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Book 15, The Sword Eradicates Celestial Immortals, Chapter 14 – A Feud As Fathomless as a Sea of Blood

A spatial ripple suddenly appeared in the skies above the desolate plains. Two figures emerged from the spatial ripple; a staff-wielding Celestial Immortal Hunchmont, and a black-robed, black-haired Immortal Diancai.

“It’s up ahead.”

“But there’s a formation covering that area.”

Celestial Immortal Hunchmont and Immortal Diancai immediately released their coresense, using it to cover an area of tens of thousands of kilometers; they were naturally able to discover that large formation. The formations which the four Celestial Immortals of the Youngflame clan had set up here weren’t meant to be used to guard their headquarters; naturally, they wouldn’t pay too high of a price for them. These formations were merely meant for trapping enemies by mystifying them, barring spatial ripples, and causing enemies to be unable to use void blink techniques to escape; they were unable to completely block out the coresense of a determined Celestial Immortal.

“Ji Ning!” Both were shocked by what their coresense found.

They saw Ning, with three heads and six arms, suffering repeated attacks from four mighty Celestial Immortals within that grand formation.

Patriarch Arcanum used the Starlight Revolution to negatively impact Ning’s movements time and time again.

Patriarch Goldclock was using his top-grade Pure Yang greatclock in an attempt to trap and suppress Ning within it.

Patriarch Infatuation was continuing to unleash the full power of his miniature frozen world with every blow, beating Ning senseless and giving him no chance to fight back at all; he was a truly supreme Celestial Immortal.

Patriarch Deadwood was controlling countless tendrils and vines in an attempt to bind and constrict Ning.

Although he had the [Eight-Nine Arcane Art], Ning was being forced to rely on body-separation, followed by self-detonation, something which he wouldn’t be able to sustain for very long.

“Hurry up and break the formation.” Celestial Immortal Hunchmont was shocked and worried. “Diancai, this great formation is mainly focused inwards and doesn’t have much resistance to outside attacks. If the two of us join together, we can break it open through raw force.”

“Alright.” Immortal Diancai was frantic as well.

“Let’s go.”

Immortal Diancai pointed from far away. Instantly, five Immortal swords appeared out of nowhere, instantly piercing through the skies, transforming into five dazzling rainbows of light. Every single sword manifested the illusion of a giant mountain…and moments later, the five illusory mountains actually joined together, transforming into a single enormous mountain with five peaks! These five peaks were like five fingers of different colors that carried the intent of utter extermination.

Five Elements Sword – Minor Five Elements Extermination!

“Mountainshift!” Celestial Immortal Hunchmont released a low growl as well. A total of nine massive seals appeared out of nowhere, each of which flew out at high speed and transformed into a massive mountain. These nine massive mountains were different in appearance, with some being towering, some being squat, and some being sharp. They were completely different from Immortal Diancai’s swords, as they were not illusory; rather, they were nine true mountain peaks.

In addition, around the nine true mountains, a host of illusory mountains could be seen as well. A total of eighty-one such illusory mountain peaks appeared..

It was like an entire mountain range was crashing down!

The reason why Celestial Immortal Hunchmont’s nickname was ‘Hunchmont’ was precisely because he relied on this supreme ability of his, the [Mountainbringer] technique.


The illusory five-peaked mountain of sword-light radiated an aura of extermination, while the nine true mountain peaks carried eighty-one illusory mountain peaks with them as they came crashing down with raw force.

The two joined together…and the formation flags which the Celestial Immortals had spread throughout the region were instantly shattered apart. Even the desolate plains themselves had massive, jagged scars blasted into them.

Both figures were extraordinary in their power.

Immortal Diancai had become a Celestial Immortal after undergoing six nine-sets of thunder tribulation; his sword-art, the ‘Minor Five Elements Extermination’, was on a level that was even higher than Ning’s own sword-arts! In addition, he was using five top-grade Immortal-ranked flying swords to execute his technique. Ning’s fourth stage of his [Greater Thousand Swords Formation] was probably roughly on par with his master’s techniques in terms of sword-arts, but Immortal Diancai was now a Celestial Immortal…naturally, his power was much greater, due to the fact that he was using Celestial Immortal-level power.

As for Celestial Immortal Hunchmont, he was also on the same level as Patriarch Deadwood and Patriarch Goldclock; he, too, was more powerful than Ning.

And the two of them had just joined forces!

Naturally, they were able to completely smash apart that grand formation.

