DE Book 37, Chapter 15

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Book 37, Flamewing God, Chapter 15 – The Second Batch

Within the realmship, located inside one of the flaming passageways inside the Jadefire Realm. Ji Ning was seated inside the realmship, drinking some wine. The fragrance of the wine filled the entire vessel, while the Protector stood solemnly by his side.

“Whitethaw, sit down and have some wine?” Ning said with a relaxed smile.

“I’m a golem. I don’t need to drink wine,” Whitethaw said flatly.

Ning shook his head. “That’s where you are wrong. I don’t ‘need’ to drink wine either, but I still ‘like’ to drink wine. We still need to have hobbies, you know. Come, come! I have plenty of precious wine stored up. Have a taste of all of them.”

“No need.” Whitethaw continued to stand there by himself.

“I order you to sit down.” Ning frowned.

“Yes, Master.” Whitethaw sat down obediently.

“Drink.” Ning pointed at the wine goblet in front of him.

Whitethaw picked up the goblet and dutifully drank the wine, then frowned and said in a low voice, “I don’t like it. I tried it back when I followed my previous master, ‘Daoist Bluestone’. I didn’t like it then, I don’t like it now.”

“Eh?!” Ning was truly surprised. He waved his hand, causing a hundred different wine goblets to appear before him as well as more than a hundred gourds of wine. Wine flew out from each gourd, filling each one of the goblets.

“Try them all. I refuse to believe this. Your body should’ve been constructed perfectly, including your senses. How could you have no taste for wine whatsoever? I wager Daoist Bluestone just didn’t let you try enough types, which is why you didn’t run into anything you like,” Ning said. “Drink them all up, one cup at a time.”

Whitethaw dutifully picked up one goblet after another, draining them in succession. A look of bewildered resignation was on his straightforward face. Why was this master of his forcing him to drink wine?

“All done.” Whitethaw quickly finished all of the wine. He remained quite calm.

“Again.” Ning refused to believe this. Cultivators drank wine when they had nothing better to do, and so Ning had plenty of wine on him at all times. He had acquired large reserves and stockpiles from the Daolords and Eternal Emperors he had defeated as well.

Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Ning continued to pour, while Whitethaw continued to drink. After drinking for over two hours, Whitethaw suddenly shivered when he took a sip of wine and said, “Master, this one is good! I like this one!”

“Oh?” Ning was surprised. He waved his finger, causing some liquid to fly out of a gourd of wine off in the distance and into Ning’s mouth. A pungent, sour, acidic taste instantly overfilled his mouth, followed by an absolutely foul aftertaste. It was so rancid that Ning couldn’t help but twitch, and he immediately shut his mouth and turned to stare at Whitethaw: “This one? You like this one?!”

Ning liked all types of wine. Some wine was lightly flavored but had lasting aftertastes, others had flavors that permeated the entire body. He also enjoyed wine that would plunge his body and soul into a cool state of refreshedness… but he absolutely hated sour, acidic, and incredibly pungent wine like this. Even Ning himself wasn’t sure where he had found this wine; today was the first time for him to even bring it out of storage.

“That’s absolutely disgusting.” Ning shook his head.

“It’s good!” Whitethaw stared at Ning, wide-eyed.

“…Fine. The Chaosverse truly is filled with all sorts of marvels, including golems who like to drink wine like this. And who would even create this type of wine?! Ah, forget it. Come, let’s drink together!” Ning laughed. He finally had someone to drink with him now. Life had been quite boring recently. Hide-and-seek with these Hegemons and Emperors was extremely boring. It was too simple, given that his divine power clone was in perpetual control of the flaming passageways.

“Master, do you have the feeling that something seems off?” Whitethaw quickly began to grow more loquacious as the happy feeling from the wine flooded his body.

“Something seems off?” Ning was startled. “What do you mean?”

“The Hegemons in the flaming passageways here in the Jadefire Realm aren’t working as hard as in the past in trying to hunt you down,” Whitethaw said.

Ning laughed. “Of course. It has been eighty thousand years! By now, they’ve realized that catching me will be virtually impossible. There’s no need for to chase as frantically as they would’ve in the past.”

“But they haven’t exactly relaxed either. They’ve started to set up a few small traps in the various passageways, such as masking formations that hide some of the terrifying mechanisms inherent within the passageways. They’ve actually put down a few special-purpose formations to deal with me.” Ning shook his head. “They don’t realize that all of their movements are under my observation and control.”

“Master, there are already eight Hegemons and ten other Emperors present. In the end, how many of them will have arrived in total for the sake of the realmship?” Whitethaw said, worried.

