DE Book 18, Chapter 39

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Book 18, Pure Yang, Chapter 39 – Redsnow the Invincible


The eyes of the Seven Planets God flashed with cold light as it thrust the longspear in its hands forward. Swoosh! The longspear struck out like lightning, and around it swirled an almost ripple-like pattern of spatial distortions, with the tip of the spear gleaming with light. No one would doubt how astonishing the power of this spear was. The Three-Eyed Demon had just been knocked flying, but it didn’t have any time to feel rage or embarrassment. It immediately leapt backwards, causing the space around it to seemingly blur as it used an evasive technique. Its movements were very orderly, and it swept the two warhammers forward to strike at the attacking spear.

“Third brother, Redsnow’s not that special. There’s seven of them but just three of us; it only makes sense that their Seven Planets God is slightly more powerful than our Three-Eyed Demon.”

“Right. We’re a bit weaker in terms of the strength of our divine body, but in a real battle, we can still kill them.”

The golden-feathered eagle and the broken-horned dragon sent mental messages to each other.

“Don’t worry. There are no Empyrean Gods who can defeat me.” Flames of rage were blazing within the nine-headed lion’s heart.

He was an extremely proud person.

Although he was ranked third amongst the three brothers, and although he was normally very low-key…his ambitions were far greater than the ambitions of the other two. His actions in his youth, his roaming of the Primordial World, and even his decision to call himself the Great Sage Who Swallows the Skies…all of these were due to his tremendous ambition. His greatest desire was to grow more powerful…and he had indeed become incomparably mighty.

“You were born before me; in fact, you were born when the universe was first established! You were also a follower of a True God of Primordial Chaos. However…no matter how good your luck was, I can still defeat you.” The nine-headed lion had entered a completely berserk state. “Today, during this Realmwar which is being watched by countless Daofathers…I am going to take your life, Empyrean God Redsnow, and use it to prove how mighty I am!”


The great warhammers in the Three-Eyed Demon’s hands no longer were swung with mere brute force; instead, they began to carry a strange, rippling force with them.

The Seven Planets God remained icily calm as it stabbed forward with its longspear.

Clang! Boom! Clash!

The sounds of the longspear slamming against the warhammer suddenly became rather odd.


The Seven Planets God was actually unable to overcome the Three-Eyed Demon for a time.

“During the Primordial Era, this little fellow wasn’t very famous. He seems rather similar to that old bull, however…and he’s even a bit more sinister than the old bull.” Empyrean God Redsnow had tremendous experience; he immediately understood what the nine-headed lion’s battle strategy was. He also immediately understood what the best way to defeat the Three-Eyed Demon was.

At the beginning, both the Seven Planets God and the Three-Eyed Demon had all relied on using tremendous physical power.

Now, however, the spear-arts of the Seven Planets God suddenly changed.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh! Drifting, unpredictable spear-light began to appear in the air as the longspear seemed to have transformed into an agile serpent, striking about with no apparent pattern.

The Three-Eyed Demon swung about its twin warhammers with tremendous force. Although they still contained that strange, powerful rippling attribute, the Seven Planets God’s longspear seemed to be empty and void-like; the ripples of the twin warhammers were completely unable to affect it.

“What sort of devilish spear-art is this?” The nine-headed lion was enraged.

“Calm down, third brother. During the Primordial Era, Empyrean God Redsnow was especially famous for his fusion of the Grand Dao of Time and the Grand Dao of Snow, which he applied in his battle strategies. Given that he had mastered the Grand Dao of Snow, he must certainly have a high level of insight into the Heavenly Dao of Water. Look at his spear-arts; they flow like water in an unbreaking stream, surrounding by temporal fluctuations. You need to be steadier,” the golden-feathered eagle sent mentally. The eldest brother and the second brother were quite formidable as well, and they had been alive for longer than their third brother had been. They were quite observant as well.

“I started to use a Qiankun-based hammer-art, so he began to use this devilish spear-art. When I slow down and fight more stably, he goes berserk on me.” The nine-headed lion was impatient as well.

His previously arcane hammer-arts suddenly became as stable and as weighty as a mountain, with each blow of his warhammer containing incomparably massive force.


The Seven Planets God used all sorts of techniques, be it ferocious chops, lashing blows, or vicious slashes. The Three-Eyed Demon was forced to retreat repeatedly, having been forced into a losing position.

