DE Book 37, Chapter 2

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Book 37, Flamewing God, Chapter 2 – Unexpected Surprise

Ninedust had failed to dissuade Ji Ning, but he decided to temporarily reside within Vastheaven Palace. That way, he would be able to keep in constant contact with Ning and be able to report details regarding his situation. This would be helpful to Ning in Ning’s efforts to rescue him.

Within the Terror Starsea. Ning’s true body was hastening through the region, his Protector in tow. This place was far too dangerous; even Ning had to advance through it with great caution. After roughly eight hundred years, the two finally made it to the Jadefire Realm.

“We arrived.” Ning stared off into the front at the enormous, nigh-infinite vortex of fire which had appeared in the void. The flame vortex took up an enormous amount of territory. Each petal of fire was very beautiful, but filled with tremendous danger.

“Master.” Whitethaw’s eyes suddenly lit up and he spoke out.

“Yes?” Ning glanced at Whitethaw.

“I’ve been here before,” Whitethaw said.

“You’ve been here before?” Ning was delighted. He suddenly remembered that Daoist Bluestone had acquired this Sithe Protector in the Terror Starsea! Whitethaw had been charged with protecting an extremely high-status Sithe, which in turn meant it wasn’t that surprising for them to have visited the Jadefire Realm before.

“Yes.” Whitethaw nodded. “My original Sithe master was invited here before. This place which you cultivators call the ‘Jadefire Realm’ was known to the Sithe as the ‘Seven Flaming Hells’.”

“What else do you know?” Ning was overjoyed. This truly was an unexpected surprise. The more he learned about the Jadefire Realm, the easier his visit to it would be.

Whitethaw held nothing back from his new master: “This is a deathtrap which the Sithe laboriously built up. My master was merely invited here to view it, and so I only have a cursory knowledge of it! The heart of the Seven Flaming Hells are the seven core prisons within it. Those seven prisons are paramount, but there are a large number of ordinary cells as well! All of them, together, form the ‘Seven Flamehell Annihilation Formation’ which can generate a type of destructive black flames. Aside from Autarchs, virtually anyone touched by these destructive black flames will perish.”

Ning was in awe as he nodded slowly. “Those black flames… we cultivators refered to them as a wave of ‘Decimatus Flames’.”

“However, the Sithe ended up being defeated in the war. That means the Seven Flaming Hells were probably attacked and destroyed, along with its formation,” Whitethaw said. “Thus, Master, there’s no need for you to worry about the Decimatus Flames.”

Ning listened as Whitethaw continued: “Part of those prisons are damaged, but part are probably intact. If you wish to save your friend, Master, you must first find out where he is. If he’s trapped in a damaged prison, you’ll have a chance to rescue him! But if he is within an intact prison… rescuing him will be very, very difficult.”

“In addition, your enemy ‘Archon Silksnow’ is also present. Based on what you said, Master, he’s not inside the prisons. There are a large number of passageways outside the prisons,” Whitethaw said. “These many passageways are filled with many traps and barriers. The Sithe once controlled them to ensure that cultivators were unable to escape. Many died in those passageways or were blasted into a prison during the battles. My guess is that Archon Silksnow is definitely planning to use those mechanisms to trap you, Master.”

“Passageways? Prisons?” Ning nodded.

“When my original Sithe master was invited to come here, the receiving Sithe warned him never to fly within the passageways! He was only to walk on the ground. That way, even if he did run into some of the barriers, at least he wouldn’t be sent into the prisons.” Whitethaw smiled. “No matter how dangerous the situation on the ground might seem, he was not to fly at all.”

“The ground is filled with many dangerous barriers and formations, but they aren’t capable of killing Hegemons. It is precisely because of how dangerous the ground looks that many cultivators choose to fly instead, seeking to avoid those dangers.” Whitethaw continued, “But while it is true that you will encounter much fewer dangers while flying… the ones that you will encounter are lethally dangerous ones! Even Hegemons might perish.”

Ning nodded slowly. If it hadn’t been for Whitethaw telling him this, Ning would never have been able to guess at all of these secrets.

“You have to be careful, Master. I’ve only been to this place once with my original Sithe master before,” Whitethaw said, “And I’m only familiar with a few of the passageways which my Sithe master once took. As for the more important secrets of the prisons, I wasn’t privy to those.”

