DE Book 27, Chapter 8

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Book 27, Twelve Palaces, Chapter 8 – The Archaeus Region

As the almighty Hegemon used his true form to chat with the blazing beast, something else was happening at another part of the imperial palace, a place where there were thirteen royal thrones.

One of the thrones was as white as snow. The other twelve were golden in color.

A white-bearded, snowy-robed old man with six horns was seated atop the snowy-white throne. The other twelve golden thrones were occupied by twelve golden-armored figures, and Daolord Woodflower was one of them.

“I have summoned you all because there is something I wish to discuss with you.” The six-horned, white-bearded old man smiled. “As you all know, my race just gained a new member. This kid was born with exceptional innate gifts, and in a thousand short years he’s managed to escape the abyss below the Astral Islands. Even amongst my Imperials, he is a rare breed who stands at the very top.”

“Congratulations, Hegemon.”

“I am confident that this child shall soon reach the ‘King’ level of power in your clan.”

“The Brightshore Imperials have gained yet another expert.”

The twelve golden-armored figures belonged to the Twelve Palaces, and they all spoke some words of flattery. Still, these words were also words of truth. The dark abyss below the Astral Islands was reserved for tempering and training new members of the imperial race. Generally speaking, the new members of the race had been wandering the outside world alone and didn’t really have any good teachers. Most of them needed to spend a long period of time in the abyss before overcoming its trials. In addition, the Imperials were so few in number that every new addition to their race was a cause for celebration. A new Imperial who was exceptionally talented was even more precious.

The almighty Hegemon beamed merrily. Clearly, he was in an excellent mood. “This young fellow is so talented that I wish to send him into one of the alternate universes.”

“Alternate universe?”

“An alternate universe?”

The faces of the twelve golden-armored figures turned pale.

“Hegemon, none of us have ever been to that place before.” They all began to worry.

“Don’t worry,” the Hegemon said. “As you know, when I was meditating on the Dao of Spacetime, I once discovered traces of a completely different universe within the flows of spacetime and opened up a transversal conduit to it. Our two universes have different essences, which has an impact on my transversal conduit. Only those below the Daolord level of power are able to enter… but I was able to let my will slowly seep into that alternate universe and seduce some of its local lifeforms to come to our universe. Quite a few World-level cultivators from that universe have passed through my transversal conduit to come to our universe. I’ve gone through their memories and have learned quite a bit regarding that universe.”

The Hegemon had discovered an alternate universe, had opened a transversal conduit to it, and then had been able to force his will through the conduit, even though he himself wasn’t able to pass through it.

The almighty Hegemon’s powers truly were quite terrifying!

“But… that’s still an alternate universe.” The twelve golden-armored powers were all quite wary.

The ‘Endless Territories’…

It was a place that was so incredibly vast that it was still filled with many places which no one had ever explored. Many who broke through to become Eternal Emperors eventually left to wander the territories, only to never be heard from again. However, in the eyes of the greatest powers this infinitely vast region known as the ‘Endless Territories’ was actually merely just a single ‘universe’.

Each universe had its own prime essences. An ‘alternate universe’ referred to a region which seemed similar but which had its own set of prime essences. For example, the prime essence of the Dao of the Sword in this universe would be different from that of the alternate universe. Thus, one could easily sense when one was in an alternate universe, as even the prime essences would be different.

“When I sent my will into that alternate universe, I was able to scan quite a few chaosworlds close to the exit of my conduit,” the almighty Hegemon said. “I’ve been watching this universe for many years, and now know quite a few things about it. There aren’t that many differences between our two universes. The main difference is that cultivators in the Endless Territories are spread out across many different organizations, but the alternate universe has a single unified power ruling over it.”

The Hegemon continued, “In the alternate universe, there is a place known as the Archaeus region. Countless cultivators in that universe deeply desire to enter the Archaeus region, and even many Daolords dream of having a chance to enter it. However, only a tiny number are able to enter it… but those who enter and then come out alive again are all strengthened dramatically.” The almighty Hegemon let out a sigh. “Although it might be a bit dangerous, cultivators who live in perfect safety will get soft. They won’t be able to make it far on their paths.”

