DE Book 36, Chapter 29

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Book 36, Daolord of the Fourth Step, Chapter 29 – One Chaos Cycle

Planning was easy. Actually carrying it out was extremely difficult.

Since Autarch Awakener, master of the Azureflower Estate, had decided that creating ten Archon-level techniques was the trial which Daolords needed to pass, there was no way that it would be easy for Ji Ning to accomplish it. Daolord Featherdress had been an incredibly dazzling Heartforce Cultivator and Daolord, but she had only created a single supreme technique, the [Featherdress Soulthrall Melody]! Ning now needed to do the same, but this would require a sufficiently deep foundation in the art of illusions. If he hadn’t build up enough experience, there would be no way he could possibly create such a technique.

“Illusions…” the white-robed Ning sat there on the stone dais, runes swirling over its surface as time moved a hundred times faster than in the outside world. His eyes were closed as he continued to meditate, with one technique after another flashing through his mind. These were all the various heartforce illusion techniques which the cultivator civilizations and the Sithe civilization had created.

Heartforce was a very mysterious type of energy! It was able to merge with other types of energy and allow one’s power to increase by an explosive level. Ning was merely at the Archon level of enlightenment, but the twelfth stance of the [Heartsword] art allowed him to stand above virtually all other Archons. He was extremely close to the Hegemon level of power. This was what was so marvelous about heartforce! Heartforce illusions, in turn, were extremely common as well.

The cultivators and the Sithe had both created many different types of heartforce illusions.

“Illusions can be used like this?” Ning continuously analyzed and dissected one illusory technique after another. The weakest were at the Archon level, the stronger ones were at the Hegemon level, and a few were even more profound than that. Previously, Ning had merely read through them and memorized them; now, he was truly analyzing them. As his analyses grew deeper and deeper, Ning began to accumulate a steadily deepening foundation in the art of illusions, and his [Dreamstar] art naturally began to slowly improve as well.


Every single illusory art had profound mysteries hidden within them. Even though the stone dais let him remain in a constant prajna-state, it still took Ning an extremely long period of time to fully analyze and dissect every single technique. The easier ones took as little as a million years, while the longest took over a hundred million! And this was with him only analyzing them up to the Archon level; for now, he was completely unable to analyze the more profound mysteries.

In total, it took Ning over fifty-six billion years to finish analyzing all of the illusory arts. If it hadn’t been for the stone dais, it probably would’ve taken him ten thousand times as long!

Next, Ning began to sort out and arrange the various insights he had gained. He began to merge them together, seeking to create an illusory art that belonged to him and him alone! After gaining so many new insights, he immediately concluded that his [Dreamstar] art was far too simple and crude; in fact, Ning felt that there were some fundamental problems with its most basic underpinnings. Thus, he chose to completely start from scratch and create his own illusions.

Another three billion years went by, at which point Ning finished sorting through and merging all of his many insights together into a new illusory art, which he named the [Unfettered Dreamlands].


Within the second hall inside the palace. Atop the stone dais. Ning was still seated in the lotus position, but his demeanor and aura had both somewhat changed. In the past, this white-robed youth’s aura had been stately and reserved, almost like a blade that had been hidden within a sheath; when drawn, his sharpness would be on full display! Now, however, Ning’s aura had become a bit more ephemeral and ghostly. He was like a drifting cloud, a gust of wind, a fluttering leaf, a ray of warm sunlight that broke through the darkness.

Cultivators who saw him would feel a very comfortable feeling, and in their hearts they would naturally feel very well-disposed towards Ning. Even cultivators who had originally been nervous or depressed would feel much more relaxed just by looking at Ning.

“To be free and unfettered… for cultivators, this is far too rare. In my illusions, however, I can find perfect, unfettered freedom.” Ning smiled.

The [Unfettered Dreamlands]… as the name suggested, the crucial parts to it lay in the words ‘unfettered’ and ‘dreamlands’.

‘Dreamlands’ – Ning would set up an artificial world of dreams within the illusions, with Ning being the one to envisage and design the elements within this world! In fact, Ning could even set up a special region within his actual heartworld and use it to simulate the appearance of his ‘dreamlands’. Ning’s goal was to make the dreamlands as real-looking as possible, while also filled with fatal allure. He would then adjust it slightly in accordance with each target.

‘Unfettered’ – This referred to how the goal was to cause the opponent to unconsciously be seduced by the illusions. There were some things that simply couldn’t be forced; only when you managed to lower the natural resistance generated within the depths of your foe’s Dao-heart would you be able to make it more difficult for the foe to escape your illusions.

Think about it; why was it that even the more shallow illusions were often focused on the flaws in people’s hearts? For example, Ning deeply desired to revive his wife, and so illusions targeted at Ning would often conjure up images of Yu Wei and allow Ning to ‘reunite’ with her! This was because Ning wanted to see this more than anything else, making his Dao-heart less resistant to it. If Ning’s Dao-heart was weak, he might succumb to the illusions and be trapped in them for longer, increasing the chances of him dying.

