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Book 13, Tristar Crescent Abode, Chapter 17 – Forced

The twelve Diremonsters that had formed into the massive Dao-soldier formation of a giant flamewing bug were all filled with terror.

This formation was formed by a Primal Diremonster leading eleven Wanxiang Diremonsters. Through the Dao-soldier formation, they were extremely powerful when fighting together, and only foes who at least had the power of a Loose Immortals or Earth Immortals were able to do anything to them. They had held this fur-clad youth atop the ship’s prow in no regard…but now, just standing there without moving at all, the fur-clad youth had unleashed such an aura of majestic power that they were completely frozen!

“Where did this expert come from?!”

“How…how can he be so terrifying?! What level of insight into the Dao has he reached?!”

The monsters were completely stunned. They had held the fur-clad youth in no regard and wanted to just dispose of him…but now they realized they had stomped down on a giant steel plate that was harder than any they had ever seen.

Boom! Boom! Boom! One streak of light after another appeared in the skies. They instantly pierced through the enormous flamewing bug and the twelve Diremonsters within it. The Primal Diremonster, the Wanxiang Diremonsters…they all instantly perished.


Ning stood at the prow of his ship, looking at the twelve dead Diremonsters. He couldn’t help but shake his head and chuckle.

Killing these twelve Diremonsters was as easy as waving his hand. They had actually dared to assault him without even saying a few words to him; naturally, Ning had shown no mercy in dealing with them.

As for why Ning was laughing…

It was because he was thinking back to the ancient Fiendgod he had met back in the wild marshes of the Gaol Mountains. “When I had encountered that ancient Fiendgod, the Dao Domain the Fiendgod unleashed was enough to freeze everything, causing me to be unable to move…and now, I just used the exact same sort of technique to kill a squad that was far more powerful than I was back then, led by that Primal Diremonster.”

Dao Domains…through one’s mastery and insights into a Dao, one could use the power of the natural world to form a Domain that solely belonged to one’s self!

Dao Domains, Dao-Realms, Grand Dao Domains…although they had differing levels of power, in truth, they were all variations on Dao Domains. They shared the same principles.

Ning’s Rainwater Sword Domain was also a sort of Dao Domain.

At a higher level, after one mastered a complete Dao-Path, one’s mastery over the energy of the natural world would become even stronger; this was what was known as a Dao-Realm.

But of course, that only referred to lesser Daos!

There were also Grand Dao Domains. They belonged to Grand Daos, and were actually even more powerful than Dao-Realms. And beyond them were the Grand Dao-Realms! After one completely mastered an entire Grand Dao, one would be able to summon an even more terrifying amount of natural energy than Ning was currently able to. In the face of this sort of power, even Loose Immortals or Earth Immortals would probably be paralyzed.


Dao Domains were linked to one’s insight into the Dao. The higher one’s level of insights, the more natural energy of Heaven and Earth one could activate. As one’s insights into a Grand Dao increased, the power of the Grand Dao Domain would similarly increase, until finally it reached the Grand Dao-Realm level.

Ning’s level of insight into the Dao of the Sword was already at Immortal Northwalker’s level! This level of insight was even superior to the level which that ancient Fiendgod of the Gaol Mountains had possessed. Thus, just by using his Dao Domain, he had been able to completely suppress those twelve Diremonsters who had been in a Dao-soldier formation, to the point of making it completely impossible for them to fight back.


Everything was back to normal now. The waves of the Viledragon River continued to crash forward, and the large ship continued to sail forward.

The survivors of the Qi Empire, standing atop the deck of the ship, stared towards Ning in utter terror and unease.

“The survivors of the Qi Empire?” Ning sat down relaxedly, then said slowly, “Are you still trying to hide it, given the situation? Are you still going to try and tell me that your name is Shi Feng?”

The crown prince Qi Rufeng exchanged glances with the two princesses. The guards behind them looked towards Ning with fear in their gazes as well. The look in Qi Xiaoyu’s eyes was especially complicated. This Daoist Darknorth wanted to take her on as his disciple, and the power he had just displayed was truly inconceivable.

