DE Book 6, Chapter 6

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Book 6, Breaking Through the Cocoon, Becoming a Butterfly, Chapter 6 – A Bewildering Selection of Magic Treasures

The distant giant yellow bear nodded slightly and mused to himself, “This Ji Ning’s talent for swordplay is indeed high. That sword blow alone has already just barely reached the Wanxiang Adept level. But if that’s all he has, there is no way he will be able to overcome this first trial. His blows needs to reach the power of a full-force blow from an early Wanxiang Adept…only then will he be able to break the wooden stake before a single incense stick burns down!”

The first level of the Wargod Hall required that a person have the attack power of an early Wanxiang Adept in order to be overcome!

This was already the easiest testing method which the spirit of the manor could select. A true test would also test a person’s battle experience, mentality, movement abilities, and many other aspects. After all, in a true battle against a real enemy, would the enemy just stand there like a block of wood, waiting for someone to split it apart?


“Even by using my Rainwater Sword Domain, my Darknorth swords aren’t able to split this wooden stake.” Ning immediately retracted his Darknorth swords.

“Lesser Ten Thousand Swords Formation.”

Ning retreated by thirty meters, and then out of nowhere, more than seven hundred sword-type magic treasures suddenly appeared. All of the magic swords glowed with a blurry white light, and powerful Zifu-level elemental energy filled each magic sword…after circulating through, the power condensed next to Ning, into the form of an incomparably fierce sword light.

This sword light could faintly be seen to have the form of a flying sword.

“Originally, when I fought against Dong Ziqi, I activated these swords with peak Xiantian-level energy. Now that I use Zifu-level elemental energy to activate them, the power of the Lesser Ten Thousand Swords Formation is clearly much enhanced.” Ning could sense the sharpness of this sword light. This sword light’s own power was most likely comparable to the earlier, full-strength close-combat blow he delivered.

“Rainwater Sword Domain!”

A drizzling rain suddenly appeared around him as the area within three hundred meters sank into his Rainwater Sword Domain.

“Go.” Ning willed it, and the sword light by his side instantly vanished, transforming into a line of rain as well. This line of rain instantly traversed the distance of thirty meters, slicing down in the direction of the runes covering the wooden stake.


A wound immediately appeared atop the wooden stake, as the sword light chopped in nearly to the depth of half a finger.

“Good.” Ning was overjoyed, and another ray of sword light formed by his side.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

One ray of sword light after another flew into and completely merged with Rainwater Sword Domain, transforming into thin lines of rainwater. The rainwater sliced directly downwards onto the distant wooden stakes, once more leaving behind wounds.. It must be understood that the wooden stake was harder to cut on the inside than on the outside…the elemental energy within Ning’z Zifu was quickly being used up, as the wound on the wooden stake grew greater and greater.

Some time later.

“BANG!” A line of rain sliced across the wooden illar, and the wooden stake snapped in half. The upper half of the wooden stake fell, descending down to and smashing against the ground.

“Success.” Ning rejoiced. He hurriedly turned his head to look at the incense stick behind him. A majority of the incense stick was already gone.

“Congratulations on succeeding.” The giant yellow bear walked across. “Do you wish to challenge the second level of the Wargod Hall?”

Ning was swayed.

The second level?

It seemed as though succeeding on the second level of the Wargod Hall only resulted in a Mortal-ranked magic treasure. The benefit was the same as successfully passing the first level. The difficulty level…

“Senior, how hard is the second level, compared to the first level?” Ning asked. “How is the danger level?”

“Of course it is much more dangerous.” The giant yellow bear said directly. “You overcame the simplest first level test. But from the second level onwards…it won’t be that simple. It won’t be like just now, where there was only a block of wood that wouldn’t fight back. In addition, I won’t give you any advice at all. All you can do is charge in! Fight! If you feel you are in danger of death, you can immediately use the control talisman to teleport out. Once you teleport out, it means you lost!”

