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Book 16, The Nihilum Zone, Chapter 21 – Two Worlds Collide

The Nihilum Zone. Millions of horned warriors were fleeing in terror and despair.

“That enemy with the neck-circlet…all the warriors in the locations he looks at die. He’s too terrifying.”

“The general was killed on one blow.”

They had completely collapsed.

In a short instant, more than six hundred of the eight hundred commanders of the First Army had been wiped out, along with their general. The horned warriors were unable to assume their formations; naturally, they no longer even thought about fighting back. All they felt was utter terror and panic as they frantically fled in every which way.

But right at this moment, the exact same voice rang out from the deepest, innermost parts of every warrior’s heart, a voice that came from their very essence, their bloodline.

“Queen Mother’s Incarnation!”

“Queen Mother’s Incarnation!”

“Queen Mother’s Incarnation!”

The voice echoed repeatedly. The millions of fleeing horned warriors came to a halt at the same moment. The voice that rang out in their heart had been planted there on the day they were born! Every single warrior of the Snaphorn world, in the moment of their birth, was prepared for welcome the Queen Mother’s Incarnation. In fact, it could be said that the ultimate purpose for them being born was to welcome the Queen Mother’s Incarnation. This was the absolute most terrifying ability available to the Snaphorn world when fighting against other worlds!

“The Queen Mother.” The millions of horned warriors all raised their heads upwards, their foreheads splitting open as a streak of green light shot upwards from it.

Millions of streaks of light shot into the sky.

For a moment, a large section of the infinite emptiness of the Void had actually transformed into a field of green.

“What’s going on?”

The seven mighty Empyrean Gods stared at this in amazement.

“This…” Ning felt something was off as well. The millions of horned warriors who had been fleeing in panic had suddenly stopped? What were they doing?


The murmurs of the millions of horned warriors could be heard everywhere. Underneath the green light, their bodies began to dissolve, as though they were providing nourishment for the green light. The green light grew even brighter, and just like that…

The millions of horned warriors all completely vanished, leaving behind nothing within the Void save that enormous green glow. Within the green light, countless murmurs could still be heard, the murmurs of the horned warriors…

“Queen Mother.” “Queen Mother.” “Queen Mother.”

This was their most glorious moment.

Their murmurs were filled with pride and veneration. They willingly sacrificed everything for their Queen Mother and welcomed her Incarnation…and so they died.


The awe-inspiringly enormous green glow in space split apart into three parts. The light of these three enormous green glows began to condense, transforming into three utterly enormous warriors with jade-green armor, curved blood-red horns, and an appearance that was extremely close to that of an ordinary Snaphorn warrior’s. However…their bodies were like mountain ranges in size, and their auras were completely different. Their auras were of chaos and utter savagery.

As the three titanic warriors took form…the seven Empyrean Gods had a bad feeling.

“Attack. Join forces to kill the closest one,” Empyrean God Redsnow ordered.


“Let’s go.”

The millions of horned warriors had been quite scattered, as some had fled very far away by now. Thus, there was nearly a million kilometers of distance between each of the three enormous horned warriors; the seven had more than enough time to defeat them one by one.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

Seven streaks of light charged towards the closest titan warrior.

“Fiendgods of the Three Realms…you seven Empyrean Gods, you actually dare to challenge ME?” The titanic warrior let out a loud laugh, a laugh which caused the Void itself to shudder. This was the Incarnation of the first Queen Mother; it could be considered her clone or avatar! There was an enormous price that had to be paid for the creation of this sort of clone, a price of many hundreds of thousands of horned warriors. In addition, this clone could only be maintained for a short period of time. The Queen Mothers rarely chose this option.

And yet…though the price was high, the combat power was utterly astonishing.

“Die.” The first Queen Mother raised her four arms high. The arms were as thick as the pillars that supported the heavens, and she slammed them down towards the seven mighty Empyrean Gods.


An ear-splitting scream suddenly assaulted the first Queen Mother. The bald elder of the seven had transformed into a giant, winged black crow. The crow let out an ear-piercing screech, and the first Queen Mother’s clone movements turned slow.

“GO!” The child let out an angry roar, hurling forth the neck-circlet he had been holding. The neck-circlet transformed into a streak of golden light, expanding at an explosive pace until it became thirty thousand meters thick. It coiled itself around the first Queen Mother’s clone, seeking to bind it.


Battle had instantly exploded.

Ning just watched as the enormous black crow attacked and the child threw out his neck-circlet. Next, a seemingly infinite amount of water and fire descended which was no weaker than Solar Truefire or Lunar Truewater. The fire and the water intermingled as they swirled around the first Queen Mother, completely blocking off Ning’s field of vision, making it so that he could no longer see what was happening.

“Such power.”

“So this is the might of an Empyrean God?” Ning was completely stunned by what he saw.

The Void itself was shaking.

The seven Empyrean Gods continued to battle viciously and savagely with the first Queen Mother’s clone. Although Ning could no longer see the battle clearly with his eyes, the powerful ripples that emanated from this battle were enough to cause any and all Celestial Immortals to perish.

“Seven Planets God Formation!” Suddenly, an angry roar rang out. Ning could tell that this was senior Redsnow’s voice.

“Assemble the formation.”


A hoarse voice, a sinister voice, a crisp voice…several voices called out the word ‘kill’ at the same time.


A streak of blinding light appeared in the field of battle in the distant space of the Void. The streak of light instantly pierced through this entire region of space, then slowly dimmed. The fire and water had also completely dissipated, allowing Ning to see what was happening.

There were two enormous figures in the distance.

One was the Queen Mother’s clone, many tens of thousands of meters tall, with jade-green scales and a savage, brutal aura.