“You’ve told me enough. This is excellent.” Ning smiled.

Even when the Jadefire Realm was in perfect shape, so long as one walked without flying one wouldn’t encounter any dangers which could threaten Hegemons! Now that the Jadefire Realm was in bad shape, things would be even safer. Neither Archon Silksnow nor the Ninedust Sectlord had died in the passageways, after all.

“Hmph. Silksnow, so long as you stay outside the prisons, you won’t be able to threaten me no matter how you plot.” Ning felt much more relaxed, and a cold light flashed through his eyes. “I’m not going to die here, but you are.”

“Let’s go inside, Whitethaw,” Ning said. Whoosh. The two of them immediately flew into that enormous vortex of fire.


The enormous vortex of fire was pitch-black inside. After Ning and Whitethaw entered, they felt as though they had entered a completely different world.

“Eh?” Ning saw clusters of fiery passageways up ahead. The countless fiery passageways were all interlinked, almost like an enormous beehive.

During the Dawn War, this had been a Sithe base. The Sithe would be able to retreat here and recuperate in safety… but the cultivators who dared barge inside would all perish.

“I can sense them.” Ning stared towards a certain direction, then reached out with his right hand and pointed. “Silksnow is right over there.”

“Master, these passageways are all interlinked. You’ll be able to reach any prison from any passage,” Whitethaw said.

“If that’s the case, then we’ll choose that passageway.” Ning began to fly towards the passageway up ahead, the one which he felt would lead him towards Archon Silksnow.


“He’s here?” A skinny, white-haired, white-browed man was seated in the lotus position within an empty space that was merely three hundred meters in size. Archon Silksnow was able to sense that his realmship was resonating with a realmship part. A look of excitement flashed through his oily green eyes: “Daolord Darknorth actually came. Heh heh… they really are good friends.”

Although he felt that Ning would probably come, this place was still the Jadefire Realm. Not everyone would be willing to brave such great danger for the sake of a friend.

“Good. Daolord Darknorth… I might not be able to beat you, but the Sithe can.” Archon Silksnow stared towards the flames, a smile playing on his lips. “I’ll wait for you right here. Let’s see what you can do. I’m completely surrounded by lethal traps. So long as you come towards me, you’ll definitely activate them. Once you do, you are dead.”

The destruction of the Sithe had resulted in many of the barriers and mechanisms being revealed. There was no longer anyone in charge of them, which was why they could no longer remain hidden!

Archon Silksnow had chosen this region because there was a terrifyingly strong formation here. It was so mighty that just staring at it would cause one to shudder. Archon Silksnow knew that if he touched it, he would instantly perish! Thus, he carefully skirted the formation and then hid himself within the void besides it. He then set up a few formations of his own to help mask and disguise the truly dangerous one.

“I’ve already disguised the trap. There’s no way you’ll notice it at all.” Archon Silksnow revealed a smile. “You’ll definitely touch it… and even if you don’t, I’ll arrange for you to do so.”

He knew that someone like Ning would definitely be quite crafty. It wouldn’t be easy to trick him, and so he had made many plans to ensure that Ning would fall into at least one of them.

His advantage lay in the fact that he had been the first to enter the Jadefire Realm!

“Heh. You want to save your friend, eh? Heh heh heh… you are dead. Dead!” Archon Silksnow eagerly awaited Ning’s arrival. It had been a long, long time since he had felt this excited! The most dazzling Daolord in all of history was coming, someone who had destroyed the Silksnow Fiend Palace… and today, Archon Silksnow was finally going to get rid of him.


Whoosh. Ning flew into the passageway, then stepped onto the ground.

“Be careful, Master. As you follow the passageway, you’ll run into a fairly high number of barriers and traps.” Whitethaw was by Ning’s side, protecting him at all times.

“Alright.” Ning nodded. Ning began to carefully advance through the twisting, flaming passageways. The passageways were a thousand meters in diameter, and a number of mechanisms were clearly visible within them. Ning and Whitethaw were able to easily avoid touching them.

After walking for the time needed to boil a kettle of tea, Ning suddenly blinked. He then glanced at the nearby Whitethaw. “Whitethaw, didn’t you say there were plenty of dangers and mechanisms here?” They hadn’t encountered anything dangerous at all.