“Are you willing to use your second chance to challenge the second level of the Wargod Hall?” The giant yellow bear looked at Ning.

“My second chance?” Ning was stunned.

The giant yellow bear said, “I recommend you to use it. You are already at the peak as a Fiendgod Body Refiner. You might break through at any moment, and if you do…the two chances you have as a Xiantian-level expert will be gone. If you don’t use it, it will go to waste.”

Ning pondered for a moment.

“Then I will try it.” Ning laughed.

“Go then.” The giant yellow bear said.


Ning disappeared from this first level of the Wargod Hall.

But just ten seconds later.

“Bang!” Ning once more appeared at the first level, flying backwards and falling against the the floor. The furs on his body were all torn apart, and there were multiple bloody wounds on him, although some of them healed by the time he landed on the ground.

“You lost.” The giant yellow bear looked at Ning.

“Success in either the first or the second level results in just a single Mortal-ranked magic treasure.” Ning rose to his feet and said angrily. The furs on his body automatically repaired themselves. “Why is the second level so difficult?”

As soon as he had entere, he had instantly been attacked by tens of strange beasts which looked like black panthers. He was caught rather off-guard, and only after he released his power did he realize that every single black panther was comparable to Dong Ziqi! He used everything available to him, but was only able to hold on for ten seconds before being forced to give up. If he didn’t give up, he would have been torn into pieces by that group of black panthers.

“The Wargod Hall has ten levels, each of which is increasingly difficult.” The giant yellow bear growled. “This was decided by Master. There’s no point to you complaining.”

“Is there no difference between passing through the second level and the first level?” Ning asked.

“There is a difference.”

The giant yellow bear said. “As you have passed the first level, I will give you a large number of Mortal-ranked magic treasures and items of comparable value for you to choose from! Some of them are top-grade Mortal-ranked magic treasures.”

“If you succeed in challenging the second level, you can choose from any of the Mortal-ranked magic treasures or items of equivalent value which the Treasure Hall holds. There are some very unusual, very unique items there…although they are only Mortal-ranked, they are comparable to some ordinary Earth-ranked magic treasures, or even more valuable.”

Ning now understood.

“Go, then. Go to the Treasure Hall.” The giant yellow bear stretched out a furry paw, grabbing Ning by the arm.


The two disappeared into thin air…

The Treasure Hall.

The Treasure Hall was an enormous hall, and high above in the air floated one magic treasure and unique item after another. Surges of tremendous power rippled forth…although these ripples were heart-shaking, they were controlled by the restrictive spells of the first master, and didn’t injure Ning at all as he stood down below, preparing to make his selection.

“There are many magic treasures and unique items.” The giant yellow bear looked down towards Ning. Within the bear’s palms, a golden book suddenly appeared. “This golden book has recorded within it magic treasures of the Mortal-rank. You can choose from them. Choose.”

Ning accepted the golden book.

The book only had two Fiendgod characters atop it: [Precious Treasures]. He opened the book, and atop the pages were diagrams of precious treasures and unique items, as well as descriptions of the items.

“This really is…” Ning was stupefied as he read.

“Compared with the magic treasures up above me, the treasures which the Zifu Disciples of my Swallow Mountain region are just dogshit.” Ning had a feeling of speechlessness. It was as though he was a farmer militia who encountered a formal military. The equipment was on a completely different level.

The magic treasures above him were, at very least, high-grade Mortal-rank! Most were top-grade Mortal-rank!

The Mortal-rank magic treasures the first master was willing to keep naturally were all fine items.


“These Tri-Poison Flags are too vicious. With them, a peak Zifu Disciple can fight head on against a Wanxiang Adept. The power is most likely no weaker than that of a completed form of the Myriad Wraiths Banner which Bei Zishan was working on. In addition, the Myriad Wraiths Banner needs countless people to be tortured to death, but these Tri-Poison Flags don’t require you to commit such grave sins.” Ning sighed in amazement.

