DE Book 28, Chapter 34

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Book 28, Archaeus Region, Chapter 34 – Sword Dao Samsara

Ji Ning’s six Violetjewels all chopped towards his opponents at the same time, and as they moved forwards they crushed everything in their path, causing space itself to tremble and distort. They moved forwards in seemingly slow arcs, but their power only continued to grow until they reached a crescendo of might, then slammed head-on into the giant stone fists of a volcano titan.

The power now contained with every single one of Ning’s six swords was stronger than when he previously used all six swords combined to execute the Blood Drop stance. This was the difference between the Heavenbreaker stance and the Blood Drop stance!

In terms of penetrative power, the Blood Drop stance was far superior to the Heavenbreaker stance… but it was still useless against these volcano titans, who had bodies that were comparable to precious treasures. But in terms of raw power, the Heavenbreaker stance was similarly far superior to the Blood Drop stance. It was perfect for head-on clashes!


The enormous volcanic body of the volcano titan shuddered violently, and he couldn’t help but stumble back quite a few steps. Even his giant stone hands were visibly trembling.



Ning was clearly much faster and more agile than the volcano titans. He only had to deal with one of them each time.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of explosions rang out as the towering volcano titans were knocked stumbling backwards one by one, thanks to Ning’s overwhelming power. Although the volcano titans bellowed furiously and charged forwards repeatedly, Ning was able to beat them back each time. Ning was physically much smaller than them, but the power of his Heavenbreaker stance allowed him to completely outstrip them and shut them down.

“Eh?” An odd, surprised look appeared on the formerly emotionless face of the muscular, greatsword-wielding man who stood in front of the distant shrine.

“Is that…?!” The white-robed man and the azure-armored man next to him both revealed looks of joy.

“Big brother, that Sword Dao… isn’t that just like the Dao of the Hegemon, a Dao that overwhelms and crushes all foes in a straightforward manner?” The azure-armored man saif hurriedly, “Darknorth is a perfect fit for learning the Hegemon’s Dao of the Sword.”

The muscular man calmly shook his head. “Although he’s developed five Supreme Daos, he hasn’t been able to link them together in a perfect manner. He’s not even qualified to become my master’s honorary disciple.”

The deceased Hegemon would only accept one personal disciple and two honorary disciples. Not even that now-deceased World-level genius who had perfectly fused an offensive Supreme Dao with a defensive Supreme Dao had been able to qualify as an honorary disciple. In fact, the muscular man had personally slaughtered him!

“Big brother, your requirements are too stringent. The Sword Dao this kid has come up with is extremely similar to that of the Hegemon’s,” the azure-armored man said frantically. “There are incredibly few such geniuses of the Dao of the Sword. If you kill him, who knows how long it will be before we encounter another one?”

“I’d rather have no successors at all than poor ones.” The muscular man shook his head. “If I am to choose a successor, I will only choose a perfect one.”

“A perfect one?”

“Big brother, you… ugh.”

The white-robed man and the azure-armored man both shook their heads. But right then, both their bodies trembled. Even the muscular man was somewhat astonished as he stared at what was happening.

“What?!” The white-robed man and the azure-armored man called out this word at the same time.

“How could he have made yet another breakthough so quickly?” A look of true astonishment was on the muscular man’s cold features as well.

After Ning developed the Heavenbreaker stance, he immediately found the battle against the three volcano titans was now much easier than before. Thanks to the Shadowless evasive skill and the Blood Drop evasive skill, he was far more agile than his opponents. Defending was inherently easier than attacking, but now his attacks carried crushing power as well.

It was an absolutely delightful feeling. But just as Ning was battling to his heart’s content, he suddenly had the vague feeling that his five sword-intents could actually be linked together in some manner.

“Is this…” Ning suddenly realized that there were certain aspects of his five sword-intents that resonated with each other and attracted each other. They made up for each other’s weaknesses, and in fact it could be said they all stemmed from the same source.

The Dao of the Sword…

Although it was awesomely vast, different aspects of it could lead to different directions of development. Ning’s starting point was the essence of the sword itself, and he had divided it up into five different aspects that he believed included all types of sword-arts the Dao of the Sword could contain. His five aspects were the Blood Drop sword-intent, the Shadowless sword-intent, the Heavenbreaker sword-intent, the Yin-Yang sword-intent, and the Soleheart sword-intent. These five types of sword-intent, when separated thusly, truly did encompass all possible elements and aspects of all sword-arts.

These five types of sword-intents were, in truth, five parts of the complete Dao of the Sword.

When Ning had developed his first, second, third, and fourth sword-intents, he hadn’t realized this. But now that he had developed his fifth sword-intent, this battle instantly caused him to realize that there were deep, inextricable connections between his five sword-intents.

“The five sword-intents can be completely joined together.” And so, Ning naturally began to do just that.


He was unlike all other geniuses. Bertulu, Eastcult, Prince Greatjoy… they hadn’t actually truly understood or mastered all aspects of their chosen paths.

Eastcult had merely come up with a single offensive Dao and a single defensive Dao. When he managed to join them together in a perfect manner, his power increased dramatically! But of course, joining together two Supreme Daos was incredibly difficult.

The same was true for Prince Greatjoy. He too had only comprehended a pair of Supreme Daos, eventually joining them together here in the Genesis Lands of this alternate universe.

As for Bertulu, he was a bit stronger than the other two, having mastered and joined together a trio of Supreme Daos.


Imagine a porcelain plate which had been shattered into five bizarrely-shaped pieces. Eastcult and Greatjoy had merely mastered two of those pieces. Thanks to their tremendous intelligence and wisdom, they had managed to find a way to jam these two pieces together into a complete whole, albeit with great difficult, and use the joined pieces to form their Daos.

Bertulu had been able to take control over three pieces, and had also had to work incredibly hard to join them together.

But Ji Ning?

He had mastered all five pieces, allowing him a degree of understanding of every single aspect of the Dao of the Sword. It was as though he had acquired all five pieces of that shattered porcelain plate. He didn’t need to waste time and effort finding out a way to make them fit together; they fit together in a natural manner, because they represented the five parts of the full Dao of the sword.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ning’s sword… began to change. It was no longer limited to any specific stance.

Whoosh. He unleashed a sword that was almost invisible to the naked eye, a traceless and shadowless sword. And yet, when it appeared before the volcano titan it suddenly transformed into a swirling black hole of sword-light that dragged the volcano titan sideways. This had all happened too suddenly, and the volcano titan couldn’t help but stumble off-balance.

It was like he was toying with a child.

Boom. Whoosh! Boom.

Ning strode amidst the three volcano titans, his five mighty sword-intents having joined together to form a cyclical sword-intent, a Samsara sword-intent. His five mighty sword-intents were like five wooden spokes that now came together to naturally form a perfect wheel! This naturally-forming cycle allowed the different types of sword-intent to mutually reinforce and strengthen each other.

For example, Ning could first initiate the Heavenbreaker sword-intent. Once he built up enough power, he could suddenly transform it all into his Blood Drop sword-intent, giving it an even more terrifying degree of penetrative power.