Ning nodded slowly. He felt a sense of pressure as well. 80,000 years… Hegemon Wuye and Hegemon Fogsun were both controlling realmships and thus both had delivered a first batch of Hegemons and Emperors to the Flamedragon Realmverse during this period of time. Hegemon Wuye’s first batch had included five Hegemons and four Emperors, while Hegemon Fogsun’s first batch included three Hegemons and six Emperors.

“Based on my calculations, the second batches should arrive soon,” Ning said seriously. “I hope they will separately enter the flaming passageways as well. If they do so, I’ll have a chance to stop them. My fear is that they will join forces and advance as one unit.”

Hegemons had many and varied techniques. If four or five of them worked together, even if Ning unleashed the full power of the mechanisms in the flaming passageways he still wouldn’t necessarily be able to stop all five of them!

After all, there were Hegemons who were extremely skilled in defense, so much so that they were a match for Otherverse Lords in this regard! Others specialized in speed, while still others specialized in karma. When they pooled their talents together, they would become extremely difficult to deal with.


120,000 years after the public revealing of the existice of the realmship. Hegemon Wuye was sending the second batch of Hegemons and Emperors over on this date.

They had arrived next to a blazing star that looked like a fiery ball of heat. A spatial tear appeared in the void next to the star, followed by a realmship blinking through and coming to a halt next to it.

“Gentlemen, we have arrived. Based on our latest information, Daolord Darknorth has remained in hiding within the Jadefire Realm this entire time, while none of the Hegemons or Emperors who have already reached the Jadefire Realm have been able to take the realmship from him. You all still stand a very good chance,” Hegemon Wuye said with a laugh.

“Regardless of who ends up with the realmship, you’ve already made a fortune in treasure from this escapade, brother Wuye,” one of the eight figures said upon flying out of the realmship.

“I borrowed this realmship from my master. I’m going to give most of the treasure to him!” Hegemon Wuye glared at him. “Not gonna waste words with you. I need to go pick up the final batch. I have a long road ahead of me.” As he spoke, he took control of the realmship and flew off into the distance.

Eight figures remained there within the void, their auras mighty. One of them, a devilishly handsome man who radiated an aura of cold insidiousness, let out a cold snort: “Everyone, you can go to the Jadefire Realm. I’ll be there shortly.” As he spoke, he took a step forwards and teleported through the air, vanishing.

“Where is Hegemon Winterflame going off to?”

“Where do you think? Given the type of person he is, he’s probably off to capture any and all of Daolord Darknorth’s friends and family.” The speaker was a bearded man dressed in simple gray robes who carried eight strange azure planks of wood on his back.

“Winterfire always does stupid shit like this.”

“Brother Blackwood, don’t worry about him. I’ll tear through spacetime and lead the way.” Of the group of eight who had just arrived, four were Hegemons, with Winterflame one of them. In truth, his status was the highest of the eight.

“Let’s go.” Hegemon Blackwood, who was the bearded man with those eight pieces of azure wooden planks on his back, nodded.


Whoosh. Tearing through spacetime at maximum speed, Hegemon Winterflame quickly arrived outside the Vastheaven Everworld. “Here we are.” Hegemon Winterflame stood there within the misty skies, staring at the distant Vastheaven Palace.

Hegemon Winterflame was dressed in white robes that glowed with blurry white light. His features were handsome to the point of appearing devilish, while his skin was so translucent and fine that one could almost see his blood vessels and veins. His eyes emanated an aura of terrifying coldness.

“Based on the intelligence records I acquired, Archon Silksnow probably chased someone called ‘Ninedust’ into the Jadefire Realm, then intentionally released word of this. Daolord Darknorth really did choose to ignore the danger and charge straight into the Jadefire Realm. He probably fought against Archon Silksnow inside, with Archon Silksnow eventually being defeated and force to commit suicide.” Hegemon Winterflame nodded slowly. “From this, we can tell that Daolord Darknorth is the sort of person who cares immensely about personal relationships.”

“He knew it was a trap, but for his friend’s sake he was still willing to risk his life and enter the Jadefire Realm… hmph. Headstrong, sentimental fools like him are the easiest to deal with.” Hegemon Winterflame’s eyes glowed with cold light. “The Ninedust Sectlord has probably already been rescued from the Jadefire Realm by Darknorth… and the other friends Darknorth care about all probably reside in his clan, Vastheaven Palace!”

Hegemon Winterflame stared at the distant Vastheaven Palace: “All I need to do is to abduct everyone in Vastheaven Palace. The World-level cultivators, the Daolords, the Emperors… I’ll abduct them all and force Daolord Darknorth to give me the realmship in exchange for them. Given his personality, there’s a chance he’ll accept.”

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    1. Are you reading the same story as me? At this point 12 Hegemons have appeared and this is the first to even do something like this. And it could even just be an attempt to extort Ning while he wouldn’t really kill them if he didn’t get what he wants(though not likely).