In a battle between experts, a second of slumber could result in death. The words ‘unfettered’ and ‘dreamlands’ served as the nucleus of the [Unfettered Dreamlands], which then transformed into countless arcane and profound illusions.

“Senior,” Ning said.

“Hm?” The distant seated white-robed elder opened his eyes to look at Ning.

“Here is the second technique.” Ning pulled out a jade scroll upon which was recorded the information regarding the heartforce illusion technique which Ning had created, the [Unfettered Dreamlands]. The jade scroll flew over to float in front of the white-robed elder.

The white-robed elder accepted it, inspected it carefully, then nodded. “You spent just over half a chaos cycle and have managed to create an Archon-level illusory art. Not bad, not bad. It seems you might have a chance to actually create the ten necessary techniques.”

Ning explained, “I’ve always been skilled in heartforce, which made analyzing those illusions fairly easy! As for the other Daos… there are some which I’m not skilled in at all. Creating techniques for them shall definitely be far more difficult.”

He was the most highly skilled in the Dao of the Sword. He had already created the fourth stage of the [Omega Sword Dao] before arriving at the Azureflower Estate.

He was just slightly less attuned to heartforce, but thanks to the effects of the stone dais he had been able to create the technique after nearly sixty billion years. However, if you factored in temporal acceleration, he had actually spent over half a chaos cycle! 1 Finally, he had been able to develop the [Unfettered Dreamlands] technique.

When cultivators calculated their lifespans, they calculated based on the ‘real’ time they had spent, excluding the benefits of accelerated time. By now, Ning had spent more than half a chaos cycle in ‘real’ training.

Next, Ning needed to accumulate insights into the Dao of Water and the Dao of Lightning. After that would come the Dao of Fire, and then would be the Daos of Space, Time, Earth, and a few others.

In truth, cultivators generally focused on a single Dao and wouldn’t waste time on multiple other Daos. If you reached an extremely high level in a single Dao, you would gain access to movement techniques, invulnerable forms, defensive abilities, offensive abilities, and more. This was true for all Daos, and so there was no need to diversify. The Ninedust Sectlord, for example, focused exclusively on the Dao of Water.

However… from another perspective, it could be said that training in multiple Daos had its own benefits as well. The differences between the Daos could bring inspiration, as all Daos were linked together!

“With the stone dais helping you, you should be able to do it.” The white-haired elder looked at Ning. “Creating these ten techniques will be of help to you as well. The Daomerge for the Omega Daos is simply too difficult… creating multiple Archon-level techniques will only benefit you, not harm you.”

“Understood.” Ning nodded. He had to admit this was true.


And so, Ning began to focus on analyzing the Dao of Water.

The Dao of Water was a vast Dao which many, many people trained in. Ning began to analyze one technique after another. There were many major powers who had become supreme Daolords thanks to the Dao of Water. Some had become Archons, while a few had become Hegemons! However, everyone had a different interpretation of the Dao of Water, even though the Dao itself was the same.

Alas, Ning felt tremendous regret that despite there being countless techniques pertaining to the Dao of Water, there was no ‘Omega Water Dao’.

Obviously, Ning would need to spend much more time on the Dao of Water than he had on illusions. And so, time slowly flowed on.

In the blink of an eye, Ning had spent over an entire chaos cycle of ‘actual time’ training within the Azureflower Estate… and he was still absorbed in his studies.


Everything was so peaceful and calm. No one in the Flamedragon Realmverse knew that during the past chaos cycle, an utterly terrifying Heartforce Cultivator had arisen.

Ever since the Flamedragon Realmverse had lost its Heartforce Hegemon, it had never given birth to another Eternal Emperor who was also a Heartforce Cultivator. And indeed, it was extremely rare for Eternal Emperors to be Heartforce Cultivators.

Although Ning’s heartforce was quite strong upon him becoming a Daolord of the Fourth Step, allowing him to easily trap a large number of Emperors with illusions during the battle for Silksnow City, his actual skill in illusions was rather low. He had completely relied on his powerful heartforce to gain victory. Ning’s illusions had been completely ineffective against Archon-level opponents.

Now, however… Ning’s weakness in illusions had been addressed. He had truly skyrocketed to a brand new level, the Archon level.

The stability of the Omega Sword Dao ensured that Ning’s heartworld was probably second only to that of a Heartforce Hegemon’s! This made his heartforce indescribably powerful. Now that both his heartforce and his illusory arts had reached incredibly high levels, even a number of the Archons of the Sacred Cities would fall to his illusions. In a life-and-death battle, being trapped in an illusion for even a brief instant would make it so that you lost control over your invulnerable form… and Ning would take advantage of that moment to slay his foe with ease.

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  1. Finally, we have specific information on how long a chaos cycle is! Since we know temporal acceleration was at 100x, this means six trillion years is roughly ‘half a chaos cycle’, meaning a full chaos cycle is ten trillion years!


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          1. It was mentioned that the as far as everyone knew she didn’t master it. But after Ning mastered it he was pretty much sure she did too but chose not to tell anyone.

