DE Book 21, Chapter 7

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Book 21, The Bloodlotus Blooms, Chapter 7 – The Envoy of All Things

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The heavens trembled. The ground shook.

A Pangu God, clad in a fur loincloth, had just engaged in battle with an armored Infinity Fiendgod.

The Nuwa Alliance’s ‘Myriad Immortals Armageddon Formation’ was exchanging long-distance attacks with the Seamless Gate’s ‘Life and Death Formation of the Twin Realms Calamity Dragons’, disrupting the entire battlefield with their attacks.

Long-distance attacks, protective stances, rapid response reinforcements…the Seven Planets Gods and the golems were quite nimble, and they served to cause chaos throughout the battlefield.

The desolate wilderness was utterly annihilated, so much so that the empty Void could be occasionally seen in multiple places as space was torn apart, then reformed.

“Once Empyrean Gods and True Immortals are massed in numbers, they truly do become quite terrifying.” Ning was nervous as he watched the war. “If either side reveals a single weakness, it’s entirely possible that there will be a large-scale collapse.”

“The marshals on both sides are quite powerful as well. Under Yellow Emperor Xuan Yuan’s guidance, the major formations and the hundred-plus Seven Planets Gods seem to work together like a perfect whole, leaving behind no flaws or openings to exploit. Daomother Devilhand’s attacks, however, are absolutely fiendish. In fact, she nearly destroyed a Seven Planets God just now.”

Indeed. Despite having battled for quite some time, the Nuwa Alliance had yet to lose even a single Seven Planets God! This was testament to how flawless and how formidable Xuan Yuan was in commanding his troops.

“Withdraw.” Xuan Yuan gave the order.


Under Xuan Yuan’s guidance, the great army of the Nuwa Alliance began to retreat in an orderly fashion, not giving their enemies even a single chance to attack.

And so, the first exchange of blows had come to an end.

Even a madwoman like Daomother Devilhand was extremely calm and collected when commanding a battle of this level. This was because even the slightest of mistakes could result in the entire war being lost. In truth, wars like this weren’t won, they were lost when one side made too many errors! Although Daomother Devilhand was legendary for her ferocious attacks, she actually made very few mistakes when commanding troops. It was simply that she believed in the adage that ‘the best defense is a good offense’.

Her assaults had caused the Seamless Gate to put Xuan Yuan under tremendous pressure. However…Xuan Yuan was clearly even more talented and skilled than her, and his force deployments were even better. He moved his troops about like the floating clouds and the flowing water, showing no flaws at all.

In the blink of an eye, three engagements had occurred and more than a month had passed.

“Aunt-master, if this continues, it won’t be good for us. With each clash, we have lost more than our foes. It won’t be apparent in the short run, but if this sort of battle persist for two or three years, our weakness will become apparent.” The black-robed Godking stood off to one side, looking at the slender, violet-robed woman seated before him. In his heart, he felt rather nervous.

The violet-robed woman’s eyes seemed to be like two endless seas of blood. In terms of slaughter, she was the undisputed number one of the Seamless Gate, a demon amongst demons.

“Mm?” The violet-robed woman looked at the black-robed Godking.

“I’m just concerned,” the Godking said hastily.

“You are right.” The violet-robed woman lightly tapped on her armrest, a white crystalline bracelet around her arm. “I fought countless battles in the war for the Seamless Chaosworld, but I never met someone as formidable as him in leading armies. Battles on this level happen at incredible speed, and multiple variables are introduced every moment…and yet, he’s actually able to factor them all in while deploying his forces in an utterly perfect manner. No wonder this Xuan Yuan fellow was able to defeat Shennong during the Primordial Era.”

“Then what should we do?” The Godking said hurriedly. In the Seamless Gate, the only ones capable of making the Godking act in such an obedient manner were the Lord of All Fiends, the Keeper of the Everwood, and Daomother Devilhand.

“We have to win this war.” The violet-robed woman continued, “If we lose this war, the wars that come later will be much, much harder to win. We’ll need to spend even more effort, but we still might not be able to achieve victory in the final war for karmic luck.”

The Godking mumbled mentally to himself. No shit. Everyone knows this.

“Arrange for an Envoy of All Things to come,” the violet-robed woman ordered.

“An Envoy of All Things?” The black-robed Godking was shocked. He couldn’t help but ask, “We’re going to have an Envoy of All Things come? Now? B-but…we were preparing to use them in the final battle for karmic luck.”

“Make the arrangements. Otherwise, we won’t be able to win,” the violet-robed woman said calmly.

“Alright. However…we’ll need the Lord of All Fiends to concur in this matter,” the black-robed Godking said hurriedly.

