DE Book 19, Chapter 10

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Book 19, Empyrean God, Chapter 10 – Leaving the Mountain

“What a treasure.” Ji Ning stared at the thirty-six hovering stargold beads. After the thousands of beads had condensed into thirty-six, every single bead contained utterly enormous amounts of power. In addition, every single bead contained a heavenly world within it, with each one being comparable in size to the Grand Xia! However, these Thirty-Six Heavens were only capable of persisting for a short period of time.

Only when the 3600 beads were compressed into 36 beads would they transform into the Thirty-Six Heavens. Once Ning withdrew his heartforce and his energy, the Thirty-Six Heavens would once more disperse back into a cluster of thousands of tiny stars.

“The Thirty-Six Heavens. Each one of them is comparable to a major world. Even if you just smashed people with them, they would still possess enormous power. However, controlling them is quite onerous, at least as onerous as commanding a perfect Heaven Punisher.” Ning realized that keeping these beads in the Thirty-Six Heavens form was extremely difficult and tiring. The reason why he could do it was because he had powerful heartforce and a soul heartforce technique. There really weren’t many Empyrean Gods or True Immortals who could do what he did.

“Transform.” Ning willed it, and the Thirty-Six Heavens hovering in the air instantly began to transform in shape, first transforming into thirty-six flying spears, then into thirty-six battle standards, and then into thirty-six hoops.

“Master, these stargold beads can transform into a myriad of things,” the handsome child said.

“Eh?” Ning came to a halt. Glancing at the handsome child, he said with a calm smile, “Am I hearing things? Did you just call me ‘Master’?”

The palm-sized child stood there in midair. He said solemnly, “Master, you were able to bind and control the first of the nine chaos seals. You were even able to condense the 3600 stargold beads into the Thirty-Six Heavens. I imagine that there are very few Empyrean Gods or True Immortals in the entire Three Realms who can compare to you, Master. To be able to follow you is my good fortune.”

“Whaaaa?” The old man atop the wooden boat stared wide-eyed.

“You were so mean-looking earlier. Now, all of a sudden, you’ve become so meek?” The small bald monk mumbled to himself as well.

“Master is very formidable.” The handsome child swept them with his gaze, then said icily, “You are fortunate to be able to follow him. I will naturally follow him with complete willingness. In the future…I might have some karmic luck of my own as well.”

The handsome child then looked towards Ning, a scorching heat in his gaze. “Long ago, Daoist Three Purities had his most powerful disciples test me out, but not a single one of them was capable of immediately mastering the Thirty-Six Heavens. In fact, Daoist Three Purities once said that this was something which only True Gods and Daofathers would be able to do. But you, Master…you did it!”

This little fellow’s flattery skills were quite extraordinary.

“I have a question,” Ning said. “What is the name of this treasure?”

“The Stargold Beads of the Heavens,” the handsome child said. “When I was first born, before the nine chaos seals were fused into me, I was already capable of transforming into the Thirty-Six Heavens! Although shifting me into that form is very difficult, once one can do so, it’ll be like one can strike against foes with the combined power of thirty-six major worlds! But of course…the amount of power you’ll actually be able to control will be up to your abilities, Master.”

“The Stargold Beads of the Heavens?” Ning nodded. “Is the transformation into the Thirty-Six Heavens the ultimate form? But why is it that I have a strange feeling that it shouldn’t be?”

“Master, you’ve noticed it as well?” The handsome child was surprised.

Ning looked at him.

“Daoist Three Purities and Mother Nuwa discovered it as well,” the handsome child said hurriedly. “The form with the 3600 beads is the first and most ordinary form. The second form has 360 beads, while the third form has the 36 beads that comprise the Thirty-Six Heavens. This should be the ultimate form, but…both Daoist Three Purities and Mother Nuwa had the feeling that there should be way to merge all 3600 beads into one. Upon doing so…they can transform into an actual star, like the Solar Star or the Lunar Star. However, neither Mother Nuwa nor Daoist Three Purities were able to come up with such a way.”