“When you live on the edge between life and death, you’ll encounter many dangers but also encounter many miracles. The young fellow’s level of talent is so great that it is rare even amongst members of my race. I’ve prepared quite a few dangerous regions for him to test himself against, and the Archaeus region of the alternate universe is the first place and an extremely important place. If he can survive it, he’ll definitely have undergone utterly earthshaking transformations. In addition, once he is able to unify the mysteries of both our universe and the alternate universe, his future potential will be truly unlimited,” the almighty Hegemon said.

The twelve golden-armored experts grew increasingly interested as they listened to the Hegemon speak.

It was true that the path of cultivation had to be a path filled with danger. Only by experiencing more things and seeing more wonders would one be able to walk farther along one’s path. For example, if Ji Ning had always trained by himself without going out adventuring, how strong could he possibly become? It was due to his adventures that he had first gone to the Allgod Estate, then to the Brightshore Kingdom. This was why he had grown so strong, so quickly.

This alternate universe… it was a place which most likely no one in all the Endless Territories had ever visited!

When the almighty Hegemon had created his transversal conduit, it had been limited by the differences in the laws between the two universes. As a result, only those below the Daolord level of power could use it.

“Hegemon, will members of the Twelve Palaces also be permitted to go?” Daolord Thousand Waves suddenly asked.

“Right, Hegemon. The Twelve Palaces have quite a few talented World-level cultivators as well.” Daolord Puregood of the Palace of Fire was a man with a full red beard, and his face was red with excitement right now.

If the Hegemon was going to send one of his own clansmen into that alternate universe, it meant that he probably felt confident in his clansman’s chances. It must be understood that the Hegemon was extremely protective of his clansmen. The entire reason he had founded the Brightshore Kingdom and developed the Twelve Palaces was so that there would be more protectors for his race! Given that the blazing beast was an incredibly talented member of his race… although the Daolords didn’t know much about this ‘Archaeus region’, they felt certain that it would be a good place. They naturally had to try and win a chance for their people to enter it as well.

“I’ve invited you all to come here precisely because of this matter. Over the course of countless years, I’ve managed to seduce many World-level cultivators into entering our universe, and I managed to acquire a number of Archaeus medallions from them. You must have an Archaeus medallion in order to enter the Archaeus region… but of course, that’ll only be enough to gain entry. You will still have to face and overcome all the dangers inside the region itself,” the almighty Hegemon said. “I’m not completely confident in the young fellow’s chances, which is why I’ve come to ask you for your help. I would like for the Twelve Palaces to choose four other World-level cultivators to accompany him.”

“I have five Archaeus medallions. That means a total of five World-level cultivators,” the almighty Hegemon said. “Choose four from the Twelve Palaces. They shall work together with that young fellow of my race, and they’ll all stand a better chance as a result.”



They all nodded.

The Brightshore Kingdom was one of the supreme organizations of the Endless Territories, after all. If they were only permitted to choose four World-level cultivators, they would most assuredly choose freaks that were strong enough to defeat ordinary Daolords of the First Step. If they went into the alternate universe, they most likely would stand a good chance of overcoming the Archaeus region.

“Just four, Hegemon? Can’t we bring a few more?” Daolord Thousand Waves immediately said.

“Hegemon, just four… it’ll be a bit hard to choose.”

“Just four for all twelve of our palaces? Our Palace of the Saber alone has more than eight Saberlords at the World level.” Everyone present began to feel a bit frustrated.

The almighty Hegemon simply said, “Bertulu and Eastcult are peerless geniuses, the likes of which even our Brightshore Kingdom only sees once in countless eons. In addition, both of them are most likely preparing to become Daolords soon. There’s no need for them to go.”

The twelve golden-armored figures all nodded in agreement.

Bertulu and Eastcult could be said to have reached the true apex of power for World-level cultivators. There was no point to them tempering themselves at the World level any longer, especially Bertulu. Even prior to joining the Twelve Palaces, Bertulu had already reached the utmost peak of what even geniuses could reach. Eastcult, at least, had only reached that level after joining the Palace of the Saber and training in it for a period of time.

“The two of them are exempted. Aside from them, any member of the Twelve Palaces who have been acknowledged by their respective pagodas shall be considered,” the Hegemon said.

