DE Book 37, Chapter 7

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Book 37, Flamewing God, Chapter 7 – Realmship

Ji Ning stared at Archon Silksnow’s corpse as it lay there in the air above the flaming passageway. Ning would never have been able to feel at ease, knowing that some a crazed demon was still around and alive… but after actually killing him, Ning didn’t feel much much joy, only a sense of relief.

At least one potential future source of trouble had been gotten rid of.

“One of the eight lords of the Sacred Cities,” Ning murmured softly, “Just died in this place.” The eight Archons of the Sacred Cities… they were figures of legend. The first time Ning had visited a Sacred City, he had felt a sense of awe, admiration, and veneration. And yet, one of the awe-inspiring Archons had died, just like that. True, he had technically committed suicide, but in reality he had been forced to do it.

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” Ning waved his palm gently. It looked like a casual strike, but it actually encompassed the power of his Omega Sword Dao – Heavenbreaker. The power of the strike was like a wave of water that swept across the entire corpse. With no treasures protecting it, it was easily crushed into dust by the power of Ning’s palms.

Ning waved his hand again, collecting all of the treasures which Archon Silksnow had left behind. Ning revealed a smile. He wasn’t particularly happy about killing Archon Silksnow, but he was excited and delighted by the fact that he had just acquired a realmship.

“An unexpected benefit. This has now become the most valuable treasure I own.” Ning waved his hand, causing the realmship to be pulled into it. After acquiring the realmship, Whitethaw had naturally handed it over to his master immediately.

The realmship was now within Ning’s hand, and it was merely the size of a palm. It looked quite shabby and ordinary, and it was covered with marks and scars. In fact, someone who merely looked at it would probably doubt if it could even fly! However, Ning had chased after Archon Silksnow for quite some time, and he knew that it could indeed fly.

“Time to bind it.” Ning sent a strand of godsense into the realmship. It was now ownerless and thus he was able to bind it with ease.

“Master! Master!” The vessel-spirit immediately sought to ingratiate itself with Ning, for fear that Ning would kill it. This was the sad fate which awaited some treasure-spirits and golem-spirits and made them rather pitiable.

“Given the amount of damage this realmship has taken, is it capable of teleporting through spacetime?” Ning asked. The damage really did look quite severe, causing him concern.

“It can!” The vessel-spirit said hurriedly, “It’s completely capable of teleporting through spacetime, but it can’t go too far. It’ll take many blinks to move within a single realmverse, primarily because it has suffered quite some damage. Although the core components are in good shape, many of the other parts have suffered varying amounts of damage. Some parts are completely missing, which is why the ship can only unleash a low level of power.”

Ning nodded. He didn’t feel disappointed. If the realmship had been completely undamaged, Archon Silksnow would’ve escaped long ago. There’s no way Ning would’ve been able to tie him down, resulting in him eventually falling into a trap and being unable to escape.

“Master, I can sense you have a component on you which I desperately need,” the vessel-spirit said quickly.

“Oh?” Ning laughed and waved his hand, causing a part which was more than sixty meters long to appear next to him. This part was a strange component made up of multiple layers of metal that had many divine runes carved within it. It was vastly more complicated than any Hegemon-class golem, and as someone who didn’t understand the Dao of Artificing, Ning didn’t understand it at all.

“Wow, this piece is huge!” The vessel-spirit grew excited. “Master, can I swallow it?”

“Go ahead.” Ning nodded.

Whoosh. A wave of invisible power instantly swept across the sixty-meter component, which rapidly began to shrink until it was just thumb-sized. While it shrank, it flew towards one of the damaged areas of the realmship. The part was pulled into the realmship, followed by the realmship’s surface instantly beginning to glow. The surface of the realmship began to spread out, with some of the damage being automatically healed.