“Uh…” Whitethaw felt rather awkward. “I guess… maybe the Sithe are all dead and no one is in control… which is why there are no dangers?”

“Heh.” Ning laughed when he saw the awkward look on Whitethaw’s face. “Alright, let’s go.”

The two of them continued to traverse the passageways with ease, moving closer and closer towards Archon Silksnow.

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  1. Anyone that knows this?: when/if Ji Ning completes hes Daomerge will it take into account all hes dao insights and also Heartforce? author mentions that gaining Eternity through Heartforce is almost as hard as doing it through an Omega Dao, but….if Ji Ning gains eternity through only 1 dao, Sword, won’t hes heartforce be many times weaker?

    1. I’m pretty sure he can advance in one dao at a time… say he does the Sword Omega Dao now and in a million years he does the Heartforce advancement. As long as he survived the first one, he can advance as far as he wants in as many other daos as he wants. Autarch Bolin advanced to the Hegemon level in 16(?) different daos…. but not at the same time.

    2. Heres basically how it works.

      Ning’s Dao is the Sword, he’s been building up his soul with it ever since he became a daolord. The stronger his soul gets, the higher he can reach in any dao, but only the Sword Dao affects his soul’s strength. Hence why the levels are called steps, and all daolords have a specific unique dao of their own.

    3. If his sword dao passes overall, but fails to pass with heartforce, then the heartworld can never gain eternity.

      ♪ You only get one shot… this opportunity comes once in a lifetime… ♪

    4. His Heartforce’s power is still based on his main Dao’s power – when he makes his Omega Sword dao to Eternal level, his heartforce techniques will become more powerful too. However his skill in illusions will need to be upgraded afterwards – just like how he reworked them right now.

      And as others point out, it is entirely possible to upgrade many daos to high level.

    5. I think you guys are confused. His heartforce cultivation has been attached with his dao ever since he broke through 6th stage heartforce. Haven’t you noticed that everytime he breaks through in a lvl for his dao his heartworld gets bigger. So if he succeeds in his daomerge with sword dao, he’ll become a heartforce cultivator as well. And since it’s an omega dao, he’ll become even more powerful than a heartforce Hegemon.

    6. From my understanding, going through the Daomerge means you must merge your entire Dao and every single aspect of it into one complete Dao, there would be no Omega Sword Dao or Heartforce Dao, only Ning’s Dao; The complete and utter culmination of everything in Ning’s life and thus, his Dao. That’s what I’ve gleaned from the story so far, although my opinion is also heavily based on my (likely misshapen) understanding of the dao itself, that I have developed after a year of half assed research and Wuxia/Xianxia reading, so take that as you will…

      1. My take on the Daomerge is a bit different, though it’s mostly because the story tends to be somewhat vague.

        So think of the Dao you choose to become a Daolord of as a part on a car, and the Car is the Dao in its entirety. There’s a few different brands of Cars (different Daos), but they’re generally the same thing when you step back far enough.

        Someone might choose something really simple to try to comprehend and emulate, like a handle for the door. Some people might up the ante and try to go with the entire door, maybe some power windows, a moon roof, and even the lights on the dash that let everyone else know when doors are open, etc.

        When you become a Daolord, you’ve just proven that you understood what you were doing enough to build parts for your individual car. However, when you attempt to perform the Daomerge, it’s like submitting all your plans to the manufacturer and asking them to approve what you’ve come up with for official production and after market access.

        If the manufacturer rejects your proposal because your thing Y conflicts with basic car feature X, you just failed your Daomerge. If the manufacturer rejects your proposal because you did a bad job with the paperwork, you just failed your Daomerge. Basically, it’s a one time only interview, after which the plans you came up with are either accepted or rejected.

        Now, Ning, he went with the entire car. It works great for him, but there’s every chance that some minor conflict is present, or he doesn’t dot an I or cross a T on his forms, or maybe even the manufacturer just doesn’t like the color. That’s the risk of a bigger Daomerge. While he may be getting awesome use out of it, it’s also possible that all he built was a completely custom jeepney from the universe’s point of view. He may be much more effective than the guy that’s just a gear shift knob at his present level, but there’s no way in hell he’ll ever get approved for production.

