DE Book 36, Chapter 27

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Book 36, Daolord of the Fourth Step, Chapter 27 – The Second Palace

Ji Ning was stunned. A godsense legacy… and ten scrolls filled with Omega Daos? The master of the Azureflower Estate, Autarch Awakener, didn’t have a master-disciple relationship with Ning, but in truth he had done far more for Ning than any ordinary master would.

“These eleven scrolls of Omega Daos represent eleven absolutely dazzlingly Daolords,” the white-haired elder said. “All of them trained to become Daolords of the Fourth Step… but unfortunately, they all failed in the Daomerge. Despite that they left behind their Daos to posterity. Factor in the first one you received earlier, and you have won for yourself a total of twelve Omega Dao scrolls. These are all of the Omega Dao techniques which my master has collected.”

“They all failed in their Daomerge?” Ning felt a tremendous sense of pressure.

“If my guess is correct… your path should be that of the Omega Dao as well.” The white-haired elder looked at Ning, who nodded. Given how easily Ning had knocked the Archon-level guardian out of the palace, the white-haired elder had quickly come to this conclusion.

“The Daomerge for any Omega Dao is extremely, extremely difficult,” the white-haired elder said. “Anyone who succeeds in the Daomerge for an Omega Dao would gain inconceivable power, after all. It only makes sense that its Daomerge is incredibly difficult.”

Ning nodded in understanding. Samsara Daolords all chose different Daos. It was much like constructing a building. Ordinary Daolords who walked ordinary Daos merely had to build a thatched cottage! Even if they succeeded in the Daomerge, they would always remain within that cottage. They would be correspondingly weak.

The Omega Dao, however, required the construction of a giant palace that was tens of thousands of meters tall! That meant it needed a far more stable foundation… and even if the cultivator failed the Daomerge, he would still be able to easily dominate those weaker Emperors.

To become a Daolord of the Fourth Step meant that all of the basic preparations had been completed. One could attempt the Daomerge at any time. If you failed the Daomerge, your palace would begin to crumble. If you succeeded, it would be completed and eternal.

But of course, this was just a metaphor. To master an Eternal Omega Sword Dao was far more complex than creating any so-called palace.


Ning fully mastered all eleven scrolls of the Omega Dao, then accepted the crystal of godsense.

Whoosh. The godsense surged into his body, causing an awesome scene to appear within his mind.

A graceful youth dressed in a white robe with blue trims appeared in Ning’s mind. The youth looked ordinary at first, but the more one stared at him the more one would feel that he was deadly attractive. After becoming an Autarch, every single inch of his body had become naturally filled with the unspeakable aroma of the Dao! This sort of Dao-aroma would naturally generate feelings of irresistible attraction to weaker cultivators.

The graceful youth was standing within an ordinary-looking study, teaching a group of children. Ning had become one of the children as well, and he listened obediently as the young Awakener taught him.

Soon, the image changed to become that of an army camp. A military officer was drilling his soldiers with the spear. The military officer was the graceful youth, while Ning had become one of the soldiers.

Then, the scene transformed to become a barbarian tribe. The witch-doctor who led this tribe was teaching the young tribesmen, with Ning one of the tribesmen and the graceful youth the witch-doctor.


One scene after another played out. They all seemed ordinary, but they carried an ineffable, indescribable aura to them. Time flowed on for what felt like a trillion years. Ning started as a mortal, became a cultivator, and now was a Hegemon.

The graceful youth stood there in the void, a group of cultivators standing behind him. All of their auras were at the Hegemonic level, with Ning amongst them.

Whoosh. The graceful youth waved his sleeves, sending an ordinary-looking gust of wind towards Ning and the other cultivators. However the power of this gentle wind suddenly skyrocketed to become a billion times more powerful. The wind instantly reached an absolutely inconceivable level of power, instantly annihilating Ning and the other cultivators. However, Ning and the others then reappeared once more.

“This is my Dao. All of you have seen what there is to see. You may leave, now. Shoo.” The graceful youth smiled as he waved gently at the group.


Ning suddenly came back to his senses.

“You woke up?” The white-haired elder looked at Ning.

“I’m up,” Ning said. “I feel as though a trillion years have gone by… but I can sense from the local spacetime that only a day has actually gone past.”

Ning felt indescribable emotions in his heart. In the process of accepting the legacy, he had been ‘trained’ from a child to the point of becoming a Hegemon. Autarch Awakener had indeed displayed his Dao… but he had done so through countless demonstrations over the course of what felt like trillions of years. Ning felt a strong sense of attachment to him, as though the Autarch truly was his master and elder. When he thought of how Autarch Awakener had already perished, Ning felt a sense of sorrow in his heart.