“Realmships possess regenerative powers, but there are certain important core materials they need. With this fairly complete part added into me, some of the other formerly-missing components can be used to regenerate and repair some of other parts.” The vessel-spirit was extremely excited. “Master, now that I’ve been able to repair a critical component, many of the minor damages are being healed as well. I can now move nearly a hundred times farther than in the past. Now, I can teleport through more than half a realmverse with just one blink!”

Ning stared at the realmship in his hand. It now looked much better than it had in the past. Although it still was covered with scars and wounds, it didn’t look as ragged as it had.

A single blink to teleport through more than half a realmverse? This was simply shocking.

“How far are you from perfect status?” Ning asked.

“Extremely far.” The vessel-spirit instantly appeared to be rather deflated. “Although I’m at 90% condition, some of the minor parts which I’m missing are having a major impact on me as a whole. That’s why I’m still not able to teleport nearly as great a distance as I would if I was at 100%.”

Ning couldn’t help but nod in agreement. When he had been a Daolord of the Third Step, he was comparable to supreme Daolords as well as fairly powerful Emperors. Back then, it would take him roughly a million chaos cycles to move via teleportation from one realmverse to another realmverse! Even Hegemons needed to spend extremely long periods of time. Realmships, however, merely needed a few myriads of years.

A few tens of thousands of years… to travel a distance which Ning normally needed to spend a million chaos cycles to traverse? Its teleporting powers were unfathomably superior to Hegemon Brightshore’s.

“However, Master… I can sense that not too far away from me is another important component which I need desperately. If I can absorb it, I should be able to repair a great deal,” the vessel-spirit said immediately.

“That’s a part which my friend has.” Ning nodded, then waved his hand and put the realmship away for now.

Whoosh. Ning bound and scanned all of the treasures which Archon Silksnow had left behind. Although there were a few valuable things, none of them were of much interest to the current Ning.

Despite that, Ning still felt quite excited. A single realmship was more than enough! “This realmship has to be far more valuable than even Crimsonwave Temple. It’s enough to ask an Autarch to help out.” Ning was extremely excited. “Autarchs possess incredible power and can create even alternate universes with ease. They are more than capable of reversing spacetime to rescue Yu Wei.”

“With this realmship, I can bring her back to life. Hahaha… finally, finally, finally! I’ve finally done it!” Ning stood there within the twisting flaming passageway, so excited that his blood was boiling. The excitement he felt was simply indescribable.

Trading away the realmship to revive Yu Wei… Ning wouldn’t even hesitate to make this choice!

Although a realmship would allow him to travel from one realmverse to another with ease, doing so by himself would be far too boring. This was something which Emperors who had lost all their loved ones and who were curious about the outside world would choose! Ning had been training for a much shorter period of time. There were many, many places just within the Flamedragon Realmverse which he had never visited. And, as a Daolord, his lifespan was limited to just 108,000 chaos cycles. There was simply no need for him to wander about other realmverse and enjoy the sites there.

If he could revive her… if he could speak with her once more… that would the happiest moment of his life. He had no interest in wandering the outside world by himself. The realmship was meaningless to Ning; the only thing it was good for was in trade for asking an Autarch to help him out.

“I’ll have to ask Emperor Goldisle and Emperor Blackcloud to help out and invite an Autarch over,” Ning mused. The Dao Alliance had certain links to the other realmverses. Through the Dao Alliance, he would be able to send word to an Autarch.

“I’ll go visit Ninedust first.” Ning suppressed his excitement and led Whitethaw to continue the advance. Thanks to the realmship resonance, Ning knew the rough area Ninedust was in and thus was able to find him fairly quickly.


Things were quite calm on Ning’s side… but a storm was about to erupt within the Endless Territories. All the major powers, reclusive Emperors, and countless Daolords had just received word of something absolutely shocking… one of the eight lords of the Sacred Cities, Archon Silksnow, had perished!

Archon Silksnow had been one of the eight lords of the Sacred Cities, which meant he had a lifeblood tower within the Palace of Immortals of the Dao Alliance. In the exact instant that Ning had forced him to commit suicide, his lifeblood tower had crumbled! This news quickly stunned the entire Palace of Immortals, and word quickly spread out.