Ning now understood. To combine them all into one? It seems his senses weren’t off. However, if neither Mother Nuwa nor Daoist Three Purities had been able to accomplish it…this would clearly be a very, very difficult path to tread.

As for what would happen when they all fused into one…if it would be able to transform into a star like the Solar Star or Lunar Star…that was just the conjecture of Mother Nuwa and Daoist Three Purities.

“This treasure is extremely hard to control. It’s not very suitable for others, but it’s perfectly suited for me. In all the Three Realms…I am the number one Empyrean God and True Immortal when it comes to ‘control’.” Ning felt quite delighted with himself. Although his divine abilities were formidable those were only of use in close combat. A straight application of heartforce in combat used it up at an astonishing rate.

Divine archers, for example, would use up all of their heartforce in just ten or so arrows.

Thus, treasures that could be used to attack at long range were very important. This was especially true because his soul heartforce technique, in and of itself, used up very little heartforce.

After binding the three Protocosmic spirit-treasures, Ning walked out of the room and returned to the main hall, where Redsnow and the others were frantic with impatience.




Ning only disclosed the existence of the Voidboat and the Stargold Beads of the Heavens. As for the Nine Lives Pagoda, he kept that a secret. The other two items he would use quite often, and so there was no need to hide them. As for the pagoda, however, the more mysterious it was the better.

“I’ve already acquired the most powerful Pure Yang treasures which Master Threelives left behind,” Ning said. “Master left word and instructed me to be kind to the Empyrean Gods and True Immortals who have stayed behind to guard the Starseizing Manor. If you need any treasures, just tell me. All of the Pure Yang treasures are listed within this book.”

Ning handed over the book which the giant yellow bear had given him. “All of you, take a look,” Ning immediately urged. These Pure Yang treasures were of limited help to him, and none of his family members such as Brightmoon, Autumn Leaf, Uncle White, or Mu Northson were Celestial Immortals. The only Celestial Immortal he was close to was his master, Diancai, but Ning had already prepared an even more suitable treasure for Immortal Diancai.

Immortal Diancai was a newly ascended Celestial Immortal, after all. If he acquired an excessively powerful treasure such as the Eight Fires Qiankun World…that would actually prove to be a calamity for him, not a blessing.

“Let me take a look.” Redsnow was the first to peruse the book.

“Me too.” Primelight craned his neck over to take a peek.

“Nice treasures.”

“The Pure Yang treasures which the Godking left behind are all quite nice.” They all praised the Godking’s treasures.

Redsnow looked towards Ning. “Ji Ning, Sunblaze and Darkmoon have been with the Godking for a long period of time, and so the Godking gave them suitable treasures long ago. Primelight was the Godking’s son, so he goes without saying. As for myself and Snow Scorpion…we were two of his commanders, and so the Godking gifted us with appropriate treasures long ago as well.”

“These treasures aren’t particularly important to us, but I believe Dovesnake needs a treasure. So does Ninefangs; back then, he was merely a Void-level Fiendgod. He only made his breakthrough to become an Empyrean God after much time passed.”

Dovesnake and Ninefangs both hesitated…but in the end, both nodded.

Dovesnake chose the Pure Yang treasure, ‘Yin-Yang Twin Poles Disc’. This could only be considered an above-average treasure amongst the many Pure Yang treasures Ning had, but Redsnow and the others all nodded in agreement. Clearly, the Yin-Yang Twin Poles Disc was extremely well-suited to Dovesnake. The ‘best treasure’ for a person wasn’t necessarily the most powerful treasure, it was the most suitable treasure.

Back when Dovesnake had followed the Godking, he hadn’t been particularly favored. This was because Dovesnake was a venomous Godbeast that looked docile but was actually savage. Threelives didn’t really like his personality that much! He preferred those who were open and aboveboard. Even if a subordinate was vicious and crafty, he preferred it when they were obvious about it.