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        “I AM NUWA”

        1. We’re not even a Chaosworld. We’re essentially a garden created by inhabitants of the Pangu Chaosworld. Remember that Ji Ning was originally an ordinary mortal from our world.

          We’ve used science to estimate the age of our universe, but in the DE continuity that’s just the time since our world was created.

      1. Your not correct or wrong on your guessing. but in the eyes of knowledge of Earthling , its 13billion+ is the age of our universe. That’s just guessing or estimated! Not really accurate, cause we totally didn’t still go completely in whole to investigate! What if there’s another life forms of other universe who think differently on our estimated universe age? So think about it 😛

        1. Nah it actually is 13.82 billion years give or take a few millions of years. The accuracy has become far higher then in the past thanks to our ability to measure the rate of the expansion of the universe and the age of matter within it. From there, scientists have been able to come up with an incredibly close approximation of the age of the universe.

          1. That’s also a measure of the creation of our cosmic horizon. For anything after a certain distance, light-years, from us would be expanding at a rate faster than light. Therefore we would never in this place of our cosmos be able to see anything beyond said distance, which increases through time. Which is interesting considering that the universe as a whole has a 4 degree curve. Since it’s “theoretically” possible for our entire visible universe to be only a part of a greater expanding sphere of space and matter, but just due to all our science being based on light causes us to be unable to see past said cosmic horizon. Just throwing interesting ideas around please don’t get too serious 😋

    1. Even celestial immortals can live for many chaos cycles, so no they’re all fine. Even in the worst case, he can uplift them to World God with pills – those are dirt cheap for his level.

      1. I’m pretty sure the limit for a Celestial Immortal [or the body refiner equivalent] is One Chaos Cycle. One has to reach the World Level to surpass the limit of a chaos cycle [as a chaos cycle is-by definition- the lifespan of a world.]

        AFAIK though, World Level cultivators have the same lifespan as Daolords so long as they don’t get killed.

        1. There were plenty of celestial immortals and empyrean gods in Ning’s prison world that had been floating through space for at least 3 chaos cycles. So they live longer. There was a saying way back when he wasn’t at the world lvl.

          If you can’t reach the world lvl in your first chaos cycle of life you probably wont ever reach it. And it was explained that that was only true if they had access to good techs. If they didn’t they still had a shot after a few chaos cycles if they got some good tech, like Subhuti and Windfiend

        2. What the exact duration in years for one Chaos Cycle ?
          I may’ve not understood well in this chapter. in my interpretation 60 billion is a bit more than half a Chaos Cycle once time’s accelerated by 100 so it’s a 10 trillion years cycle ?

          1. That’s approximately correct, yes. Despite everything Ning has done, the rest of the universe has only progressed a bit more than 1% of a chaos cycle.

            Admittedly, I’m a bit fuzzy now on how it was stated that cultivators calculate their lifespans. It seems to imply that time acceleration counts toward any limits they may have (which makes sense), but that makes me wonder why someone would bother with high multiple time acceleration unless they felt like they were in a significant hurry for some reason (admittedly, Ning tends to be rushed).

            As I recall, it takes a lot of energy/resources to accelerate time, and it seems like cost would exceed benefit pretty easily barring outside pressures.

          2. Yes he is the one that is always in a rush. As I stated a few times further down others don’t do this so often.

            And Ning always sticks to a sustainable amount. Which means he doesn’t use more energy altering time than he refines from the world.

          3. Hungry Marmoset, It was stated(sry forgot where) that cultivators usually don’t include the accelerated time in their calculations for age.

    2. Why would you assume that they are so weak? Ning is super powerful and gives them very good legacies. So how could they not reach the world lvl at least. And after that they have the same lifespan as a daolord. And if he wants to make them into daolords he just needs to give them a pill if they can’t do it on their own.

      And now, I just got to ask. Do you even read this novel? How could anyone reading this not know how long a daolord lives at this point in the story? If you just skim everything you will miss a butload of stuff. And ask stup*d stuff like this.

      1. Thanks for not assuming that everyone cares about the same things as you, missing that world level cultivators have the same lifespan as daolords is quite easy. It’s not a detail I care enough about to remember, so why waste brain space on it?

        You also seem like you have some personal issues you need to figure out, otherwise why get so upset over a simple question?

        1. It is something that is mentioned frequently. But still people ask how long daolords live frequently which makes it annoying. I didn’t give you sh*t for not knowing the world lvl has the same lifespan just mentioned it, but hey if you want you can have it.

          But if you consider frequently mentioned information irrelevant, well great it just makes you comments look stup*d and if that is what you were aiming for I can only say good job.

      1. Gues that twin core it got is keeping it stable. But yeah, that has been my problem with him asking for it’s protection108000 cycle s after it naturally perishes…

        1. Well if the original place reaches its end he can just rebuild it so I think what he wants protected isn’t the chaos world but the people related to him. Pretty much his legacy.