      The fact that the other Hegemons didn’t even attempt that shows how the power lvl in this story is a way to weed out the bad seeds. With less and less people like Silksnow and this dude. But of course some of these people still manage to survive.

      But if Ning didn’t think of this he deserves to loose some people…

      1. Less and less people like Silksnow?
        Silksnow tried to rob/kill him for treasures. Only after he couldn’t beat him anymore did he go after Ninedust.
        These Hegemons are now trying the same. As for what happend after that we don’t know that at the moment.

        1. Ok some might just try to kill him to get it, but most are probably open to just taking it. The thing with Silksnow was that they tried to give him the pieces but he wanted everything they had and to at the same time read their memories. At a time like that I doubt that these people would still care about his other treasures.

      2. It’s been said several times that cultivators have to be more true to their Dao hearts as their level increases. In particular for Silksnow and his collection of Emperors, they were following their Dao hearts. So I don’t believe that Hegemons or Autarchs have to be morally better just because they’re stronger. Iirc, there was something a while back about not being able to massacre mortals without getting a huge karmic backlash — but I haven’t heard mention of this in a long while — but massacring or kidnapping cultivators shouldn’t have any karmic backlash.

        1. the karmic backlash only for the weak(under world level, and even the weak ji ning back then cold handle it), at their level they don’t have to worry about such things.

        2. And very few people are truly despicable at heart. Well it could be different here but must people want to think of themselves as good even if they are complete jack*sses. And that is something that puts a stopper to the be true to your daoheart. Who wants to think of themselves as evil?

          Even I don’t think I’ evil and I can tell you for a fact that I know I have a lot of darkness.

          1. And that is what I mean. The fact that an evil person still thinks he is good should be a betrayal of the dao heart and that is why most but not all evil cultivators die before the emperor stage.

            Not to mention that there is a greater possibility for them to p*ss of the wrong person and get killed because of that. which also trims down the number of evil cultivators the higher they get.

          2. Umm what?!

            Good and evil are relative things, they dont have set standards across the world nor do they have a set standard between different people.

            A naturally good person abducting someone, torturing and then killing him for no reason is an example of a person going against his dao heart, someone that has a low chance of getting high on the power scale, while if he was a naturaly evil person and did the same thing for the same reason, is going according to his dao heart and will more than likely push forward then the good guy – even if the evil guy saw himself as a good person.

            And if we already mentioned hitler as an example, going by todays standards almost everyone sees him as an evil man, but he, most likely, saw himself as a righteous man that was “doing the world a favour” while following his heart.
            He probably saw himself as a good man and had a clear heart, regardless of all the horrible things he did/caused.
            If he were a cultivator, he wouldve had no truble with his dao heart.

            So no, being good or bad has absolutely no effect on growing stronger so long as youre staying true to yourself.

      3. Are YOU reading the same story as us? Literally a group of 10+ old bastards are planning to gang up on the mc so they can murder him and steal a boat. Which does basically nothing but move fast. IE, they intend to murder him over a matter of convenience. Which is Especially dickish considering they’re literally people who live forever and shouldn’t be concerned about how long it takes to do something. Oh, and they’re almost all stronger than him.
        Do please try to wiggle the word shameless so that I doesn’t fit these people.

    1. Su Youji is probably very strong? She is still a daolord and this is a Hegemon… She is much weaker than Nings avatar.

      But yes they should have no defense against this. Just hope they weren’t this naive and instead did a replay of the jadeseal competition and only laft their avatars to keep watch and evacuated the rest.

          1. If i remember the weak one is the real body and the Primaltwin is the Sithe.
            The Primaltwin is always adventuring, so at most will be the real body.

          2. It is because I don’t think his original body is enough, and therefore only talked about if the primaltwin wasn’t to far away.

    2. Remember, he has a second life-blood seal that won’t work on himself since he’s a 4th step Omega Daolord.

      Bet someone’s gonna dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee huehuehuehe

  1. If they didn’t think this could happen and made preparations for it like all out evacuation or something like that I hope they all do the right thing and commit suicide…

      1. Yeah. Was a similar situation in an other ln here on ww recently and at least they all died… But that was even a bit stupider because the mc knew he was dealing with shameless people that used others to evolve their cultivation…

        At least Ning didn’t know who his enemies would be.

          1. Well I don’t want to say since there might be people here thinking about starting. But I can say that it has a synopsis that has nothing to do with the first 400 chapters of the ln.

          2. @sadd3 for real? first 400 chapters has nothing to do with the synopsis? how many chapters does it have so far?

          3. Well since I don’t want to spoil that story lets just say 600-700 and it barely has anything to do with it still.

            Disclaimer don’t look how many chapters stories you want to start have in the near future or this might spo*l and then I claim no responsibility.

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