The Twelve Palaces each had a forest of pagodas. The one in the Sword Palace was known as the Forest of Sword Pagodas, whereas the one in the Fire Palace was known as the Forest of Fire Pagodas. The names were all fairly similar, and the concepts were the same; the World-level cultivators in the Twelve Palaces had to reach extremely high levels of mastery in a relevant Dao in order to be acknowledged by the pagodas.

The Sword Palace only had six Swordlords. As for the Saber Palace, it had eight Saberlords. However, since Eastcult was excluded, it only had seven.

“Aside from Bertulu and Eastcult, the Twelve Palaces have a total of sixty-six World-level cultivators who have been acknowledged by their respective pagodas,” Daolord Thousand Waves said. “How are we supposed to choose? Four out of sixty-six! I imagine all of them would badly desire to enter this Archaeus region.”

A chance to enter an alternate universe… it truly was a chance which, once missed, might never come again.

“No rush. That young fellow has just recently returned from the Astral Islands’ abyss. I need to teach him quite a few techniques first,” the almighty Hegemon said. “I’ll keep a close eye on him. When he is fully prepared, I’ll choose the four strongest cultivators.”

The almighty Hegemon waved his hand, causing a series of images to appear in the empty air around him. A total of sixty-six scenes appeared, with the sixty-six candidates having appeared within them. These were all candidates who had been acknowledged by their respective pagodas.

And of course… Ji Ning wasn’t one of them.

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    So this book is about how he gets so strong enough to had been acknowledged by the Sword Pagoda. And the next is about the Archaeus Region

  2. These cultivators of the Twelve Palaces have all sworn life oaths to protect the members of the imperial clan, so if they go, they’ll be scapegoats for the kid.

    I don’t even get how the author made it so MC is so *** complacent when he got *** KIDNAPPED and forced to fight for his life over and over again?? This whole arc has just been really shitty. Ning is a now a member of the Brightshore kingdom, he swore lifeoaths that make it so he is loyal to the kingdom and has to die for the imperial clan in times of trouble, how is he still considered a member of the Dao Alliance?? The Dao Alliance is a whole different group, Ning wouldn’t be considered a trusted member of the Dao Alliance at all. Hell, the Dao Alliance might get along with the Brightshore Kingdom, but they don’t trust them. They weren’t even willing to sell them the strongest techniques of Daolord Allgod (the ones that require nine elemental powers, Ning has the lighting and water ones currently) even though the Brightshore Kingdom has numerous stronger techniques.

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      1. DubZer0 tends to look at the cup half-empty. And to make it worst, he gets the facts wrong, stating them as truth (I corrected some of his assumptions in the last chapter). i.e. Ning currently is NOT a member of the Dao Alliance, he forfeited the quick path by selling the blood to DL Badlands instead of the DA. He probably will, but he hasn’t joined them yet.

        Yes, they swear to protect the Imperial clansmen, but only in times of peril. Like you said, the upside has priceless opportunities like the Sword Pagodas; an opportunity that simply CANNOT be bought. If going with the blazing beast is so bad, why would all 60+ BEST WGs be tripping over themselves to go? bc the opportunities/returns while going with the blazing beast FAR outweighs the downside.

        Some readers don’t like this arc mainly bc of the term ‘abduction’. Heck, I originally don’t like the way the BK did it either. I still sort of don’t, but the flip side for Ning is way too good. I just look at Ning being abducted by the BK to be similar to Ning being randomly ported into a life/death trial, like the Windsource Ruins tornado that pulled Ning down; he could’ve easily died and almost did. He was forced to deal with it, but bc it was the ‘wind’, nobody crucified it the same way as the BK. What the Hegemon did was not much different; he forced Ning, and interestingly, the threat that came with it was less then the Windsource Ruins, while the BK provided exceedingly FAR more benefits.

        1. Ning is a brother of the Vastheaven Palace, which is a member sect of the Dao Alliance -so, yes, Ning is a “member of the Dao Alliance”. Additionally, Ning has to get to the Vastheaven Palace within a chaos cycle. Admittedly he still has millions of years left to achieve that, but what if there is a conflict between that goal and his oath of “protecting the Imperials”?

          I agree that the plot device (kidnapping) used to get Ning into the Brightshore Kingdom was probably the worst piece of writing so far in this novel, and it taints this whole arc while Ning is complacent about it.