          1. He doesn’t even need to rebuild it – World Heart will create new batch of gods, including new Pangu equivalent that’ll create new world. It’s a natural cycle of chaosworlds. So as long as nobody comes in to steal the shiny, there will be a chaosworld in Three Realm’s place forever.

            Meanwhile, Ning, Subhuti, Windfiend and whoever else ascends can create more chaosworlds in the neighbourhood. Create their own Territory in the place.

          2. That’s been a bit irritating actually. They restrict cultivation because the world couldn’t take the high pressure. But no mention of Ning creating more worlds after he got that ability to lighten the load and lose the restrictions…

          3. Ning can just make new chaosworlds. Iirc, every World God can, albeit at some cost. Pangu was the weakest type of World God, the type that exists just to make the chaosworld and die as a result. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that daolords can make much stronger worlds- not to mention the strongest daolord possible.

            What I think is more likely, though, Ning will prolong the Three Realms’ lifespan in some way or another. I think this matter doesn’t need as much thought as we give it.

    3. His daughter is now at least an ancestral immortal, the ki refining path equivalent of elder god (B35 C15). As for how long an elder god lives, I can’t quite remember if it was ever mentioned an exact number of chaos cycles, but at the very least it should be a few tens, since the wild dog elder god retainer had lived for 16 chaos cycles when Ning first met him in the Prisonworld (B19 C29).

  1. Haha, at last we know how long a chaos cycle is! To think that Ji Ning became the strongest known Daolord after a billion years, meaning just .001% of a chaos cycle.

    1. In fact time is only counted without the acceleration of time, otherwise it would’nt make sense for you to accelerate time and die faster, whereas you might be venturing to get more resources. So the fact that he spends a lot of time in acceleration does’nt change that he is very young since everyone does the same thing and can’t get where he arrived.

      1. I used to think what you said too, but the following paragraphs seem to imply the more reasonable “108,000 chaos cycles is the limit” regardless of how you get there and how the rest of the universe progresses. Notice that 60BY passed, but that it’s equal to half a chaos cycle for Ning because of time acceleration. Then it clarifies that cultivators count “real” time and that the half chaos cycle counted as Ning’s “real” time.

        “He was just slightly less attuned to heartforce, but thanks to the effects of the stone dais he had been able to create the technique after nearly sixty billion years. However, if you factored in temporal acceleration, he had actually spent over half a chaos cycle! Finally, he had been able to develop the [Unfettered Dreamlands] technique.

        When cultivators calculated their lifespans, they calculated based on the ‘real’ time they had spent, excluding the benefits of accelerated time. By now, Ning had spent more than half a chaos cycle in ‘real’ training.”

        Soooooo… time variations effect how people age, which probably means there are dao lords that have technically gone beyond the 108,000 cycle limit by slowing down time (this is allowed right? can’t remember), and probably many that have died of old age well before the universe actually passed through 108,000 cycles.

        1. In the quote it says excluding the accelerated time, so they don’t count accelerated time. It means the opposite of what you said, Cultivators only count real time.

          1. It doesn’t say excluding the accelerated time. It says excluding the benefits of accelerated time. And that is the fuzzy part. It can be interpreted both ways. But then we have the mention of half a cc ‘real’ training. And that should be a clarifier saying it does count.

            How do you account for that half a cc if the accelerated time doesn’t count?

          2. To Sadd3, when I kept on rereading that part, it looks like accelerated time does not matter. Look at the way they are using the word real and actual.
            Honestly need Ren to explain this.

          3. Man I am just confused each time I reread, I interpret it differently. RWX if you are reading this post please explain it to us.

          4. I suppose Ren made a mistake while translating, thus making you confused. He will be able to rectify it later on.
            The Acceleration Time counts, so Ning has spent a CC. That is the “real” life he lived, in all the space-time.

            To be accurate, you and Sadd3 are quoting a phrase, but it is just a small deceiving part of a paragraph. Taking 2 lines above and the rest of the paragraph we have


            In the first period, it suggest you that he actually (sounds like “really” ?) spent over half a CC.
            In the second period, going further off the “excluding the benefits..” he continues saying “Ning had spent more than half a chaos cycle in “real” training”.
            This is right after the line where he says “they calculated based on the ‘real’ time they had spent”.

            It all sounds logic if you add the little misleading line of ” excluding the accelerated time” (which though, is still correct if you consider the “real” as all the possible time you experienced, in the acceleration time too, cause that way, the “benefit” would be being younger.. but it is still a bit messed and proper to modify. Still, you blocked your reasoning at half the paragraph like if you hit a wall :P)
            This also sets the time limit of Dao Lords to that 108.000 CC without letting them “cheat” which would make it all laughable (specially because you can’t support yourself with too big accelerations, but if you get someone else helping you, maybe stronger like an Hegemon.. it would be pure Cheating. Think of Brightshore.. he is skilled in Time-Space, he is more talented in it than Ning, thus can set it way higher.. if he used it on his kin, they could cheat through the daolord level cause he would waste no energy to help a weakling like a daolord with no supreme techniques.. and instead he sends them around trying their luck, with the proper bodyguards).