“Big brother, what should we do? When the Flamewing Guard attacked, they revealed our true identities. This Darknorth knows that we are of the imperial Qi clan,” the black-robed woman sent mentally.

“Word of the destruction of our Qi Empire has long since spread. This Darknorth must know very well by now that we are the lucky survivors of the imperial clan. He might act to seize our treasures,” the violet-robed princess sent frantically. “We need to seize the advantage and use up our magic treasures to kill him.”

“Idiocy. Although the remnant treasures of the Qi Empire are in my hands, I have no confidence in being able to deal with this Darknorth.” Crown Prince Qi Rufeng sent back with anger, “Just by relying on his Dao Domain, he was able to summon enough energy from the Heavens and the Earth to cause a squad of the Flamewing Guard to be completely unable to move. His insights into the Dao are superior to those of even supreme Earth Immortals and Loose Immortals. Although judging from the ripples of power emanating from him, he should still be a peak Primal Daoist, his power is definitely at the Earth Immortal or Loose Immortal level. And given that he was able to so easily bring out a hundred high-grade Heaven-ranked flying swords, he certainly has powerful treasures of his own. I imagine that he has the power of a supreme Loose Immortal or Earth Immortal.”

His nation had once spanned a million kilometers. The final survivors, including the crown prince of the nation, naturally had quite a few formidable treasures of their own.

“Then what should we do?” The violet-robed princess was panicking now.

“We only have two Greater Teleportation Dao-seals; at most, two of us can escape,” the crown prince said. “This Daoist Darknorth hasn’t moved to attack us yet; we can still negotiate with him.”

“Right. Let’s negotiate,” the violet-robed princess said hurriedly.

“We have no other choices,” the black-robed princess sent as well.


Ning watched as the crown prince and the two princesses stealthily sent mental messages to each other. Previously, when they had first boarded the ship, they had felt mentally superior to Ning; they had believed him to merely be a Primal Daoist, and that by relying on their imperial treasures they could deal with him. Now, however, they didn’t even think about fighting back against him.

“Senior.” Crown Prince Qi Rufeng said respectfully, “I imagine that since you have heard what the Flamewing Guard said, you already know the truth. It is true. We are indeed of the imperial Qi clan.”

News of the destruction of the Qi Empire was extremely wide-spread. Virtually all of the at least somewhat powerful cultivators in the surrounding million kilometers knew about this matter. However, although Ning had arrived at the Star continent half a month ago, he actually didn’t know about this matter at all.

Ning calmly sipped his wine as he listened.

Qi Rufeng continued nervously, “Ever since our Qi Empire was destroyed by the Flamewing King, the imperial Qi clan has been fleeing. The Flamewing Guard has never let up on their pursuit of us…and so we had to be cautious. I was forced to report a false name, ‘Shi Feng’, to you. My true name is Qi Rufeng! A prince of the Qi Empire!”

“Prince?” Ning gently murmured this word, but continued to look at Qi Rufeng.

Qi Rufeng hurriedly continued, “This is my little sister, Qi Ruyu. This is another little sister, Qi Ruhui.”

Ning glanced sideways at the two; the black-robed princess was Qi Ruyu, while the violet-robed princess was Qi Ruhui.

“Wise. You didn’t continue to lie.” Ning just sat there. “If you continue to lie…I probably will no longer have the patience to talk to you. I’d just kill you and take away the treasures of your imperial Qi clan.”

The crown prince and the princesses felt their hearts tremble as they heard this.

Ning said calmly, “I wish to take Qi Xiaoyu as my disciple. I imagine that all you need to do is nod and agree to it. Do not lie to me. If you lie…I will know.”

The difference in power between the two was simply too vast. In addition, Ning’s soul was extraordinarily powerful; this was why Ning was so confident. If the crown prince’s soul was a bit stronger, however, then Ning would no longer be so sure of himself.