As for Ninefangs, he ended up choosing an extremely powerful top-grade Pure Yang treasure, the Grand Bloodshadow Formation of the Heavens.

Ninefangs’ true form was that of a bat. The Grand Bloodshadow Formation of the Heavens was indeed very well-suited to Ninefangs. However, because this set was one of the best treasures which Ning had, Ninefangs had been extremely hesitant to choose it. Only after Redsnow and the other had encouraged him had he decided upon it. This caused Ninefangs to feel tremendous gratitude to Ning, and it further solidified his loyalty to Ning. After all, although Ning had said that this was on Threelives’ orders, Threelives’ had died long ago. It was completely up to Ning as to whether or not he was willing to hand these items over.

Ning himself honestly didn’t mind. There was no point in him having that many unused Pure Yang treasures by his side. If the Empyrean Gods under his command all had formidable treasures, that would increase the power of his strike force. That was a good thing.


“Master.” After having handled the above matters, Ning went by himself to meet with Patriarch Subhuti.

“Mm?” Subhuti was seated in the lotus position. He opened his eyes.

Ning said respectfully, “Your disciple is preparing to leave the mountain and to leave the Crescent world.”

“Have you finished your arrangements?” Subhuti asked.

“I’ve finished them.” Ning said respectfully, “Your disciple’s Primaltwin is going to stay with Brightmoon, Uncle White, Little Qing, Bluecliff Xiaoyu, and junior apprentice-brother Northson here at the Crescent world. The Crescent world is, at present, a rare oasis of peace within the Three Realms. I don’t wish for Brightmoon to be in danger, and so I’ll have my Primaltwin stay with her as she roams the Crescent world, allowing her to experience more things and grow up.”

Subhuti nodded. “Right. The army of Immortals that belongs to your Starseizer world…what formation do you plan on using with it? The Heaven Punisher Formation? True God Xingtian has nodded and permitted you to continue using it. I have other formations that you can use, but they are only on par with the Heaven Punisher Formation. Do you want to switch?”

“No need.” Ning shook his head. “Your disciple is already quite familiar with the Heaven Punisher. There’s one more thing I would ask of you, Master.”

“Speak.” Subhuti looked at Ning.

“Your disciple is going to act against the Seamless Gate, but first I want to deal with Youngflame Freak and Evergreen,” Ning said respectfully.

“Those two? Alright. Once an opportunity arises, I’ll notify you.” Subhuti nodded. “After you leave the Crescent world, you have to be careful.”

“Alright.” Ning nodded respectfully, then asked, “Should I have Redsnow stay here?”

“No need. I’ve already taught him what needs to be taught, and he’s already learned what he needs to learn. The rest is up to him,” Subhuti said.

Ning nodded. He was going to take the entire Starseizer world with him when he left. The seven Empyrean Gods would also follow his lead; he was the Manorlord, after all.

“Then I’ll go summon Redsnow and the others. After we are all gathered, please send us away, Master. Your disciple bids you farewell,” Ning said respectfully.

“Go.” Subhuti closed his eyes, and Ning respectfully began to walk away.

“You must be careful.” Subhuti’s voice once more rang out within Ning’s mind.

“Yes.” Ning was momentarily startled, then assented as he left.


The black-robed Ning led his daughter Brightmoon, Autumn Leaf, Uncle White, Little Qing, Mu Northson, and Bluecliff Xiaoyu down into the Crescent world, beginning their adventures through it.

“My daughter’s left the mountain.” Ning, Redsnow, and the others all stood there atop Mount Innerheart, watching from afar.


A twisted spatial vortex suddenly appeared above the grasslands in front of them, leading to an unknown destination.

“Time to leave,” Ning said.

And so, Ning led his seven Empyrean Gods into the spatial vortex, leaving this garden world. What was awaiting Ning on the other side of the spatial vortex?

Naturally, a storm of blood!

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