DE Book 26, Chapter 27

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Book 26, World Level, Chapter 27 – Six Strata

Those who chose the other options were all escorted off by the four black-armored retainers. As for those who chose to attempt the Astral Islands, they were escorted by the silver-armored duo.

Actually, it wasn’t really ‘escorting’. They were simply dragged straight into an estate-treasure.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The silver-armored man and woman flew off the mountain peak and towards a different part of the Brightshore Kingdom. They physically flew because it was impossible to teleport within the Brightshore Kingdom; flying was the only option! The flight would take quite a few days.

The eleventh day of their journey.

“Eh? I sense a disturbance.” Ji Ning and thirty thousand-plus cultivators and Aberrants were still within the estate-world. Ning could suddenly sense that his three Mirrorsnow Paintings were resonating with something far off in the distance. “Is there another Mirrorsnow Painting within the Brightshore Kingdom? I wonder if this is the one I need.”

After the silver-armored duo flew past this region, a strange alien lifeform with green reptilian skin suddenly emerged from the waters of the lake below. The creature raised his head to stare towards the skies, locating the silver-armored duo which was now billions of kilometers away. When the creature saw the silver armor, his face changed. “Was that a Mirrorsnow Painting? Those two major powers come from the Twelve Palaces. It should be carried by one of the World-level cultivators they abducted and are now escorting. Damn. I’ve already left the Astral Islands. There’s no way back.”


Although Ning could sense the Mirrorsnow Painting, there was nothing he could do. In the end, they all spent more than a month and a half in the estate-world.


Suddenly, all the cultivators and Aberrants were teleported out of the estate-world.

“Where am I?” Ning and the others all stared curiously at their surroundings.

Before them was an enormous dark abyss that devoured all light, making it impossible for any of them to see to the bottom of this abyss.

Directly above the abyss hovered a series of islands, each of which was merely three hundred meters or so in size. There were hundreds of thousands of these levitating islands! The dense cluster hung there in midair, continuously swiveling as they did so. Some were higher in the air than the others.

The bottom stratum held more than 99% of the islands. Ning estimated that there had to be more than three hundred thousand islands there!

The second stratum held roughly twenty thousand islands.

The third stratum held three thousand islands.

The fourth stratum held a hundred islands.

The fifth stratum held merely twelve islands.

The sixth stratum was the highest stratum, and it held only a single island!

“These are the Astral Islands.” The silver-armored man pointed at the levitating islands. “Every single Astral Island has a World-level cultivator!”

“Every one?” Ning could hear the others all murmuring. That meant more than three hundred thousand World-level cultivators were gathered here.

“The cultivators of the Astral Islands can only be promoted when they challenge cultivators on the same stratum or a higher stratum,” the silver-armored man said. “If you can gain ten consecutive victories against someone of the same level as you, you’ll be promoted to the next higher island. Win ten more times in a row, and you’ll be promoted once again. If you lose so much as a single fight… if you are lucky you will survive, but you’ll still be demoted by one level.”

Everyone’s faces turned pale.

Ning stared at the levitating islands. He finally understood what these levitating islands truly represented. The only island on the sixth stratum held a cultivator who had defeated at least ten of the cultivators on the fifth stratum before advancing to the sixth stratum. After doing so… others might challenge him, but he would have no one else to challenge.

“Dare I ask, what must we do to become citizens of the Brightshore Kingdom?” A cultivator spoke out right away.

“Don’t be impatient.” The silver-armored man smiled. “Choosing the Astral Islands was actually the best choice. Those who chose to become slaves have lost their futures, while those who went into the mines shall be there for a thousand chaos cycles. I’m amazed anyone would even consider those two choices. I really wonder what the hell they were thinking. As for those who chose the bugbeast nests… they probably doubted themselves and their level of strength, which was why they chose to test their luck.”

The silver-armored man looked at them. “All of you here, however, possess self-confidence and determination. You chose the path that has a 1% rate of survival.”

The silver-armored man continued, “You’ll engage in multiple duels here on the Astral Islands. If you want to become a citizen of the Brightshore Kingdom, the answer is actually quite a simple one. So long as you can acquire a complete legacy, you’ll become a citizen of the Brightshore Kingdom.”

“Acquire a complete legacy?” All of the cultivators and Aberrants present were puzzled.

“Right. Each time you defeat a foe on the Astral Islands, you’ll gain a legacy heirloom which they possess,” The silver-armored man said. “For example, a legacy created by a powerful Heartforce Cultivator might have been spread across 3600 legacy treasures. If you can gain all 3600 pieces and piece together the complete legacy, you’ll be able to become a citizen of the Brightshore Kingdom.”