          1. To be honest, if he ever becomes a hegemon. He should punch that hegemon in the face a few times for abducting him.

            Before that, what can he do about it? All these sects and powerful organisations have been unreasonable from the start. It’s a crazy world filled with crazy people.

            The craziest thing is that the Dao Alliance hoards even the most mundane techniques making it much harder for geniuses to arise in their territory, and then they’ll wonder why tiny organisations are on par with them.

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            If we pretend that all of the silly shenanigans didn’t happen, mostly because IET tried to shoehorn a training arc in here in the most unnatural way, then it’s really nothing more than a training arc.

            Before long, they’ll introduce a new power level above eternal emperor, just in time for him to become a daolord, and his foundation will be perfectly aligned for reaching it.

            There’s a 90% chance that Daolord Solesky is going to become an eternal emperor, because he went into the ruins to seek an opportunity. No master of the MC ever fails to make a breakthrough.

            I reckon that all the delays before reaching Vastheaven Palace have something to do with that.

          2. ‘what if there is a conflict between that goal and his oath of “protecting the Imperials”?’
            It’s fruitless to play the ‘what if’ game. Where and when will it end? If Ning is afraid of so many ‘what ifs’, he might as well stay within the 3 Realms where such situations are impossible. Yes, he has the bloodoath to reach VP, but if he’s afraid of ‘potential’ conflicts, he could choose to live where his Primaltwin is and will be guaranteed a full chaos cycle of peace (countless trillions of years).

            Yup, Ning has far more than millions of years to reach VP. He has ‘countless’ trillions of years. It’s nuts how long a chaos cycle actually is.
            Definition of a chaos cycle, found in B20ch33:
            “A full chaos cycle!

            That was the amount of time needed for an ordinary chaosworld to be born and then perish. It was countless trillions of years! He had only lived for a bit more than three hundred years. He felt no pressure at all.”

            I’m fairly sure that being part of VP does not automatically make you part of the Dao Alliance. It’s not that easy. This was spelled out by DL Badlands when Ning sold him the blood. The blood is a big deal/merit, and Badlands stated that selling the blood to the DA for 2mil nectar will also allow Ning to become a member of the DA right away (before becoming a DL) If Ning directly sells it to Badlands, Ning will get 1mil more nectar, but he will then have to find a different way to become a member of the DA bc Badlands cannot provide Ning entry. And DL Badlands knows that Ning is part of VP, so if this gives Ning automatic membership of the DA, then DL Badlands would not have presented the 2 options to Ning that way. Also, I recall that almost all, if not all, official members of the DA are Daolords, and obviously Ning currently is just a WG.

          3. Well then we should definitely hat that stupid bear that swallowed him up in the beginning of this entire story. You know the one in Threelives estate. As soon as a person that fit the description for the trail past by it would bring them to the trail and if I remember correctly there were hundreds of people who died in that way. And that event is basically what started Ning rise to greatness…

          4. I agree with Sadd3, if we hating on the hegemon, then we should hate the yellow bear too as well as threelives for forcefully kidnapping Xiantian and Zifu lifeforms and making them go in a challenge just so he can have a successor. We should also hate the Xia emperor as he ordered lot of the commendaries to sent their Wanxian adept to the conclave of immortal destiny even though those Wanxian adept can die in the conclave. Fortune and disaster comes in pairs. The powerful people in the DE universe tends to force people in dangerous situations and test them and then gives them rewards, its just their way. Ning gained a whole lot from this ordeal. Also if Ning wanted to he could of just left after the astral islands instead of joining the twelve palaces and not be part of the brightshore kingdom.

          5. There is a huge difference in what 3lives/yellow bear did compared to the Hegemon. First, in 3lives estate Ning was not given a “choice” between complying or dying. He was free to leave if he wanted, he just wouldn’t get the inheritance. In the Brightshore Kingdom, those kidnapped have to comply or die. They are effectively slaves. Well-treated slaves, to be sure, but a well-treated slave is still a slave. The author has many times told us how cultivators are arrogant and willful, yet in this one episode he has overturned that by making them compliant and subservient. Yes, in this universe strength rules supreme, but in this arc the author has only created a paradox for himself. Can anyone in this universe be “arrogant” when they know there is someone stronger? How can anyone strive to become “stronger” if they are already naturally subservient to a stronger figure?

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            You can not quit in yellow bear trial.

            Either you success, or died

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