DE Book 16 Chapter 1

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Book 16, The Nihilum Zone, Chapter 1 – You Did Not Sin

“Senior apprentice-brother!”

Mu Northson was watching from within the ten thousand kilometer formation region, wracked by agony and self-hatred for being unable to help Ji Ning. Little Qing and Uncle White’s faces both changed dramatically as well.

Both of them could tell that there had just been a spatial teleportation of some sort!

“I can no longer sense Master’s location,” Little Qing said frantically. “I can’t even get the vaguest sense of the direction he is in. Master is no longer in the world of the Grand Xia; he’s gone to an extremely distant place.”

“I can’t sense him either,” Uncle White said, trying to attentively sense Ning’s location.

“It’s all my fault. It’s all because of me, a useless piece of trash. I shouldn’t have been in such a rush to take revenge. I shouldn’t have…” Northson was filled with utter regret.

It had been Ning who had rescued him and Yu Xia’s soul from the Eastwoods mountain range…but afterwards, when the Youngflame clan’s Celestial Immortals had ambushed Ning, Yu Xia’s sould had been completely destroyed. Although he had felt utter hatred for the Youngflame clan, in truth, Northson did feel a bit of resentment towards Ning as well in his heart.

However…given Ning’s great kindness towards him, and given that they were lifelong friends to begin with, he had buried that resentment deep within his heart.

But in this moment…

When he saw the descent of the karmic sinflames, as well as the agonized look on the face of Ning as he was being burnt by the sinflames…Northson felt incomparable guilt in his heart. “If I hadn’t kept clamoring on and on about revenge, senior apprentice-brother wouldn’t have been in such a rush. He would’ve kept on waiting, waiting until he grew even more powerful…and then, he would’ve completely wiped out the entire Youngflame clan. This is all due to my own impatience.”

“Say no more.” Uncle White growled, “The Youngflame clan’s Celestial Immortals are already flying towards us. Let’s hurry up and leave. Little Qing, we need a Greater Teleportation.”


Little Qing tamped down the grief and pain she felt, immediately waving her hand and bringing along Uncle White and Northson into a Greater Teleportation.


They disappeared into thin air, having returned to Swallow Mountain.


The seven Celestial Immortals of the Youngflame clan were indeed flying straight towards the formation area. With but a single void blink, they arrived directly outside of the formation. However…as soon as they arrived, Little Qing, Uncle White, and Northson departed. Little Qing and the other two knew quite well that there was no way they could possibly deal with these Celestial Immortals. They were far too weak; they could only suppress their hatred for now. If Ning had truly died…they would train hard so that in the future, they would be able to take revenge for him.

“They ran quite fast,” Celestial Immortal Arcanum sneered.

“They were weak to begin with; they only dared to attack this place because of Ji Ning. Now that he’s dead, why wouldn’t they flee?” Celestial Immortal Blackrain said coldly.

The nearby Infatuation shook his head. “Blackrain, Ji Ning isn’t dead yet.”

“When karmic sinflames descend, they shall bring multiple rounds of punishment. I refuse to believe he won’t die,” Celestial Immortal Blackrain said. “In addition, Master also used his Worldhold Pagoda; he must have sent Ji Ning to one of the danger zones within the void beyond the Three Realms. Some of those danger zones are enough to cause even True Immortals or Empyrean Gods to perish, much less a little brat that hasn’t even overcome his Celestial Tribulation.”

The nearby horned, golden-robed man turned his head to look at the distant Old Demon Windraiser, still wracked by indescribable pain. He spoke out and said, “If Windraiser is able to withstand this tribulation of karmic sinflames…I shall personally escort him to the Ten Yama-Kings of Hell. When he is reborn, he absolutely must be reborn into our Youngflame clan. No expenses will be spared in training him.”


“Of course.”

All of them nodded.

This was no joke. If someone was able to overcome karmic sinflames, they would undergo an utterly astounding transformation, and their Dao-hearts would become truly remarkable in strength. Although they would lose their memories of their former lives upon being reborn…such a soul would still have enormous potential in the new life. Upon regaining one’s previous memories…one would have an extremely good chance of overcoming the Celestial Tribulation.

“Let’s see if he can overcome the karmic sinflames,” the horned, golden-robed man said with a sigh. “Every single person who is capable of overcoming karmic sinflames is an extremely remarkable person. Even amongst Celestial Immortals, such individuals are amongst the very top.”