“It is true. So long as I agree, I can indeed give Qi Xiaoyu to you, senior,” the crown prince said respectfully.

“Then why haven’t you done so?” Ning snapped softly.

The crown prince, Qi Rufeng, just shook his head.

“You want those hundred high-grade Heaven-ranked flying swords?” Ning looked at him, then said calmly, “I can give them to you. However…don’t go too far. Taking your life would be as easy as turning over my hand.”

“I don’t want flying swords.” Crown Prince Qi Rufeng looked at Ning. “I want you, senior, to protect our imperial clan for a hundred years! If you agree to protect us for a hundred years, then I will immediately allow Qi Xiaoyu to take you on as master, and…after a hundred years, I definitely won’t hinder you in any way. If you want to leave then, you can!”

Ning’s face sank, and a cold light flashed through his eyes. “You are courting death!”


Qi Rufeng actually began to laugh, laugh in a mad manner. “Courting death? Right, I am indeed courting death. Senior, you have no idea how pitiful the lives of myself and my two little sisters have been. Ever since the Qi Empire was annihilated many decades ago, we have been under constant pursuit. Every day, we are filled with terror and unease. One clansman after another has perished, one elder relative after another has died, and one sibling after another has perished. Many imperial Qi clansmen had fled with us…but now, only three of us remain. I’m the only surviving male of our entire imperial Qi clan.”

“Hahaha, it’s enough. I’ve had enough! My little sister here is already unable to endure the stress; she wanted to fight those Flamewing Guards to the death. Although Ruyu has never said it aloud…I know that she is tired as well.”

“And in truth, I am even more tired!”

Qi Rufeng stared at Ning, tears in his eyes. “I’m the final male survivor. The three of us are the only survivors of the entire imperial clan, and I am the most powerful of our group, a Wanxiang Adept. All of the burdens are on my shoulders. Where shall we go? How shall we rebuild our empire? How shall we take revenge? All of these burdens are crushing me down. I’ve had enough. Enough! You can say that I’m courting death or that I’m crazy. Whatever! I’ve given you my terms. If you protect us for a century, then I will give my servant, Qi Xiaoyu, to serve you as your disciple, senior.”

“Qi Xiaoyu is a person of tremendous karmic virtue, and more than nine hundred meters of golden light surrounds her. When the elders of our clan discovered her, they were absolutely delighted and believed that she would be able to provide luck to our entire imperial clan.”

“I will not so easily let Qi Xiaoyu go…”

“Either protect us for a century, or kill us and let us reunite with our mother, our father, and our many relatives.”

Qi Rufeng’s eyes were filled with tears, but his voice was filled with absolute determination.

He was staking it all. He was throwing their lives into this wager. He was tired…he didn’t want to continue to flee in terror like this. He could tell how powerful Ning was; with Ning as their guardian and protector, they would have a much better chance at surviving.

“Big brother.” The black-robed princess’s face was streaked with tears as well.

“Big brother, don’t beg him. Let’s just end it all here.” The violet-robed princess gritted her teeth, madness in her eyes.

Ning frowned. This was trouble. He hadn’t expected that the survivors of the imperial Qi clan felt such despair, that they had nowhere to go. He had thought that a simple threat would have been enough…but they were now staking everything against him!

A hundred years?

No chance. Ning had only spent thirty years on Mount Innerheart, and he had agreed to reunite with Yu Wei back in the world of the Grand Xia as soon as possible. How could he possibly extend their reunion by a century?

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  1. Kind of have to wonder exactly how much good karma Qi Xiaoyu is reaping considering the clan’s nearing destruction. Stands to reason these guys only have a vague understanding about how karma works, otherwise their clan never would have gotten destroyed to begin with.

    Also, she’s only been training ~20 years? Maybe she’s one of the ones who jumped in a portal in the underworld!

    1. Well, their luck are turning good since lucky girl brought them to Ji Ning! Ji Ning is probably powerful enough to help them regain their land, so I would said her karma meter already working!