“Not good.”

“Our formation’s been destroyed.”

“The newcomers are Hunchmont of the Northmont clan and Immortal Diancai of the Black-White College,” Patriarch Arcanum sent frantically.

“Infatuation, what should we do now?” Patriarch Goldclock sent a frantic mental message as well.

“Damn!” Patriarch Infatuation had an ugly look on his face. He stared at the distant Ji Ning, who was frantically dodging past the many tendrils in an attempt to buy as much time as possible. What he saw made him feel all the more unwilling to give up; although Ji Ning had trained in the [Eight-Nine Arcane Art], his foundation was far too weak. Patriarch Infatuation was now certain that if the four of them were given just a bit more time, they would be able to suppress and trap Ji Ning within the divine greatclock!

Once trapped and suppressed within that top-grade Pure Yang treasure, even True Immortals or Empyrean Gods would be unable to escape, to say nothing of Ji Ning.

But of course…a True Immortal or Empyrean God wouldn’t be so stupid as to let themselves be trapped within.


The five-peaked mountain of sword-light carried an incomparably fierce aura.

The nine true mountains carried a host of illusory mountains as they came crashing forward.

There was nothing to stop them.

“Damn, damn, DAMN!!!” Patriarch Infatuation was both frantic and enraged; they were so very close to victory! However, he knew that the appearance of Celestial Immortal Hunchmont and Immortal Diancai meant that they were now unable to suppress Ji Ning. After all, Ji Ning had trained in the [Eight-Nine Arcane Art]; they were unable to kill him, and would only be able to suppress and trap him.

They no longer had the time necessary to do that.

“Leave!” Patriarch Infatuation sent with an angry roar. “Let’s leave.”

“Damnit.” Patriarch Goldclock and Patriarch Deadwood felt similarly unwilling to just give up like this.

“If we had just a few extra moments, Ji Ning would’ve been finished.” Patriarch Arcanum was unbelievably frustrated as well.

“Celestial Immortal Infatuation, this is my territory, Stillwater Commandery. By doing this, your Youngflame clan is truly showing no regard for our Northmont clan.” A sonorous voice, backed by Celestial Immortal-level power, instantly shook every single inch of the surrounding area. The elderly staff-wielding hunch back and the black-robed, black-haired man had already begun moving towards them, side-by-side.

“Hmph.” The four Celestial Immortals of the Youngflame clan couldn’t even be bothered to talk to them; they each retreated at high speed, disappearing into the distant horizons.

They made quite a clean getaway.

“Ji Ning.” Celestial Immortal Hunchmont and Immortal Diancai flew over to him.

“Senior Hunchmont. Master.” Ning went over to welcome them.

“What happened? Four Celestial Immortals of the Youngflame clan joined forces to attack you?” Immortal Diancai was incomparably worried, while the nearby Celestial Immortal Hunchmont was secretly shocked as well. All four of the Celestial Immortals were exceedingly powerful; logically speaking, a slightly weaker Celestial Immortal should’ve been instantly killed! Ji Ning, however, had been able to hold on until their arrival.

“They have been looking to get rid of me for some time now. This time, they set up a trap here at my junior apprentice-brother Mu Northson’s place, waiting for me.” Ning’s heart was filled with guilt.

Junior apprentice-brother…

The thing most important to his junior apprentice-brother, the soul of his Dao-companion, had been destroyed. Ning didn’t know what his junior apprentice-brother was currently thinking right now; his junior apprentice-brother had completely been collateral damage in this attempt to kill Ning.

“If I had known this would happen, when he refused, I would’ve forcibly abducted him to Swallow Mountain.” Ning was filled with endless regret. Because his junior apprentice-brother was filled with longing and love for this place, he was unwilling to listen to Ning’s suggestions, no matter what Ning said. In addition, since Ning felt that nobody would know that Northson had returned to this place, and given that Northson also had the Winged Immortal golem, he didn’t force his junior apprentice-brother to go back with him.

“My junior apprentice-brother literally just returned. How did the Youngflame clan find out?” Ning mused to himself.

“Ji Ning, you spoke of a junior apprentice-brother?” Immortal Diancai hurriedly asked.

“Yes. Mu Northson.” Ning nodded.

“You found him?” Immortal Diancai was shocked.

“I found him. Let’s go back first; let’s not stay here.” Ning glanced at the surrounding area; even the wooden house which his junior apprentice-brother had built had been utterly annihilated by this battle. That earlier battle had simply been too frenzied.

