DE Book 25, Chapter 40

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Book 25, Novessence Thunder, Chapter 40 – Close the Gates

The battle between Arroyo and World God Buxin went on for nearly an entire hour. Finally, the battle came to an end.

“Impossible. How could this have happened?” The golden-robed Fukai was muttering to himself, a look of disbelief in his eyes. He truly couldn’t believe what he had just seen.

“How could this have happened? Is this… is this my destiny? My doom?” Fukai felt his entire body turn as cold as ice.

Ji Ning, World God Dragonbinder, Su Youji had already safely secured victory in their match. Although they were quite curious about this ‘Eternal blood’, it wasn’t something which they absolutely had to acquire. Thus, they had been watching the fourth match quite calmly.

“Huh. So that happened.” World God Dragonbinder was still rather stunned.

“Impressive.” Ning sighed in amazement.

“Master, would he now be considered a transcendent figure amongst World Gods?” The Flamefairy asked.

Ning nodded slowly. “I think he should be.”

The battle had been utterly exhilarating.

As World God Buxin entered the battlefield, his power actually began to increase! He used his fists and his feet as his weapons, and when his eighteen arms struck out they formed an inviolable domain that swept away any who sought to breach it. All nine of Arroyo’s golems had been somewhat suppressed by him! Fukai had been incredibly excited upon seeing this as nothing would have made him happier than seeing Arroyo die.

“Arroyo really did have quite a few treasures. He used up so many treasures that he was able to buy himself a considerable amount of time. In the end, just as he was about to lose, he went completely berserk and actually made a breakthrough. He became much more powerful as a result.” Ning still couldn’t get that dazzling saber-strike out of his mind. Gripped by utter despair, Arroyo released an utterly dazzling strike with his saber that suddenly exploded with unbelievable power. That strike had completely knocked Buxin off his feet and had sent him flying backwards.

Arroyo had been wildly overjoyed. He had struck out two more times, causing World God Buxin to tumble down to the ground. The golden warriors had seized the moment to tie him up with his ropes, and shortly afterwards he was drawn into one of their gourds and grind apart into dust.

“The fourth match ended,” the bald three-eyed man announced. Even he couldn’t help but give the blood-robed Arroyo a glance. Transcendent World Gods were incredibly rare. Any master-class World God who acquired an Eternal weapon or some incredibly powerful treasures would possess the power of a supreme World God, but to transcend past the supreme level was incredibly difficult.

One had to reach an incredibly high level of skill in a certain aspect in order to become a transcendent World God. These figures were incredibly rare! The number of transcendent World Gods in the entire Badlands Territory could be counted on one hand. They were just as rare as Samsara Daolords!

“Ahaha! I won! I WON! Ahaha…”

Arroyo flew downwards alongside his servants, a look of crazed joy and excitement on his face. The blood sea hidden within his eyes seemed to be roaring and shaking.

“Fukai. Your servant really was quite impressive. He actually forced me to the utter brink. Haha! I really need to find a way to thank him. If it hadn’t been for him forcing me to the brink of utter despair, I never would’ve been able to comprehend the true essence of the ‘Sanguine Decay’.” Arroyo was filled with smugness as he stared at the gold-robed Fukai. “Fukai, if you can’t accept this outcome, make your own breakthrough as well! That way, you’d also become a transcendent figure…”

Arroyo was filled with complete confidence now. “You’ve lost. You’ve utterly lost. The divine blood of the Eternal is mine.”

“My match hasn’t even started. You are celebrating too soon.” A gloomy look was on Fukai’s face as he spoke.

“Look at how unhappy you are! This is the first time I’ve seen you with such an ugly look on your face.” Arroyo snickered loudly.

Fukai had always looked completely calm, unflappable, and self-assured. Now, however, an extremely dark and gloomy look was on his face.