There were very few, even amongst Celestial Immortals, who could withstand the power of karmic sinflames!

In truth, it was very hard for someone to tell how strong another person’s Dao-heart was. Even someone as powerful as Celestial Immortal Infatuation wouldn’t dare claim for certain that he was able to withstand karmic sinflames! Thus…Celestial Immortals were generally quite cautious. Only if there was no other choice would they allow themselves to act in a way that would cause karmic sinflames to swirl around their bodies. The descent of karmic sinflames was truly terrifying…but once one overcame it, one’s power would generally skyrocket!

In the Three Realms…every single person who overcame karmic sinflames would end up being an incredible figure.

For example, Ning’s senior apprentice-brother, Empyrean God Silvermoon, was a person who had karmic sinflames constantly swirling around him. Silvermoon, however, completely ignored them…proof that he truly was an utter demon.

The world of the Grand Xia. The western seas. The Seamless Gate’s gathering spot.

The enormous mirror had displayed all the scenes of the battle that had just occurred in the Oldjade mountain range. The escape and wild assault of nine hundred-plus Fiendgods…the pursuit of the Godslayer Gods…Ning’s sudden, unexpected explosion of power that had resulted in the slaying of two Celestial Immortals…Old Demon Windraiser, a Loose Immortal of the Youngflame clan, attacking ‘suicidally’…the descent of karmic sinflames…Ning being burnt by karmic sinflames…Ning being teleported away by the Worldhold Pagoda…

“Exciting. How very exciting.” Celestial Immortal Blackheaven sighed repeatedly in praise. “That Windraiser…he really is both decisive and vicious. He was able to come up with this plan and settle on it in such a short period of time…and those who died were all his own clansmen! Ten billion of his clansmen died, just like that…his heart truly is vicious and merciless. He truly does have the temperament necessary for a demon.”

“You are actually praising him? You are actually praising such a despicable, contemptible little man?” Violetgrass frowned.

“Violetgrass, little girl, you are wrong; although you are a Celestial Immortal, in terms of Dao-hearts, you are probably inferior to that Windraiser.” Celestial Immortal Blackheaven shook his head. “As far as craftiness…you are even more inferior to him. This is one of the reasons why the Gatemaster has never let you truly command your own forces; there are far, far too many things you need to see and experience first.”

“So I’m inferior to him?” Violetgrass was angry.

“How many setbacks have you encountered in life?” Celestial Immortal Blackheaven shook his head. “Although we are Celestial Immortals who hold Loose Immortals in contempt, and although indeed 99% of Loose Immortals are not worthy of us paying attention to…amongst the countless Loose Immortals who are alive, there are some who have lived for over a million years. This type of Loose Immortal has suffered repeated assaults from the Three Calamities, Nine Tribulations. Their many experiences with the demonheart tribulation has caused their Dao-hearts to become incomparably mighty.”

“You, by comparison, became a Celestial Immortal early on. Although you’ve lived longer than them…how many actual tribulations have you undergone? Despite your talent and the fact that you have superior comprehension abilities…you’ve suffered far too few setbacks. Your Dao-heart truly might be inferior to theirs. Look – even though he’s being burned by karmic sinflames, he’s still able to maintain enough presence of mind to carry on a conversation with the Celestial Immortals of the Youngflame clan. Would you dare make the claim that you could do the same?”

Violetgrass was startled.

Even monsters like Ji Ning were just barely able to maintain a modicum of consciousness when being assaulted by karmic sinflames. Old Demon Windraiser, however, was clear-minded enough to carry on a conversation. He clearly was far superior.

“The lives of ten billion commoners, in exchange for the life of a peerless, monstrous genius like Ji Ning…worth it.” Violetgrass suddenly said, “Old geezer, tell me; can this sort of method be used against Celestial Immortals?”

“Are you suicidal?” Celestial Immortal Blackheaven shook his head. “As the person who gave the order…you, the mastermind, will also incur enormous sin. Ten billion mortal lives! If you are lucky, you’ll have a bloody aura of sin that will surround you and stretch out to many hundreds of meters; if you aren’t lucky, you’ll probably see karmic sinflames descend right away as well! As for the person you sent out to actually do it…that person will definitely suffer the descent of karmic sinflames. Such an action is utter suicide.”