Ning, Immortal Diancai, and Celestial Immortal Hunchmont first returned to Stillwater City. After discussing a few affairs in detail, even Immortal Diancai agreed, “Based on what you said, Bloodcloud Hall’s attempted assassination of you was very likely done at the request of the Youngflame clan. Now that they have personally attempted to remove you…they probably won’t let matters rest like this.”

“Agreed. Ji Ning, given your current level of power, you aren’t able to withstand the Youngflame clan yet. You have to keep waiting and enduring it. After you become a Celestial Immortal, your chances will be much greater,” Celestial Immortal Hunchmont urged as well.

Ning was filled with regret and hate.

Wait and endure?

For how much longer was he supposed to wait and endure?

In the past, his mother had carried the burden of knowing who their mortal enemy was by herself; she had been unwilling to tell him that their enemy was the Youngflame clan, precisely because in her eyes, her son was more important than vengeance. In addition, she was afraid; the Youngflame clan was truly far too powerful. She didn’t even dare imagine her son fighting against an ancient clan like this, one of the top ten clans of the entire world of the Grand Xia.

When the Youngflame clan had been frantically searching for him, and even trapping the Ji clan within Swallow Mountain, Ning had been forced to endure and bide his time!

When they had attempted to assassinate him within the imperial capital of the Grand Xia, Ning had still waited and endured!

He had never taken any reprisal actions against them.

In fact, even upon his return from Mount Innerheart, Ning had continued to wait and bide his time…because he didn’t feel any confidence at all in his ability to deal with the Youngflame clan. The Northmont clan of Stillwater was already so incredibly powerful; what then of the Youngflame clan? The four Celestial Immortals that had appeared today were already incredibly terrifying…and this was probably not the full power the Youngflame clan could bring to bear.


Swallow Mountain.

Only after returning to Swallow Mountain did Ning release his junior apprentice-brother.

“Youngflame clan…Youngflame clan…Youngflame clan…”

Within a house, a series of agonized, maddened growls could be heard. The nearby servants and maids who heard the voice felt their hearts shudder. A grand formation had long ago been set up around this house, causing Northson to be completely unable to escape.

Ning stood there on the hallway, listening to the heart-rending growls.

He walked through the grand formation. He walked to the room. He pushed the door open. He entered.

Within the room.

Mu Northson was sitting on his knees like a madman, his hair tousled and even whiter than before. He raised his head to look towards Ning.

“Senior apprentice-brother.” Northson’s face was twisted with agony. His eyes were blood-red, and he said in hoarsely, “I will take revenge. I will take revenge! I will kill the Youngflame clan. Kill them. Kill them all. They took everything from me. I’m going to take everything from them. Annihilate them. Senior apprentice-brother, let me out!”

“This was all my fault.” Ning walked to his junior apprentice-brother’s side, then knelt down as well, taking his junior apprentice-brother’s hand into his own.

His junior apprentice-brother’s hand was trembling nonstop.

Ning was filled with tremendous guilt.

This was all purely because of the feud between him and the Youngflame clan. His junior apprentice-brother had ended up being dragged into it.

“It isn’t your fault, senior apprentice-brother. It was the Youngflame clan,” Northson said hoarsely. “I will take revenge. Kill them. The more I kill, the better. Senior apprentice-brother, why don’t you let me out? Why?”

“Wait. Wait a few more days,” Ning said in a low voice.

“I need to keep waiting?” Northson’s eyes were filled with madness.

“Junior apprentice-brother, do you think I don’t want to wipe out the Youngflame clan?” Ning’s entire body began to tremble slightly as well. “I’ve been biding my time for so many years. I want to take revenge very badly…and not just for myself. This is for my mother…my uncle…my cousin…this is for all of them. I tell you this – Wait a few more days. Once my preparations are complete, I will definitely assault the Youngflame clan’s headquarters.”

“Wait how long?” Northson stared at Ning.

“Soon. Very soon,” Ning said consolingly.

Suddenly, Ning rose to his feet. Turning his head, he stared towards the south. His gaze seemed to pass through the walls of space and penetrate to the imperial capital of the Grand Xia. In this moment, within the imperial palace of the imperial capital, the silver-haired Skyfox had just shattered the talisman which Ning had given him.

Northson, noticing that Ning had suddenly risen to his feet, couldn’t help but turn his head to look at him.