“Hurry up and go.” The violet-robed woman frowned, a dangerous glint of anger appearing in her eyes. The black-robed Godking was instantly so terrified that his heart quailed. He had grown up in the Seamless Chaosworld, after all. Even though he was now a Daofather, he still felt dread when facing Daomother Devilhand. She was a madwoman! Others would perhaps give him face as the nominal leader of the Seamless Gate and as the disciple of Lord Demonheart, but this madwoman would even dare to assault Lord Demonheart himself, to say nothing of the ‘Godking’.

The Allfiend world.

At the top of a solitary mountain.

A red-robed, azure-haired man was seated here, staring into the boundless Void. His gaze had long ago pierced through the dimensional barriers separating worlds, allowing him to see through the space beyond them.

Whoosh. A figure suddenly materialized next to him. It was the black-robed Godking.

“Fiendlord,” the Godking said respectfully.

“What is it?” The Lord of All Fiends glanced at him.

“Aunt-master believes that our chances of victory are low. If things continue, we may very well lose. She instructed me to come here to request an Envoy of All Things,” the Godking said.

The Lord of All Fiends frowned. “If that’s the case…go speak to Blackheaven. Take an Envoy back and give it to Devilhand.”

“Yes.” The Godking respectfully departed.

The Lord of All Fiends once more stared into the Void. He murmured softly, “I truly wish I could go back to the old days, when I could hide myself behind Demonheart and Everwood…but alas, I’ve been forced to stand forward. They even address me as the ‘Lord of All Fiends’, as Fiendlord. It was far better when I was simply ‘Windfiend’; life as Windfiend was far more relaxed and carefree than life as the ‘Fiendlord’. I really wonder what this war will end up like. Although Mother Nuwa has already departed, she left these three mighty formations behind. It’s hard to say exactly how powerful those three protective formations are.”

“If worse comes to worst, I’ll try to save as many as I can, then leave the Three Realms.” The Lord of All Fiends shook his head.

He had no taste for power.

During the era of the Seamless Chaosworld, he had been a very low-key figure. Back then, the most dazzling figures had been the Lord of the Demonheart, the Keeper of the Everwood, and Daomother Devilhand. No one had paid much attention to Windfiend, even though he was also born an Elder Fiend like the rest of them. In fact, there were many major powers in the Seamless Chaosworld who believed that Windfiend’s power came solely due to his good fortune in being born as an Elder Fiend, as it didn’t seem as though he had improved much at all since being born.

They only showed him respect because he was an Elder Fiend as well.

Windfiend didn’t really care. He enjoyed being carefree and unbound…but the war that ended the Primordial Era had simply been too devastating. So many of his old friends, his brothers, had ended up dying in battle. The Lord of All Things had been very vicious; he had wanted to wipe out everyone in both chaosworlds! As for Mother Nuwa, she was an even more terrifying figure; she had actually broken through to a brand new level, dominating all comers and slaying even the horrifying Lord of All Things.

Windfiend’s only choice was to reveal his full power…and faced with death, he had actually made a breakthrough of his own, making it so that not even Mother Nuwa was able to catch him as he fled.

After spending a long period of time wandering the primordial chaos in solitude, he had returned.

“In truth, all I wanted was a safe place to call home.” The Lord of All Fiends shook his head. The survivors of the Seamless Gate had insisted on venerating him as the ‘Fiendlord’, making him the true, undisputed leader of the Seamless Gate.

“What exactly is the cause of this tribulation? That old fellow, Demonheart, is plotting something…but it feels as though there’s more to it than that…” The Lord of All Fiends frowned.

Ever since he had made his breakthrough while fleeing from Mother Nuwa, his ability to sense the tides of fate had most likely become number one in all the Three Realms. He could vaguely sense how terrifying this tribulation truly was.


Celestial Immortal Blackheaven stood in front of him, pointing towards a titanic, ape-shaped golem that was completely dark-red in color and wreathed in tongues of flame. “Take it away, I suppose.”

The black-robed Godking swept the surrounding area with his gaze. Upon seeing all the other Envoys of All Things in the area, he couldn’t help but feel his heart itch.

“Remember, let the most powerful Empyrean God you have command it,” Blackheaven instructed. “Logically speaking, it should be reserved for a Daofather to command, but despite that, this Envoy of All Things should be able to unleash power comparable to that of a elite Daofather.”

“Understood.” The black-robed Godking nodded hurriedly.

All those years ago, the Lord of All Things had led an army of such Envoys, each of which had reached a level of power that was fully capable of launching attacks against the leaders of Daoism and Buddhism. They were utterly terrifying on the field of battle.

Even with Empyrean Gods in command of them, they were comparable to elite Daofathers.

“Also, make sure Devilhand knows that no matter what, we can’t let the Nuwa Alliance capture this Envoy of All Things.” Blackheaven laughed coldly, “My worry is that the Nuwa Alliance will act in an utterly shameless way, having experts like the Three Sovereigns or the leaders of Buddhism and Daoism to suddenly attack and capture the Envoy.”