    2. To have been caught up in the attack on the paths of reincarnation one would have to be the same age as Ning who is over 60 years old now. Besides, it was said the Tristar Crescent Abode has its own cycle of reincarnation, which implies to me that it is isolated from the cycles of reincarnation outside.

    3. Talking about karma…I still find it funny that cultivators can be complete scumbags, but since Karma is not collected or detracted by associating with other cultivators, anything goes.
      Just look how Ji Ning flaunts his power, with the mentality of “Might makes right”, with no benevolence or logic — yet he himself has incredible karmic luck.

      Karma is pretty weird in this story, it’s one of those things I feel that were not explored enough by this point in time.

      1. Even if Ning were being polite, which he wasn’t, how is “politeness” a good enough reason for them to give up Qi Xiaoyu.

        I didn’t feel Ning was that polite during their conversation. Being so forceful isn’t polite during a trade.

        In truth, this request of Ning’s was rather excessive. Still, the imperial clansmen didn’t wish to offend Ning. This was one of the benefits of being powerful; as long as Ning didn’t go way too far, the imperial prince and princesses wouldn’t quibble too much.

        “The three of you!” Ning controlled the hundred Heaven-ranked flying swords which hovered above them as he frowned and barked, “This is enough. Don’t go too far!”

    1. Um no, Ning isn’t as as*hole at all. These guys are basically like “Protect us for a hundred years or we’ll kill this person you look favourably towards” while I’m pretty certain that Ning can’t bring them back to Subhuti’s place. Ning is only trying to get a disciple so that he can get a technique, while if he were to protect them for a century he’d be doing FAR more harm to himself than good. You really haven’t been paying attention to what type of universe this is, have you?

      On top of that, and possibly most importantly, Ning’s Dao heart requires freedom. Having to protect them for a hundred years would probably feel stifling for him and end up harming his Dao Heart.

      1. “On top of that, and possibly most importantly, Ning’s Dao heart requires freedom.”

        I wonder how much freedom Ning really has when he’s shackled himself to this relationship with Yu Wei. He rushes his advancement, rushes is tasks, all for a relationship I could honestly not give two shits about.

        He’s not after real freedom but simply perceived freedom.

        1. Do you live in a democracy? Because from your responses it seems like you have been oppressed throughout your life without freedom.
          Ning could not ‘honestly not give two shits about’ what you feel. This is democracy! Freedom what perceived by you is simply freedom to go wherever you want him to go. But, it is simply what one’s heart wishes to do. His heart wishes to love that woman and follow her. Want to accomplish THAT is freedom. Because it is his choice. This IS real freedom. Wanting to do whatever one’s heart desires and not doing what others like you deem appropriate because that would make him nothing more than a captive or a slave.

          1. “This IS real freedom. Wanting to do whatever one’s heart desires and not doing what others like you deem appropriate because that would make him nothing more than a captive or a slave.”

            So essentially anarchy?

            1. a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems.
            2. absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

            Though, I do get your overarching point in the initial half.

      2. I disagree, Ning is totally acting like an as*hole. They were minding their own business when Ning came along and gave them this proposition, if he came up to them and accepted their initial response then I would agree with you that hes not being messed up. But he is threatening them with death because they won’t give him what he wants. He straight up said
        “If you had continued to lie, I would have killed you all and taken your treasure.”
        He sounds like a complete villain in this situation. Also, can you quote the part where they said they would kill Nings potential disciple?

        Ning has always been aligned with honor and he was generally a good guy who would only resort to killing as last resort measures. Now we are seeing him threatening death on people who are vastly weaker then him? How do you not see the issue here?

        1. Even the nicest guy can get angry if you continually treat him like dirt.

          Again and again, they lied to him, looked down on him, and wanted him to die either at their hands or somebody else’s hands so they can take his stuff. Ning’s got a powerful enough soul to see through their intentions, he’s no fool, and he’s pissed off.