The Blood Drop sword-intent’s incredible speed, in turn, could be transferred into the Heavenbreaker sword-intent, giving its ponderous strike a terrifying level of speed that only made it even more powerful than before.

Ning’s five mighty sword-intents flowed in a perfect cycle. As the saying goes, where water flows a canal shall naturally form. Just like that, the five mighty sword-intents easily came together to form a perfect cycle, the Samsara sword-intent.


“Five Supreme Daos? Just like that, he merged them together?” The azure-armored man muttered to himself, “Don’t you dare fight with me over him. Please oh please, don’t fight with me over him. He’s going to be my master’s personal disciple!”

“Third brother, Darknorth didn’t choose to leave when he reached the twenty-fourth floor. Clearly, he gave up the right to become your master’s disciple. As per the rules that were set down, you are responsible for the first twenty-four floors while our big brother and I are responsible for the final twelve floors,” the white-robed man said immediately. “Our big brother is incredibly strict when it comes to choosing a successor. So what if this kid has perfectly joined his Supreme Daos together? There’s no way our big brother will be interested in him. So, I think the best solution is to have him become my master’s personal disciple.”

Countless aeons ago, those three grandmasters of the Dao of the Sword had perished. For endless years, the three of them had abided by the orders of their master and had waited here in the hopes of finding successors.

However… finding suitable successors was simply far too difficult. Although Ji Ning had displayed a certain degree of talent, none of the three had been truly impressed by him. He hadn’t even been able to perfectly join any of his Supreme Daos together! Give him the treasures left behind by their Eternal Emperors masters? Preposterous!

But now, Ning had perfectly joined together FIVE different types of Supreme Daos! Looks of blazing desire instantly filled the eyes of the white-robed man and the azure-armored man. If looks could release energy, their gazes were so heated that Ji Ning would’ve instantly melted into a puddle.

“Hmph.” The muscular man let out a cold snort.

“Big brother, I’m certain that there’s no way someone as strict as you would be interested in him,” the white-robed man said hurriedly.

“So what if he has five Supreme Daos? So what if he’s perfectly joined them together? In the end, he’s still nothing more than a World-level cultivator.” The muscular man continued coldly, “The more difficult a Dao one choses, the more difficult the path a Samsara Daolord shall have. With each step, a Samsara Daolord must straddle the line between life and death. This is especially true with regards to the Daomerge. Every era has given birth to monstrously powerful Daolords, but how many of them have been able to gain eternity and become Hegemons? Don’t be fooled by how talented this Darknorth kid seems to be; I’m afraid that he has almost no chance of succeeding in his Daomerge in the future.”

There were many monstrously powerful Daolords; every single generation would give birth to a few. But…

Even the Endless Territories had only given birth to three Hegemons over the course of its entire history. The muscular man’s words were spot-on; to succeed in the Daomerge and gain true eternity was simply far too difficult for these monstrously talented geniuses.

“So… don’t be overly infatuated with him,” the muscular man said coldly.

“In other words, big brother, you aren’t interested in him, right?” The azure-armored man said.

“If that’s the case, then he’ll definitely become my master’s personal disciple,” the white-robed man said hurriedly.

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  1. That muscular man makes no sense. What, are you supposed to already be an EE with a Dao that surpasses his to be an acceptable disciple? Fusing two wasn’t good enough, fusing five he still complains that it’s too hard to break through to EE? How are you supposed to display your talent?

    1. If you compare best fighters in the history, none of them were strongmen or bodybuilders. He doesn’t know Ji Ning is MC, so he sees absolutely no hope for Ji Ning to succeed and break through. That means there’s no point in taking a disciple that is destined to die.

      1. …So if the disciple has a dao that is easier to reach EE with, he is not good enough? But if the disciple has a super great dao but it is too hard to reach EE and live, not good enough also? He is too picky (and in a bad way since he basically doesn’t want super geniuses, just a specific sort of genius that is just OP enough to get to EE but not OP enough to make getting to EE dangerous).

  2. I don’t understand this muscular man’s requirements. Didn’t have any fused, not worthy, has 5 fused together, doesn’t have a chance at Daomerge. like what do you want.

    1. he’s a complete retard if on the moment of being a top notch EE he cant see Ning’s potential. he even contradicts himslef when “Big brother, you really have set your expectations too high. Remember that guy, all those years ago, who had perfectly fused his offensive Dao and his defensive Dao? You ended up personally kill him!” The azure-armored man muttered.
      “Hmph. That’s because he was too stupid. I personally gave him pointers on what to do, but he still wasn’t able to improve at all. He deserved to die.”
      Ning didnt even receive pointers from this retarded EE but still made 2 breakthrouth. sometimes i wonder how this arrogant and stupid ppl end reaching such heights in cultivation.
      the sword immortal back from the Three Realms forgot his name and Subhuti saw Ning’s potential right away. feels like some ppl degrade while lvling up:)

      1. He’s simply to arrogant and has already given up finding a disciple, his arrogance prevents him from passing his masters legacy on even though thats his sole reason for existence…
        I feel sorry for his master who wanted to pass down his techniques but chose the wrong people to do so.

        1. He is petty beyond reason, but he has valid points. 5 Daos? A Samsara of Sword? I couldn’t even imagine the difficult in already the most difficult thing in both these Universes- becoming an EE. I understand both, but I can tell riiiiight now.

          He’s going to be a Daolord for HELLUVA long time. I think 8-10 books minimum. CAN’T WAIT!

  3. Sigh. Well, that was boring. A power-up just in the moment of danger against people he couldn’t win against in a trial for a legacy that needed a perfect heir which the mc after power up just so happens to be.
    Can the writing be any worse? Did IET flush his creativity down the drain when he wrote all this?
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    1. With comments like these, you really need to drop the novel and leave – you sound just like the muscular man whose requirements are all over the place and who feels nothing is good enough to pass.

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        Why should I drop the novel? I like DE. In fact, in the three realms part it was my favorite. But I don’t have to like every part of it. Certainly not if the author makes a mess of it like here. I want DE to be a good novel. To keep up the same quality as it did in the beginning. And I hope it’ll get back to that. So it’s quite normal I’m not too happy when I read chapters like this.

        While DE is fully written and the author doesn’t visit wuxiaworld, criticism allows authors to improve their writing.

        Swallowing everything like you do however just strokes the authors ego and makes them believe that what they’re doing is perfect. The result is that the authors stagnate.

        Granted, my comment wasn’t fleshed out criticism because I’m just disappointed and whatever I write won’t matter anyway. Not to mention that both sides bring problems.
        But if I can’t even hope for a little quality in what I read according to you. Not much, but just enough that we don’t get really bad writing like this, then I really don’t want to know what utter garbage you read.

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          “Boo hoo, not every single part of every novel is exactly to my liking and the author hasn’t written his story the way I wanted him to do it.” – you hate everything, we get it. Now kindly get lost and do something productive with your life instead. Don’t try to hide behind a veneer of “It’s constructive criticism!”, because it’s relentless whining and your “”””criticism”””” contains zero constructive element.