The evil Daos also had their own incredible magic treasures. It wasn’t always necessary for one to commit any sins, yet still allowed items of incredible power to be made.

“This one is formidable as well. The Nine Yang Swords Formation?” Ning’s eyes blazed as he looked at it. The most alluring part of it was that this magic treasure was formed from nine flying swords, each of which was a high-grade Mortal-rank flying sword!

“The Nine Yang Swords Formation is the most suited for you.” The nearby giant yellow bear said. “Choosing this magic treasure is equivalent to choosing nine flying swords. Although they are only high-grade Mortal-rank flying swords, they come from the same source. If you use these nine flying swords as the a base core for your [Lesser Thousand Swords Formation], the power of it will increase threefold or fivefold! These nine high-grade Mortal-rank flying swords alone are worth more than several dozen of your ordinary Mortal-rank flying swords.”

Ning felt desirous as well.

This was an excellent item.

“Yin Fire Bottle?” Ning raised an eyebrow. “How vicious.”

“Waterflame Mixed Element Staff.” Ning felt his pulse race when looking at this one as well. He controlled fire and water, and was also a Fiendgod Body Refiner. The Waterflame Mixed Element Staff was very suited for Fiendgods.

“Divine Starpoint Needles? Thirty six needles in a set? My soul is powerful, making it very suited for controlling large numbers of items.” Ning desired these as well.

One magic item after another.

Even the ones that weren’t suited for him made him feel desirous. These were all top-grade indeed! Top-grade! He had killed Bei Zishan and Ju San and acquired some magic treasures, but compared to these…there was no way to compare! Ning would be willing to trade dozens of magic treasures like those for a single one of these.

What Ning didn’t understand was that these items were viewed by the first master as ‘top-grade’ or ‘high-grade’, but if they were to be ranked in the modern era, all of them would be viewed as top-grade! Even those nine flying swords of the Nine Yang Sword Formation…according to modern standards, they would be viewed as nine top-grade flying swords.

“Wonderful.” Ning felt his heart itch.

He really wanted to grab a pile of them.

Ning began to understand Immortal Juhua a bit better. The poor Immortal Juhua could see all these powerful magic treasures, but couldn’t obtain them! If he could pick one as he pleased, he probably would’ve been able to survive his tribulation and become a Celestial Immortal!

Although the first master wanted to help future generations, he didn’t show them any favoritism. Even if the future generations died…his rules were still unbreakable. You want magic treasures? Then follow the first master’s rules.

“An ice-sealed Three-Eyed Firebug Larva? It can be used to raise an entire race of Three-Eyed Firebugs. An ordinary adult Three-Eyed Firebug is comparable to a Zifu Disciple? The only flaw is that it requires a large amount of spirit materials as food, and it also takes a long time to grow. However, it can also result in the breeding of incredibly powerful Three-Eyed Firebugs.” Ning’s heart burned.

“A golem comparable to an ordinary early Wanxiang Adept? An unkillable golem? The only flaw is that it requires a large amount of elemental energy to be used.”

Magic treasures. Unique items.

Each of them drove Ning crazy and moved him.

“Don’t be dazzled.” The giant yellow bear warned. “The Nine Yang Swords Formation is the most suitable for you. Nine excellent swords which come from the same source…it will be very hard for you to find something like them while adventuring outside. Your [Lesser Thousand Swords Formation] needs a core, and the stronger the swords of its core, the better.”

Ning flipped through another page.

Formation techniques? Ning’s eyelids shot up. Right now, the Ji clan was under tremendous threat. The best method for dealing with a large group of Zifu Disciples was using formations! It was formations which could create miracles!

“Netherwyrm Heavenlock Formation. A large formation suitable for guarding a clan or a sect. A large formation formed from five component formations…” Ning was moved as soon as he read through this. He hurriedly read through it carefully, and the joy on his face became even greater.