          The first time when they thought he was just a mortal is acceptable, but not once have they really treated him with an ounce of respect despite being weaker than him. All they can do is keep thinking about how Ji Ning would be dead already if their old clan protectors were still alive.

          Sure, they could stand to have communicated better. If Ning had tried finding out that they’re on the run he’d know that they have no use for 100 swords and if they’d tried asking him how strong he truly is, they’d know he can easily kill all their enemies no problem. The problem is they’d rather just make assumptions and try to kill him and treat him as a nobody, rather than try to understand just who and how strong he really is.

          1. Ning acts out of the selfishness to want a divine ability; the Qi’s act out of selfishness to foremostly survive and possibly revive their fallen clan
            which is more selfish to you

            You write your comment with seeming positivity and then you blame the Qi clansmen; while neglecting to point out that Ning is the same as them (and worse already having directly threatened them and having thoughts of killing them to get his divine ability)

      3. I don’t understand why Ning’s Dao heart is being brought up. If protecting them for 100 years will be detrimental to his Dao heart, then don’t accept those terms!

        If the other party isn’t willing to trade, then you have to look elsewhere! Or…you could just threaten to kill them.

    2. You can’t think about it in the same as our society. Compared to a lot of others at the same level as him are far worse. The world they live in is ruthless so to an extent they have to be too.

    1. I don’t, that attitude is common in so many other Wuxia’s on this site, I really enjoyed Ning’s down to earth attitude. Now he’s just acting like a prick which, in my opinion, goes against his character up until now.

      1. He has been acting this way the entire novel, except the other party is usually stronger than him, so now that the arrogant twats are a lot weaker his attitude comes off as bullying rather than defiance. The royals have lied and tried to take advantage of him at every turn, and Nings policy has always been to treat people the way they treat him.

        1. Not really, as far as we could tell, hes never been put in a situation like this. Everything he has done so far has been in self defense or revenge which is a moral gray area, but def does not make him a cold blooded murderer. This is the first time we are seeing Ning actually threaten people weaker then him because they wouldn’t do what he wanted.

          They didn’t even approach him, he showed up and basically “asked” them to trade him for their servant. If the servant was distressed or wanted to escape her situation with her masters, then maybe I could agree with you. But she doesn’t even seem to dislike them. So Ning is basically just trying to force them into a bargain and got angry when they said no.

          1. He didn’t force them to trade her with him. At first he wanted asked for her in the way you would ask for a cookie, “That cookie looks good. Can I have a bite?” They promptly refused, which is understandable; you don’t just give away a cookie.

            But they also lied about who they were and also how he couldn’t release her without the permission of his “master”. See that’s where you done goofed; actually they goofed up before when they thought they could just ignore him, but he forgave them for it.

            Of course if the fire nation, I mean flamewing group, didn’t butt in they probably would’ve gotten away, although they would’ve lost a few treasures. Besides its kind of a thing with wuxia novels, only the strong can make the rules. However Ji Ning even though he is strong hasn’t really gotten angry. Just annoyed that they lied to him despite him showing them kindness.

            Although if I was in his shoes I’d probably just give up on that girl. I mean dudes got karmic value up the butthole right? So why waste time on her, he could and probably would find another person. Or you know, just go the typical way of say…PMG and kill all of them…yeah..that works.

          2. @Canaanite
            They are on the run because of their true name
            They know he is stronger than them and they dont want to offend him (while keeping their good luck charm) thus they tell another lie

  2. Heh, maybe luck is on Ji Ning’s side, maybe that Flamewing King accumulated a lot of bad juju, enough to be on Ning’s kill list, he could promise them to kill off that Diremonster King and help them retake their land. Beside, the circumstance of feeling lost, despair and being hunted resonance with Ji Ning, like what happen to the Yuchis, and his parents.

  3. Ning is quite vicious! I didn’t think he would go so far as to kill and rob them like some bandit!

    “This is my response to you. If you agree, then you shall release Qi Xiaoyu to me to be my disciple. If you refuse, then I’ll kill you and take away your imperial treasures.”

