DE Book 23, Chapter 4

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Book 23, Endwar, Chapter 4 – A Meeting

“The Badlands Everworld?” Ji Ning was secretly surprised.

Others in the Three Realms might not know what the phrase ‘everworld’ truly represented, but Ning did. World God Northrest’s own ‘Vastheaven Palace’ resided in an everworld. Every single everworld was a place which the cultivators of the primordial chaos would be willing to fight for in an utterly berserk manner.

“Ji Ning.” Lord Cui waved his hand again, causing yet another jade slip to fly out from the wooden room. He handed it straight to Ning. “This holds everything we know about the outside world.”

Ning quickly accepted it, sweeping it with his coresense.

“My oh my.” Ning took a deep breath.

Things were pretty much as he had guessed.

Vastheaven Palace was in control of the Vastheaven Everworld, while the Badlands Court was in control of the Badlands Everworld.

Based on the detailed information in the jade slip, Ning was able to estimate roughly how powerful this force in control of the Badlands Everworld was.

“I didn’t expect for it to be a force comparable to Vastheaven Palace,” Ning mused to himself. “In this vast region, at least, the Badlands Everworld is the center of the universe. Right…in the future, I’ll definitely have to pay a visit to the Badlands Everworld. I trust that the powerful experts of the Badlands Everworld, such as its World Gods or Chaos Immortals, must have journeyed to distant lands. They might know where Vastheaven Palace is.”

The only Outsiders the Nuwa Alliance had ever slain were at most at the Elder God or Ancestral Immortal level of power.

The more powerful one was, the more one would know!

Perhaps there were some within the Badlands Everworld who knew of Vastheaven Palace.

“Finished reading?” Lord Cui let out a sigh. “According to the information in that slip, it is very likely that this region contains many World Gods and Chaos Immortals. Compared to them…those of us in the Three Realms truly are puny, backwards figures.”

Ning nodded slowly.

Generally speaking, every ten chaosworlds would give birth to just one World God! This was fairly normal. From the vast size of this territory, one could imagine how many Chaos Immortals and World Gods it held. Still, precisely because of how vast this territory was, there was no way to fly or teleport across it. One had to use spacetime transfer arrays in order to reach certain places.

Because of how vast the territory was and how many dangerous areas it contained, the various World Gods and Chaos Immortals were all scattered into many different regions, causing the territory as a whole to become quite chaotic.

In comparison, the Three Realms could be considered something of a paradise.

To Godfiend Witherspike and the Lord of All Fiends, the Three Realms was merely a chaosworld that was not part of the territory of any World God or Chaos Immortal. To them, it was like manna from the heavens; of course they had to do their best to try and take it over! The price of a Worldheart was far greater than the price of their very lives!

“The primordial chaos truly is endlessly vast.”

“Vastheaven Palace is in a different, distant corner of it, but the Badlands Court reigns supreme here. I wonder how long it will be before I can reach Vastheaven Palace?” Ning mused silently to himself. “Forget it. No point worrying about it now. Let’s see if we can even win the Endwar and if I can even survive it.”

They all boarded the wooden ship and departed from the Nuwa Immortal Realm. As they did, Ning continued to ponder to himself.

Upon learning that their side had two Elder Gods, Suiren and Gonggong, Ning had originally grown excited. Now, however, he began to worry a bit. The Nuwa Alliance was so powerful…how powerful, then, was the Seamless Gate? It was the Seamless Gate who had instigated the war, after all! They had launched an attack on the Six Paths of Reincarnation, causing the Three Realms to be thrown into a state of chaos.

For them to dare do such a thing…could it be that they didn’t have their own reasons for feeling confident?

“It doesn’t matter. If soldiers attack, let the generals deal with them; if a flood comes, build earthen ramparts to stop it!” A hint of fierceness flashed through Ning’s eyes. “We can’t afford to lose this war! If we lose…even if my daughter and my loved ones survive, they’ll be chased and attacked and forced into the primordial chaos.”