“In addition…perhaps ordinary Celestial Immortals are unable to withstand karmic sinflames, but the truly powerful Celestial Immortals are generally able to do so. As for True Immortals or Empyrean Gods…they are the experts of the Three Realms! All of them are capable of withstanding karmic sinflames. Don’t even ask about Daofathers.” Celestial Immortal Blackheaven sighed. “Thus…this sort of method really isn’t worth it.”

“Anyhow. This Ji Ning is being burned by karmic sinflames, and has also been teleported by Youngflame Freak to one of the danger zones in the void beyond the Three Realms. There’s nothing for me to do here. Time for me to go.” Celestial Immortal Blackheaven rose to his feet, still carrying a gourd of Immortal nectar. Drinking and whistling, he began to walk away.

“Old geezer, this one doesn’t count. You still owe me two favors,” Violetgrass called after him.

“Don’t worry. I’m not as shameless as you.” Celestial Immortal Blackheaven’s voice echoed out within the palace, but he himself had disappeared.

Violetgrass turned to stare back at the mirror, still depicting events within the Oldjade mountain range. She mumbled to herself, “So he was actually sent into a danger zone, just like that. I didn’t even have anything to do with it. Still…that’s a good thing for me.”


Within the ancient pagoda tower.

All seven of the Celestial Immortals, including the Youngflame Ancestor, were gathered here. Not too far away was Old Demon Windraiser, who was seated in the lotus position. However, his body was clearly trembling slightly. The karmic sinflames around him were beginning to vanish; clearly, the trials brought by the karmic sinflames were nearing their end.

“This is already the seventh day. Windraiser is still holding on.” Celestial Immortal Arcanum’s narrow eyes were filled with eagerness.

“The longer it goes on, the more dangerous it becomes. The seventh day is the final day. If he is able to withstand this day…he’ll survive. But if he doesn’t…” The Youngflame Ancestor shook his head. Suddenly, however, his face changed as he turned to stare at Old Demon Windraiser.

Old Demon Windraiser’s aura was beginning to gradually weaken.

This was the aura of his soul weakening in strength.

“What’s going on?”

“Why is his aura weakening?”

Everyone was extremely worried.

They knew very little about karmic sinflames; all they knew was that the karmic sinflames brought a tribulation that lasted for seven days, and that the final stages were the most terrifying of all! Once one made it past the seven day mark, the karmic sinflames would vanish; one would only be able to detect them through coresense or divine sense, and not with the naked eye. However…although invisible, the karmic sinflames would always be present. The constant swirl of karmic sinflames on one’s body would feel like being eternally roasted in the pits of hell.

“His heart…his heart is weakening,” the Youngflame Ancestor said. “When his heart weakens, his aura weakens as well. Once his heart dies…then his soul will instantly be burnt to ash. This is why karmic sinflames are so terrifying! The initial ‘Agony’ phase from when the karmic sinflames first descend merely cause brute-force pain. Those with powerful Dao-hearts, however, are often able to overcome this phase. The latter parts have a softer approach which will slowly cause pain and regret to seep into one’s heart…causing the tormented person’s heart to slowly wither and die. It is akin to suicide!”

Old Demon Windraiser’s aura was indeed growing weaker and weaker.

The seven Celestial Immortals watched with incomparable nervousness.

Six more hours passed.

His aura was completely extinguished.


After his aura had completely disappeared for just a few seconds…it suddenly began to increase rapidly in power. Finally, Old Demon Windraiser opened his eyes.

“I survived.”

Old Demon Windraiser said in a low voice, “What terrifying ‘karmic sinflames’ indeed! They were far more powerful than the Three Calamities, Nine Tribulations that one experiences at the million year mark. I actually survived…but I really don’t want to experience that again. I really do not.” A deep, haunted look was in Old Demon Windraiser’s eyes.

“Windraiser,” the Youngflame Ancestor called out.

Windraiser hurriedly came to his senses.

“Ancestor.” Windraiser said hurriedly, “Patriarchs, I, Windraiser, condemned ten billion members of our clan to death. My sin…”

“Enough. You did not sin; in fact, you rendered major merits,” the Youngflame Ancestor said with a loud laugh. “It was just ten billion mortals, after all. We can bring a few billion mortals over from our other two headquarters, and in a few more decades this place shall be flourishing once more. The reason why we were able to deal with Ji Ning this time was you; you ignored your own well-being and willingly endured karmic sinflames to deal him a fierce blow. You did very well!”