    1. He’s just threatening them. He might kill them, but he doesn’t care about their treasures. He’s just in a bad mood since they’ve been threatening him. Why would he possibly care about their treasures when he has FAR greater ones. He has quite a few Immortal Rank treasures, and even has mountains of high level treasures that Immortal Juhua put into the Estate if he wants to trade for Liquefied elemental Essence once he gets back to another Major World.
      He’s probably most angry since it’d be hard to find another person who fulfills the karmic requirements of goodness and doesn’t have a master, as well as the prospect of having to protect someone he doesn’t care about for a century would both delay his meeting with Yu Wei, which he won’t allow, and probably stifle him since he likes freedom. It might even hurt his Dao-Heart.

      1. What you said only makes him seem more vicious. He doesn’t even care about their treasures, but he would still kill them!

        Sure he is angry, doesn’t want to delay meeting Yu Wei, and is just following his Dao heart. These are all reasons that can explain his…still vicious actions. After being rejected I thought he would simply continue searching elsewhere. I didn’t predict this turn of events. To me it seems out of character, but I may have misunderstood Ning somewhere along in the story.

        1. I agree with you completely. Ning has never done anything like this before. He is bullying people way weaker then him because they won’t give him what he wants. He is turning into the bad guy.

        2. Going to have to disagree here. You seem to be focussing only on Ji Ning’s threats and not the entire picture.

          1. Ning meets strangers
          2. Strangers commence telling Ning lies
          3. Despite being lied to Ning treats them to food, wine and a free ride
          4. Ning offers to be Xiaoyu’s master
          5. Ning offers an exorbitant price to have them agree
          6. Ning is lied to again despite making an overly generous offer
          7. Despite revealing the fact that he knows they are lying, they attempt to continue
          8. Suddenly attacked by a pack of Diremonsters
          9. Gives an ultimatum
          10. Hears Qi Rufeng’s sorry situation as is at a loss.

          Now 9 is where everyone’s problem is. We have already been told that Qi Xiaoyu has taken a Dao Oath to serve the Qi clan. The only two ways in which Ning can get her as a disciple, is if they allow it, or if they die.

          In 9 all he does is state their options. The only reason they don’t want to take the deal is because karmic luck is better than giving weaklings good weapons. Case and point, they didn’t finally get wiped out, because Ji Ning appeared.

          1. I have problems with the order of your events and how you are painting the overall picture.

            1. Ning approaches strangers who are minding their own business
            2. Due to Nings strength, strangers aren’t willing to start anything by refusing Nings offer for a ride and a drink
            3. The lie is light at this point and is in self defense, hardly as bad as you make it seem
            4. Ning offers to be Xiaoyu’s master
            5. Ning offers an exorbitant price to have them agree
            6. Ning is lied to again despite making an overly generous offer at this point. Any reasonable person as Nings previous personality would indicate, that he would leave them alone at this point since they don’t actually threaten him.
            7. Despite revealing the fact that he knows they are lying, they attempt to continue due to fear and self preservation
            8. Suddenly attacked by a pack of Diremonsters
            9. Threatens their lives, which isn’t Nings style, he doesn’t bully the weak.
            10. Hears Qi Rufeng’s sorry situation as is at a loss.

          2. Response to:
            (1) Ning approached them on while the Prince didn’t wish to be bothered or slowed down by him.
            (2,6,7) Of course the Prince lied to hide his identity! They are fleeing. They think once Ning discovers their identity he will act to steal their treasures (this is explicitly stated). In the past Ning even lied to Youngflame Nong about being related to the Yuchi clan in order to protect his life.
            (3) “Treating” someone is different from “coercing/forcing” them. B13C15: As Ning was revealing his power, forcibly inviting the imperial Qi clansmen onto the ship, then asking Qi Xiaoyu about her history…
            (4,5) Sure, Ning made a generous offer. But the Prince didn’t accept this trade as it wasn’t too useful to him.