The other was also many tens of thousands of meters tall. He was dressed in rainbow-colored armor, and he wielded a spear that was even taller than him. His appearance looked rather similar to Empyrean God Redsnow.

“Seven Planets God Formation?” Ning nodded when he saw this.

This formation was an ancient Fiendgod formation that could only be executed when seven Empyrean Gods were joining forces! It merged the full power of all seven Empyrean Gods together into a single Empyrean God who served as the focus, resulting in an ‘Empyrean God of the Seven Planets’. The Seven Planets God who wielded the longstaff looked quite similar to Empyrean God Redsnow; clearly, the core of this particular formation was Redsnow, and everything was under his control.

“You are actually able to injure me?” An enormous hole had appeared in the chest of the first Queen Mother’s clone. It had been created by an earlier thrust of the spear. The clone let out a loud laugh. “However…this is nothing more than a clone created by my countless children’s bodies. It’s useless; I have no weaknesses.” The hole in the clone’s body almost completely healed over.

“Big sister, it seems like we have to help out, eh?”

“These Fiendgods of the Three Realms aren’t easy to deal with.”

The other two Queen Mother clones were charging over at high speed.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The Empyrean God of the Seven Planets continued to battle wildly against the first Queen Mother’s clone. Although the clone was injured, the injury was negligible. By now, the other two clones had also arrived, and instantly all three began to assault the Empyrean God of the Seven Planets in unison.

“Redhair, what should we do? The clones of these three we are fighting are already so strong; their true bodies are most likely at the Daofather level.”

“The seven of us joined together to transform into the Empyrean God of the Seven Planets, but we still aren’t able to kill even their clones; in fact, we aren’t even able to hold the upper hand.”

“This is trouble.”

“I’ve never encountered this sort of enemy before.”

The seven Empyrean Gods felt uneasy as well, because they were inexperienced in that they had never encountered foes like this before. Although these foes had appeared in that great, calamitous war all those eons ago, the seven of them had been sent off by Daoist Threelives well in advance, and so they didn’t participate in that war at all. Naturally, this meant that they had no experience in that regard.


The three Queen Mother clones jointly assaulted the Empyrean God of the Seven Planets, which used its longspear in unfathomably profound ways to defend. In fact, within the surrounding voice, countless white snowflakes actually began to appear, and even time itself began to grow disordered. Within this region of fractured time, the spear-arts of the Empyrean God of the Seven Planets grew even more terrifyingly powerful as they completely blocked the assaults of the three Queen Mother clones.

“Where did this fellow come from?”

“He’s merely an Empyrean God! Although there are seven of them fighting together…the three of us, joined forces, are unable to kill him?”

“It seems we need to summon even more warriors.”

“Have the Second Army of the border armies come as well.”

The three Queen Mothers were growing frantic as well.

Although their three clones held the upper hand, their advantage wasn’t that huge. In addition, the defensive power of that spear was simply too great; although they were able to suppress their foe, they weren’t able to actually injure him. In fact, it was the first Queen Mother who had initially sustained some injuries!


“We can’t kill them.”

“This probably isn’t even the full power of the Snaphorn world. We can’t fight for too long; we have to break out of this grand sealing formation and leave this place immediately.”

After battling for a few moments, the seven Empyrean Gods immediately came to this conclusion.

The rainbow-armored Empyrean God of the Seven Planets suddenly lashed forward with his spear, slamming it against the chest of one of the Queen Mother clones, causing the Queen Mother to be knocked backwards by several hundred meters.


The Empyrean God of the Seven Planets sought to fly away!

“Fleeing?” One of the other Queen Mother clones stretched out her four arms, transforming them into countless streaks of formless green light that instantly wrapped around the Empyrean God of the Seven Planets, preventing them from taking even a single step further.

“Hahaha, you seven Empyrean Gods, you’ve already arrived at our Snaphorn world’s territory…if we were to let you flee, just like that, how would I, Woeslay, have any face left in the Primordial Ruinworld?” The first Queen Mother clone, which had just trapped the Empyrean God of the Seven Planets, let out a loud laugh.

The two other Queen Mother clones came over to attack as well.


The Empyrean God of the Seven Planets spun its spear about to defend. Although it was surrounded by green light, the green light would at most make it slower; it was still more than capable of continuing to defend itself.

“Redhair, these three old bastards of the Snaphorn world are clearly trying to buy time. I trust that they are summoning even more forces from their Snaphorn world so as to deal with us.”

“We can’t waste any more time.”

“We have to leave.”


Not just the seven Empyrean Gods; even Ning could tell that these three Queen Mother clones of the Snaphorn world were intentionally trying to delay and buy time. They all knew what was going on…but they were helpless to stop it! The Empyrean God of the Seven Planets was capable of protecting itself, but not of escaping. Ning, in turn, was completely unqualified to participate in a battle of this level.

“Senior bear, where did these seven seniors come from? They are in a dangerous situation right now; do you have any method for saving them?” Ning was frantic; his Primaltwin was currently querying the giant yellow bear, but all the bear did was sigh. What could he possibly do?

But just as Ning was panicking and as the Empyrean God of the Seven Planets was battling against the three Queen Mother clones…


In the distant Void, a grayish-white vortex suddenly appeared, causing Ning to turn his head to look at it. The battling Empyrean Gods and the three Queen Mother clones also couldn’t help but notice the grayish-white vortex which had suddenly appeared.

A figure suddenly emerged from the grayish-white vortex of the Void.

It was an old man with a pristine white beard who was dressed in loose Daoist robes.

“MASTER!” Ning stared, wide-eyed.

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