          1. How quaint. Attacking me personally, are you?
            Yes, I’ve been around since the very start of ww. And yes, I’ve had plenty of discussions about chapters. They didn’t end up being that fun though. A big waste of time. Discussions are fun but we ended ruminating about the same things over and over again with little to no effect. In the end it wasn’t very fulfulling in my opinion. So I only post a comment when I want to vent something the last two years or so. Which just so happens to be bad writing every now and then. And that’s my good right.

            You see, my comment is just that, a comment. As long as I keep myself to the rules, which I do, I can post anything I like here. Whether someone replies to it, or bothers reading it, that’s their problem. I’m always up for debate, if it’s civil, but the content of my comment is a responds to the chapter and nothing more. A chapter I felt frustrated about. I told you previously that criticism can be constructive. I stated however, mine wasn’t because it didn’t matter anyway. Because what would be the point in writing page after page here when nobody is interested and it won’t influence anything? But apparently you didn’t read that snippet.

            This is different from you. On every chapter, the moment someone posts a slightly negative comment about the chapter you’re there to point out they’re wrong. You’ll complain they’re whining. Time and again. Contrary to me, who’s simply posting a negative comment you’re actively attacking people. You’re forcing people to pay attention to you because you believe your opinion to be important than theirs. Big surprise, it’s not. And you’re always doing it in a rude and aggressive manner. Over and over. Do you find enjoyment out of that? I’m perhaps a rather harsh critic in a lot of things but that’s nothing compared to what you’re doing.

            So, are you happy now? Now that you’ve pointed out that I shouldn’t criticize things every so often when an author writes a subpar chapter, what did you actually try to accomplish with this? Did you truly think I would drop DE and ww in general for something a totally random and unimportant person like you said?
            Or did you just want to make me miserable?
            If so, you’re doing a very bad job.
            Please continue. I’ve encountered a lot worse.

          2. @ThePhilosopher: Damn you really wrote a whole essay. Um, all I can say is, you’re dedicated? Lol.

          3. You have the right to be a whiny little b!tch sure, I’m not preventing you from being one I’m telling you it’s unhealthy and that it would be far more productive for you to drop the novels and go do something else that you would enjoy instead.

            “I told you previously that criticism can be constructive. I stated however, mine wasn’t because it didn’t matter anyway.”
            Where did you do that? Your OP is purely negative criticism. Do you mean this sentence where you don’t even use the word constructive?
            “Granted, my comment wasn’t fleshed out criticism because I’m just disappointed and whatever I write won’t matter anyway.”
            What you write does matter, because if you write genuinely constructive criticism then you’re going to get people and maybe even myself included responding and agreeing with you or making mention of what parts bother them.

            If all you do is post purely negative criticism, don’t be shocked when I or others respond to you with purely destructive criticism of yourself in turn. You have the right to be a whiny b!tch and I have just as much of a right to call you stupid for it in turn.

            I have a terrible allergic reaction to stupid and whiny bullsh!t, it makes me break out in sarcasm. I absolutely never insult people for finding fault with novels, so long as their criticism is valid or at least constructive. You and a few others however won’t know what valid or constructive criticism was if it came up to you and assaulted you in the street with a dictionary.

          4. “The fact that you immediately jump to tell me I’m lying while you don’t even know tells a lot about yourself.”

            This comment exists for the sole purpose of proving you can continue to comment here no problem.

          5. kczz15, imo personal attacks aren’t needed for this kind of stuff. You can disagree with someone and argue with them, but when a significant portion of an argument devolves into personal attacks, it’s gone a bit off the rails and not really what the author is intending. So lets keep things reasonably polite here. To be honest, because of your rudeness, my respect for you is a bit lower.

          6. @BufloSolja:
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    2. Don’t listen to kczz15. He blindly follows every story and can’t handle anyone giving even the slightest criticism to any novel. He treats these stories as the greatest writing in existence and if anyone has a problem with them he immediately attacks whoever criticizes . Just leave him alone and realize that he doesn’t matter and that there are other people out there that agree with you in that sometimes these novels have bad writing. And like you, I find that very disappointing as well.

      1. I know. Unfortunately. Somehow I can’t help with trying to reason with people even if it sometimes doesn’t work. No matter, I can’t even respond anymore since that comment chain reached its end. It’s also interesting that the argument ‘if you don’t like it, drop it’ comes up again and again. Since when does disliking one chapter of a novel equate to hating the entire work? Thanks for responding positively I guess.

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            Frankly, you’re an incredibly sad person aren’t you? I guess there’s simply no arguing possible. And this is the last reponds I do to one of your comments. Because there’s a lot better alternatives in life than talking to someone like you.

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            I’ve just proved I can do it, go ahead and prove my post is impossible.

            “And frankly, I’m tired of talking to you.”
            Oh boo hoo, you’ve started to actually enunciate why you feel the way you do about DE, instead of just insulting IET’s writing skills and thinking that’s some sort of a valid argument by itself, so as far as I’m concerned this is a victory for all rational free thinkers.

            “You keep talking about constructive arguments while you can’t even formulate one yourself.”
            I’m not going to waste my time giving a full and proper constructive argument against a post like your OP, I’ve better things to do than that. You OP post was based on a flimsy and negative viewpoint with a conclusion that attacks the author, obviously that’s going to earn you some ire and it’s conceited of you if you think you can just express an opinion publicly and not have it fall under scrutiny.

            “I dislike a chapter and you’re immediately there to point out that my opinion is wrong and that it is bad and you try your hardest to make me feel miserable (you fail).”
            Your “”””point”””” as best as I am able to gather is that a guy with incredible learning abilities, who learns best from fighting, was fighting something / someone who uses a technique at a far higher level of the type he was trying to gain insights into, and successfully was able to understand the fundamentals of how the technique is used from watching it in action. Your conclusion is that this is not just bad writing, but “It cannot be any worse(writing) and the author has flashed his creativity down the toilet”, which I find to be utterly absurd.

            Powerup through insights gained in battle is one of the fundamental cornerstones of not just DE but almost any cultivation novel, if you don’t like that and feel it’s the worst writing possible then I cannot imagine at all how you’re ever enjoying this novel and thus I feel you should do something you won’t hate, instead of reading this.

            “I guess there’s simply no arguing possible.”
            This is literally the first time you’ve ever tried explaining yourself, so now I’ve just fully explained my reply to your OP. Ball is in your court.

          3. To me, it seems like you can’t not argue against his points and get the last word. I think you assumed many of his points when those are not his detailed reasons for not liking the chapter. And really, it seems like you are a pretty rude person.

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        How quaint.

        1. This is the problem with every one of these novels. Quantity doesn’t equate to quality and that’s the problem with many of these novels. Many of them could be good quality novels with a third less of the chapters and more substance, but quotas and deadlines create bad writing. End of story.