If they lost the war, Subhuti would lead the survivors in fleeing! However, Ning knew exactly how dangerous the primordial chaos was. Even Elder Gods and Ancestral Immortals could easily lose their lives wandering through it. His daughter, Brightmoon, was still too weak. There was no way he could protect her at all.

“We can’t lose.”

This was a war between two great alliances. A war for survival itself.

“Before the Endwar begins, I have to master the Heavenly Dao of Water,” Ning mused to himself.

“Ji Ning, where shall you go to next?” Subhuti looked towards Ning. “Back to the Crescent world, or…?”

“For now, I won’t return to the Crescent world.” Ning shook his head. “I wish to wander through the Three Realms a bit. I want to see more of the world, more of Heaven and Earth. I hope to be able to master a Heavenly Dao before the Endwar begins.”

“Right.” Subhuti smiled and nodded. “Your talent in swordforce is impressive, but if you wish to become an Elder God or a Daofather you have to first master a Heavenly Dao.”

Ning nodded, then parted from Fuxi and Subhuti for now.

Ning’s true body began to journey through the Three Realms.

Sometimes, he would sit on a boat and just watch the waters of the river flow past him.

Sometimes, he would stand on the peak of a mountain, head raised as he stared at the dark stormclouds in the skies, presaging the arrival of a rainstorm.

Sometimes, he would rest within an ancient monastery, watching as storms of rain descended upon the world outside.

Sometimes, he would soar atop the clouds, watching the waves roll and spin about through the ocean.

Water…it could sometimes be gentle, like a mother’s caress.

Water…it could be as cold as ice, capable of chilling you to the bone.

Water…it could be utterly devastating, capable of shattering Heaven and Earth.

Water…it could be joyful, dancing and drifting about the skies.

The Primaltwin remained within the Heavengazer Tower, constantly focusing on the Dao. The true body continued to voyage through the Three Realms, seeing water in all of its many forms.

Mist, waves, glaciers…all of them were water.


A white-robed youth was relaxing by the side of a river, holding a fishing rod in his hands. He suddenly revealed a hint of a smile as he tugged at the fishing rod. Plop! A large fish flew up from the surface of the water, landing next to him by the side of the river. The white-robed youth immediately grabbed the fish, then tossed it into the fish bucket next to him. The bucket already contained six fish inside of it.

“Some fish stew would be nice.” The white-robed youth rebaited his hook, then flung it back into the waters of the river.

While acting like an ordinary mortal, fishing and swimming and boating, Ning was able to discover a different side to water. For ordinary mortals, water was necessary to life. However, it was also filled with great danger. Living the life of an ordinary mortal and experiencing water as they experienced it had caused Ning to gain many more insights….and so Ning had chosen to live life as an ordinary mortal for a time.

Splash, splash. A distant ferry was slowly crossing from the other side of the river. This river was very wide, so wide that there were large waves even when there was no wind. There was a small wind today, and it caused the waves of the river to grow greater and greater, resulting in the raft beginning to rock violently.



A series of cries could be heard. The captain of the ferry did his best to keep the boat on an even keel, but as it continued to rock a young child who was seated on the ferry fell into the water. Instantly, a nearby middle-aged man cried out in shock and dove into the water.

Ning was seated at the banks of the river. Upon hearing the distant cries, he raised his head to take a look. Upon seeing the situation, he let out a soft sigh and waved his hand.


It was like a giant, invisible hand had suddenly lifted the ferry up. Even the middle-aged man and the child, both of whom were in the water, were lifted up into the air. The ferry, the child, and the middle-aged man all flew through the air. They couldn’t help but stare at each other, then stare at their surroundings in shock and terror.

The ferry, the child, and the middle-aged man all landed on the other side of the distant riverbanks.

“Thank you, Dragon King!”

“Thank you for your great mercy, Dragon King!”

The ordinary mortals hurriedly kowtowed towards the water, believing that some great sea deity had just saved them.

