.

The short elder stared at him. “I, your senior apprentice-brother, probably will only be able to live another nine centuries. And you can’t even spare me some wine? If you refuse to give me any wine to drink, then when Ji Ning competes against the old disciples, I’ll play some underhanded tricks in secret!”

Immortal Diancai let out a long, helpless sigh. “Fine, I’ll give it to you!”

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