“This is it, this is it!” Ning was howling in his heart. “With this, my power will greatly increase, and the power of the Patriarch and the others will increase as well.”

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      1. As you have passed the first level, I will give you a large number of Mortal-ranked magic treasures and items of comparable value for you to choose from! Some of them are exceptional-grade Mortal-ranked magic treasures.”

        “If you succeed in challenging the second level, you can choose from any of the Mortal-ranked magic treasures or items of equivalent value which the Treasure Hall holds. There are some very unusual, very unique items there…although they are only Mortal-ranked, they are comparable to some ordinary Earth-ranked magic treasures, or even more valuable.”

        So if I am understanding this correctly the items he is choosing from is comparable to ordinary earth ranked treasures. So since he passed the 1 level that mean he gets large amount of mortal rank treasures that aren’t the ones being displayed right now right

        1. No.
          The estate has an enormous amount of Mortal-ranked treasures, some of which (presumably the higher quality ones) are even as powerful as ordinary Earth-ranked treasures.

          Passing a test = selecting one treasure as a reward

          The key difference is that someone who passes the 1st test can only choose one reward from a smaller (but still very large) selection of the total number of Mortal-ranked treasures. This selection is listed in the golden book the bear gave to Ji Ning, and it probably doesn’t include the highest quality treasures.
          But if someone passes the 2nd test, they can choose one reward from any of the Mortal-ranked treasures in the estate, without restriction. So even those OP items comparable to Earth-ranked treasures are up for grabs.

  1. Uh oh, if he picks the Formation over the Swords (which are clearly a better personal choice), it could really backfire horribly. The Snowdragon people are inviting a Formations expert after all, so if he’s incredibly skilled, even this fancy “Netherwyrm Heavenlock Formation” might not hold them off for long. That would be a disaster.

    Hopefully the bear convinces Ji Ning to be selfish 😛

    1. Dunno about that… swords will raise his personal power… but he won’t be able to deal with a horde of zifu adepts, a top grade formation kept by the first master won’t be easy to deal with i’d think… and it might just let him deal with that incoming horde.

      1. Yeah, you and allanpeter raise good points. I’m just concerned because the bear is clearly very wise and advised Ji Ning twice to choose the swords. He also warned him not to be dazzled by all the items, which set off warning bells for me since Ji Ning just kept going. I have a bad premonition that Ji Ning’s about to f*ck himself over somehow. 😛

        1. Idk if something bad is going to happen. I think the bear advised him because he could see the greed in Ning’s which is going to screw him over if he does something wrong. Well Ning’s greed isn’t exactly uncalled for since his clans treasures are so crappy compare to this selection and he can’t even take more than 1. Also I think the bear told him to choose the sword is because it would increase his personal power and that’s what the bear really cares about.

    2. I disagree even if he is somewhat good at formation how can it compare to the one Ji Ning has right now. First of all he got in from Aquaric Manor which contain items that are extraordinary, and going on that the items are much much better than swallow mountain, even though snowdragon people might have somewhat better items it definitely can’t be consider to the items here

    3. Remember they might bring a formation expert but all the things in the treasure hall were choosed by the first master so i dont think a mere zifu class expert can just out of no where break a fomation of the treasure hall and for all that are a bit sad if he chooses the formation remember hes a breath away from breaking to zifu has a fiendgod so he will get another reward since he can get reward from upgrading his fiendgod level and from the wargod hall thing

  2. Why are people suggesting the swords would be a better option, just because the bear said so? The swords would basically just be a multiplier on his attack strength with the Lesser Thousand Swords formation, which is powerful enough already – at best, the difference would be that Ning is able to cut down someone along with his protective treasure, instead of taking 1 shot just to dispose of the protection.

    Meanwhile, the formation is obviously something far more powerful than anything the Ji clan or Snowdragon mountain can have or comprehend. If its specialized for clan defense, very likely that it may allow some sort of spatial control within its domain so that enemies can’t run and allies can be teleported to key points etc.