            As for why to use the Accelerated time then: we know that Ning requires experience, and processing/analising that experience makes him improve (same as finding a book, and studying it). Thus he need to find the book by experiencing new things and then he needs to ponder over the things he saw/experienced. For this reason he can’t simply stay always in the accelaration time. Not him, no anyone.
            Why does he uses it later? cause if he got his strike of good fortune then he can assimilate it faster and getting stronger while others stay behind. Thus he becomes stronger than others which is always good, no?.
            Supporting this reasoning we have the experience in the Badlands after his Big Brother Solesky goes into the Waveshift zone. At first he is pondering over the tips Soleski gave him, later on he says that he has to go adventuring and so he decides to go to the AllGod Estate (i may be missing the proper names, but come on, you have all unedrstood).

            Ah right. This is my first post.. meh. So…Thanks Ren for translating.

          5. lame, it didn’t allow me to copy-paste from the chapter, or i got something wrong typing.

            Where in the post there is <> what i wanted to add is the following:

            However, if you factored in temporal acceleration, he had actually spent over half a chaos cycle! 1 Finally, he had been able to develop the [Unfettered Dreamlands] technique.

            When cultivators calculated their lifespans, they calculated based on the ‘real’ time they had spent, excluding the benefits of accelerated time. By now, Ning had spent more than half a chaos cycle in ‘real’ training.

  2. Alright, so one chaos cycle is 10 Trillion years. So if a Daolord’s lifespan is 108,000 chaos cycles, that means they can live for 1.08 Quintillion years or in full number: 1,080,000,000,000,000,000 years. That is a long, LONG time by real life standards.

    1. And it’s “only” Daolords… imagine Emperor or even Autarch !

      Now we understand why the awakener suicided , just he was bored to death after so long !

          1. Haha! I shall cultivate the Omega Dao of Russian Roulette! Nooooo… what… was… I… think… ing…. d..ark..nessssssssss

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaand ofc everything is just like Ning left it, all the characters that aren’t near him or in his field of vision, are frozen for half a chaos cycle!!!!
    Honestly this whole “infinite amount of years” that’s going on with IET novels, kind of kills it.

    1. And how is everything else frozen? Just because it says it is calm in the flamedragon realmverse doesn’t mean nothing is happening there.

      And as for the endless years in IET novels you were talking about this is the first book I have seen that spans a very very long time. CD was 10 000 years in total. I think the real time in ST was also in the thousands ( but the mc used temporal treasures). TNC still isn’t fully translated but it is in its first thirty years with 200 chapters or something left and that is out of 600 something chapters. So I have a hard time seeing it taking thousands of years.

      1. It is kind of frozen. For example, after a few billion years, you would think his daughter would at least have a husband or dao-companion by now, or his teachers might have a few more students or something like the Badlands Court or Vasthaven Palace might have merged, Balkanized or changed in standing. When Ning is not there, it seems like the areas not relevant to him seems frozen in time.

        Case in point, his parents. Once he recreated them…. then what? Nothing was ever heard of them ever again.

        The super long timeframes make it seem like a static universe where nothing changes for trillions of years, unlike when he was an Elder God and below where everything seems fluid and changable.

        1. Well I wouldn’t call that frozen. It is more that IET is deathly afraid of people calling filler so he just doesn’t wright about it. A crazy amount of things happen but we don’t get to know about most of it. And yes I would like allot more info on his family and other things but this is what we get. More and more things get put in the irrelevant pile :/

        2. As Saad stated IET just doesn’t expand on the other characters much and its good reason, because I remember there was chapter about three realms and during that time we had crazy amount of complaint about that being filler and no one cares.
          Its sad but it seems to be the case where most readers just care about Ning and his adventure and not really want to know other things. I personally enjoy knowing about other characters but most readers don’t.

    2. “calm” does not meant it’s frozen. It’s just that the “happenings” during these period of time in Flamedragon Realmverse whether minor or major or epic proportions has little or no impact to the MC (I think), and so not worth mentioning them. ahaha Although I also would like to know more about what’s happening to the MC’s family, relations –
      disciples, friends and others related to him by karma. 😀 😀 😀 😆

  4. Hmmm…. If Ji Ning has been studying for a chaos cycle, doesn’t that mean that the Three Realms has ended? Chaos Worlds only live for a single Chaos Cycle.

    To me that would make it even harder to rez Yu Wei if the chaos world she was part of is gone too.

    1. Nah, she’s gone to prime essences of entire chaosverse and just a mere chaosworld doesn’t matter for temporal inversion as long as he can point the place – and being present himself to show the karmic ties helps too.

      Secondarily, Three Realms already were older than a chaos cycle – they are made of 2 world hearts, so who knows how long they’ll last eventually.

    2. I would not make a difference. To resurect Yu Wei already need to survive the suppression of the whole universe (they call it Realverse right?). So the presence or not of the Chaos World won’t change the difficulty of the task.