Old Demon Windraiser’s voice was still very low. “Ancestor, I’ve incurred far, far too many sins. A storm is coming to the Three Realms. Me being alive will only result in a hugely negative influence upon the Youngflame clan. I’m preparing to kill myself, then head to the Netherworld.”

“Yes.” The Ancestor nodded. “It is for the best. Given how many sins you have incurred…after you die and go to the Netherworld, you will be punished in the deepest depths of hell and tormented in countless unspeakable ways. After you are finally allowed to be reborn…I will definitely bring you back into the Youngflame clan. In the past, dealing with matters in the Netherworld Kingdom might be a bit troublesome, but now that Daofather Crimsonbright has re-established a minor cycle of reincarnation, all ten of his Yama-Kings of Hell will assuredly give me some face. I will arrange everything necessary for you.”

“Yes.” Old Demon Windraiser said respectfully, “Then…I’ll leave now.”

Old Demon Windraiser didn’t hesitate at all.


His golden lotus spirit voluntarily dissipated, and a human-shaped soul, wreathed by karmic sinflames, flew straight towards the minor cycle of reincarnation.

Swoosh! The Youngflame Ancestor immediately headed towards the minor cycle of reincarnation as well.

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  1. Anyone else thinking the heavens are stupid if they bring karmic sinflames down upon Ji Ning even though he accidentally killed the mortals without any knowledge? Shouldn’t most of the sinflames be on Windraiser?

    1. I also believe that the system is broken. I do think that Ji Ning should have gotten some because he did kill them, even if it was an accident, but I feel his sin he got should have been way less than Windraiser’s.

      1. Even there I don’t think he should have gotten much sin if any at all. Basically the way it works out is it’s like you are walking down the street and you happened to step on a button that someone placed in front of you in such a way that you have no way to avoid stepping on it and that button happened to detonate a massive bomb wiping out an entire city. You yourself did nothing wrong and had no way to prevent it thus no sin should be given to you since it’s not your fault you killed all those people. The one that set up that button and bomb on the otherhand is the one that truly killed all those people and thus gets all the sin.

        1. I’ll give another example. Let’s say you are swinging a baseball bat, then someone gets pushed in front of you. The bat hits them in the head, and then they die. Even though you didn’t mean to kill them, you would still go to jail for manslaughter (or in DE you would gain sin). I’d say this is a better analogy.

          1. Actually if there was evidence showing the person got pushed into the path of your bat mid swing and you had no intention of hitting them at all then they would not be punished. The one that pushed the guy into the path of the bat would be punished. The person that did the pushing would get a degree of murder as a ruling.

          2. As I have seen it, especially places like here or in ISSTH, Karma doesn’t have anything to do with intent. Karma is purely about Actions, about Cause and Effect, the flow of one thing leading to another. It isn’t fair to compare it to mortal law, especially as current mortal law is excessively cumbersome and full of loopholes and exceptions and all sorts of things. This is purely about “Ji Ning attacked, and many mortals died”, just as it’s about “Windraiser threw the pearls, and many mortals died”. It’s unclear whether intent adds to the severity of the Karma sowed, but it’s still a very straightforward and strict system. Just because you were used doesn’t mean you lack responsibility, as much as we would like that to be the case. Your actions and choices are what allowed you to be used, after all. You always have a choice, you just don’t always have all the information, and the options aren’t always ones you can live with.

          3. Nice real life example would be that you’re driving a car/train and someone push a victim on your way/rail. It is murder and it happens, but as a driver you’re just an unwilling tool to murder because someone use you and your vehicle as deadly tools to accomplish his aim (killing the victim) without your consent.

            On the other hand, Ji Ning did attack Windraiser with the purpose of killing and Windraiser use the attack to kill his billions fellow clansman (that Ji Ning would have let other clans with vengeance to kill), so the will to kill was there, but I agree that the system was broken. Still I recognise that it is a plot to get Ji Ning to achieve a new level of Dao Heart, so don’t complain about the system but the author for cheap way of Leveling Up!

          4. Erebus, what you’re saying condemns innocent people to death because extremely manipulative narcissists and sociopaths knew how to use them. You do understand how immoral of a statement that is, right?