Far off in the distance, Ning continued to sit there and fish. Suddenly, he couldn’t help but sigh a little. Life was so fragile and weak. If he hadn’t just happened to be here, it was likely that many of the passengers on that ferry would have died.

Suddenly, the waters of the river surged and parted, creating a corridor. A distant wooden boat sailed through the watery corridor, a red-nosed elder rowing the boat forward. In a very relaxed fashion, he rowed the boat all the way over to Ning.

“Ji Ning, long time no see.” The red-nosed elder chortled as he spoke.

Ji Ning revealed a hint of delight as well as he hurriedly rose to his feet. “I had the feeling all day long that my luck was pretty good. I managed to catch six big fish! That’s a lot more than I usually catch. I was wondering if something was going to happen today, given my luck…but I didn’t expect to run into you, Old Man Yuan.”

Old Man Yuan had graced him with kindness in the past. Not only had he saved Ning, he had also bequeathed unto Ning the [Heart Sutra].

Still…the war between the two alliances had begun, and Old Man Yuan still had yet to choose a side. Ning couldn’t help but feel a sliver of unhappiness when seeing the man.

“Would you be willing to board this old man’s boat and chat a bit?” Old Man Yuan asked with a smile.

“Can I bring my fish?” Ning laughed.

“Of course.” Old Man Yuan nodded.

Ji Ning hoisted up his fish bucket and his fishing rod, then stepped onto Old Man Yuan’s boat. Old Man Yuan looked at Ji Ning. Ji Ning moved as though he was an ordinary mortal, but with every movement he radiated a hidden, reserved power. Old Man Yuan couldn’t help but sigh. “He truly is extraordinary.”

Thunk. Ning set the fish bucket down at the prow of the boat, then sat down in the lotus position facing Old Man Yuan. In front of them was a wooden table, and on the wooden table was a flask of wine and two winecups.

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    1. What other Dao would he have chosen? Out of the ten Heavenly Daos of The Three Realms, water would be the quickest and most likely for him to master before the End War which is his goal. He will probably be able to master other ones later anyway. I cant really think of a better one to go for, seeing as he has the highest affinity for water out of the all the Heavenly Daos.

      1. I’m pretty sure it had been said his affinity for lightning was better after mastering the Ninehorn Lightning Serpent art… but IET might have forgotten about it himself… lol…

        Thanks for the chap Ren!

        1. Yeah but I think he would still have to learn heavenly dao of water to use as base for ancestral immortal/elder god advancement, since he used waterdrop to become empyrean god and other elements than water would make his foundation unstable or something. So water would take priority. Maybe other daos would work too (destruction?). Is the sword really subsidiary to metal? (I don’t remember this part) As IET said -sword is an attacking dao (thus compatible with any element)- while metal seems just an element to me, not really related to the sword: it wouldn’t work very well with waterdrop, since they share no affinity. As I like to see it, sword, sabre and so on are special case great daos and don’t really have heavenly daos above them: I think it would be pretty lame if the sword was governed by a higher dao, since it’s basically everything for ning and his principles/way of life/determination are reflected on it. Please correct me if I’m spouting nonsense, since I may have missed/forgotten/misunderstood these parts when they were explained (and we know IET isn’t really crystal clear in these kind of explanations).

        2. I meant that out of the ten Heavenly Daos that are possible for him to go for, water would be the best option. His affinity for lightning is higher, but lightning is only a grand dao in the three realms due to the Pangu Chaosworld being the foundation(?) of the three realms or something.

      2. sword of course.yes there are ten heavenly daos in 3realms .i think there must be more heavenly daos. Heavenly here just mean a kind of level?chinese think every thing has its dao in itself if u can find.every load leads to rome so every dao leads to the highest. Heavenly.grand primary the real difference between them is how much you know about it.a little?half?whole?so they.have different ning.may develop the sword dao or sth. And we can see that daos are the foundation of a world/land.for 3realms itis ten heavenly daos.when 3r break up the daos also break up as for everland its foundation is a dao everlast l d like to compare to a schools law and a countrys law

  1. “but if you wish to become an Elder God or a Daofather you have to first master a Heavenly Dao.”
    So you need a Heavenly Dao to become an Elder God, glad that I was confirmed to be right about that all along.