      1. the whole universe is called “Chaosverse”. I forgot what a Realmverse and Otherverse is but apparently Otherverse Rulers (hegemons) get the assist of prime essence to make them more op

        1. Realmverse is an area within the Chaosverse like the Endless Territories, which we know is also called the Flamedragon Realmverse. An Otherverse is just another name for an alternate universe, those places created by Autarchs much like how Everworlds are created by Eternal Emperors.

      1. Half a CC in personal time (thus 1/200 of real CC) was his time for a Heartforce technique.
        BUT further narration seems to go about a whole REAL chaoscycle – i.e. him spending 100 personal chaos cycle on Water Dao.

        1. The Omega Water Dao is coming!
          He accomplished the Omega Sword Dao in a lot lesse than a Chaoscycle. He is less talented in water, but maybe he is able to create an Omega Dao for Water in 10 chaoscycles? He has already a lot of references, even another 12 omega daos, without conting the constant prajna state autarch treasure he is using

          1. Probably not an Omega. Like, he isn’t an Omega Heartforce user, he just made it to Archon level.

            He can Omega Sword because its his personal dao, “slightly less talented” doesn’t mean just more time, it means not getting to that crazy level.

          2. “Probably not an Omega. Like, he isn’t an Omega Heartforce user, he just made it to Archon level.”
            There’s no such thing as an “Omega Heartforce user”, that’s not how it works. Things like Water, Fire, Light and Swords etc can have a daolord foundation built upon them and then Heartforce can use the stability of that foundation as its own foundation, then you can use that Heartforce to create techniques.

            The foundation can be an Ordinary dao, Elite dao, Supreme dao, fused Supreme daos or an Omega dao of the element or whatever you’re most skilled in, but you cannot use Heartforce itself as the foundation. Ning created an Archon level technique using Heartforce and it’s backed up with his Heartforce that uses his Omega dao of the Sword as a foundation, but there’s no such thing as an “Omega Heartforce user”.

      1. Yeah that is true, the author kept on saying countless trillion of years which made me think it has to be at least 1000 trillion years but it just turned out to be 10 trillion years. The author doesn’t seem to know the meaning of countless.

          1. I honestly thought it was around a trillion-trillion years from the earlier description. Or maybe at least a billion-trillions.

  5. Holy shit I just remembered the Dog Elder God and the others that were saved from the stone stele!!!

    just like someguy said when ning used a bow then it suddenly wasnt mentioned ever again lol,

    the Roc divine ability that Subhuti improved and Torch dragons eye damn they all got deleted

      1. Everybody from the stone stele already was 3+ chaos cycles old, so now they’ve just been enjoying life for another one. Its nothing big for them.

        Hell maybe some of them got upgraded to World level offscreen.

  6. Yay we finally figured out how long a chaos cycle is, but I think this chapter brought up another point. And that’s the point of real time and accelerated time. It said Cultivators account for real time and not accelerated time, so does that mean Daolords live for 108,000 chaos cycles real time and accelerated time doesn’t account for that? Because that was my theory to start with, but some people were saying it was wrong and that accelerated time did account towards the 108,000 chaos cycle lifespan.

    1. I thought you were wrong, but you turned up to be right as real time is what matters only. So I was wrong. But it does simplify it if you just count real time.

    2. A daolord’s lifespan does not exceed 108,000 chaos cycles. It has nothing to do with real time or accelerated time, as long as you spend 108,000 living then your lifespan will end.

      It’s simple logic: You are twenty years old. You spend ten years in accelerated time but outside, only a year has passed. Does that make you 21 years old instead of 30? Nope. You’re a thirty year old person.

      1. That is what I thought too, but this chapter indicated that it does not matter about the accelerated time, only real time matters. So 108,000 chaos cycle is in terms of real time, they don’t care about the accelerated time.

        1. I think it was written in a way that was easy to misinterpret. Otherwise everyone would use temporal treasures all the time while training and it was mentioned that the others thought it was weird that he always used it while training in the Bs empire. And I think he only uses it to be able to resurrect Yu Wei faster and it doesn’t matter if one of his bodies get really old since the other one can still be with the family.

          1. I think i remeber this part as well. The cause of they were said to found Ning’s usage of accelerate time weird was because for them, daolords, time is not that meaningfull because they already live too long of a life, and there is not so much hurry. That was what i remebered to have interpreted back then

          2. No they meant in the chapter, accelerated time does not help all the time, you need real World Experience, that is why they are surprised that Ning is using accelerated time. In the story from the beginning it states you can’t just meditate and become stronger, you need real life experience, that is why they are surprised.
            To Sadd3, Everyone in the high level probably uses temporal treasures, we don’t just get to see how they train. And temporal treasures are hard to come by, as the first one was a chaos treasure. So most likely only some Elder Gods and higher level has the chance to use temporal device or at most a lucky True God gets to use it.