          Writing takes time to be good and that’s what these writers don’t get (and I mean time, not understanding if you yourself don’t understand the English language). There is a reason published books take years to write. The reason being is that the type of filler in these novels never gets written. Traditional authors understand this and that’s why traditional books aren’t released chapter by chapter on a daily or weekly basis. Writing in this way produces sub par writing. This is why many of these novels start strong (with a good idea like most stories do) and fall flat after a ways in. They don’t have the opportunity to become truly great, because the time is not spent on them. This doesn’t mean that the whole story is trash.

          Blindly believing the story is good no matter what is foolish. But you know what, you all can keep patting yourselves on the back and believe this is the best writing in the world and that no one can ever bad mouth them.

          What’s even more hilarious is that if a majority of published western authors read these, they would probably think that they are very simplistic, outline, pattern writing that follows the trend of all the other novels in this genre. Can you seriously say that these stories are unique? Really???? A majority of these writings are essentially carbon copies of each other. Again I’m not saying these stories are terrible. I really enjoyed Coiling Dragon and that’s what started me reading these but by no means are these great or amazing stories comparatively to a majority of sci fi and fantasy books out there.

          My honest opinion is that if these novels weren’t written on a daily or weekly basis and written on a book basis, they would be more whole stories with less filler and more substantial writing. But go on and insult me. It’s what you do best 😀 At least you make me laugh.

          1. “Blindly believing the story is good no matter what is foolish.”
            I don’t, nice strawman attempt there. Right at the moment I’m massively pissed off at ATG for example and am considering dropping it. Just because you personally think a chapter or story or whatever else is terrible, doesn’t mean we all have to agree with you and pat you on the back.

            By the way, you’re trying to compare published western novels to eastern novelettes, do you also want to compare Hollywood films to anime? Because that’s the sort of thing you’re trying to do here with literature.

    3. Your view is only one way to look at it. It is NOT a fact. It’s a cup-half-empty view, disparaging IET whom many readers like, you included since you’re still here. There’s the opposite view as well.

      These trials are almost like a lottery. In a lottery, many, many will play but winners can only be one, a few, or none. These trials have existed for countless years, possibly spanning thousands or millions of chaos cycles (the Genesis Land was believed to have existed since the beginning of time). This simply means that many, upon many will fail these trials, BUT one day, someone may pass. Proof? Didn’t the leader of the Church of Annihilation pass one, resulting in him becoming the absolute strongest person in this universe? Maybe he also made a last-minute breakthrough? It’s definitely possible. He wasn’t the only one, and Ning isn’t the 2nd. But since it happened to the MC, it is deemed as poor writing?

      There has been factual cases where people have won the lottery after buying the ticket at a random stand (purchase breakthrough before lottery draw happens 🙂 ). Had that person buy the same ticket a few hours late, they would not win. Does that make that lottery win impossible (poor writing)? Same here, if you think Ning’s passing of the trial is ‘too convenient’ and shouldn’t happen, does that make it impossible? Nope. Others have, and others will. It will probably be very rare, but can and will happen. Just like how irl people will continue to ‘too conveniently’ buy a lottery ticket at the right time and win.

      We should remember that Ning is first, last, and most importantly a sword immortal. Most of the time, he needs battles to improve.

      Case in point #1, the Soleheart intent was the super-harvest of the battle with the first examiner in this trial.
      Case in point #2, the Mirrorsnow Painting examiners.
      Case in point #3, the Cloud towers of the Sword Palace.

      In this chapter, Ning’s 2nd breakthrough is described as being VERY natural to him. It just happened as a matter of course, like completing a puzzle made of 5 total pieces, after obtaining all 5 pieces. This is easy to understand.

      However, Ning’s 1st breakthrough of his Hevenbreaker sword-intent here can be looked as:

      1) your way, with a very negative connotation against the author IET.
      2) Maybe there were past geniuses who has had breakthoughs while fighting these golems (they were all sword immortal geniuses after all, & Ning’s not the only one). Maybe even after breaking through, they simply were STILL not up to par, hence they still ended up being killed by either the golems or greatsword Big Bro. Keep in mind that even with 5 Supreme Daos, Big Bro still disdains Ning. It’s only AFTER the fusion that he cares.
      3) Ning is just ONE of the people who ALSO made a last-minute breakthrough like previous geniuses, but his breakthrough was more impactful. Possible? After all, someone CAN pass these trials with the right conditions right? Or is Ning ONLY ALLOWED to pass these trials being completely OP before the trial? Who decides so?

      Before reading DE, we all know that Ning is the MC and will have amazing accomplishments and luck. Just like before reading an article of a lotto winner, we knew that person will have a super stroke of luck. We’re here to see ‘how’ Ning gets to the apex, the same way one reads an article as to ‘how’ that person won the lottery. No matter how unbelievable, that person still won the lotto, and simply saying it’s ‘too convenient’ does not make it impossible. It still happened.

      1. I just want to add: I’ve been saying it all along but looking at DE in the light of “Ji Ning managed to do all this stuff because he is the MC” is a silly and negative way to look at the story, when it’s far more enjoyable to read it in the tone of “Ji Ning is the MC because he managed to do all this stuff”.

        There’s so, so many chaosworlds and multiple universes, with each chaosworld containing trillions of minor worlds and stuff. I don’t doubt for a second that there’s tens of millions of different people throughout them who had their own adventures and lucky encounters and saved their own chaosworlds and stuff in ways similar to Ji Ning, since the universe is truly massive. We just get to see Ji Ning’s point of view though because he doesn’t later die as a World God, or get stuck at a bottleneck as a Dao Lord of the first step or whatever like the rest probably did.

      2. In the past I often stated that this was my opinion and my opinion only but experience told me people just tend to read over it and assume differently anyway. So yeah, I’m aware that’s all my opinion. Just like your comment is yours. As I pointed out above, I was frustrated with the chapter and outed it in a comment. And there’s nothing wrong with that.
        Furthermore, I doubt people are going to start reading a xianxia novel on book 28 chapter 34 so if they are disparaged from reading DE by reading my comment I can only wonder why they’ve been reading the novel so far. And both sides, both negative and positive have to be heard. Even if they aren’t constructive. Having a slew of negative comments on a chapter tells you a lot as well.
        Regardless, let’s let that topic rest.

        What you’re doing however is looking at things from an inworld perspective.
        However, I looked at it from an outworld one. I’ll go a bit in depth about it, which I didn’t want to do previously so I’ll keep it short. You see, everything is possible in writing a story. Some story devices however have been overused and are deemed cliché. Others have to do with plausibility. Some things are just more likely to happen than others. Suspension of disbelief only works so far as long as people still as most things don’t seem too far fetched. That’s why fiction still has real world physics. It’s quite hard to relate to a story otherwise.
        Plausibility is just one of those things that challenges that suspension of disbelief the most. Even if the story warrants it, having a protagonist win at the lottery every single time starts to make us doubt it simply because it doesn’t stroke with the most fundamental part of our reality we can’t shake when reading a story. We’re, after all, still anchored in reality when reading a story, no matter how hard we try to tell ourselves we aren’t, and we’ll judge a story by those standards.
        A breakthrough in midbattle, especially with several things happen here challenges that. It’s unlikely, even with ji ning’s luck and fortune that he’ll encounter things that fit him exactly again and again. A breakthrough in battle in and of itself is a weak story device because the probability is incredibly low and it’s been overused by weak authors that need it to get themselves out of the mess they wrote themselves into. IET goes a step further in this chapter though. Not only does he use a breakthrough in midbattle, he does two. And he adds on top of that a destiny that the protagonist shouldn’t get because he’s too far from it and ensures those breakthroughs just so happen to make the mc perfect for the heritage. Even if IET wanted to use those, it would have been far better to have ji ning retreat, medidate upon his battles in the challenge and try again. At least that would have alleviated some of the problems with the chapter.

