DE Book 37, Chapter 5

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Book 37, Flamewing God, Chapter 5 – Foreordained Results

“Chase him down!” Ji Ning and his Whitethaw both transformed into streaks of light, chasing at high speed while staying on the ground-level of the flaming tunnels. However, the escaping realmship was moving farther and farther away from them.

“It’s too fast. The realmship is able to fly much faster than we can.” Ning stared off into the distance, his face tense as he continued the pursuit.

“Don’t worry, Master. The passageways are filled with traps and mechanisms. If he moves slowly and carefully he can avoid some of them, but he’s flying like a madman! He covers a hundred million kilometers in an instant without even looking at what’s up ahead. He’ll definitely run into some of them. Once they activate, they’ll slow him down if not kill him outright,” Whitethaw said.

Ning nodded. They were supposed to travel through a dangerous place like this with caution. The only reason why Ning dared to run forward at full speed was because Whitethaw was blocking for him up ahead.

“Archon Silksnow is protected by the realmship. That’s why he dares to fly about like a madman,” Ning mused.

Boom! Suddenly, a blast of power burst out from up ahead. Ning saw that a region of ten thousand kilometers up ahead had been trapped within a spatial vortex. The rippling spatial vortex manifested circles of light that howled through the area and chopped through everything within it. Each circle of light was like an incredibly sharp buzzsaw.

The howling buzzsaws of light turned that entire region of ten thousand kilometers into a deathtrap.

“Good.” The distant Archon Silksnow noticed what had happened behind him. He instantly felt a great sense of delight: “Die! Die! The only reason why I dare to move so fast is because I’m in a realmship. How dare the two of them chase that quickly? They tripped a trap, eh? A pity that only the golem fell into that trap. It’d be perfect if Daolord Darknorth fell in as well.”

“GWAAAAR!” Faced with all those buzzsaws of light, Whitethaw raised his head and let out a furious bellow. He then lifted his fists up high, them brought them smashing down towards the ground with his full power.

BOOM! The rippling region of space began to shudder after receiving this titanic strike. As the space began to crumble, even the buzzsaws of light began to vanish.

“What?!” The fleeing Archon Silksnow was unable to accept this. “Even his golem is that powerful?!”


Whitethaw led the way and Ning followed from behind. Whitethaw was able to attack with both dominating power as well as supreme flexibility. Even Hegemons would envy his physical gifts! He was simply incredibly good at staying alive. This was why he had survived even though his original Sithe master had perished. Although he was perhaps inferior in terms of power and attacking techniques when compared to Black Emperors, he was even tougher and more resilient than them. This was why the Sithe named these types of golems ‘Protector’ golems.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Whitethaw barreled through one barrier after another, and none of the eight he rammed through were able to do anything to him.

BANG! Suddenly, a loud explosion rang out from afar as a jade-green burst of light erupted. It was like dazzling jade moonlight, filled with satin-like gentleness. When the fleeing realmship rammed into into the jade-green light, the power of the jade moonlight was fully released. The jadeship was instantly smashed backwards and sent tumbling through the air.

“That’s more like it. We already ran into eight of those things. How could you run into none while flying through the air?” Ning was delighted upon seeing this. “The most dangerous traps the Sithe created were all placed in the skies.”

The realmship continued to careen backwards through the air. The traps in the air truly were incredibly powerful. “W-what the hell was…” As the realmship was smashed backwards, Archon Silksnow was briefly dizzied by the force of the collision as well. After recovering, he hurriedly took control of the realmship once more to continue his flight.

“He’s catching up.” Archon Silksnow couldn’t help but frown when he saw the two figures chasing after him from behind. “I was able to pull away from them, but they just closed the distance in an instant. Ugh… Daolord Darknorth’s golem is incredibly strong. Its able to rip through all of those formations with raw force, while my realmship has no offensive capabilities and can only endure those attacks passively.”

Whitethaw actively attacked and destroyed the traps and barriers he encountered while continuing his advance. The realmship, however, could do nothing but passively endure the attacks it encountered. Each time, it would be sent flying backwards. This had a dramatic affect on its speed. Was Archon Silksnow supposed to charge out and attack the traps like how the golem had? He didn’t have that level of courage.