“You’ve already viewed everything there is to view in the first palace. You can now enter the second palace, which is the final palace,” the white-haired elder said.

“The second palace?” Ning was startled. The first palace already contained the countless techniques which belonged to the cultivator civilizations, and even included countless retrofitted Sithe techniques. It even held Omega Daos and Autarch Awakener’s own Dao! What could the second palace possibly hold?

“Follow me.” The white-haired elder walked forwards.

“Yes.” Ning followed from behind. They walked to the end of this palace hall, where a passageway appeared in the walls. They entered the passageway, arriving at a second hall.

Ning could see that the second hall was clearly much smaller, roughly three hundred meters in size! It was laid out in accordance with the principles of the Eight Trigrams, and the four walls were filled with bookshelves and jade scrolls. However, the jade scrolls here numbered in the tens of thousands at most. There truly were far fewer here than in the previous hall.

“Are there even better techniques here?” Ning was puzzled.

“You’ve already seen all of the techniques of two different types of civilizations. What ‘better techniques’ are you expecting?” The white-haired elder gave Ning a glance.

“Then these jade scrolls…?” Ning stared at the surrounding area.

“You’ll know soon enough.” The white-haired elder pointed at the very center of the second hall, at the center of the Eight Trigrams. As he pointed, the ground in the center began to bulge upwards, transforming into a stone dais that was shaped like the Eight Trigrams and clearly meant for use as a meditation mat. The stone dais was black with a few specks of white light glowing on its surface. “Sit there.”

Ning didn’t hesitate. Given how might Autarch Awakener was and how powerful the wards within the Azureflower Estate were, it would be easy for the estate-spirit to kill him. Hell, even Hegemons would be slain with ease. Ning didn’t worry about any tricks or traps at all.

Ning walked over, then sat down in the lotus position atop the stone dais.

Whoosh. A bone-chilling cold instantly pervaded his entire body. Ning shivered. He could sense that the speed at which his truesoul ‘thought’ had just skyrocketed. He was now able to think unfathomably faster than before.

“My master spent untold amounts of effort to construct this Azureflower Estate… and its heart is this stone dais,” the white-haired elder said as he pointed at the stone dais. “The countless formations in this estate have pooled their power within it, ensuring that it has an absolutely incredible supportive effect! Sitting on it is akin to being in a prajna-state of constant epiphany.”

Ning nodded. When he sat atop this stone dais, the effect was indeed much stronger than that of the Stone Censer of Reunion. Ning couldn’t help but lower his head to look at the stone dais. This was simply too incredible and marvelous. With this stone dais, he would be able to cultivate the Dao much more quickly than before. Most likely, even his chances at the Daomerge would be improved by a bit.

“My master originally constructed this stone dais for himself. He spent his time cultivating atop it, and he paid an absolutely astronomical price to create it. Now, he has left it to those who are linked to this place by karma and destiny.” The white-haired elder watched as Ning excitedly lowered his head and gently stroked the stone dais, then continued; “Now that you have passed the trials, you can come use this stone dais for as long as you are alive. I suspect that it is highly unlikely a second destined person will make it here in the next 108,000 chaos cycles.”

Ning nodded excitedly. This was definitely a truly supreme and peerless treasure.

“Calm down first. Once you’ve completely calmed down, I’ll talk to you about something else,” the white-haired elder said.

“Alright.” Ning could sense that his heart was still trembling. He had first viewed the countless techniques belonging to two different types of civilizations, then discovered this stone dais which vastly surpassed the Stone Censer of Reunion. Ning naturally was in a state of shock!


A long while later, Ning finally began to calm down. He looked at the white-haired elder, his heart tranquil.

“Now that you are calmer, I’ll explain.” The white-robed elder said, “The reason why my master left behind so many arrangements and even permitted you to view all of these techniques… is because of a final, dying wish he had.”

“A final wish?” Ning was stunned.

“Yes.” The white-robed elder nodded. “You should have already trained in the ‘Ninespace’ technique, yes?”

“The ‘Ninespace’ technique?” Ning was startled.

“Those Nine Chaos Seals,” the white-haired elder explained. “My master created the Nine Chaos Seals. They allow you to establish a brand new space within your sea of consciousness where an azure flower will bloom. This is the ‘ninespace’ region. It can convert Immortal energy, divine power, heartforce, and all other types of energy into a single mist-like form of energy. Of all the techniques which my master created in the countless years after he reached Autarchy, this is his proudest… but also his greatest regret. Even when he died, he still felt regret over this technique.”

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  1. Thanks for the chapters!

    Looks like that Ninespace Technique isn’t complete. My guess is that if it were to be completed, it’d allow someone to reach the same space and state that Linley/Linmeng and the other main characters from IET’s series are in.