Fukai no longer had any confidence in his ability to win. To advance from being a supreme World God to become a transcendent one was an impossibly difficult step to take! However, Fukai still clung onto hope. “If Arroyo can make a breakthrough, why can’t I? I’ll definitely make a breakthrough as well. I’m going to acquire that Eternal blood, then become a Samsara Daolord. My path has just begun… I’m not going to be beaten. I’m not!”

“The fifth match.” The three-eyed man spoke out again. “It goes without saying that you two will be the ones to participate. That match just now was quite dazzling. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a transcendent World God. Don’t let the final match be a disappointment.”

The blood-robed Arroyo laughed, while Fukai’s face turned serious.

“Go,” Arroyo ordered his subordinate. “Play with him a bit.”

“Understood.” Behind Arroyo was an alien creature who looked something like an ape. His entire body was covered with black fur and protected by a suit of golden armor. When he allowed his aura to spread out, it crashed out towards everyone else like waves slamming against the beach.

“Hmph.” Fukai let out a cold snort, then immediately transformed into a streak of light as he flew towards the Samsara Grinders.

“Die. The black-furred ape flew towards the Samsara Grinders as well, filled with a murderous aura.

Ning and the others continued to simply watch from below.

“That jade green globe actually held an army of bugbeasts inside of it.” Su Youji sighed in amazement.

“He really had quite a few treasures.” World God Dragonbinder couldn’t help but speak out as well.

“Hah. Him and Arroyo are no ordinary World-level cultivators.” Ning couldn’t help but sigh. These guys were simply too rich. That jade green globe held an entire world within it that was exclusively devoted to rearing bugbeasts. The rules of the competition meant that only nine of the bugbeasts could be unleashed, but all nine were comparable to master-class World Gods who could give even Ning a run for his money!

It had been a truly wild battle.

Fukai had intentionally let himself fall into dangerous situations, hoping that the pressure of it all would result in him making a breakthrough.

Alas, breakthroughs weren’t that easy to make. In addition, he very nearly died due to a dangerous situation he put himself into. In the end, he only survived because he used a Dao-seal.

The battle went on for four full hours.

“I’ve done everything I can, Master.” The black-furred ape let out a low growl. The four hours of frenzied combat had completely wiped out his reserves of divine power.

“Die in peace. I’ll protect your entire race.” Arroyo smiled.

The battle came to an end.

The ape’s divine power was completely used up, resulting in his death. Fukai was the victor! However, he didn’t seem to be the slightest bit pleased by his victory. He put away his bugbeasts and flew off the Samsara Grinders in a rather numbed, dazed manner.

“Fukai.” Arroyo looked at Fukai.

Fukai looked at him.

Their gazes met. One would acquire the Eternal blood and survive. The other would die.

“You lost,” Arroyo said.

“N-no…” Fukai ground his teeth. He had won his match, but he had lost the competition between himself and Arroyo. Although he had intentionally let himself fall into dangerous situations, he hadn’t made any breakthroughs at all! He knew very well that Arroyo was now far more powerful than him.

Daolord Allgod had established the trial of the Twin Samsara Heavens for anyone who sought to acquire Eternal blood. Given what a proud figure he was, it was guaranteed that everything would be happened in accordance with his will. There was no way that World God Dragonbinder, World God Boneplate, Flamefairy Su Youji, or Fukai would be the ones to earn the Eternal blood.

There was only one possible victor!


Transcendent World Gods were incredibly rare. He, and he alone, was qualified to be considered the victor of this trial.

“The five matches have come to an end.” The bald three-eyed man spoke out, causing everyone present to turn towards him.

“Five World-level cultivators remain.” The three-eyed man swept his gaze across Arroyo, Boneplate, Fukai, Dragonbinder, and Su Youji. These five had survived; the other five had died.

“Eternal blood aside, all survivors will be given a bit of karmic good fortune.” The three-eyed man smiled as he pointed towards the towering gates of the Castrum Divinitus.