“I refuse to believe it. The Jadefire Realm is filled with many dangers. The Sithe filled this place with mechanisms and traps! There’s no way that a single golem will be able to burst through all of them. Once his golem is destroyed, he’ll have to rely on himself to take on those dangers.” Archon Silksnow still felt that success was within his grasp. In truth, this was part of his plan as well.

He had prepared multiple plans to deal with Ning. The first was for him to wait for Ning to launch the attack! Alas, Ning’s sudden usage of the illusory [Unfettered Dreamlands] had completely ruined that play, forcing him to actively set off the trap in advance. Unfortunately, he still hadn’t been able to kill Ning.

His second plan was to rely on the realmship to flee. The realmship was incredibly sturdy and good at keeping its occupants alive. If Ning dared to chase, if he wasn’t careful he would hit one of the traps and would end up dying. Archon Silksnow’s realmship, however, would be able to endure the hits.

And of course, he had a third ‘desperation’ plan…

“I hope I never have to use the third plan.” Archon Silksnow looked at the two streaks of light chasing after him, a mixed look in his oily green eyes. “Daolord Darknorth has always outperformed my expectations. I made so many preparations to set up the stage for his death, but he actually reached an incredibly terrifying level in illusions! He’s also gained an insanely strong golem. Judging from how it has burst through those traps with such ease, this golem is definitely far more powerful than me. Where in the world did Daolord Darknorth find such a golem?”


The realmship continued to flee. Ning and Whitethaw continued to chase.

Given how both sides were moving at maximum speed without carefully examining the dangers up ahead, they naturally ran into one trap after another. Ning and Whitethaw ran into more of them, and the realmship ran into fewer. Ning, however, wasn’t slowed down by the traps he found. The realmship, in contrast, was. As a result, the realmship hadn’t been able to shake Ning off, and the two remained fairly close to each other.

This pursuit lasted for two full days.

Whoosh. As the speeding realmship passed through the flaming passageways, it suddenly encountered some sort of invisible power that was extremely sticky in nature. It instantly wrapped itself around the realmship, causing it to dramatically slow in speed before finally coming to a complete halt… and then be pulled backwards and then forwards as if it was oscillating.

After just two oscillations, it came to a complete halt and was stuck there in midair.

“What’s going on?” Archon Silksnow stared in shock from within the realmship. “Move! Move! Hurry up and move!” He tried to will the realmship into moving, but he felt as though the entire ship had been trapped by some sort of invisible force that prevented it from moving at all.

“Have I been trapped?” Archon Silksnow grew anxious. “Break through!” With but a thought, he summoned a saber to manifest outside the realmship. He didn’t dare to go outside the realmship himself, as the realmship had clearly been trapped; if he exited it, he might very well die. He used the saber to try and tear through the invisible force binding him from outside, but as soon as the saber appeared it also became bound by the invisible power, rendering it completely immobile.

“B-but…” Archon Silksnow was stupefied when he saw this. “The realmship isn’t moving, and my treasures won’t move either.” Archon Silksnow turned to look behind himself. He had previously pulled away slightly from Ning and Whitethaw, but both were drawing near yet again.

“If they catch up… given how terrifying Daolord Darknorth’s illusions are, I’ll probably die. If so… then it’s time to go all out.” Archon Silksnow narrowed his eyes, immediately manifesting six arms with six sabers in them. With but a thought, he appeared outside the realmship as he struck out with all six sabers.

The invisible power once more swept over him. “Break!” Archon Silksnow struck out with all six sabers, but they were only to strike out to a distance of thirty meters before they brought to a halt by that invisible power, which had continuously pulled at them.

That invisible power wrapped itself around Archon Silksnow as well. He tried to struggle, only to find that he couldn’t move at all.

“W-what the hell type of trap is this?!” Archon Silksnow was furious and frantic.

“Silksnow.” Ning’s voice was calm now. “This time, there’s no escaping.”

Ning and Whitethaw both walked over, raising their heads to stare at the airborn realmship and Archon Silksnow. Both of them had been ‘stuck’ in midair and were unable to move.