        In the end, while it’s possible, it doesn’t mean it should happen. A xianxia is indeed about getting to the top and having lucky chances. But a lucky chance that makes an mc the strongest in the first chapter of a novel and then ending it doesn’t mean it’s a good novel. Much like all genres, how the author handles the journey makes or breaks a story. In other words, just because a plot or story device is there means the author should use it. Some of them, especially breakthroughs in midbattle and deus ex machina simply are too cliché or too implausible. And most authors learn not to use those. And then you have IET in this chapter. I’m not saying IET is a bad author, nor am I saying he’s perfect. He has his mistakes and I want to be able to point them out if they’re so blatant like here. That’s, at least in my opinion a lot better, even if if it isn’t argumented, than all of you who pat the author on the back when he writes a bad chapter and let him believe he did good. Because he didn’t. Not by a whole stretch.

        But that’s just my opinion.

        1. “That’s why fiction still has real world physics.”
          Hang on let me stop you there for a moment; this is a story about a universe where some people can fly faster than the speed of sound simply by using the energy in their bodies and some others can destroy thousands of galaxies with a single swing of their swords, you have to admit on some level at least that Ji Ning’s universe is based on a different set of physics to our own, and if they’re the same then damnit I want some cultivation techniques to train in.

          As for your viewpoint on the DE world, no wonder you’re so miserable. The story is intended to be read from an in-world perspective, so to read it always from a perspective of “this happened because the author says so” is rarely if ever going to let you enjoy it. Fantasy novels need the reader to immerse themselves in the created world, otherwise you might as well stick to biography books or ones primarily based on true events.

        2. Thx for taking the time to expound on the dao regarding your OP. You’re a very intelligent person, obviously. Your OP out and called IET’s creativity to question and also say that his writing in the current chapter is terrible (quote: “Can the writing be any worse? Did IET flush his creativity down the drain when he wrote all this?”)

          That was why you had strong reactions to your OP.

          After reading your elaboration comment, I can mostly see what you mean.

          Nobody can convince you otherwise, but let me pick on a few things from that comment.

          “A breakthrough in battle in and of itself is a weak story device because the probability is incredibly low”
          It’s low, meaning it can happen. If a low chance were to occur to someone, then who else is better than the MC? 🙂 It’s even easier to accept still for Ning, considering sword immortals make a living off of breakthroughs in the midst of battle.

          “Not only does he use a breakthrough in midbattle, he does two. And he adds on top of that a destiny that the protagonist shouldn’t get because he’s too far from it and ensures those breakthroughs just so happen to make the mc perfect for the heritage.”
          ‘Far’ is relative here, as Ning was only far away originally bc ‘fusion’ of Supreme Daos raises power exponentially. It only seems that Ning is far from worthy, but look at the 3-bros’ reaction changes near the end (indicating that it’s not really that far). i.e. before ‘fusion’ and after is one step, but results in an unfathomable power difference. On face value, it is 2 breakthroughs, but realistically, it’s one. Ning’s real, hard-earned breakthrough here is in his Heavenbreaker stance, bc he needed to see the techs of the golems for that spark of insight. He couldn’t figure it out otherwise, and for thousands of years, he didn’t. His ‘fusion’ breakthrough is just a matter of course. It’s like the case when already having 3/4 wheels on a car, but it won’t go zoom. Upon finding and installing that final 4th wheel, the car suddenly being able to do all the things, became natural. Same thought, Ning fusing his 5 Supreme Daos is a matter of course, they come from a complete whole, so they once again unite to become a complete whole. It was natural for him to fuse them once he obtained the final piece of the puzzle.

          “Even if IET wanted to use those, it would have been far better to have ji ning retreat, medidate upon his battles in the challenge and try again.”
          I’ve addressed this in comment #32. He can’t. There were no survivors on any of the 36 levels to suggest that he can retreat and try again. It was stated that the few that did get past the first 2 examiners have easily made it to level 36, and all died there; meaning once there, you either pass or die, no extensions. All Ning used to gamble was the ‘possibility’ of losing a valuable clone for the chance at enlightenment, a chance he needed bc he’s been stuck at a bottleneck for thousands of years. And he got it 😉 .

          “In the end, while it’s possible, it doesn’t mean it should happen.”
          Noted… but it could happen, and it did. 😛 The other option for Ning is to become retarded OP before entering the trial for the first time and make it boring as all hell by zipping through it. It’s a situation of the lesser of 2 evils. I’m not saying it’s the best writing option from IET, but it’s nowhere near the worst. It DEFINITELY is more exciting than Ning OP-zipping through it 😀 .

          p.s. and yes, if we can accept EE Mirrorsnow being able to wipe out countless chaosworlds with a single strike of his 15th sword-stance, we should all suspend our disbelief a bit more while reading cultivation LNs. 😉

          1. The fact that the probability is low isn’t the main issue, nor is it that the MC is the one that does it. It’s that it happens too frequently and PREDICTABLY for us to enjoy it as much as we wish. I mean, what if the Hegemon guy didn’t have volcanos as his children, and had some other thing that didn’t correspond with the Heaven breaker technique? Basically, it just seems like JN is getting really lucky, too often, which breaks our suspension of disbelief and makes it less enjoyable. The fact that it was predictable helped a lot in breaking the suspension of disbelief as well.

            The breakthrough for merging the five stances is also predictable. But the main reason why that breakthrough bothers me is that it wasn’t really foreshadowed (too dues ex-ish). It’s not like he didn’t have the five stances before, he just hadn’t upgraded them all. To me, he could have had some of those revelations when only a few of them were mastered, which would have transitioned into the 5-merging breakthrough better (imo of course). One of them describes him using Shadowless and then changing it to Soleheart at the end. Well, the thing is, he already had those two mastered. To me, the heaven breaker breakthrough doesn’t add much to that, since that stance isn’t really involved there. And if it was meant to be involved? Then if the author would have described it more in detail how they really are all connected (and I mean in a lot more detail), then it would have seemed reasonable to me.

            I’m not saying it’s objectively bad or anything, just my opinions relating to what I can and can’t accept. I know everyone is different in this, so there are people who can accept it, and may say that the author did justify those things. But for me (and maybe others) I can’t.

  4. I swear, that sword had better roll over and show its belly to Ji Ning in the hopes of him accepting it, considering the level he’s reached now.