There was no need for this news to be suppressed or hidden. All the Emperors found out, as did the countless Daolords.

Archon Silksnow had died? An exalted Archon of the Sacred Cities… it was possible to beat them, but to kill them was far, far too difficult. Even Hegemons found it extremely hard to kill one of them.

Who killed him? How did he die? The entire Endless Territories was in a state of turmoil.


Ning didn’t care about any of this. He continued to advance through the Jadfire Realm, following the realmship resonance. Finally, he passed through the flaming tunnels and reached the prison region, arriving directly at Ninedust’s prison.

“Ninedust.” Ning immediately saw a silver-robed man seated in the lotus position within a cage of flames. It was the Ninedust Sectlord. Ning couldn’t help but to laugh loudly and call out to him.

“Darknorth.” When Ninedust opened his eyes and saw Ning, he immediately revealed a look of delight.

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  1. “With this realmship, I can bring her back to life. Hahaha… finally, finally, finally! I’ve finally done it!” Ning stood there within the twisting flaming passageway, so excited that his blood was boiling. The excitement he felt was simply indescribable.”
    I really feel like the author is forcing this whole “Wife revival” thing way too hard, it’s like he actually cares, or any of the readers care, because the moment he revives her, it will only take them 1 chapter and that’s it…
    It’s just stupid to see the MC so obsessed with reviving his wife, is it too hard to write characters that knows when to “Let go”…
    His wife served her “Power-UP” part really good, but now it’s getting annoying…

    1. Agreed. Even once she revives, how is it going to change the plot? She’s far too weak. She’s just going to be another sidelined character, maybe some lines in the filler chapters. But for the actual plot she’s basically irrelevant. Even as a heartforce powerup she’s a boring plot device.

      1. Filler chapters? It is this attitude(probably) that makes IET scared sh*tless(probably) which leads to him writing so little about tha family and the three realms. It isn’t filler, it is substance. Or would you prefer Ning just leaving everything behind and just training? Maybe he could even have taken the realm heart from the three realms for some quick cash.

        1. ” She’s just going to be another sidelined character, maybe some lines in the filler chapters”
          What we mean is that, IET is emphasizing “Wife revival” plot, then the end is probably not even 6-10 lines worth of dialogue between Ning and his family members, it’s always like that in other IET novels, just like his daughter, what am saying he’s forcing it way too much, even though the author himself didn’t write that much about the character itself…

          1. You totally missed what I ment. I agree pretty much with what you said the only thing I reacted on was Detros calling them filler chapters.

        2. So you’re saying it’s kinda chicken and egg scenario?

          His audience hates reading about characters other than MC, so he only writes as little as possible and makes it weak filler because it isn’t worth it to develop seriously, which makes it just more pointless.

          1. I would say some in his audience hate it. But yes, the people who hate something are usually louder. But the fact that he writes too little still doesn’t make it filler.

          2. I consider it kinda filler because there isn’t anything interesting happening with them.
            His daughter just trains. His parents just train. We don’t get any adventures of them in Three Realms or anything.
            Subhuti&Windfiend went out, came back, levelupped, but again, nothing about their adventure.

            For contrast, past-scanning and then watching future adventures of his two touched&left disciples was interesting for the time. Something like that about his family adventuring in 3Realms would be cool, but would take too much time out of the “MC paramount” crowd.

            It’s like IET’s trying to throw a bone to us who *want* to hear about other people, but it’s a very lame bone.

          3. @Adannor :
            “I consider it kinda filler because there isn’t anything interesting happening with them.”
            That’s your opinion and nothing but.

            It’s character building and world setting, you can’t have a novel that is 100% exciting, epic battles and stuff like that because the result will be a terrible novel with no depth to it. Yet every time IET or any other author tries to do any character building or anything else a novel needs in their webnovel, people like you love to whine and call it ‘filler’ simply because they don’t find it to be interesting / exciting.