Ning wasn’t surprised. They had remained on the ground and so there was no way they would encounter any excessively powerful barriers, but Archon Silksnow had been flying through the air this entire time. Sooner or later, he would fall victim to a powerful trap! As soon as the two sides had begun this chase, the result had been foreordained.

“Come over, if you have the courage to do so.” Archon Silksnow was completely unable to move, but he was still able to circulate his Immortal energy and cause his voice to echo in the air.

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  1. What an idiot. If the realmship couldn’t move why did he think that he would be able to do anything to that trap? This is obviously a plot device. No way Archon Silksnow would be this stupid, the author just had him do this so Ning would be able to attack Silksnow outside of his realmship.

    1. Silksnow said it himself, the realmship doesnt have combat capabilities, so he isnt able to scape the trap from inside, and given how strong Ning illusions are he will die, so he either turtle up and die for sure or goes outside and try to break free, just like how Ninedust was forced to enter the Jadefire Realm.

      1. Wrong. Because how would Ning get into the realmship if it’s basically invincible? Although the realmship has no combat abilities it’s speed is amazing and the trap stopped the realmship in its tracks. Which means there’s no way Archon Silksnow would be able to break out of the trap using his own power. This is a fact that should be obvious. >.>

        1. If the ship is trapped he is toast. Control of the ship can be wrested away from him and after that he would be ejected. Not saying Ning would definitely be able to steal control since the other guy is still an archon lvl Emperor. But Ning just needs to take it to Hegemon Bs and let him do it.

          1. You can’t steal away control of the ship while the person is alive. And especially since he is in it and he can actively fight against that. You just can’t take control that easily.

          2. Ning did it during the realm war of the three realms. He took control of some piloted golems while the pilot was inside. It has to do with the power of their divine sense. And silksnow is much weaker than whitethaw so whitethaw can take care of all the attacks while Ning takes control.

            But even if Ning is too weak to take control himself he can either keep silksnow in the ship andtry again if he powers succeeds in the dao merge or just ask the Bs Hegemon to kick him out.

          3. Well, Ning did it with overwhelming strength of his Immortal energy this time – he was 1st tier True Immortal, equal to a Daofather of 3R, while the guy inside was just an Empyrean God/3rd tier True Immortal.

            The strength of their immortal energy here would be much closer, so he wouldn’t be able to do it. Still, Silksnow was completely screwed the moment his ship got trapped – while Ning was free to go around.

            Hell, if he couldn’t get to Silksnow, he could go and invite an Autarch with this. “I know of a location of a damaged but mostly functional Realmship, resurrect my wife for this information.” should be good enough with how crazy valuable those things are. Use his and Ninedust parts to get Autarch free him too.

            But even with Silksnow out of the ship, it is also a challenge to reach him without getting trapped yourself.

        2. I have to disagree on all levels.

          Firstly, Ning doesn’t have to break open the Realmship, he just had to trap it in a gourd or an estateworld or something and then that it Silksnow is done for.

          Secondly, the Realmship has an attack power of 0. There is a difference between trying to push through something and chop through it, besides if Ning trapped his realmship then he was done for so he might as well try if nothing else.

          1. I have a hard time believing that a Sithe trap would have such an obvious weakness and I also have a hard time believing that the supposedly legendary in toughness realmship that only Autarchs have harmed would be destroyed so easily by being put into a gourd but okay.

          2. You keep saying destroyed, I just quite clearly said Ning doesn’t have to destroy it.

            If my foe hides in an indestructible box that I can’t break in to, I’m not going to try and destroy it I’m just going to lock it from the outside and leave him trapped forever to go insane.

            besides, it’s been previously established that a cultivator has absolute control over what goes on inside their own estate worlds and stuff. Realmships are incredibly tough in the overworld for sure, but if it’s even one level weaker when trapped in a gourd that’s completely controlled by Ning then I’m sure he’d be able to get in eventually.

    2. Well the ship could only try to pull itself loos but he could try to attack the ‘binds’ Granted there wasn’t much hope for him to manage to break free but what else could he do? Wait until Ning caught up and hope the sticky power wouldn’t dissipate during the rest of Nings 108 000 ccs keeping Ning from catching him?