“A heartforce legacy?” Everyone present, Ning included, was shaken and excited.

How could a legacy described as something created by a ‘powerful Heartforce cultivator’ by this mighty Daolord possibly be a simple one? It must be understood that there were a number of Elder Gods and Ancestral Immortals who were skilled in heartforce, but there were very few World-level cultivators of heartforce. As for Samsara Daolords who possessed heartforce? They were even more rare.

“Naturally. But of course, any such heartforce legacy would be spread across 3600 different treasures. This would be considered one of the most truly top-tier legacies. There are many other legacies that are merely spread out across a thousand legacy treasures. There are also some that are spread across five hundred or two hundred treasures. Once you reach the Astral Islands, you’ll easily be able to detect which legacy treasure is located on which island, and you can go challenge the person who has what you want. But of course, that’s only if you are qualified to request the duel. The sole cultivator on the sixth stratum, for example, isn’t qualified to challenge anyone. He has to wait for others to challenge him.

“In short! If you can piece together a complete legacy, you can request permission to leave and become a citizen of the Brightshore Kingdom. If you piece together two complete legacies, you absolutely must depart.”

The silver-armored man suddenly laughed. “But of course, you can always do what that person on the sixth stratum has done. He acquired a complete legacy, lost a few pieces of it on purpose, then won a second complete legacy, then lost a few more pieces of it… and as a result, he slowly built up a library of eight different legacies.”


“You can do that?”

Ning and the others were instantly rendered speechless.

If you pieced together one legacy, you could leave. If you pieced together two, you had to leave. There was actually a loophole?!

“The Astral Islands hold a total of ninety-nine mighty legacies, all of which are incredibly powerful.” The silver-armored man laughed. “It is incredibly hard for ordinary citizens of the Brightshore Kingdom to gain access to such powerful legacies. However, ninety-nine priceless legacies are present here at the Astral Islands. Unfortunately, they are spread across many different treasures. If you are strong enough, go forth and defeat the other cultivators and seize their treasures.”

The silver-armored man continued, “Remember this! Every day, you are only permitted to engage in a single duel. If you go a full month without a single legacy treasure to your name, you will be put to death. Thus, there’s no way you can avoid battle and just relax.”

Ning and the others immediately understood.

The losers would have their legacy treasures be seized! If they didn’t have so much as a single legacy treasure, the other cultivators wouldn’t even bother with them, resulting in them living unmolested lives. However… the Brightshore Kingdom did not wish for this to happen. If you didn’t have so much as a single legacy treasure for more than a month, you would perish!

The Brightshore Kingdom would put you to death!

The other World-level cultivators would also try to kill you!

The closer you got to acquiring a full legacy treasure set, the more difficult things would become. For example, if you had 199 legacy treasures and needed just one more, other cultivators might take an interest in you and try to kill you and take everything you had.

“Those who wish to try for the truly top-tier legacies will have an even higher chance of death. Those who go for somewhat weaker legacies will have lower casualties.” Ning understood this principle.

“This is a place of both great danger as well as great opportunity. Ninety-nine legacies! Haha, in the Endless Territories you’d risk your life countless times over without getting a chance at such a legacy. Here, every single one of you has a chance! In fact, you can do the same thing which this guy is doing?” The silver-robed man pointed at the the cultivator on the sixth level. “This one has already pieced together eight legacies. If you are strong enough, you can do the same.”

“But of course, you’ll need to be careful as well. Don’t end up dying.” The silver-armored man suddenly raised his voice. “Old fellow, create another 31091 astral islands.”

“Mm.” A deep voice rang out from within the dark abyss.

Boom! Boom! Boom! A series of stars began to suddenly arise from within that pitch-black abyss.

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      There is a little bit of hope for her if she doesn’t overestimate herself. She should go after one of the lowest ranked legacies. I think with her having the 18 masterclass WG golems and the 51 masterclass WG bugbeasts, it ensures that she can handle the average masterclass/supreme WGs.

      There are more loopholes to this competition too. One that I can think of easily helps her if Ning steps in; She goes after a 200-part legacy, she gets one (or a few), Ning gets the other 199 (or remainder), Ning challenges her, then proceeds to lose, she completes legacy…. can you say ‘carried’? 😀

      With my thoughts traveling this far hmm…. Ning will meet many WGs in many fights, if he likes any of them, he can carry out this ploy to get some powerful retainers 🙂

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        1. No one is going to have retainers stronger than them or even their equal unless they were forced to by a higher power.
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  1. Seems a lot easier than implied at first. It mostly depends on the characters of the people involved. Also while it says if you don’t have a legacy treasure for a month you’re out it doesn’t say you have to earn a legacy treasure every month so technically someone can just get 5 (other 4 for insurance in case of challenges) then relax at the bottom of the barrel.