“Daofather, we can’t hold this area much longer.” The nine-headed lion finally began to grow truly frantic. He truly felt stifled during this battle. Although he possessed tremendous power, his Three-Eyed Demon was innately weaker than the Seven Planets God. His supreme battle technique had been completely suppressed as well! Redsnow’s spear-arts were simply unfathomably mysterious and profound.


Ji Ning continued to fight, wielding Ananda World-Swords that were many thousands of meters long in each hand. Sword-light flashed about him as the Fiendgods and Terrorbeast about him fell.



The Xia Emperor and his five allies on his ship of light were casting their spells and using their magic treasures as they wildly assaulted the Seamless Gate.

The other Raindragons, Heaven Punishers, and Pangu-War Formations were assaulting the Seamless Gate’s forces as well.

It must be understood that prior to this, all of these forces had been focusing on the Three-Eyed Demon. Now that the Seven Planets God was beating the Three-Eyed Demon backwards, Ji Ning and the others who had been dealing with the Demon were suddenly freed up. They could begin to launch unobstructed assaults against the nearby Fiendgods, Terrorbeasts, Empyrean Gods, and True Immortals of the Seamless Gate. All of a sudden, the Crimsonbright Realm held an absolute advantage in this battle region!

“Evergreen, don’t flee!”

“Evergreen, die!”

The Xia Emperor and the others were still utterly furious.

“Hmph.” As soon as Sword Immortal Evergreen saw the Seven Planets God emerge, he had a bad feeling. He had immediately begun to flee and only launch spells and magic treasures from a great distance. Whenever the Xia Emperor and the others drew near him, Evergreen would immediately retreat once more. If he retreated any further, he would have left this battlefield region and entered another one.

The Xia Emperor and the others understood…killing Evergreen was important, but winning this battle was more important. Thus, they temporarily gave up their attempt to kill Evergreen, instead turning their energy to slaughtering the other forces of the Seamless Gate.


Atop the walls of the Eight Dragons Cloudcity. Daofather Crimsonbright’s face turned completely ruddy from excitement, and his lips were parted in a huge grin. “Redsnow! Ahahaha, it’s been forever since I’ve seen him! His power seems to have improved a bit compared to before. Is that the Seven Planets God of Threelives? With the seven of them…we have a chance to win this war.”

“Alas…we’re out of chaos Daofruits.” Daofather Crimsonbright glanced towards the distant divine archer, Eastbreak.

Eastbreak had shot out a total of sixteen arrows, and he had used up almost all of his heartforce as well as his eight chaos Daofruits. Although he had only destroyed around thirty-plus White-Faced Flood Dragons, Bifang Cranes, and other Terrorbeasts, he had tactically chosen his targets from across the entire field of battle. As a result, the Seamless Gate actually lost nearly a hundred Terrorbeasts in total! However, they still had far, far too many Empyrean God golems.

“Eastbreak is out of arrows.”



The morale of the Seamless Gate’s forces, previously at a disadvantage, instantly surged as they began a wild counter-attack. When they had launced their all-out attack, they had produced many Empyrean God golems. Although Eastbreak had caused them to lose a portion of their forces, their remaining combat power was no lower than the combat power of the Crimsonbright Realm.


Daofather Ink Bamboo’s face was ashen. A perfectly superb situation had suddenly ended up like this!

Based on his previous predictions, once Eastbreak ran out of arrows, the other battlefield regions would return to a stalemate, while the Three-Eyed Demon would be able to completely dominate Ji Ning and the Xia Emperor in their region. The Three-Eyed Demon would then lead the Seamless Gate’s forces to reinforce the other battle regions, breaking through the forces of the Crimsonbright Realm and crushing them until their entire line of battle collapsed.

When that happened…they would have won this war.

Even if Daofather Crimsonbright immediately ordered his forces to retreat, the Seamless Gate would have still dealt the Crimsonbright Realm a devastating blow.


“Redsnow? This ‘Redsnow’ character is actually this powerful?” Daofather Ink Bamboo had an ugly look on his face. Gritting his teeth, he sent mentally, “The eighteen of you are to go reinforce the three Diremonster Gods of Mount Dragoneater right away!”



Eighteen Empyrean Gods and True Immortals of the Seamless Gate who were scattered throughout the battlefield heard and immediately acknowledged the order.