    7. When Ning will do his attempt at the Daomerge he will benefit of the insights he gained studying other’s Daos as well, as it has been said different times during the novel, and the last reference to this is what the Spirit of the Azureflower Estate told him before giving him the tast to create 10 techniques in different Daos.
      That is because the Daos at their Apex will culminate in few truth that are confirmed in every Dao, if you get a glimpse of it from another Dao-path, it is still beneficial to the whole picture. You can think of it as viewing a very big structure, so big that in order to see it completely you can either zoom out or check it from different point of view.
      What is Ning doing now is checking it from different points of view to try to sum all later, while he can’t zoom out to see the whole picture because it would be equal to get a higher understanding and calculation capacity.
      I remember you that there is a limit of the “potential” of a Daolord, as we are taught by the Spirit of the Lion Estate left behind by Autarch Bolin.

      To get eternity you got to do your Daomerge in only 1 dao, later on you can study the other Daos with your augmented capacities. This is what Ning did different times, lastly, in the Azureflower Estate, he started training in the other Daos which he left behind before, and you know it can be done also after the Daomerge cause we have the experience of Autarch Bolin which made his Daomerge with the Dao of the Claw and later on he upgraded the other Daos without re-do the daomerge (Dao of Saber, Sword, Darkness and all the other 9 he used).

      About Heartforce.
      This is tricky. Heartforce was first introduced as a power-source, the third type. As such, it shouldn’t rappresent a Dao-path in itself (likewise we don’t say “Immortal Power Cultivator” or “Immortal Energy Cultivator”.. you still have your path, then you use the strenght of your body to use Divine Abilities or the Strenght in your “inner world” to use your technique. Based on which type of energy you cultivated, you were going to be Elder God, World Immortal, etc; or on the other type you were going to be a Pure Yang, a Chaos Immortal, etc). However, the more we went on, the more it seemed that the Heartforce power could be used only for Illusions, thus making the 2 things merge fuse together and actually calling Heartforce Cultivators those who walk the path of Illusions (and in order to contrast such techniques you need a strong Daoheart, which i assume is the source of Heartforce in itself. Although there is a difference between having heartforce and being able to apply it to your items and to infuse it in your techniques, or visualize it as a world or part of a world).
      I remind that the apex of the illusion path is to be able to “create real things from nothing” (issth?), i meant, “from illusions”, and to attempt your daomerge in this path you need to be able to create an “illusionary world” with your heartforce which is consistent and complete (and Ning never tried to walk this path).
      After all this blabbering, i think that the author here just messed up a bit with the words/tags.

      Rational thought not confirmed in the novel by any narration, but seems consistent to me:
      Now, which Dao-path should Ning use to attempt his Daomerge? the (ultimate) Dao of the Sword. Why? cause he made his four steps as Daolord with this Dao. He can’t attempt the Daomerge with the Dao of the Saber, or the Dao of Fire, he must be consistent with his Daolord Steps.
      Likewise, Ninedust can’t go and attempt the Daomerge with the Ultimate Dao of the Water if he were ever able to get a glimpse of it.

      Here i said all, just waiting for the next chapter. Always blame RWX for my blabbering.
      RWX thanks for the chapter.

      1. Just adding to your argument.

        Pretty sure it was also stated during his various stage breakthroughs that his body was being reformed by his omega dao. Which should mean that even his body has been prepped for the daomerge with the omega dao.

        And using some other dao to complete the process will therefore lead to nothing but failure.

    1. Su Youji has been with Ning for like 1000 times the amount of time he’s spent with Yu Wei.

      But I guess this is how this story is. You have a dao companion. And once you lose that dao companion, you go crazy, no moving on. Remember Daolord Allgod, and Star Child.

      But I think it’s kind of funny how the main goal for the story for right now is bringing back his wife and putting his family back together. But we have no idea wth is happening with his daughter. I wished the author would’ve wrote some chapters about Ning and Her. But guess he couldn’t since everyone thinks it’s filler. How’s it filler. Smfh

      1. Yeah, I agree. The way he is writing puts to much distance to his family so why should we care about his wife and things like that? Even if she is revived she will just be briefly mentioned and that is that… If he wants us to care he shouldn’t skip everything about his family. Let us see him fidget a bit during the birth of a grandchild or give him a brother or sister to train and carry with him.