        2. Oh, my bad, I took it for the exact opposite. I thought it said both are factored.

          Honestly speaking, though, that sounds retarded to say the least. I mean if it was some form of mental acceleration thing, it could be chalked up to that. Suspended animation can also be considered. But what’s happening in DE is clearly neither. He is genuinely spending all of these years both spiritually and physically, how on earth is the LIFESPAN calculated that way?

        3. “When cultivators calculated their lifespans, they calculated based on the ‘real’ time they had spent, excluding the benefits of accelerated time. By now, Ning had spent more than half a chaos cycle in ‘real’ training.”

          This is what I got from it. The benefits of accelerated time are excluded and that benefit is that you can train for 100 years while it only took one year in the outside world. And that means the 100 years count.

          And it also states that he now had spent over half a cc of ‘real’ time and that was pretty much the amount of time he spent in the temporal distortion this time. The longest he had trained before was in the billions of years so there is no way it could add up to half a cc in time.

          1. Accelerated time means spending more time. Spending more time means you’re accelerating towards your lifespan’s limit.

            All in all, it is a rule that IET set for his story. Even though it’s illogical as f**k, he doesn’t need to stick to logic..

          2. Didn’t really understand what you ment there. First it seems like you agree and then it is the opposite.

          3. It’s because that paragraph can be quite confusing, coupled with Dragon8816’s comment, I don’t know what was wrong with me at the time. I didn’t pay much attention..

            But I now see where you’re coming from, and I wholly agree.

      2. Tsuna even though its illogical, I thought about how it makes sense. their bodies are not like ours. I think it works with the chaosverse where the chaosverse just calculates in terms of real time without caring about accelerated time.

        1. This would probably be the reason if this is right. But I have his real time age (time elapsed in the chaoseverse since his birth) Being in the billions before the clarification. Not even hundreds of billions mind you, so if it is like that where did that half a cc go?

          Since I can’t find it I pretty much sure the accelerated time is counted but still not 100% since I could have missed it.

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          2. I always thought only ‘real’ time counted and not accelerated time, because if it did than why would daolords waste their time faster. I understand doing 10x or 100x acceleratrd time once in a while becaude they need results on their training asap but constantly wasting their lifespan by using accelerated time doesn’t make sense. So the reason they can use accelerated time so freely is bcuz it doesn’t count to their lifespans, meaning they live for 108,000 chaos cycle of real time, regardless of how much acceleratrd time they use for training.

          3. Only Ning is constantly using it. It was mentioned that the others thought it was weird that he used it for no reason when he just arrived at the Bs kingdom.

          4. To Sadd, others thought it was weird because accelerated time does not help much in training as you need real world experience and that is why they are surprised that Ning was using so much time in the accelerated treasure.

          5. As opposed to others who use regular years but still hundreds or thousands at the world lvl? It wasn’t like he had been doing it for a long time. He only spent a few years in the Bs kingdom

  7. Thanks for the chapter RWX! Too bad he won’t be setting any more Daolord records since he’ll probably leave this place as a Eternal Emperor if he earns the treasure.

  8. Time for some quick maths.
    A Grand kalpa is 6 quadrillion years, that is 6000 chaos cycles.

    By Stellar Transformations Grandmeng was 1000 grand kalpas old, or around 6 million chaos cycles.

    For eternal emperors, ten million cc’s is normal. So emperors are older than Grandmeng was. Damn they old.

    1. Its funny that when I first read coiling dragon, the time skips felt huge to me because Coiling Dragon was the first Chinese light novel I read. To me a 50 year time skip was mind boggling, but when I started reading DE, time skips did not surprise me at all, trillion years feels nothing. Its just so weird and for some reason in my head I thought Coiling Dragon had just as long time skips as DE but after you guys stated that CD was only 10,000 years I checked back and you guys are right. This shows the effect of perception, CD feels longer in time skip to me then DE even though CD has much much lower time skip then DE

      1. Well Cultivators cultivate for two reasons, one is for strength and another is to have eternal life. I guess DE uses it’s 108,000 Chaos Cycle lifespan for dalords to make a joke saying that if you don’t reach the true apex than no matter what you do, you will still die. Cuz honestly 108,000 Chaos Cycles is way more than other stories that have people living for much shorter even after reaching the apex lol.

        Also let’s be great that DE makes time acceleration easy to understand, I’m still trying to figure out why in MW they use Temporal deceleration.

  9. I’m a bit petrified by the timeline used, trillion of years??? That’s too much…he’s parents and relatives might be dead already after he finished his tasks. Well don’t mind me..Thanks for the chapters 😎

      1. Why does everyone think this? And them dying wouldn’t really matter either since Ning can just resurrect them and give them back their memories as long as their truesouls aren’t destroyed. And he should have taken measures against that so it needs to be someone really strong to do it.

        1. Hi Sadd3,
          i doubt your interpretation is correct. He can revive only the people who didn’t die of age. If they died cause you reached your time-limit, that’s it. Over.