    If they use this method it would probably also be better to get pieces of a weak legacy. I mean its still dangerous but basically equal to or even below the outside world in certain areas. After all it still seems like a recruitment programme, as its goal is not to kill the participants but rather just pick the talented and strong.

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    1. Good points! I think so too, re:recruitment.

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      Vastheaven Palace recruits only the most talented with voluntary agreement. Brightshore Kingdom also recruits the most talented, but forced. VP’s way is to hope some of the seedlings will sprout into something great, BK’s way almost guarantees greatness bc if you are weak or untalented, you die. It’s definitely harsh and tyrannical, but it works, and it’s probably how and why they are the ‘most powerful’ kingdom. From their standpoint; ‘if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’. They probably think that it’s better to concentrate resources on a small number but producing many powerful cultivators, versus using the same amount of resources on a massive population only to produce a few powerful cultivators.

      Don’t get me wrong, I prefer VP’s way of doing things. But even so, we should not forget that Ning was ‘forced’ to be enrolled to VP without him having any say. It didn’t happen in as tyrannical a way, but still, Ning had no say. He either agrees, or he (his clone) dies in Undermoon Lake. Cultivators from Celestial Immortal and higher all have immortality, but Ning is now forcefully constrained to 1 chaos cycle. If he doesn’t get to VP by then, he dies. If he’s too weak while on the way there, he dies. If he’s unlucky on the way there, he dies. So many ways that he can die, all forced by the bloodoath. 🙁

      Going to VP is definitely a calamity for someone from the 3 Realms; too far and too dangerous. But calamity always pairs with opportunity. For instance, this BK force recruitment is now part of the calamity of the journey to VP. For most, it’s a calamity, but for Ning (MC), it’s an opportunity. 😉

      1. There’s no time limit on this island is there? It’s essentially a cultivation prison. You either escape by becoming a Daolord or escape by inheriting a legacy. Realistically the chances of leaving the island seem higher than becoming a Daolord so going to this island doesn’t actually seem much worse than just living your life outside of BK in relative poverty. Honestly, if this trial was explicitly stated as a “lucky chance” I think people would be more accepting. We’re all just naturally averse to reductions in liberty.

        1. I don’t think there is a time limit here. The time limit is probably ‘death’ 😛

          I read Xianxia, so I immerse into and go with the rules and flow of their world. Want to keep all of your liberties? Be stronger than your oppressors. 😉 Unfortunately, there usually are no auto-civil rights. You are either strong, or you get stepped on. D:

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      This allows for more ‘successful’ completion of legacies, hence producing more citizens. You win ten, move up a stratum, win ten more, move up again, until you reach the top stratum. Imagine if the one on the top stratum (most likely the strongest) is a crazed butcher and is allowed to wantonly challenge as (s)he pleases to get all the things (legacies 😛 ), then the only result is at most 98 survivors (the top person will have 2 complete legacies before being kicked out, leaving 97 people in the best case scenario). It’s almost guaranteed that they will NOT be the strongest 98 bc who remains is decided by the strongest person. This will make for a very, VERY bad recruitment program.

  3. Thanks for the chapter RWX and Daolord Maverick! Interesting way of gaining citizenship. They can even acquire amazing legacies. My guess is Ji Ning goes for the Heartforce legacy and sword related ones. Maybe defensive ones, but not likely since he has the complete Golden Idol already.

  4. … ah, IET is bad at math as usual.
    What am I talking about, you ask? Well, it’s about this line:
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    Just to be clear, according to IET, 2nd to 6th stratum altogether has 23,113 islands. Which means that in order to have *more than* 99% of the islands in the 1st stratum, the number there would have to be 23,113,001 or more.

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      ‘23,113 islands. Which means that in order to have *more than* 99% of the islands in the 1st stratum, the number there would have to be 23,113,001 or more.’

      23,113 island x 100 = 2,311,300 .. not 23,113,001 😉

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      1. Hm, yeah, good point. A typo is a likely scenario.

        Also, no, 2322301 was not a mistake. You see, 2311300 would translate into *exactly* 1%. To be *more than* 99%, the number would need to exceed the exact value. Thus the extra 1 (hence the reason why I wrote “would have to be 23,113,001 or more”)

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