“…Our chance just arrived,” Ning said softly. “I’ll go on a trip to the imperial capital of the Grand Xia first. After that…it will be time for the Youngflame clan to pay their blood debt to us.”

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    1. Can’t Tell if Mu Northson is suicide or stupid. It’s ok if he wants to die but did he really think he could just charge in there and do anything?

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    1. Agreed.

      I love the worlds that this author makes but ALL OF HIS MC’S SUCK. Not a single one of them, on their own merit, actually achieve anything. It is always plot armor, “lucky” encounters, OP abilities, and “random kindness” that saves them.

      The author covers this all up with his “Dao Heart not pure if x doesn’t happen” in order to appease the readers but it just makes it even more ridiculous. A man does not challenge a tiger in hand to hand combat; he waits until he crafts a bow and arrow or invents the gun. He doesn’t come back and get a lucky break where the tiger is injured. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happens to every MC that this author creates which is kinda sad really because I miss MC’s that can endure, that plan their moments, and don’t always get saved by lucky encounters but by their own preparations.

        1. Warlock’s (wmw) MC isn’t really all that clever. He has a macguffin (“AI chip”) that grants him almost infinite knowledge and skills about everything, as long as he sees or hears about something. On his own, he’s nothing, especially since one of the earlier cases of his intelligence is demonstrated by willingly eating unknown, likely poisonous, plants in order to identify them with his cheat.
          I wouldn’t claim he actually knows how to “plan ahead cleverly” when all he does is let his OP-cheat do all the work for him. It’s just your usual Garry Stu story with an OP plot-skill.

          I’d recommend I Shall Seal The Heavens (ISSTH) for a “clever MC”, although he does brute-force quite a lot of things, the story is notorious for the mc’s rouses, scams and wily plans, and it’s written just good enough that it doesn’t feel like the MC has infinite plot armour, or for the very least, it’s not as obscene as with most xianxia.

          1. Those poisonous plants he was eating were mortal level and he was already at a prep knight level. as well as have done superficial external scan on them, and consumed very small amounts.

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      1. I dont get how people keep saying plot amor this and plot amor that. You do understand that these stories you read are about specific people that went trough hardships and “lucky” encounters to reach a realm above others, thats why they are mcs, and there are stories about them, if their encounters and luck isent deffrent from the other character, what would be the point of the stories since all the character would be the same.

        1. It’s all about the suspension of disbelief, the audience wants something they can actually believe is going to happen. As such, that argument of yours isn’t enough to make people believe a certain chain of events actually happened. Even if in real life, you were saved by all sorts of really random events — it wouldn’t necessarily make a good story, because of how difficult it is to connect with all of these seemingly impossible and dumb-luck events.
          Maybe that experience was a reality for you, but it’s not necessarily true for the audience. And the audience is what matters when it comes to a story.

          Also, I think most people call “bullocks” atm because Ning had absolutely no reason not to believe that the giant organization he pissed off in order to save Northson, is likely to use and hurt Northson in order to lure him in.

      2. Regarding “lucky encounters,” I don’t mind this as much; it just follows from the probability of large numbers. Think about the number of geniuses that have existed over the past millions of years and trillions of worlds that make up the Three Realms. Those geniuses probably had lucky encounters too, but their own story ended at Book 5 or maybe they got as far as Book 10. Maybe because of this we don’t get to read their stories. It’s not so unbelievable that there finally exists a story like Ji Ning. How many years did the universe have to wait for someone like Linley to come about. Didn’t Ni Yang’s story in Stellar Transformations end when he stepped on a poisonous bug? This is even more likely given the large timelines IET sets his stories in.

        Regarding “OP abilities,” Ji Ning is a Fiendgod body refiner and his secret art makes his body comparable to an Immortal-ranked magic treasure. IET has actually been consistent in his ordering of power and abilities throughout the story. In some stories I don’t even try to measure the power of different abilities anymore (see ISSTH), but IET allows the reader to do this most of the time. His use of a cultivator’s “Dao heart” has so far always played a supporting role and the additional power it gives an ability has not yet been far away from its expected “base power,” so I don’t understand why this is even a point of contention. It is really hard for me to judge what makes a power “OP” against what makes it “strong,” especially in this sort of fantastical world with Fiendgods and Immortals. (Note that I do not yet have an estimation on how strong the fourth cycle of the [Starseizing Hand] will be, I will have to think about it some more.)