    Importantly, the formation would raise the power of rest of Ji clan fighters – who aren’t really at Ning’s level, apart from maybe in battle experience or a few Ki refiner Zifu techniques. Pretty much the biggest disadvantage is that Ning better manage to get it setup in time, I doubt such a powerful formation can be insta deployed like Dong Ziqi’s.

    1. Technically the sword is better, not just because the bear said so he is able to raise his personal power with it. I’m not sure why ur belittling the sword yet praising the formation, they both came from the Aquatic Manor so they both are powerful. Formation is probably best in this situation but people probably wanted him to get the swords because they want to see him to slaughter the snowdragon people

      1. I’m not belittling the swords, but I see them as being unnecessary boost in an area that MC is already strong in (using flying swords to attack with the formation) and doesn’t help shore up his weaknesses (defending himself in a 1 vs many situation, helping allies mid-battle)

        Unless Snowdragon people line up, he can’t really slaughter much faster with the swords – and he can also get a bit of power upgrade by using ranked swords that Ji clan gets for him, though it can’t compare the matched set he passed up. Though, he may struggle much more now vs the Zifu level fiendgod due to not having enough power.

        In the future as he grows more powerful, one of the first things he can upgrade is weapons esp. if he grows by fighting people and not just training. It should be far easier to obtain similar Mortal rank magic swords, than info on a complex widescale formation suitable for protecting an entire clan – we see that Snowdragon Mountain has a shortage of experts who can deal with a basic ‘Bewildering array’ formation used by Ninefire, so higher level formation knowledge is going to be far harder to obtain.

        In short, I think that Netherwyrm Heavenlock Formation is a better choice both for immediate and future needs, and Ning will slaughter enemies anyway with his Zifu level power and a core of (mismatched) ranked-level swords (even Ji clan should afford to get 7 of them)

        1. You are correct, it would be a better choice to pick the formation now, and after he defeat the second level, he can go back to pick the sword… He should prioritize his clan survival over his personal boost… Well that’s what I would do >.> I don’t know if the author is going to make a twist: like the MC pick the formation and grow to regret doing so, after the enemy break that formation easily or something

          1. the whole point is that he cant go in again and pick the swords after he picked the formation…. he lost his 2 chances , 1 by winning the first level and 2 by losing on the second level = both chances are used , done , nada , capish?:P

          2. The two chances he have as a Fiendgod Body Refiner Xiantian-level will be gone, but once he breakthrough to zifu in Fiendgod body he will get 2 other chances

  3. The bear is only concerned about Ji Ning’s personal power and progression. It could care less what happens to his clan. Therefore, Ji Ning’s choice of the formation is preferrable since he wants something that will benefit in guarding his clan.

  4. He should take the swords, he just got a power up and those swords are practically unparalleled with what the other party is using nobody will be able to fight him.

  5. It seems that Ji Ning and Linley are going through some drastic changes… Any ways, choosing the formation over the swords is the best way since fist of all, the information the Snowdragon Mountain have about the Ji clan’s formation is insufficient so they are definitely going to get their ass handed to them with this more powerful formation given that it is way powerful compared to Ninefire’s formation and this formation will also improve Ning’s defense since he’s had trouble in the past encounter. Although the sword will enhance his offense but it doesn’t really solve his weaknesses.

  6. Well if I remember correctly there are two differents condition for gaining a treasure from the treasure hall.
    First being pass a trial which he just done.
    second is break through the next rank of fiendgod body refiner. so once he get is violet palace as a fiendgod, he will be able to pick the sword then…
    so yeah in short as for now the formation would be way much better^^
    and in theory after he breakthrough, if he manage to pass stage 2 and stage 3 of the trials he might actually be able to get 3 treasure^^ 2 mortal and 1 higher ranked treasure.

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