            What you said makes sense by itself, outside of a punishment system. Your words hold merit as a form of perspective, a way of life. Your life is your own, and anything you participate in, is for you to bear, as it is your life. But, that has absolutely nothing to do with how an outside system decides to judge and punish you. That is the utter corruption of the logic behind karma, which is more like the basic laws of causation. You do bad things, bad things will happen, even if you are not aware you did them, as it does not matter. Actively punishing Ning just shows how absolutely broken that system is, since we can all clearly see that Windraiser just easily misused the system to strike down his enemy.

            The laws of Karma, were just used by an evil person, to kill someone who tried to strike him down.
            And I am only talking about how karma works in DE, yes? It just shows you how simplistic and easily broken this system really is, almost as if whomever made it gave it very little thought due to its sheer potential of infinite complexity, so he simplified to “kill mortals, always get sinflames.”

      2. I suppose to be fair, the novel has shown consistency with this. It’s been repeatedly mentioned that if a high level immortal cultivator commands lower level ones to slaughter mortals, most of the karmic sin would go to the ones who did the actual slaughtering and comparatively less on the commander.

        We saw exactly this happen when Patriarch Arcanum ordered his minions to slaughter the mortals fleeing from Ji Ning’s island (I can’t remember the name atm). And we also saw Ji Ning explain the exact same thing when he dissuaded his cousin from doing the same to the Youngflame clan.

    2. Yeah the way this works really makes me mad cause Ning did nothing wrong. Though plot armor dictates that this is just gonna serve as a massive power up for Ning still in the first place he shouldn’t be dealt in this way in the first place.

    3. Agreed. It’s like if a person gets pushed infront of a moving car, the fault should be on the person who did the pushing and not on the driver.

      For all the profoundess of the dao of heavens, it’s silly for it to have such a gaping loophole like this.

      1. Which is why most of the pro-sinflames arguments irk me so much.
        We are basically hearing in the comments section: “For you see, it was the driver’s choice to drive that day, on that very road, and not have the absolute drifting skills to avoid that person whom was shoved in front of his moving vehicle at 100 km/h. Surely he is equally, if not greatly, to be blamed as well!

        What are we punishing the driver here for? For having a driver’s license? What can you actually verbalize, when saying: “he is punished for…”, for what?
        I can get some of the ideas that get thrown around here, I really do, but they have nothing to do with how you get actively punished for something. The events you experience, the words you say, and the actions you perform, no matter how reluctant or manipulated you were, it is your life. And anything that happens to you, is perhaps not your fault, but it is for you to live with.
        That is all nice and dandy, but it has nothing necessarily to do with a punishment system. Trying to actively punish anyone for anything is a giant loop that doesn’t ever stop.
        Why not also punish the guy who invented those dimension pockets? Why not also punish whomever created cultivation techniques, because his actions allowed all of this evil to happen!

        That is why the powers of karma in this story are so derp, and so easily manipulated.

        1. First thing, most of the pro-sinflame arguments (as you call them) aren’t really defending the principle behind the punishment, just explaining the reason.

          Also it isn’t a loop precisely because of how it is setup. It punishes mainly for the DIRECT act and then influences that with his intent to adjust severity. In this case unfortunately Ji Ning is the one who did the killing this gives him the majority of the sinflames, his passive intention to not harm the mortals would reduce this slightly. On the other hand Windraiser only threw the mortals out there and this ‘lesser’ act was influenced HEAVILY by active intention to get them killed resulting in him getting seemingly a similar punishment to Ji Ning.

          So its like a double system in DE there is ‘Karma’, which compared to RL is like cause and effect with a punishment or reward system added on. Then there is the Intent modifier added onto that base ‘Karma’ system.

          I, much like you yourself and many others don’t necessarily agree with this system, but the results here make sense within that system, that’s all most of us are saying.

          If you think about it a similar thing exists in real life in some areas. For example birth, its not of your choosing but sometimes the simple fact of your birth in terms of where and to whom decides a lot of how your life will go, rather that be punishment or reward. After that, ‘intent’ – meaning your chosen path and efforts – can decide the rest but it can never really eliminate the baseline ‘karma’ of your birth.
          Both this and the Karma in DE suck but it happens.

    4. Ji Ning made the finishing move that killed the mortals. And he isn’t blameless either, as strong as he is it should have been possible for him to verify what he was hitting. However, he didn’t and so his arrogance and carelessness killed billions. So the sin would be on Ji Ning as well.