      And what is to say Ning wouldn’t have any way to grab the realmship with him in it and then kill him?

        1. Not really. And it might also just be his avatar. And it is much easier to break binds by attacking them than just trying to pull free so why should he think it is impossible?

          1. Because speed equals power ever heard of that? The realmship might not be able to attack but if you were hit by it I bet it would be incredibly powerful. It’s just that it’s just pure force so it can’t really hurt cultivators who can easily deflect it. The trap which just seems to be a very powerful super glue however is different. But I see that we can’t convince each other so let’s just leave it at that. Good discussion.

          2. @Wuxianovels#1Yandere

            There are few things i would like to point out, and which wouldn’t make Silksnow appear like a dumbass like you think.
            First, the realmship in his possession isn’t complete, and that’s why he is going against Ninedust and Ning in the first place. It is working, but it is not eligible to be compared with a full realmship like the Hellepanth Wall Realmship, which had 8 dragoncore-something-alike which were dedicated to attack formations, while only 1 somethingcore working as defensive inner formation (specified in the chapter that 1 core for the defensive inner formation although very valuable was worth like 1/20 the single cores of the outside attack formations).
            If i am not getting wrong the Hellepanth Realmship was called “battleship” while this one is only called “realmship”, suggesting that there may be differences also on defence capabilities (less “armored”).
            Second, you are talking about a sticky trap, and i actually think about it as a veil with sticky properties (i suppose there is something alike for insects too). If you think about it as a paper, you can understand that if you push against it a smartphone, it may not break (depending by how much strenght you apply), but if you use a knife you will be able to pierce through without applying much pressure, and if instead of a knife you use a needle, it will be even smoother. This is the difference between the speed of the ship and him doing it on his own, the perforation feature.
            Third (which is strictly connected to the Fist, though), it had been stated in many other situations (mainly when he was still in the 3 realms and fighting the war) where Estate-like treasures were explained to be inappropriate as lifesaving objects for long term situations, because they can be trapped and later on the other party can find good items or prepare formations to breach your lifesaving treasure. On this i agree with kczz15.
            Lastly, only the ship and Silksnow are trapped, but why can’t Ning use range attacks? even if he were to passively stay inside the Realmship, Ning can always use long range attacks going on forever till it breaches it. With his own power or external power (seals and the sort). Besides, Ning can always use his Illusionary Arts and his Heartworld, in accordance with his tecniques, to slowly erode his soul by seeping bit by bit in his coscience (this is the technique which he praised of Winesage, the Redsomethingidon’tremember, which was a level above Nings secrects arts of that time cause were better fused and allowed Winesage to get greater advantages based on time. You can read about this in his first fight with Winesage).

            I don’t have anything else to add, i guess.
            Always blame RWX for my blabbering, if he were to post 24 chapters per day i wouldn’t write this much.

          3. @D86 You know. You make a good point. I never thought of the trap like that. By the way I have say I immensely enjoyed this train of comments. Kudos. Now to wait for tomorrow where we’ll probably have all our questions answered lol.

    3. I’m not free to go check, but if my short term memory didn’t fail me, he still has something up his sleeve–
      he’s just reluctant to do it. Let’s wait and see.

  2. If Whitethaw is superior in resilience to even a Black Emperor, why the heck did Bluestone feel so eager to give it to Ning? Too stretched: it feels like Whitethaw has been attributed too much power in this chapter.

    1. Bluestone saw a small chance to become a real Hegemon by analyzing an omega dao and to him that is worth more than a protector. Whitethaw is of limited use to his black emperor body since Whitethaw is just harder to break. And he doesn’t really do any dangerous adventuring with the body it is of use too.

    2. Bluestone has a Black Emperor body already or did you forget that? A protector is of little use when you’re already supremely resilient, might as well trade it for something that would help you achieve your ultimate goal.