          3. You, good sir, seem to be only viewing this from Nings point of view! Try putting yourself in their shoes:
            1.Your clan gets wiped out and you have been on the run for a while
            2.You are forced to lie because you are afraid people will rob you if they found out who you are
            3.You meat an expert you don’t have any connection to and while he doesn’t seem aggressive you don’t know what he wants from you
            4.He wishes to take your good luck charm and what he offers in exchange is stuff that, while good quality, are ultimately useless to you(remember they are on the brink of extinction)
            5.You tell him what sounds like a perfectly fair deal which works for both sides(they live and he doesn’t spend that much time in their minds)
            Honestly, I think Ning is in the wrong here because he is abusing his power. They have no reason to agree to his terms other than being afraid for their lives which is pretty sad.
            Also, yes he killed the monsters and helped them in this way, but that was not done to help them.

          4. here’s my point, in this chapter “forced”, (I’m taking Ning side by the way) those royalties WANTED Ning to be killed and TAKE all his treasures (its in the previous chapter by the way) after the fight, IF he didn’t have enough power to kill those diremonsters, he will be killed and just be forgotten by those who put him in this pit (also,by the way , its easy to see expressions of people if your experienced. And in my speculation, Ning already found out what they’re thinking )
            for the royalties side, they didn’t want to lose an important “CHESS PIECE”for them to prospect in the future and rebuild they’re clan(or something) . This CHESS PIECE (read the previous chapter and see they said this word) is the girl with great charmic luck… I wonder what will happen to the CHESS PIECE if it became no use … :/ I guess you guys already know….

          5. I agree. Honestly, the Qi royalties has ill-intentions towards him in the first place. They’ve also plan to let Ji Ning die with those diremonsters too.
            If you want goodwill, you’d have to show your goodwill as well.

            Also, one hundred years is too much. Even if that king has the requirements for Ji Ning to kill, it’s only one. He would have to spend 100 years with the Qi royalties, then go hunt another 9 loose immortals, and then get the divine skill. And that would take like … 200 years? That’s way over the promise with Yu Wei, or even for his revenge. Breaking your promise isn’t freedom, it’s call irresponsibility.

            I’m sure Ji Ning would find a way to save the Qi clan within his schedule. Just let him negotiate.

          6. @rohittee1
            thank you
            however 5. exorbitant price not really
            one hundred years is too much? for an immortal? for an immortal to gain a disciple with incredible karmic virtue?
            If it was me I would ask for a thousand years of aid (or a hundred years of servitude)
            We do not know what would happen to her if she lost her virtue (“her virtue”, get it? 😉 ); however since you implied a bad outcome I will counter it: what if one of the princesses actually is friends with her?

          7. @Vasil94, I agree with your opening statement. I am indeed going from Ning’s point of view. This is because a large amount of comment are expressing disbelief in Ning’s actions, when the worst thing he has done is a verbal threat. Ning has threatened people many times before. All you are saying is, he can threaten people above him, but not below him? Where is the sense in that???

            Yes, it is coercion. He wants the best deal for him, they want the best deal for them. Using all his cards to get the best deal for himself is the logical thing to do. He tells them not to play games with him after they admit they can accept his deal. He starts being overly threatening when they try to get a better deal for themselves. They wouldn’t have asked for the deal if they knew his age, but both sides are in the dark.

            My last point about them being lucky, is not supposed to mean the Qi survivors should be grateful. It’s meant to show how Xiaoyu brought them luck.

    2. What Ning is offering is to guide a person with great karmic virtue in the ways of the dao. This would greatly benefit the person in question, but the asshat royalty are afraid that their lucky rabbit foot slave will get taken away, and are demanding excessive payment for something they aren’t really entitled to. Seeing as Ning’s dao is about freedom, I don’t find it strange that he is a bit cross when people are trying to buy his services with the freedom of another person. Also why is it so goddamn important for the royalty to get their kingdom back? It seems like most of their people have been killed by the beasts, so all they would acquire is a castle that smells of dire beasts and a probably ravaged by war farmland, with only the three of them there.

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