    The few times I mentioned that calculated guess in replies to people here, I usually got called an idiot or something similar and was told there’s no dao requirement to the body path. Shows what they know.

    1. Something that doesn’t make sense to me is, his highest attainment is the Dao of the Sword right? Early on, didn’t they establish that the sword is a subsidiary Dao to the Heavenly Dao of metal. Why wouldn’t Ji Ning just train in the Dao of metal, he would be significantly more powerful using metal with sword as the base and becoming a Metal based Daofather.

      1. He’s not a Daofather. He’s a True God, you only need a grand dao for becoming a True God. I think of it this way, imagine you’re an expert sniper, you have the ability to chose a enhancement that can improve your combat abilities, what would you chose? A gun enhancement or a much more specialised sniper enhancement?

        1. Hmm, ot sure when I said he was a Daofather. I was saying, why didn’t he use the Heavenly Dao of metal as his base for becoming one.. That is far more specialized then going water in my opinion because it directly enhances his Sword arts which transcends Heavenly Daos to begin with.

          1. Because he’s aiming for speed right now.
            It would be rather pointless to spend more time on a Dao you’re not skilled with for the sake of a very slight damage boost. I mean his purpose of rushing to get stronger right now is in hopes that he makes it in time before the End War to protect his daughter and friends.

          2. The dao of the sword is a technique based dao so it is not categorised under any of the heavenly daos.

        2. Sorry Nanoninja, struggling to figure out how to respond directly to the last comment you made, no reply button on that one.

          I guess what I was thinking, is if his highest attainment is in the Grand Dao of the sword, wouldn’t he theoretically have an easier time training in Metal over Water. I never understood why his comprehension with Water was considered better when his higher attainment is technically under metal…

          1. Being good with the sword alone doesn’t make you a super expert in the Heavenly Dao of metal.

            He’s always had the most accomplishments in water, it just hasn’t gotten much time in the limelight recently.

          2. rohittee1
            Agreed, he should be working on metal or lightning.
            He’s better at both than water.
            However, water was his very first dao, so perhaps he’s just being nostalgic.

            To reply to someone with no ‘reply’ button, you reply to the one they replied to above and it will park you below them with the same spacing.

            Kczz15, he surpassed water with lightning sometime around when he got the serpent. He’s better at lightning than water.

          3. And there is no Heavenly dao of Lightning in the Three Realms, so your point is moot.

            Water is his best option.

          4. Where have they ever listed a complete set of Heavenly Daos?
            The author has listed some, but I don’t believe he’s ever posted a ‘complete’ list.

            Considering water IS a Heavenly Dao, and the author made a point of telling us that our hero had progressed farther in Lightning than in Water I believe you are mistaken sir.

          5. “Where have they ever listed a complete set of Heavenly Daos?”

            Set 1:

            Set 2:
            Life, Death

            Set 3:
            Yin, Yang

            Set 4:
            Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth

            Total: 10


            That’s all of the Heavenly Daos you can possibly train in, in the current Three Realms, and no others. This isn’t a “Oh we don’t know what’s possible” situation, that’s the 100% complete list with nothing left out and nothing to misunderstand.

            Lightning is a Grand Dao, not a Heavenly One, at least in the Three Realms.

          6. Lightning is still a nature based Dao, so it would fall under an Elemental Heavenly Dao, wouldn’t it? Perhaps fire?

      2. I don’t recall any chapter mentioning that the grand dao of the sword is a part of the heavenly dao of metal. I do remember a chapter explaining that there are elemental grand daos-like rain water, etc.; and there are also attack-based grand daos like the sword and the saber.

        but I’m not sure tho.

        also he doesn’t particularly have great talent in understanding metal, he has always trained in water since the beginning.