These massive gates had been shut for countless years. They now slowly began to move, and it was like two giant continents were swinging open. Past the gates was utter darkness. Nothing could be seen at all.

“The survivors shall all be granted entry into the Castrum Divinitus, and all of you will benefit from it.” The three-eyed man turned to look at Fukai, Arroyo, and Boneplate. “The three of you experienced many dangers to reach this place. Even for those of you who do not acquire the Eternal blood, you will still be blessed with some karmic fortune.”

“As for you.” The three-eyed man turned to look at Dragonbinder, Su Youji, and Ji Ning. “I teleported all of you here against your will, then forced you to enter duels to the death. Since you have survived, I shall bless you with good fortune as well.”

“What about the Eternal blood?”

The blood-robed Arroyo said hurriedly, “I don’t care about other ‘fortunes’. I only care about the Eternal blood.”

“This group has performed excellently and is qualified to receive the Eternal blood,” the three-eyed man said. “However, you’ll only find out if you shall be the one to receive the Eternal blood after you enter the Castrum Divinitus. Each of you will be teleported to a different part of the Castrum Divinitus, with the victor being sent directly to the Eternal blood.”

“Why don’t you take it out right now?” Arroyo frowned. “Only five of the ten have survived! What, are you saying that it’s possible that someone besides me shall win the Eternal blood?”

Arroyo began to grow rather impatient.

The three-eyed man’s face turned cold as he said flatly, “The divine blood of the Eternal is incredibly precious. It is stored deep within the Castrum Divinitus, which is why the victor has to go in person to retrieve it. As for who that person is, you’ll know shortly.”

“Enough. All of you, get in.” The three-eyed man swept the cultivators with his gaze.

“Let’s go, let’s go.” World God Dragonbinder chortled merrily. “I’m not too ambitious and know my own limits. The Eternal blood isn’t for me. Still, to be blessed with some karmic fortune isn’t too shabby! Very few will ever be able to even enter the core region of the Allgod Estate, the Castrum Divinitus.”

“Let’s go. If we refuse to enter, he’ll just grab us and forcibly throw us inside. I’d rather that not happen.” Ning and Su Youji walked inside as well.

“Hmph.” Fukai had a gloomy look on his face as he also passed through the gates of the Castrum Divinitus.

“I have faith.” Arroyo nodded. “I’m sure that the trials left behind by Daolord Allgod were fair ones and will be judged fairly.” The only reason why Arroyo had been quibbling was because he truly couldn’t afford to lose this trial.

In the end, all of them walked towards the Castrum Divinitus.

Whoosh. World God Dragonbinder was the first to step inside the castle. As soon as he took a single step into the endless darkness, he completely disappeared.

Ning and Su Youji twitched slightly when they saw this. The insides of the castle were pitch-black, and they couldn’t see a single thing within the darkness at all. As for coresense or heartforce, they naturally were completely ineffective here. Still, they understood that it would be very easy for Daolord Allgod to slay them if that was the goal. There was no need for any tricks or schemes.

“Let’s go in.” Ning and Su Youji both stepped into the Castrum Divinitus, disappearing into the endless darkness.

Fukai, Arroyo, and Boneplate all entered the Castrum Divinitus as well.


“It is over.”

The bald three-eyed man waved his hand, causing the Samsara Grinders to shrink as it flew back into his hands.

“Close the gates!” The three-eyed man laughed merrily.


The massive, towering gates of the Castrum Divinitus rumbled shut.

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    1. Don’t think it’s possible. He even went as far as to say that a transcendent World God was as rare as a Samsara Daolord while when Ji Ning slayed a master class World God it was said that meeting a monster like him was more rare than meeting a Samsara Daolord.

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      Ji Ning is the only one with an impressive, decisive showing. He went up to his opponent and beat him up in remarkably little time compared to the others. No outlasting his divine power at all.

      The blood is his.


    3. I agree with the above comments. Another way to look at it is:

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