      1. Honestly, here’s my thought; I bet that Windraiser DID get hit with more sin than Ning, but we already know that killing mortals incurs a huge amount of sin. Even if Ning only received 1% of the blame and Windraiser got 99% of the blame…1% of ten billion is still equivalent to 100% of 100 million! It’s just too huge.

        1. Are you sure…
          We know furboys daoheart is at least equal to Northstalker ~ even if his heart were weaker than fartdemon he would still not be that far behind. If we look at the reactions the two have either furboy is much more than one level inferior or they got an equal amount

          1. Northwalker struggled through his million year tribulation and died in the following ones, while windraiser breezed through it no problem. Windraisers Dao heart is far beyond both northwalker and ji nings. It seems that the ‘agony’ phase was comparable to slightly over the million year tribulation where northwalker died. At most they gained equal amounts of sin.

        2. No it’s pretty obvious that Ning was hit with majority of the Sin which is the main problem with this. Ning should not have been hit with much Sin at all since the primary perpetrator was Windraiser yet Windraiser seems to have been hit with less Sin than Ning.

          1. The sky is not human, he has no emotions, not you judge as if it were a human being. As I see heaven punishes you if you killed intentionally or unintentionally, killed them in the same way which does not remove sin. A human being would punish obviously to which had the intention of killing, but the sky not is a human being.

      2. ….okay. You try “checking” what the people who’s trying to KILL YOU is throwing at you. Let’s see how far you get in life.

        “Hmm he just threw a large bright ball at me, I’ll not attack it, let me just chec-”
        *sword beam*

    5. I was really angry when it first happened, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I think he probably should get some measure of sin but not much. To be fair though, we don’t know the exact amounts; It might be that killing 1b mortals intentionally is enough to cause sinflames, but killing them accidentally only gets you 10% as much sin so you’d have to kill 10b by accident to cause sinflames to descend.

      After learning more about sinflames and dao hearts in this chapter though, I’m highly anticipating Ning overcoming the trial and becoming a badass v2 of old demon Silvermoon.

    6. Indeed. To my knowledge, no karma would be generated without intention. To commit a “killing”, the three condition needs to be met.
      1. intention to kill
      2. effort
      3. the victim dies

      Bad karma is generated when one starts considering “killing”.
      It is not “killing” karma though; just bad karma. Effort generates more bad karma, still not “killing” yet. Only when all three are met, it is considered “killing”.
      without 1, 2.effort does not exist.
      Even if the victim dies, no bad karma is generated.
      In vinaya, there was a case ; a blind Ararat stepped on ants causing death. There were complaint that he committed the “killing”. But the Buddha acquitted the case completely, saying “no karma generated without the intention”. Neither meritorious nor bad karma was generated without intention.

      1. Given how it’s been used in this and many other stories, I feel that this Karma doesn’t really relate to intent. It’s more a question of your actions and the effects they have. How your existence ripples and affects the world. Else, how could things like that one group murdering Ji Ning’s disciple’s family to take her into their clan still actually raise the clan’s luck? In this instance, it is still a fact that without Ji Ning, and without Ning making the choice to attack/block the attack, the mortals would be alive. Just because you are used by someone else doesn’t absolve you of all responsibility. At least, that’s how I’m seeing it.

    7. I think it was already pointed out that the purpose of the system is to protect mortals. Immortal cultivators can’t massacre mortals without consequences. So when mortals are killed, those immortal cultivators responsible will be punished. And the greatest share of the punishment goes to the one who did the actual deed, followed by those who assisted, facilitated, commanded, etc. Ning not intending, or not knowing, doesn’t change the fact that those mortals died directly by his hands. Too bad for him, just say that karma is a b!tch … cuz it doesn’t spare you even if you didn’t have bad intentions.

  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    When I first saw the title, I thought that it was going to refer to Ning, not this devil. 🙁
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    1. The ancestor was stating his opinion not a fact. Windraiser clearly sinned. Also the Karma system hasn’t changed, its just up until now it was used in the MC’s favor, this is actually a refreshing change for me. After all Ning has done his share of slaughtering and got off scott free under this same Karma system.

      What would have upset me didn’t come to pass as Windraiser still got the karma sinflames and the proceeding bad luck for his clan, thereby forcing him to suicide to enter the circle of reincarnation. Though i bet the same won’t be true for Ji Ning and his clan somehow, but it’ll let that slide.

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