        Regarding “plot armor,” I feel like this term is always misused on this website. What is plot armor? Many seem to think that if the MC lives, this can only be due to plot armor. I think that plot armor allows the MC to get out of a difficult situation in a contrived manner. And contrived situations usually take away from the consistency that a story has. Exceptions being ISSTH, though its highly debatable whether many of those situations are truly “contrived” by the author…or by the story; if by the story itself, then its acceptable to me. This is hard to judge sometimes, again given the fact that lucky occurrences are real things. But I see no plot armor in this chapter. Ning destroyed a talisman and called for help. Having this talisman is reasonable and calling for help in this situation makes sense. The Youngflame clan choosing to flee is also not unexpected. Nothing in this chapter seems contrived to me.

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    To Guglu Muglu, what does not kill you make you stronger…
    This is a necessary step for Ning or else everything would be kinda boring: oh my name is Ning! I am a supreme archer too, and can kill you effortlessly even if you are a Dao father…

  3. “In addition, since Ning felt that nobody would know that Northson had returned to this place, and given that Northson also had the Winged Immortal golem, he didn’t force his junior apprentice-brother to go back with him.”Oh Ning are yout that innocent?Or that stupid?Anyway i hope next he won’t just try to rush an attack on Youngflame clan after just upgrading his divine ability, as he said that wasn’t their full power (as we know they have 1 more Celestial Immortal). Go at least Celestial level with both your main body and primaltwin then exterminate them…simple!

    1. To be fair, the Youngflame clan had absolutely no idea that Northson was back or even where he was. It was only because Violetgrass decided to use this method to assassinate Ning that they were able to find out. And note Ning was also only targeted for assassination because they fear him becoming an even more powerful ally of the Xia Emperor in the future, not really because he escaped with Northson. These sort of developments are hard to predict.

      1. They didn’t have to predict anything they already knew!Northson was targeted because he was an expert in constructs nothing stopping them from tracking him again or giving the information to others…which they did.And Ning was targeted by Youngflame clan and the assasins.This chapter we learn Ning was reluctant to let Northson stay in the middle of nowhere with no protection but that shouldn’t even have been an issue they are both targeted by organizations with plenty of resources and Celestial immortals, at the very least be a bit more careful and stay in a secure place!If it’s so important to be with family in his rundown hut what’s the point in becoming an Immortal Cultivator?It feels like the author is forcing tribulations upon Ning to temper him but its not all about pure power show some intelligence as well.

        1. Ning can be intelligent, but I don’t expect him to be clairvoyant. What would really feel “forced” is if Ning was able to become strong without any tribulations or conflicts in life and have the ability to see through everything. Even normal people encounter problems in life every day, how is this chapter “forced” because Northson was put in danger because of Ning? There is a limit to how far Ning can go to protect everyone, otherwise he’d become just like an overprotective mother who doesn’t let her kid play on the front lawn because it’s too dangerous outside. How much freedom will he forcefully take away from the people around him in order to protect them? Sometimes when I see my father isn’t well I urge him to go to the hospital for a check up, but he doesn’t like hospitals. I also don’t think it’s too serious, but I am still concerned. I try to persuade him but he doesn’t always listen and gets angry. Should I knock him out and drag him to a hospital every time I hear him cough? If he actually died right after my warning I would truly feel regret that I did not knock him out and drag him, and yet I still don’t.

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          2. Kons, remember that it was only a short time between when his bro got back to the hut and then when Ning visited him again. Given enough time, I believe Ji Ning definitely would have set up defenses, however at the time, he only had the golems to give him.

            Mainly this happened because of the short timing. Even if Ji Ning would have thought someone might set a trap there, he wouldn’t expect them to do it that quickly.

            Also, as much as we might wish it, this isn’t WMW with it’s rationality. Hindsight is always 20/20. Keep in mind that we shouldn’t judge from our point of view, but from inside the setting.

          3. @BufloSolja
            Or, MC could have not been a turbo retard and set up the defenses FIRST

            This was a choice, both MC and Northson chose to be extremely ridiculously over the top retarded. For the sole purpose of an artificial revenge arc

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    1. Yuchi clan also had many innocents but they were all slaughtered because the clan had a divine ability. He has to kill them all or else the survivors will seek revenge in the future. I think that’s something that happened often in chinese history many were executed along with their entire families as to avoid trouble in the future. Patriarch Arcanum also tried to attack Ji clan after Nong was killed but only wiped out the mortals(Immortals slaying mortals is considered sowing very negative karma) around Serpentwing Lake, because Ji clan was well protected.

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