    1. Yeah seriously, dude doesn’t deserve JI Ning. If I was him I would be like screw this, already made massive break throughs, honestly don’t need shit from these rubes.” And just leave after the last test.

      1. Based on the teaser, it doesn’t seem to be his choosing anyhow. It’s the Sword that will determine if JN potential is suitable to Hegemon’s Dao.

      2. Do you realize how much stuff he will get if e becomes a personal disciple of a dead hedgemon? First the sword legacy. Then he will probably gett a bunch of divine abilities with great power. Maybe even some that he can teach others. And finally, the possessions and lifesaving stuff. All in all those things will probably not be worth less then a few 100 million cubes even possibly reaching 1000 million.

        1. True, but I love that they do not harp on the monetary aspect like other MCs. Ning determines value by longevity and insight which equals strength. The legacies are far more valuable than any of the nectar. Those can be lost and gained, but the legacy.. I can’t imagine the insight and techniques.

          1. Seeing as Ji Ning’s path lies in obtaining all sword arts under the heavens and joining them in a single sword art, he will probably take any art he can take. Even if the one giving it is a joke.

  5. So basically, u have to become a fullfeldged eternal emperor comparable to a hegemon to become a hegemons disciple?
    Thats basically what that muscled idiot is saying, since it’s impossible for anyone to merge supreme daos together(apparently he thinks so) and then succeed in the daomerge, he has completely no intention of accepting a disciple.

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  7. It’s pretty obvious by now that the universe weapon (if that is the term) will acknowledge Ning and he will become the hegemon’s personal disciple.

  8. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that. The third guy is most likely tsun the way he is responding, hehe.
    On another note, I’m pretty sure merging 5 daos like that can qualify him if he accepts their pointers, but like all high class weapons, the weapon will decide the owner. That’s probably why the guy haven’t decided it yet maybe, because he doesn’t choose, but the weapon does. With 5 daos linking together, he should at least be at the power of a daolord of the 3rd-4th step right? At minimum. Merged daos put Bertulu at 2nd step or 3rd step. However, Ning merged 5 of them together, and it wasn’t a forced merge but a complete merge. In other words, it shouldn’t just be a quantitative increase in power like 1+1+1+1+1, but an explosive increase in power since all stances reinforce each other. In fact, they said Ning’s stances began to change. He probably merged all his previous stances altogether with the double breakthrough.

  9. Thanks for the chapter RWX! The other two brothers don’t care about what big bro is saying. The key point is that Ji Ning is up for grabs still lol.

  10. LOLOLOL! Man, that muscle dude really is doing his job (w/ no bias) perfectly but being too perfect had its downfall later on, because no one is perfect in one way or another.

  11. I agree that the “muscular” guy is acting a bit tsundere-teki, but I can’t blame him for his cautiousness.
    The previous Ning only had four SEPARATE supreme daos, which I think are less effective than two perfectly fused ones. He added another one? Still not as impressive. What if he could never fuse them?
    But then his five stances fused into a perfect whole, the muscular man is definitely, positively convinced but is still hesitant- ultimately leaving the decision to the sword itself.

  12. Would be nice if Ji Ning have 6th Stance Something like slaughter/dirty Assassin stance.

    Between power and unpredictable.

    A murder stance that targets the weakness of human body.

    Low blows like targeting the eyes. Balls. Neck. Basically exploiting the what you called cheating. Dirty. Underhanded and will make the enemy say, thats not fair in a sacred fight.


    1. You just described his shadowless stance, or at least part of it.

      Seriously though this chapter just outright stated that his five stances perfectly encompass the entirety of the dao of the sword, it’s why he had such an easy time forming them together as one perfect whole because they are naturally all five parts of the complete whole of the dao of the sword anyway.

  13. I’ve been reading the long discussions in the last few chapters regarding the current arcs being boring, etc.

    I personally look forward to DE updates everyday, hence I don’t find any of these arcs boring. Hmm, how do I put it.. I just take all of these arcs after the 3-Realms Endwar as an extended epilogue.. something CD and ST severely lacked, i.e. IET didn’t deem it necessary to give their conclusions a full chapter iirc. *sigh*

    I don’t know how many of you play Role-Playing Games like Final Fantasy. Personally, my favorite parts of an RPG is the beginning levels. Why? Bc as a player embarking on a fresh new journey, power-ups are exciting, currencies matter but I’d always be poor, get some money, buy new shinies, become poor again, level up, get more money, buy new shinies, become poor again. At near endgame, things become easier, and each level or equipment is not as interesting as it had been when things were so much more hard-earned in the early game. Of course, I’d still like the game near the end, so I’d play it to conclusion. If forced to pick which parts is the most ‘interesting and fun’, I’d usually pick the early game. But would I want the game to end there? HECK NO! More entertainment please, don’t stop!

    So DE is similar to said RPG for me. The 3-Realms arc, many will agree, is the best arc of DE, myself included. But would I want that to be the end of DE? NOPE! Do I expect the journey after the 3-Realms arc to be as interesting/suspenseful? NOPE! Why? Bc it’s unrealistic and unreasonable IMO. So I curb my expectations, and the enjoyment blossoms further.

    I think the main reason the 3-Realms arc was interesting was bc EG Demonheart was trapped in the Heavenly Daos and can’t do much to anyone. Does any of us seriously think that Ning or any of the Nuwa Alliance members could put up a fight had EG Demonheart been free? NOPE! Would Ning even have the chance to develop enough to become the 3-Realm’s strongest expert? NOPE! EG Demonheart would’ve wiped out the 3-Realms chaosworld long before Ning could even become a Celestial Immortal. So.. why would it make sense to expect the latter arcs to be as interesting/suspenseful as the 3-Realms arc when there will not exist a crutch like the evil guy (EG Demonheart) being trapped?

    Let’s further put it this way. Imagine instead of EG Demonheart, we have an ‘evil’ almighty Hegemon, hellbent on destruction and annihilation. How would Ning overcome him? With EG Demonheart, Ning had time. Ning had opportunities to get stronger; stronger being relative bc the 3-Realms’ legacies were ‘weak’. How is Ning to overcome an unfettered ‘evil’ Hegemon, one of the very few, absolute strongest existence known? By using plot armor? And that’s interesting, how?

    At Ning’s level and above, one can’t dilly dally and be safe, like it had been in the 3-Realms arc. If Ning meets the wrong DL or EE, he dies! Simple as that! How does he solve this without using plot armor? By getting as strong as possible, as quickly as possible, by taking on any opportunity that presents itself. Well what do we have here?.. That’s EXACTLY what Ning is doing; taking on every opportunity to become stronger.

    Being stronger ensures survival. Being stronger ensures that Ning’s the ruler, not the ruled. Being stronger ensures that Ning has the clout to ask ‘hegemon’-level experts for help. Being stronger ensures that said ‘hegemons’ will give him ‘face’ and revive his wife Yu Wei.

    All part of the plan! Onwards and Upwards Ning ma-boy!