        1. It was super early on, Grand Daos and normal Daos are actually subsidiary Daos of Heavenly Daos. Remember the Grand Dao of Raindrop or whatever its called? Thats part of the Dao of Water. The Dao of the sword is part of metal.

          1. nope that’s not quite right. sword dao doesnt have a Heavenly Dao. after the Grand Dao of the Sword is comprehended after that goes Sword Force and this is the path of attack-based daos (infini,saber,sword forces etc).

          2. Guys he’s trying to not have any conflicts with his dao’s so he doesn’t have any problems with his path later. He’s already used water once, so using it again will not cause conflicts. How is that hard to figure out exactly?

          3. @EarthboundMike

            Metal would definitely not conflict with Water though. Moot point anywas, I was wrong about the sword falling under metal. I found the wiki on Dao’s. The greater Dao of the Sword falls under technical Dao’s which are not nature related. Technical Daos, unlike Nature related Daos like raindrop, do not fall under heavenly daos. They are a separate path to power from what I understand.

      3. The answer is simply because he has more attainment towards the heavenly dao of water, most of the atks he created are related to the dao of water. Also aside from the dao of the sword, he has had no connection to the heavenly dao of metal, it’d be really hard for him right now to find a resonance with it in a short amount of time. But personally I wanted him to focus on primal chaos or even space, since he has mastered the grand dao of space, but oh well. Guess Primal chaos will come later. But I’m really glad he’s slowly becoming more op. Maybe once he becomes a Daofather, he’ll be stronger with energy then his body wise since he’ll be a full ancestral immortal but he isn’t an elder god yet. He’ll finally be able to fight those guys in the prison world, learn their techniques and stuff like the heartforce devouring technique.

        1. “or even space, since he has mastered the grand dao of space”
          He’s mastered Thunder, Waterdrop, and the Sword. He has minor accomplishments in the Grand dao of the Quiankun.
          (There’s no Heavenly dao of Space, just Chaos / Life / Death / Yin / Yang / the 5 elements.)

          1. Didn’t he master Quiankun before meditading on 5 treasures sword art? I sort of remember one of the starseizing estate’s empyrean gods congratulating Ning for that. (it was the bat guy I think)

          2. He might have gotten to the midway point I forget the name of in it, but I’m fairly sure he didn’t master it.

          3. (in reply to lower comment)I think he did fully master it however I’m pretty sure it was mostly inconsequential to him. especially after getting the Ninehorn Lightning Serpent technique

          4. ah right, keep forgetting the list of heavenly daos. Lol, still glad he’s finally starting to focus on a heavenly dao, doesn’t matter what it is.

            And lol yea, i’m alive. Just been silently reading everything 😀

    2. its been mentioned that Elder gods are born with mastery on a heavenly dao. Correct me if I’m wrong but body refinement until one reached the true god level which Ning’s true body currently is, does not have a dao requirement. He only needed a spark or something which was mentioned when he trained on the solitary god technique.

      1. Nope. it’s been explicitly stated if I remember correctly that Celestial Immortal/Empyrean God and up all have Dao mastery requirements. I think it was mentioned at like book 16-18ish idk and steadily expanded on. Now that the cultivation levels have been (more) fully explained, each stage has a Dao requirement and each requirement corresponds to the equivalent stage, Celestial Immortal/Empyrean God requires a standard Dao path to be fully mastered, True Immortal(Pure Yang)/True God requires a Grand Dao to be fully mastered, Ancestral Immortal(Daofather)/Elder God requires a Heavenly Dao to be fully mastered, this last one is the one I’m shaky on, Chaos Immortal/World God requires the Heavenly Dao of Primordial Chaos to be mastered? Now that i think about it I think you needed to have a Dao Domain to become a Earth Immortal as well? That or it was the Primal stage?

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  3. “My oh my.” Ning took a deep breath.
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