Daofather Ink Bamboo watched coldly as eighteen of his Empyrean Gods and True Immortals were began to move. This resulted in the situation in multiple other battle regions becoming dangerous for the Seamless Gate, but Daofather Ink Bamboo had picked quite carefully; the battle wouldn’t be lost as a result. The Seamless Gate still had many Empyrean God golems, after all, and killing them was very difficult.

“The combined power of eighteen Empyrean Gods and True Immortals, as well as the Three-Eyed Demon…I refuse to believe they aren’t enough to suppress the Seven Planets God.”

“After defeating you, the Three-Eyed Demon will then lead the eighteen to sweep through and lay waste to the other battle regions.” Daofather Ink Bamboo’s eyes were filled with ice.


The battle region where Ning was located.

“Senior Redsnow, be careful.” Ning immediately noticed the streaks of light flying towards them from far away. There were a total of eighteen streaks of light, each of which represented an Empyrean God or a True Immortal. He couldn’t help but feel shocked and sent a mental message to Redsnow.

“Eighteen Empyrean Gods and True Immortals.”

“They actually sent eighteen.”

On the Crimsonbright Realm’s side. Ji Ning, the Xia Emperor, and the others were immediately shocked…and then their eyes turned red with bloodlust. “Kill, kill, kill! The more we kill, the easier it will be to deal with the others.”

“Die for me.” A sharp awl appeared atop Ning’s right fist. He launched three heavy, vicious attacks towards the head of an Empyrean God golem. Boom! Boom! Boom! The three lightning-fast punches caused the Empyrean God golem to completely collapse.

“Get in here!” The Xia Emperor and the others cast multiple spells, completely binding an Empyrean God golem then sealing it away within a treasure.

Ning and the others were frantically trying to whittle away the Seamless Gate’s combat power, so that they could go and assist the Seven Planets God.

“Attack Redsnow.”

“Annihilate that Seven Planets God.”

“Assemble into formation.”

The eighteen Empyrean Gods and True Immortals flying in the air began to launch their attacks. The eighteen of them quickly divided into three groups. Nine of the True Immortals joined together to form a formation, the ‘Nine Precious Godtowers Formation’. Three of the Empyrean Gods joined together to form a second staff-wielding Three-Eyed Demon. The six remaining Empyrean Gods and True Immortals focused on casting spells and using magic treasures to slow down and bind the Seven Planets God.

“Just in time.” The original Three-Eyed God, who had been beaten so badly it had been considering fleeing, finally let out a sigh of relief. Then, invigorated, he turned to launch a counter-attack.

“Kill!” The staff-wielding Three-Eyed God bounded forward as well.

“Descend!” The eyes of the nine True Immortals were filled with madness. They pointed into the distance, and instantly a pagoda that glowed with golden light began to descend from the heavens, moving to swallow the Seven Planets God within its depths.



The six remaining Empyrean Gods and True Immortals began to cast spells as well.

Ning and the others wanted to move to assist, but Redsnow’s voice suddenly rang out, shaking the entire battlefield. “Don’t worry about me. Wipe out the other members of the Seamless Gate.”

His longspear flashed like lightning. “BREAK!”

Spacetime itself trembled.


The golden pagoda of light that was descending towards the Seven Planets God was actually pierced apart by a single spear-strike. It ignored the binding spells, sending its longspear out in dragon-like strikes that caused spacetime itself to twist. Boom! Boom! The unfathomable longspear seemed to somehow simultaneously strike both of the Three-Eyed Gods at once. The one wielding the longstaff was instantly knocked far away, while the one led by the nine-headed lion staggered back multiple steps as well.

Eighteen Empyrean Gods and True Immortals, combined with the three Diremonster Gods of Mount Dragoneater…were actually being completely suppressed!

“What?!” Daofather Ink Bamboo was watching from far away, and his face instantly turned extremely ugly to behold.



“Excellent!” All the Crimsonbright Realm’s forces, spread throughout the battlefield, began to roar in jubilation.


In a completely different world. Mount Innerheart..

Patriarch Subhuti was seated in the lotus position. Next to him sat a wizened old man who held a fan in his hands; Subhuti’s second disciple, ‘Crazy Ji’. The two of them were both watching this Realmwar.

“Spacetime?” Crazy Ji called out in surprise.

Subhuti’s eyes lit up as he revealed a smile. “This red-haired kid has actually managed to merge the Grand Dao of Space and the Grand Dao of Time into one. He’s begin to truly touch upon the power of spacetime.”

“Congratulations, Master, for having found another with such talent,” Crazy Ji said immediately.

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