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      what if mother Nuwa has been attracted to the estate of the autarch because of those seals and has been there since then…
      that the autarch commited a kind of a suicide gives me the idea that he regretted that he couldn’t cultivate the nine chaos seals and that’s why he “killed” himself, to let his soul be reincarnated so to be able to cultivate in it….
      now Ning comes into play, he will perfect the nine chaos seals and once that has been accomplished, the reincarnation process will be initiated and mother Nuwa will become the vessel for that reincarnation…

    2. Stellar Transformations & Coiling Dragon are a duology. They are not connected in any shape, form, or fashion to the novel Desolate Era. The Grandmist realm will not be reached in this novel because it doesn’t exist since it is an independent book series.

      So I highly doubt that this Ninespace Technique, when completed, will have a similar outcome as when Linley broke the boundaries of his Cosmos. Honestly, knowing IET this very well may just be something that gets discarded a few books later.

  2. This is the chapter, when everything begins to link up to the IET universe. So Hyped, also I think Ning should leave his Omega Dao behind as well, as a show of gratitude.

  3. >“You may leave, now. Shoo.” The graceful youth smiled as he waved gently at the group.

    Admit it. In the entire novel, this is the most alpha, yet heartwarming words ever written.
    A goddamn Autarch actually told his pupils to gtfo while gently smiling.

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          Point is, just because Nuwa was mentioned sometimes earlier on it’s making certain types of people flock to the comments, who are practically demanding that she show up. It’s irritating as all hell to me.

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            Now though? I don’t care what happens or how she comes back, it’s forced and I want no part in it.

            ToxicInferno: “She’s been mentioned a lot!”
            So f*cking what? That was hundreds of chapters ago. Characters come and go, items and skills and other things come along that do little and then never get mentioned again all the time. For example, Ning learned a skill and spent a book obtaining some fancy bow back when he was around the Primal Daoist level, then spent more time and treasures getting a new bowstring for it. He even spent more time learning to use bows back in Subranati’s world, he then used it in one single fight and shot it a few times at a true immortal and the arrows only slowed him down.

            The moment Ji Ning outgrows an item, skill or person, it’s kind of amazing if it ever gets mentioned again. People like you keep harping on about Nuwa as if she simply *MUST* appear in the story just because she was mentioned early on and used as an example for a few things, but you never say what PURPOSE this would serve or anything like that. To be relevant at this point the minimum bar is generally being an Eternal Emperor, and even if she’s become one for some contrived reason, what purpose at all could this possibly solve? How would it improve or further the story?

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            Name the last chapter she was mentioned in.

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        2. “However with Nuwa, there has to be something, she is been the most hype up character from Three Realms.”
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          As things stand right now, her appearance would not push the story forward or help Ji Ning in any way or serve any role. Even as a protector for the Three Realms or something, she would be outclassed by the dozens of golems that Ji Ning keeps bringing home. All it would do is waste a chapter or two with a “oh wow look it’s Nuwa! And there she goes now wasn’t that a fun distraction?” and how often does IET do side chapters of what’s happening in the Three Realms or generally “waste” chapters?

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            One thing I could see that Nuwa is in some far away realmverse and as a result has almost no chance of coming back to Three Realms and Ning meets her in another Realmverse where she is an EE in the future but it has to be massive timeskips.

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    1. In all honesty, those MC’s also had far less convoluted cultivation paths. Linley was literally just a few laws, ST MC wasn’t much better, but Ji Ning is literally “DAOS EVERYWHERE! HOW MANY CAN YOU MASTER?!”

  7. Sweet. No complaints from me. I wonder how powerful Ning is now after not only digesting 12 Omega Daos and spending 13 billion years learning an entire library of Sithe techniques, but also spending a trillion subjective years learning Autarch Awakener’s Dao: he has to be on at least Hegemon Brightshore’s level. We have about 9 more books to go, and it can’t take him that long to Daomerge, so will he also make it to the Omega-Autarch level? I hope we find out why/how Autarch Awakener committed suicide.

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    2. My speculation for his suicide is that perhaps he wanted to reincarnate to pursue an omega Dao. cos with all these omega daos floating in his face he probably got tempted at some point.

    1. Autarch Awekener dies in regret for not having completed his technique. Even if it was in the same universe or one with the same principles, without completing his grandmist technique he would never ascend.

    1. I really dont care if it is related or not, i am just enjoying my reading. But i think that is even more hilarious how so much people hate the fact that other see similarities with the CD and ST and keeps on trying to lecture everybody to knows that IT HAS 0% CHANCE TO THE NOVEL BEING RELATED STOP SAYING ANYTHING THAT GETS CLOSE TO IMPLYING THIS. I like this community, but some of these guys here are so childish… Not saying you are, dont get me wrong

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