            The problem is mostly averted with physical novels as you get hundreds of pages at once, but with one page at a time the moment the author tries to give the story depth people like you crawl out of the woodwork to moan about it, preventing any real character development before it can happen because you start to complain before it can even begin.

    2. Totally, even the hegemon’s lose loved ones but you don’t see them searching the whole astral plane and making revival their sole purpose in life just to exchange something with an autarch

        1. They aren’t strong enough to revive daolords(I think). Especially not if their truesoul dissipates due to a failed daomerge. But if he just lets them stay weak it works.

          1. Daomerge-fail soul dissipation isn’t necessarily different from true-soul being forcibly extinguished. Though yes, those would be harder due to sheer power.

            Location being everworld just makes everything easier because it self-contains the remnants of the soul, rather than letting them get lost in the Chaosverse.

            Still, not everybody is cut for Daolord level, and Celestial Immortal already provides sufficient lifespan, so that would be a viable tactic.

            Oh and that all is when the true soul is shattered. Reincarnation with an intact soul is much easier.

  2. Ji Ning took an incredibly valuable item from an enemy who then informed everyone that Ji Ning has this valuable item, causing him to have to face mortal danger from all sides? I completely did not see this development coming, as I have never read Coiling Dragon.

      1. It had some similarities but not actually that many other than being the same genre and type of story, it was kind of a prototype for CD and DE in a way but weaker overall and especially later on when the MC basically stops having climactic fights entirely and simply hides away and trains for pretty much the rest of the novel after a certain point.

      1. Hard to tell what they mean. In Coiling Dragon, the MC at one point jumps from level 5 to 7 by carving a true masterwork statue after falling into a special state of mind because of certain events.

        I don’t remember anything similar happening in Stellar Transformations, at least not off the top of my head.

  3. This farce about tempting an autarch still goes on..
    Really it’s too dumb: instead of seeking to revive her yourself, you can’t wait to ask for someone else to do it for you? At least wait until the daomerge and go on with this if you fail.
    Fair trade between 2 parties, especially in cultivation worlds, has been proven multiple times to necessitate for both to be of comparable status/strength. You want to go all wishy washy to some OP autarch and just trust he will be all fair and just and suffer heavy backlash from the realmverse to help you? What if he just squashes you like the ant you are and gets the ship from your corpse (even if you hide it somewhere he should still have some means to find it regardless)?
    Maybe Bolin is trustworthy, but there are bound to be sone wicked ones.

    1. So he should wait to do the trade until he is dying with about one chaos cycle or less left to live? And you do understand that he doesn’t even think he has 0.01% chance of succeeding in the merge? And after that he still needs to become an autarch. It’s like you think he knows he is an IET mc. And sure some autarch could be an ass and just take it but it is probably considered beneath them. And this is only something that might get them to act and not some treasure that they don’t already have(probably) but it is still something they can give their underlings as a reward or something. And why would you think it would be a fair trade? It is probably pretty dang easy for an autarch to revive a shrimp. It is just that they just wouldn’t bother doing it if they didn’t get something that is a bit nice. If the mood hit them they could probably just do it for fun.

      So the only farce I see here is your comment.

      1. Nope, as far as I remember, it was stated before that even autarchs have to face a pretty heavy backlash (they can deal with it but it comes with an heavy price). And in any case, why should they bother talking conditions with daolords when even Eternal Emperors disdain them?
        What does the 0.01 chance of succeeding the daomerge matter? Nothing.
        Failed daomerge is much more than a chaos cicle (and even if it was a chaos cicle, Ji Ning is just like 2 chaos cicles old (or slightly older) after that ridiculously long time spent meditating) and it’s plenty enough to come to terms with death (if destiny wills it) and to spend time with his family.
        He is at the fourth step, so the daomerge won’t be that far off.
        If he succeeds, on the other hand, he becomes more powerful than an hegemon (otherverse lord, was it?) and has hope to become an autarch himself.
        Can’t you see this logic?