    I say, bring on the training montage! 😀

    p.s. Keep in mind, there had already been valuable reveals; Like how the clone tech allows safety backups (too OP a skill), but all clones HAS to be merged at DL level. So clones only work at lower levels (below DL level). DL or higher, Ning’s playing for keeps. So don’t fret the current clones. There’s the looming Aoenians, now the Church of Annihilation, EE Trisilk, etc. I also think that the 3-Realms will also get some love bc Ning has to develop it, he just has to… I have a sneaky feeling that that 3-Realms will turn out to be Ning’s foundation, his camp, his HQ.. and it will be POWERFUL!

    Stay tuned… to the next episodes of DE! 😉

    1. Yep, agreed with at least most of what you said about DE.

      As for JRPGs, my fave part is right after you get full access to the airship, or whatever the game gives you that performs the functions of one. I absolutely love doing sidequests and optional dungeons and challenges etc, even moreso than the main story, so when I’m freshly able to access all areas of the map that’s typically when I have full access to most or all of the game’s sidequests and stuff. So much so, that even if a game has a fairly mediocre story I can completely forgive it if the sidequests are incredibly fun, like how FF12 isn’t that good of a game in terms of the main story and protagonist, but because I’m not forced to use him in my party and because of the monster hunting sidequest chain and stuff I had a lot of fun with it.

      1. Haha! I enjoy DE quite a bit still (the most still), and I like the early game in an RPG most.

        You, on the other hand, must be like a kid in a candy store right now 😀 . The current story in DE is exactly the parts of an RPG that you like most! Lucky you! *cheers*

    2. Well I’m one of the people that thinks he shouldn’t rushed down like that. But that is because I think he should have asked if he could stay and train a bit more to at least be able to defeat the other two first. Because we don’t know if his clones are connected memory wise while he is here.(They weren’t when he was getting violetjewel) So he could loose so much i he died. And then another thing is that dying in this trial could mean all clones dying.

      This thing was way to heavily dependent on sudden flashes of enlightenment for me.

      But there is a big problem that will probably come soon. Say the weapon accepts him as his master. How is he going to get away from that universe? There is an EE at that place and if that sword just up and disappears and some unknown WG leaves the trial I don’t think he will just be like “oh what happened?” So how is Ning suposed to get away?

      1. If an EE notices the sword is gone, so what? Universe treasures cannot be forcibly binded or taken away, so trying to take it from Ning would be pretty fruitless since I doubt the EE would be able to persuade the sword to follow him instead.

        1. Well taking Ning to the EE’s sect or whatnot and then killing him would leave the sword in their possession. Even if the EE can’t use it it could still be in the EE’s base kinda like the broken sword in the swordpalace. If they wait long enough it should recognize someone as its master. This would be of enormous value.

          1. “If they wait long enough it should recognize someone as its master”
            Why would the sword recognise the friend or disciple or somebody related to their master’s murderer, as their new master? Especially if they tried to do it the way you just said.

            If I was a universe treasure and that happened to me, I’d give the lot of them the middle finger and get the message out there somehow that I’ll accept whoever kills that EE and utterly destroys their family and friends etc, as my new master.

      2. Your concerns are noted.

        However, if we readers can think of it, it’s logical to think that Ning can too? He is 1000’s of years old after tall, cultivating for 100’s of thousands of years in accelerated time. Cultivators like him can calculate and postulate way faster than a super computer. Surely all those years of living did not make him dumber than us mere mortals? He was, after all, ‘smarter than the average bear’ in his previous life on Earth.

        quote from chapter 32:
        “”Should he give up? Even those more talented tham him had perished on the thirty-sixth level.

        “A Hegemon’s legacy lies there… the legacy of someone who was on the same level as the almighty Hegemon of the Brightshore Kingdom.” Ning’s eyes slowly began to blaze with resolve and a desire to fight. “Why have I left the Three Realms and braved the dangers of the Endless Territories? Why have I chosen to gon on so many deadly adventures? It is all for the sake of being able to bring her back to life! I dream of the day when the three of us… her, me, and Brightmoon… will once more be able to live together as a family.”

        Ning’s deepest desire was to bring his entire family back again. It was this stubborn desire which kept him going, which made him strive so hard.

        “To reverse the flows of spacetime and bring her back to life will be incredibly difficult. If I let myself be filled with fear, I probably won’t be able to make it to the apex of power and won’t be able to convince someone like the Hegemon to bring her back the life.”

        “What’s more… even if I fail my attempt at the thirty-sixth level, I’ll merely lose one of my clones. I can rebuild it eventually.” All hesitation vanished from Ning’s gaze.

        He was going to charge straight down his path. No one would be able to stop him!

        “Darknorth?” The white-robed man and the azure-armored figure both looked at Ning, awaiting his decision.

        “Forgive me, seniors.” Ning murmured softly, “I still wish to continue.”

        “What if you die? You won’t regret it?” The white-robed man asked.

        “No regrets,” Ning replied. He then transformed into a streak of light and tore through the ground, diving through to the next level.

        The azure-armored man and the white-robed man both let out long sighs as they watched Ning leave.

        “I knew he would choose this path. Every single person who has developed their own Supreme Dao is filled with terrifyingly strong resolve,” the white-robed man said.

        In the end, fortuitous occurrences were external sources of power. When the strong rose to power, it was the stubborn will and resolve in their heart which drove them to continue forwards.

        If you didn’t have an almost insanely stubborn desire to accomplish a certain something, it was virtually impossible for you to be able to stand at the apex of power in this vast universe. Even if you were incredibly talented and had many tremendous strokes of luck, if you didn’t have a terrifyingly amount of determination there was no way you’d be able to make it to the top.””

        Yes, he’s thought it through, weighing the pros and cons. In this case, the high-valued pro of a Hegemon’s inheritance (yup, a super rare existence Hegemon) versus the con of ‘possibly’ losing a clone. He has made his choice, easily.

        Also, from the way the trial has played out, it’s safe to say that there are only 3 outcomes for a trial taker:

        1) Leave the trial at the 12th, 24th, or 36th level (IET did not explicitly say that one can’t come back, but there’s no indication that one can simply come back either).
        2) Die
        3) If lucky, choose one (maybe more?) of the 3 inheritances.

        option #1: Ning didn’t want to leave bc that’ll defeat the purpose of taking the trial. He did not want to leave empty handed before even seeing what’s behind the final curtain.

        option #2: Who wants to die? By the time one realizes this option, it’ll already be too late. But having clone(s) help a ton! 😛

        option #3: Ning didn’t choose either of the 1st two examiners. To Ning, being their ‘honorary’ disciple is no better, likely worse, than his current status of a personal disciple of EE Mirrorsnow. So he can leave, or go on, and he chose the latter.

        To stay and train to become stronger?

        He can’t. It was stated (see quote below) that the few that did get past the first 2 examiners have easily made it to level 36, and all died there; meaning once there, you either pass or die, no extensions.
        chapter 31:
        ““But if you were to go to the thirty-sixth level, you will realize that your sword-arts are all completely useless.” The azure-armored man shook his head. “You’ll die in despair! Over the course of countless ages, there have been quite a few monstrously talented World-level geniuses who were able to make it past myself and my second brother, but all of them died on the thirty-sixth floor.”