        The only plus I can see with her being revived is it will remove a shadow from Nings heart and lead to a breakthrough in something.

      2. You know… I get that’s what the goal is… but this author… he… well… he actually sucks at romance… he widely sucks at romance… like… really badly sucks at romance…

        It’s like he tries some things that would be great… but… never actually goes through with it, instead making MC love someone who always loved him. And then having MC just be loyal, even though we don’t properly connect…

        That said, I do like author made Yu Wei into a double agent.. but even still…

        Besides, deep in his heart… our boy wanted a 3-some…

        And in a way, this feels way too much like other Chinese fantasy novels to have a deep enough connection to the story… you know.. maybe that also weakens the connection to Ji Ning’s goal.

        I mean, even though this is better written than Coiling Dragon, Coiling Dragon was one of my 1st Chinese Fantasy stories, so even though there was even less reason to care about the person Linley tried to revive, I still felt bad when Linley kept on failing to bring him back… because that story was more new…. and I was able to connect with it better…

    1. Nah the author made her practice something even more vicious, “Side Character Eternal Technique” if she ever progress her relation ship with Ning, and it becomes more than just “Friends”, she will get wiped out by the “Always Side character” Tribulation.
      And Ning would have to stay a re*ard forever.

  2. Man, Ji Ning has powered up so much lately, I can’t even imagine how the battle will flow. Whether it’s offensively or defensively, he’ll totally shock Silksnow, and probably Ninedust too.

    I’d like it if Ji Ning took Ninedust with him on his next adventure, but there’s probably no chance of that. Hmm, does he have anything he could give Ninedust now that might be useful for the Daomerge, besides his Omega Sword Dao? I want Ninedust to become relevant again… Whitethaw is obviously a poor substitute.

    1. Well, he is working on an Archon level water technique/dao at the moment. Maybe by the time this is all resolved, he’ll be able to hand Ninedust an Omega Water Dao. Even if that doesn’t help him power up to Ning’s level, it might help Ninedust see how to approach his daomerge a little bit.

      1. Even if Ning develops and omega water dao, Ninedust can’t just start practicing it right away. He’ll die on the spot. He already has his own dao. Everything else he looks at now is only reference. He can’t start using it. So if Ning does develop a water dao and let’s Ninedust wholeheartedly view it then Ninedust might get some great inspirations. Also Ning could let him use the Censor reunion since he’s not using it right now.

        1. Ya, I’m not saying it’ll be able to change Ninedust’s current dao. Just that it might help him see how to look at his in a more refined way and possibly give him some insight into how he can solve his merge.

  3. I am wondering, how is the situation with planet ‘Earth’ now after a blip of Chaos cycle… Assuming that the time when ning was there is our present time.
    Has technology advanced so much that they can defend against let’s say a Celestial Immortal? Or has the human perished?

    It’s just like when you open Google Earth the first time and you search your house. If I were Ning, I would visit earth at least once when I advance to Elder God and able to do space travel hahaha

  4. Hopefully some people can clarify this for me but if after you reach the 6th level of heartforce its supposed to grow with your dao then how are the pure heartforce cultivators getting stronger I mean its not like heartforce is its own dao. I’m pretty sure the chapter when Ning reached the 6th level even said heartforce cultivators grew stronger the more stable their dao, and Ning’s omega dao encompassing all aspects of the sword was as stable as it gets. So if this is the case what even are pure heartforce cultivators if the only way heartforce grows stronger is advancing in your own dao shouldn’t all heartforce cultivators have a main dao like Ning’s sword dao

    1. Should just be those who’s main techniques are heartforce techs. And don’t just have heartforce as supplementary techs to make their main stronger. That is my understanding of a pure heartforce cultivator.

    2. Ning is also considered a heartforce cultivator, same with Winesage but they use heartforce more as a supplement rather then their main form of battle as oppose to Timedream who focused more on just hearforce, same with Solewind.
      Anyone that reaches 6th level of heartforce is considered a heartforce cultivator. Now within heartforce cultivators some use heartforce as their main battle power while others uses it more as a supplement but both are considered heartforce cultivators.

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