        You are defending this naivety after the whole Silksnow mess, really?

          1. Alright, since it looks like I’m the only one who thinks that Ji Ning is being naive after what he has experienced with guys like Goldisle and Silksnow and that looking for a trade with guys that are infinitely more powerful than you is not wise at all, whatever.

            Since you are so above this argument and I’m such a lost cause, this will end here.

          2. Here and in previous chapters too i have read about people complaining about his interest in resurrecting his wife.
            It is like if everyone is complaining cause this isn’t turning into an Harem thing, or because IET isn’t writing about how Nings is gonna bend over Youji and bang her from behind raw and rough.
            Or maybe there is something shameful in monogamy, i don’t know.

            Point is, if you kept reading this here you surely got to read some important passage, although it was long ago and now you may have just a blurred memory of it. Allow me to sum it up with the next paragraph.

            Ning learnt that in order to advance in the dao of the sword he requires to be true to his heart and follow his sentiment. This was his first teaching from the stele into the Black and White institute, taught by the intent left behind by Northwalker (not sure about the nickname).
            When Ning proposed to his wife (whose name i forgot) he used a precise declaration of love for Dao Companions. It was a declaration very much relevant and on which IET put very much importance. Something along the line of “against any buddha and everything that may block us, also going through hell to stay with you”.
            Even the situation with Ninelotus was just to emphasize the importance of such not-mortal union.

            At this point, it isn’t only about the fact to destroy a shadow on his heart, it is about being true to yourself, be true to your daoheart.
            If Ning were to abandon such desire, he would basically destroy his own daoheart, which is fundamental for the dao of the sword. He wouldn’t only lose the heartforce, he would simply lose his dao.

            IET had been very clear and built this slowly while being consistent. I don’t see any flaw.

            Besides, talking about wuxia novels, or more generally cultivation novels, i don’t know too much and my experience extend to ISSTH, CD, MSoI&F and TDG.
            In every and each novel there is the desire of the MC to get strong in order to be able to defend himself and the people he loves, and to resurrect the loved ones who are no more there. If he is away from the one he loves, he longs for them and tries to catch up (and having a chance to revive them is in fact an expression of this last desire). Noone wishes to live for the eternity alone.

            i really don’t understand why you complain of Ning caring about his deceased wife.
            It is like saying that you dont like sport while sitting in a football stadium. Sounds screwed.

            No offence, but i don’t know why you read this stuff if you don’t like him caring about his wife, i doubt you will find anything different in this whole site.

            Now, i would like to add few other words about your point of view on trading the realmship.
            You said that he shouldn’t try to negotiate with people stronger than him. Although this is true with some novels, here there is a more built-in organization which is developed to allow commerce (the Dao-Alliance is more or less for that, in fact each city is introduced for his commerce more than for his political or military standing). Furthermore, also while negotiating with Hegemons had already been clarified that the “old generation” is proud, and they would feel beneath them to steal from a junior.. The armor he wears is in itself very precious for an Hegemon as well, but nobody among emperors ever went after him for that (and he has it since he is supreme world level). The autarch is even more exalted, and naturally nobody would say that you can go and trade with him if he were so screwed to take your items. It wouldn’t even benefit the autarchs themselves, which risk not to be able to get interesting little toys that were found by juniors (rare, but still possible).
            Besides, Autarchs are the top.. why should they care about wealth more than their pride? in many novels when the character gets so power he is also aloof and doesn’t necessarily gets greedy when he can keep up face.