      1. Bah, I don’t know. If you reread the passage where the transaction between Bluestone and Ning happened, you’ll see that Ning was reluctant to accept the 25 Silver Daolords materials from him and even more so to accept Whitethaw. And with how much has been emphasized here that Protectors might even be better than Hegemons in certain tasks, Bluestone just comes out as too much of a benefactor rather than a fellow cultivator on the same general level of power of Ning.

        1. It is a matter of Dao Oaths.
          Ning wanted to entice an Autarch, while Bluestone said that he could only bring fort something around 40% the complessive value to get the attention of an Autarch, and he was hoping that each Hegemon (Brightshore, Netherlily and Rainsomething) would add a 20% to come up with the proper sum.
          The Hegemons aren’t interested, so he naturally doesn’t lower his offer but still put up the 40% that he can bring forth.
          When he makes the transaction with Ning, he places the 25 silver drops in front of Ning (i remind you that although rare and worthy, this are for Daolords only), and says he has no other Black drops. Then gives him few gourds/disks with inside items which aren’t worth much at his level of power, so he tells him to use those for the people he cares about, in order to protect them.
          At this point he adds something on the line “all this things aren’t able to attract an Autarch in the slightest, although the thing i am going to give you could entice him a little”, and brings out the protective golem.

          Now if you think about it, it is normal that an Autarch doesn’t give S. about silver drops (which would also deny you the chance to improvement, and thus definitely get you killed at 108.000 C.C.) nor for himself, nor for the general strenght of the Cultivator Civilizations (Bolin didn’t give S. to Golems of the level of Silksnow, like the 4 which were left in the Hellepanth stone, why would Daolord signify much? also the Spirit of the Lion Estate of Bolin told us that it ain’t worth to waste resources on Daolords from the point of view of Autarchs), nor to help their loved ones (you would actually be setting them death for sure after 108.000 C.C., they would more likely prepare a mat that would allow you to reach a prajna state like the one left in the Azureflower Estate).
          And if you think about it, this golem reach the Hegemon level only on defensive abilities. How much is worth a sort of Half-like-Hegemon for an Autarch? they can already have 300 Hegemons follow them, they can also trap Hegemons in Estate worlds (like Azureflower third test). It is correct to consider Whitehaw like a 40% enticer for Autarchs.

          Was the Omega Sword Dao worth the Golem? well, for someone who isn’t an Hegemon and can’t reach that level although has spent much energies, it is surely more interesting that wealth, specially considering that he was able to acquire more wealth than even Hegemons duo to the fact that his Primaltwin his the one which used the Black drop, thus more resilient than Hegemons, and it is taking the “risky part of collecting treasures”.
          For Bluestone Wealth is easy to acquire, while he has never even heard about Omega stuff, which allowed a Daolord to compete with Hegemons… and he is a only an Archon. Makes sense to me that he wanted to make this exchange, regardless the fact that Ning felt (wrongly) that the silver drops were enough (but an autarch would give a damn, and bluestone knew this and was bond by the oath to produce that amount of wealth).
          And since Bluestone isn’t even sure this is enough to reach that 40% he is willing to offer more services (to kill, or to give a map of the starsea area).

          Aside note: in your first message you said that Whitehaw is stronger than even Black Emperors, but this was stated nowhere if i am not wrong. Ning says it is equal to Hegemons in defensive abilities, and if i am not wrong a Black Emperor is slightly superior on resiliance to Hegemons (to clarify, Hegemons among Emperors are equals to Supreme Daolords among Daolords, and we saw that a Silver Drop was able to make ordinary Daolords more resiliant than Supreme Daolords and the chit-chat between golems made us understand that a silver drop used by supreme daolords would make out beast-like enemies, so i guess that Black Emperors from middle power Emperors, aka Archon, are more powerful than Hegemons in sole defence -> the primaltwin of bluestone is stronger than whitehaw).

          Remember, always blame RWX for my blabbering. If he posted more chapters i wouldn’t write this much.

  3. Wonder how Ning is going to kill him now. The sticky region should keep him out. Will he need to wait until the traps power runs out or will the trap just kill him

  4. Thanks for the chapters. I’m really glad this was a triple release so the fight between Ji Ning and Silksnow ended (well, is about to end) fairly quickly.

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