‘Don’t worry. Masters Devilhand and Everwood, as well as the Fiendlord, are paying close attention to this battle. The True Gods and Daofathers of the Nuwa Alliance won’t be given any chance at all,” the black-robed Godking said.

“Right. Is Ji Ning taking part in the battle?” Blackheaven suddenly asked.

“No.” The Godking shook his head.

“A pity.” Blackheaven felt resentment.

He truly, truly wanted to kill Ning. Although almost all of his efforts were centered on these golems, he still felt hatred for Ning. It was rare for him to feel affection for someone…and that little girl had died, just like that. Although Ning had merely killed her in his counter-attack when they had attempted to assassinate him, Blackheaven really didn’t give a damn about the particulars.

“Don’t worry. If Ji Ning dares to enter the field of battle, I’ll make sure to ask aunt-master Devilhand to give him some special attention,” the black-robed Godking laughed. “I’ll take my leave, Grandmaster.”

“Go, go.” Blackheaven nodded.

The Godking waved his hand, collecting the Envoy of All Things, then left the Allfiend world, heading towards the Deerchaser world once more.

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    1. He’s not even CLOSE to the Daofather level though. Chances are high that he’ll have his main body get to the Elder God level before becoming a Daofather, considering the technique he’s training in. Because of his technique to merge his bodies as well as his Icefire Jindan Smelting technique making all of his pre-fusion Jindans at the half-daofather level, his strength should be around the Daofather level, and his techniques should be stronger than average amongst Daofathers.

      Speaking of, does the command to leave count on all of his bodies? Since half of his clones are only Qi Refiners, aren’t they technically not under the effects of the Lifeblood Oath? In that case, half of his bodies can stay back and protect/rule/develop the Three Realms and his family while the single main body (because he has the technique to merge them) would go out to fight.

      1. I don’t see the Primaltwins as part of the oaths. I only see the main body leaving because of turning into Elder God. The Primaltwins they can’t turn into elder gods so the oath should not be applicable to them. I think the Primaltwin would stay with the family in three realms while the main body goes out in a adventure or unless the family and the spirit beasts goes in an adventure together but others are too weak.

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        Better to keep the bodies, and train as a fiendgod, considering that’s the technique he has anyway. His ki refining technique would be lucky to let him make it to ancestral immortal, much less world stage.

        1. *Warning to first time readers: this comment contains bits of sp0ilers from multiple books into the future, I’d avoid reading it if I were you*

          The Sword has similarities / ties to the dao of Metal, not that it is wholly part of it.

          Primaltwins are called that because you have to make them at the Primal Daoist stage (unless you’re strong enough to pull it off at the Wanixian Adept stage), before your soul is fundamentally changed by the process of becoming a Celestial Immortal / Empyrean God. This is not including the fact it is extremely clear that your soul can only ever handle the creation of one Primal Twin, otherwise IET wouldn’t have stated that you can only have 3 bodies (Fiendgod body, Primaltwin, Hearforce) without using cloning techniques. Primaltwins are fundamentally different from using cloning techniques as they are different forms of power and are not required to permanently merge with the main body when trying to reach the Dao Lord stage, unlike clones from a clone technique.

          No, not everyone has cloning techniques and uses their own types of techniques. There are a few people who use clones but it is not a huge number of them especially in battle, partly because of the cost of doing such a thing is exorbitant and even at a low level of personal power with a fairly mediocre cloning technique you need resources far beyond your means to obtain. With each increase in personal power the costs to make / remake the clones jumps by 10x, making it a difficult goal to obtain. Clones are less useful as separate bodies than they are joined together as a whole, 1.2, 1.2, 1.2, 1.2 & 1.2 is less useful than 1.2×1.2×1.2×1.2×1.2 and that’s only with 5 clones because anything / anyone capable of killing one of your clones is capable of killing the others too, but would likely struggle against or lose to your combined clone body. As for tier 1, 2 and 3 Jindans, only the elite who were helped from before reaching the Celestial Immortal stage by World Gods or higher have access to tier 1 Jindans and the difference between the types is almost completely negated by reaching the World God stage anyway.

          As for your last paragraph, almost everything is decided by your insights into the dao, the ways you apply them and your forces, it’s unusual for something directly related to fiendgod body refining to decide everything. A person can sometimes have access to divine techniques that help them far exceed their current level of insights which will help them in the short term, but what’s truly important is your personal insights into the universe and how you apply them as that and only that will allow you to progress to the next stage. People who rely on Fiendgod Body refining alone and powerful divine techniques will forever be stuck at the World God stage at best and some much lower stage at worst.

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    1. I’ve always taken it as the Three Realms meaning the, the Pangu Chaosworld, Seamless Chaosworld, and the newly formed merged Chaosworld, a literal Third Realm.

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      It’d be such a twist if Mother Nuwa was related to this.. I’m actually a little excited to meet her at some point in the novel. (She seems to be quite the monster so I assume she didn’t die ;p)

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