            About the proposition to keep the realmship and try to power up to Autarch level in order to revive your wife.. come on.
            You aren’t thinking that he may die on adventures, not just for daomerge failure. What if he dies while adventuring? wouldn’t it be impossible to revive his wife? and all of this for what? to remain attached to wealth about which he doesn’t care one wit?
            His dream has never been stated to be a “wandering minstrel”, he doesn’t give S. about traveling. Why should he keep the realmship? why should he weight it more than the wife? He can always revive his wife AND going on in his training later on.
            If he will become powerful, he will get more powerful items.
            Besides this point of view, there is still another nonsense: he should keep the realmship to get somehow stronger, while giving it up would revive his wife and thus perfect his daoheart making him stronger..
            .. reviving his wife is gonna make him stronger than keeping the realmship. So, why should he keep the realmship if he is interested in power?

            Nor for love, nor for power, nor for chances (he can die) makes sense to keep the realmship.

            Lastly, for Daolords a meditation seclusion of tens of thousand years may not be considered much. This means that their evaluation of time is different from mortals.. for them a CC is like 10 days for a mortal. Obviously to wait till he remains with 1 CC isn’t going to be enough for him.

            Ah, real “lastly”, you (or others) said that every Hegemon should go reviving their dao companions if it were to be considered normal how Ning behaves..
            Of the Hegemon we know, there are few who are born powerful and didn’t have a dao-companion (Netherlily and Brightshore), some who are rare being who can’t find an easy match (Rainsomething) and luckily few who made all the ladder and indeed try to revive even stronger dao companions (Paragon of Pills).
            Anyhow, reviving someone isn’t easy, and their daoheart may not be refined enough to be up to the task. Afterall it requires a valuable item (like the waveshift temple) and the risks involved into acquaring it (going adventuring in the starsea). Some don’t have the guts, some must protect also others.

            I said all, but honestly it is kinda sad that so many readers are against the revival of a wife and talk about “moving on”.
            Reviving people is surely a childish desire but it is still what wuxia are. Rather stop reading wuxia then desiring what is not wuxia.

            Always blame RWX for my blabbering.

          3. I think a big problem we have with it is that the way the story is written it makes his family seem irrelevant(I know they aren’t). We only occasionally get a few lines about something to do with the three realms. Therefore Youyi that could travel with him felt much better too me. Sort of like in CD

            So it feels like the only thing that will happen if she gets revived is Ning gets some kind of powerup and then nothing else.

          4. @D86:
            +500 likes from me, one of the best posts on the site and both better than I could have said it and more thorough than I’d have bothered saying it. You’ve definitely been paying attention, which makes a change from 90% of the people who comment on the novels they read.

          5. @D86
            Great reply, thank you for your imput.
            I didn’t consider the fact that reviving her may actually be mandatory before attempting the daomerge. For this I blame both my oversight and the fact that the process of the daomerge isn’t clear enough yet (for example: until Ji Ning got to the AzureFlower temple, it didn’t make much sense to me that the an omega daomerge had to be harder than the others and I thought it should be easier instead, since the Omega dao is the most balanced, complete and attuned to the essence of the dao).
            I’m not against reviving his wife, I just feel he should be doing it himself, like he did with his parents (if I remember well).
            So, the logic behind waiting for the daomerge was: if everything goes well, he has hope to become an autarch and do it himself, otherwise he can just proceed with the trade like he would have done anyways.
            Still, this is not considering how crucial reviving his wife first may be to succeed in the daomerge.

      2. If he fails the DOA merge he will still have a lengthy life span compared to some celestial immortal then he can do an exchange with the autarch .So why not at least attempt the merge before making hasty and stupid decisions about some bitch you could revive any time at all
        If he decides to wait for a zillion chaos cycles before reviving her it would make no difference she would still be the same as when she died

  4. Kinda hate it when others hog the comments with long scribbles. I mean this ain’t reading group chat so what’s there to write about simple write ty for chapter or whatever and say like this part was interesting or whatever. Lol

  5. I get the feeling next up an evil hegemon or autarch shows up to take away the realmship by force by threatening the three realms spoiling his plans. :/ In the end he’s gonna be the one to revive Yu Wei after becoming an autarch himself probably.

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