          Otherwise, think about it: a DaoLord of 108.000 CC goes on a Everworld (where it is easier to resurrect people), and does not attempt his Daomerge. Dies from age, and someone else later on comes to revive him, giving him further time to his studies prior the Daomerge.
          This would be quite the Cheat. One of course which would require a strong allay to help you out to be revived, but it still wouldn’t get an Autarch to do that, it should be enough an Hegemon (the targhet is stronger than a World leve, but it is still in the best possible place to be resurrected) .. thus.. Brightshore would always do it for his most talented kins. Even if you don’t think that Brightshore could do this for his kins, you do understand that it is still a cheat and that someone could exploit it, for example an Autarch for the ones he cares about.

          To answer Vickoy, i shall remember you that Pill Saint was good enough to produce Samsara Dao pills when he was back from the trip in the realmverse, thanks to the guidance provided by Paragon of Pills… thus to make simple drugs to move a zhifu to celestial immortal shouldn’t be that big problem. If the parent becomes a loose immortal, he can always be reincarnated till he becomes a celestial immortal. And anyway, with the sort of guidance that Ning is able to provide through the legacies he brought over, i doubt someone couldn’t pass that test anymore if Ning wants to help (he can train the dao heart, and can give treasures to strenght the body). Once he is a celestial immortal, he is immortal. 😀

          For what happens really, we will have to wait the translator.

          1. Think it has more to do with the levels and how the soul works. There were a few elder gods who sent their souls into reincarnation with locked memories that would unlock if they reached certain requirements.

            So I guess that when reaching the world level that changes. I don’t think that dying of old age has anything to do with that. But if it does he could just kill them after they reach a certain age and then revive them. It has also been mentioned at some point that his original parents on earth had reincarnated many times already which makes it seem to be more of a powerlvl issue.

            And my original answer was to someone assuming his family would still be low level. Which is why he could use this.

          2. Technically, Elder Gods are equivalent to Celestial Immortals, so they are already “Immortals”. So long as i remember, there is no more limit to their lifespan if not the one of Samsara Daolords. Which is like to say that anyone above Celestial Immorta/Elder God and below Emperors can live 108.000 CC before dying of “old age”.
            The ones who have actually attempted the reincarnation in the Three Realms are actually pretty “young” so long as that ChaosWorld doesn’t even have 2 CC of age. And we know it is a special ChaosWorld compared with others. This is only to say that what they told us about reincarnation in the first volumes doesn’t actually give us much informations on how should work an hypotetical “Law of age”.
            The following is all a guess, which isn’t in contrast with everything we know, and obviously i am writing it only for fun.

            The whole thing gets coherent if we were to start differentiating between “age of truesoul”, alas “potential lifespan” and “age of present-life”, alas “actual lifespan”
            The truesoul can always reach 108.000 CC, and can enter reincarnation, while the actual lifespan is limited by your level of cultivation, from mortal to celestial immortal/elder god.
            This is to explain why the mortals can reincarnate, and their soul don’t disperse.
            If through battle your truesoul had been destroyed, it can be always brought back and allow it to continue its “natural aging”.

            As long as their “potential lifespan” isn’t extinguished, they can be reincarnated (thus any mortal or below Celestial Immortal can be reincarnated untill from start to end their truesoul collects 108.000 CC of age).

            This theory requires its hypotesis:
            1) The truesoul is born with the beginning of a ChaosWorld from the HeartWolrd created by the ChaosVerse (which isn’t in contrast with anything we know till know)
            2) Each cultivator shall not count their actual “potential lifespan” based on their birthday, but based on the birth of their ChaosWorld (which would mean that the soul of Ning has more years that the one we are counting, cause his soul was before a weak human, and before that something else.. so going back the whole cycles of reincarnation)

            the first hypotesys actually isn’t strictly necessary: it makes things easier to think that at each transfromation from HeartWorld to ChaosWorld, the ChaosVerse will instill newborn TrueSouls.. otherwise we would be giving 108.000 CC as maximum life of a HeartWorld as well (which is still possible, but it would shorten the “potential lifespan” of people as well, who shouldn’t count their potential lifespan from the last creation of the ChaosWorld but from the First Creation of the ChaosWorld.. making things complicated… however, this hypotesis can be either correct/necessary or uncorrect/unnecessary, based on the things we will know later on).

            And if you want to blame someone for this post, blame Ren that didn’t upload the new chapters.

          3. Well for now lets just say I have some things I agree with and some things I don’t agree with. And I have reasons for this.

            If you want to find out which these things are, join us after the break(Going into sleepmode for now)

            And yes the reason for the f load of comments here and in the delay announcement is that we don’t have new chapters.

          4. And now I’m hungover… so not very energetic.

            But the thing about the true souls being born with the creation of the world seems unlikely. That would mean that every world has a preset maximum for living beings.

    1. Don’t think we have a given lifespan for each lvl only some in the very begining and at the world level and beyond. Celestial immortals-Ancestral immortals were considered immortal for a very long time but we later learned they aren’t. Think we only have the information from the prison stone stele and that told us they live more than 3 or so chaos cycles but I might have forgotten something

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