        “I urge you to give up,” the white-robed man said. “If you go back now, you can return to the exit tunnel on the twenty-fourth floor. I’ll give you one of my own master’s treasures as well! I’ll also transmit my master’s sword-arts legacy to you.””

        But for the sake of discussions, let’s assume Ning is ‘ALLOWED’ to stay and train. We then will HAVE to make a BIG assumption that he can even get much stronger if he cultivated for eons without ‘stimulations’. He’s a sword immortal. Most of the time, he needs battles to improve.

        Case in point #1, the Soleheart intent was the super-harvest of the battle with the first examiner in this trial.
        Case in point #2, the Mirrorsnow Painting examiners.
        Case in point #3, the Cloud towers of the Sword Palace.

        HOWEVER, for him to improve, it is required that they are stronger than Ning at the time of battle. The fiendlords are too weak for Ning to improve. The first 2 examiners are not stronger than him anymore, so can’t help improve his sword-arts much, if at all. And the 3rd examiner will simply kill him rather than become his sparring partner (see quote above re: level 36).

        Again, some readers want him to stay to train and gain enlightenment, but there’s no reason to think it’s possible to stay. Why? Bc Ning did not come across one single trial taker that’s still alive up to and including the final 36th level. If Ning can stay to cultivation indefinitely, surely others can too? After all, some cultivators can stay in secluded cultivation for millions of years or full chaos cycles. Yet, Ning still saw no living cultivators in the entire complete trial.

        re: the inherited Universe greatsword, see kczz15’s response above.

        Why would anyone, especially a senior level EE kill puny juniors for a piece of trash? All the while possibly provoking a super strong backer? See what EE Trisilk’s little escapade has netted him; 19 chaos cycles of absolute regret, dejection, and fear.. nearing mental collapse.

        Why is a Universe-ranked weapon considered as trash? If one can’t even touch it, or use it, then it’s trash to them. Keep in mind, you can’t even touch a Universe weapon without it allowing you to; see Ning’s attempt to touch the Universe sword in the Sword Palace, 30 meters being his distance limit.
        Whew! That took a some time. ;P

    3. That was really enjoyable to read 😀
      And I completely agree with pretty much all of your comment

      I am very much hoping you’re right about the Three Realms becoming Ning’s HQ, I really want IET continue the story in that way. Or at least for him to give some more information on the Three Realms and Ning’s daughter or how his clone is doing over there.

      1. Thanks for taking the time to read it! 🙂

        Also, I find it curious that some readers think that IET is somehow using the last few arcs or series of chapters as filler. I think it’s the exact OPPOSITE!

        We are reading cultivation LNs. The MC’s training and power-ups are like 50% of every story! lol

        PLUS! Ning and crew took almost 10k, yes 10,000 years to even ‘get’ to the Archaeus region. Ning himself spent almost 7000 years to master the Shadowless sword-intent. Yet, IET only spent a few sentences to cover most of that time period (with the exception being Green Bamboo’s region). Filler, this is not!

        Had IET wanted to use fillers:

        1) he could’ve written a whole volume on Brightmoon’s shenanigan adventures,

        2) or Uncle White’s rise to become the #1 formations expert of the 3-Realms (Ning = information/techniques/formations provider),

        3) or Mu Northson’s progression to become the #1 in the Dao of Constructs in the 3-Realms. The Blackheaven Cauldron belongs to EG Windfiend, but if Ning asked him to help Mu Northson, would he DARE to say no? Ning: What, did you just say ‘no’ to ME Windfiend? Give me that! *snatch* 😀

        4) or Little Qing’s miserly shinnigans.

        5) Lord Tathagata the Buddha, or Three-Purities, or Suiren, etc. (and let’s not forget HOUYI!).. their lives and cultivation paths after reincarnation (hoping their true souls were not destroyed). If they reincarnate, with Ning’s supervision, they will become oH sO POWERFUL!… relative to the old 3-Realms 😉

        6) How about a volume or two following Green Bamboo’s rise to prominence, becoming the greatest sword immortal ever in his world? His back story was so sad, but interesting!

        Ah, those would be fun side stories from IET, OR even as fan-fiction. Filler me please, with a cherry on top!!

        Someone, please make it happen! 😀

        1. One thing I’ve been hoping for but will probably never get considering IET’s writing style, is a single side chapter where a bunch of ancestral gods backed by two powerful World Gods or whatever come to invade the Three Realms based on the info that old man whateverhisnamewas gave them telling them that it would be an easy way to get a double world heart.

          Only for them to meet Ji Ning’s primal twin 🙂

          1. Would think it should be Witherspike that told them. But it would be great if it happened because the three relms is a pretty poor place that could really use the resources from a few EG and WG.

        2. 5) They blew themselves up which destroyed their true souls. Think Houyi exhausted his true souls energy which med it dissipate into nothing.

          I don’t think any of them deserve an entire volume but maybe between 1-5 chapters. And it would be best if Brightmoon got a dao companion that doesn’t know she is Ning’s daughter. Could be a fun meeting for him then.

      2. p.s. Good news. I think your hopes will be answered (speculating). I was discussing with someone that it would be nice if the 3-Realms could get some screen time. We both agreed that IET is ‘accumulating’ time for the 3-Realms, in order to do a big reveal later on. The 3-Realms chaosworld needs a long period of time to pass for big changes to occur.

        IET will likely satisfy us readers after Ning finally gets to Vastheaven Palace to complete his bloodoath, thus allowing Ning and his Primaltwin to once again GLORIOUSLY enter the 3-Realms. Then BAM! All those reactions! And the reveals of the then current strength of the 3 realms.

        So hype! Can’t wait!

        1. IET already gets accused of filler all the time, imagine if he did an arc about the Three Realms that’s not directly related to Ji Ning’s continued advancement, the backlash would be insane.

    4. Well, I don’t think it necessarily impossible to have interesting stuff after 3 realms. The whole universe is out there you know? No reason to curb expectations!!

    1. It’s not good to bad mouth others. We are more mature than that. However, I can see that I may have misjudged you considering you thought it was a good idea to call yourself ‘NappatheSaiyan’. Last time I checked he was literally the most garbage saiyan in the entire DB Multiverse.

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  15. TYVM for the chapter!

    Wow, the comments here are getting pretty intense. That’s good, but lets try to keep everything polite kay?

    After reading this chapter, I mainly just feel a bit bothered that JN has been getting lucky with some of his assumptions (i.e.: that the final level would have enemies that correspond to learning more about the Heaven breaker stance) a bit too frequently, or that the author isn’t quite putting as much foreshadowing in to make it a Chekhov’s gun (that makes it easier to accept). So my suspension of disbelief broke a bit T.T. I’m sure after feeling frustrated for a while I’ll recover though (I do like OP things after all).

    Also, geeze! That hegemon clone or golem is really full of himself. Not only does he want an OP disciple, he wants one that is sure to get through his Dao-merge. Talk about wanting something super hot and super cold at the same time….

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