DE Book 11 Chapter 4

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Book 11, Primaltwin, Chapter 4 – Primaltwin

Ning waved his hand again, and another hill of items appeared as well, as well as some sacks. “These were left behind by that dead Fiendgod.” The Hydraga had once forced himself to train as a Ki Refiner as well. Unfortunately, natural Fiendgods were innately very weak as Ki Refiners. Only after many years of painstaking training had he reached the Zifu level; afterwards, Xiangliu Fang could no longer be bothered to train in this regard.

After reaching the Zifu level, he was able to use storage-type magic treasures, at least. This was enough to make Xiangliu Fang quite happy! In the Fiendgod Era, before he had trained as a Ki Refiner, he always had to carry around his treasures with him.

“There’s quite a bit.” The old black bull sighed in amazement.

“Let me take a look.” The giant yellow bear swept his gaze across the magic treasures. Suddenly, the two treasure-hills all flew into the air, then stayed there.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

These treasures quickly began to sort themselves out by type. Bottles and jars moved to one side, while Dao-seals and jade discs, as well as some other unique items were pulled to another. The many magic treasures were also placed on another side…

Ning simply watched as the levitating treasures sorted themselves out by type. “I didn’t sense any ripples of power, but these treasures all levitated into the air; the powers of this spirit of the underwater estate truly are unfathomable.”

“This is a spirit-pill; if you lose an arm or a leg, eat the pill, and it’ll be healed. You are a Fiendgod Refiner; this is useless to you. Go back and sell it off or give it to a friend.”

“This is a poison powder…it’s hard to ascertain how powerful the poison is, but it should be decent.”

“This bottle is marked with the words, ‘Drunken Immortal’s Pill’? Eh? Its intoxicating properties are quite strong; I imagine that even if Loose Immortals ate it, they would be intoxicated. Three pills in total.”

The giant yellow bear quickly went through the various jars and bottles. Soon, he pulled out two of the jade bottles from the masses. “These two bottles both contain liquefied elemental essence, roughly twenty five thousand kilograms each, for a total of fifty thousand kilograms. Youngflame Nong actually carried fifty thousand kilograms on him…that’s quite a bit.” Unless they were in desperate need, most Immortal cultivators wouldn’t carry that much with them. They would use them to buy magic treasures or just use them up. However, to Youngflame Nong, fifty thousand kilograms wasn’t that much.

“He must’ve been worried that he might gain a sudden insight while wandering the world, and so prepared them for a possible breakthrough to the Primal Daoist level,” Ning laughed. Fifty thousand kilograms; this was absolutely enough to break through to the Primal Daoist level.

“You cannot use it.” The giant yellow bear shook his head. “You are going to the Conclave of Immortal Destiny; you cannot breakthrough to become a Primal Daoist.”

Ning nodded. He understood this principle. This Conclave came only once every three centuries; there was no way he could wait another three hundred years. Thus, this was the only chance he would have to attend the Conclave. Sparring against so many other geniuses on the same level was an opportunity that would have long, far-ranging impacts on him. If one didn’t have a long-term plan and only focused on short-term gains, in the end, one would suffer for it.

“These curios aren’t bad either.”

“Oh? A Greater Teleportation Dao-seal? Youngflame Nong had a Greater Teleportation Dao-seal?” The giant yellow bear called out in surprise as he pointed with a finger. Instantly, a rune-covered leaf flew over.

Ning’s eyes lit up. “Greater Teleportation Dao-seal?”

He had previously acquired two protective items from the underwater estate; one was that black loop, while the other was, in fact, a Greater Teleportation Dao-seal.

One was meant for attack; the other was meant for defense and escaping.

Upon using a Greater Teleportation Dao-seal, the might within it would instantly activate and surround him in a barrier which even Loose Immortals wouldn’t be able to break. And then, he would vanish and disappear. Even if the region was spacelocked, even if he was trapped in a place of no escape, he could still use a Greater Teleport to leave! He could even teleport from a different world directly to the world of the Grand Xia Dynasty!

“You now have two Greater Teleportation Dao-seals.” The giant yellow bear flicked his finger, sending the leaf flying towards Ning. Laughing, Ning waved his hand and accepted it.

“Youngflame Nong truly was unfortunate to run into you. His soul was immediately ripped out, giving him no chance to even use the Greater Teleportation Dao-seal.” The giant yellow bear continued to investigate. “There’s quite a few protective treasures as well. There’s a Vajra-Guard Skypearl, a Golden Skyfire seal, a Skyflee shuttle…still, these are quite inferior compared to a Greater Teleportation Dao-seal.”

Youngflame Nong actually had three major treasures; the ‘Lock’ scroll, the black and white disc, and the Greater Teleportation Dao-seal. He had used up two of them. The plan had been to bind the Immortal estate, sell the monstrous Dao-soldiers of the estate to his clan, then use those resources to purchase some truly top-tier treasures. Unfortunately, he would never have the chance to do so.

“Big bro, take a look; isn’t that the Sole-Ki Pearl of Primalwater?” The old black bull suddenly pointed to a watery pearl which hovered in the mass of precious items.

“A Sole-Ki Pearl of Elemental Water?” The giant yellow bear hurriedly looked over. His eyes lit up, and he began to laugh loudly. “Ning, you little tyke, it seems it is indeed time for you to reach the Primal level. With this Sole-Ki Pearl of Primalwater, you can now cultivate a Primaltwin.”

Ning called out in surprise, “A Primaltwin?!”

Naturally, Ning knew what a Primaltwin was; virtually all cultivators knew what it was! In the Black-White College, the technique for forming a Primaltwin was something which every single disciple could learn. There was no need for using black-white pellets at all. It was something for everyone to know, but unfortunately, less than one in a thousand Primal Daoists would actually be able to refine a Primaltwin!

This was because…it was too hard to find the right vessel!

When a cultivator broke through from the Wanxiang stage to the Primal stage, the essence of the myriad manifestations of stars and the elemental sea within the Zifu region would crystallize and give birth to a Turtle-Snake 1. At the same time, the soul would descend from the sea of consciousness and sink deep into the Turtle-Snake.

When they fused into one…the Primal Turtle-Snake would be formed! With the Primal Turtle-Snake serving as a physical vessel, and the soul serving as the self, a Primal Daoist would arise from the fusion!

In order to refine a Primaltwin, one would need to find a physical vessel; once one found it, one would use a secret art to split one’s soul in two, keeping half the soul in the original body and placing the other half within the vessel and forming a Primaltwin.

“Right. This Sole-Ki Pearl of Primalwater is like a natural Zifu region,” the giant yellow bear laughed. “All you need to do is split out part of your soul and place it within the pearl, and you’ll be able to slowly refine it into a Primaltwin! In fact, in the future your Primaltwin would even be able to become an Earth Immortal and perhaps surpass the tribulation and become a Celestial Immortal.”

Ning had never even heard of a ‘Sole-Ki Pearl of Primalwater’; in the annals of the Black-White College regarding Primaltwins, the most famous vessel was the ‘Darkvalley Pearl’.

“How is it compared to the Darkvalley Pearl?” Ning asked.

“The Darkvalley Pearl is too mediocre,” the giant yellow bear said. “A Sole-Ki Pearl of Primalwater contains the essence of primal, elemental water. After you fuse your soul into it and form your Primaltwin, your body will be formed from the essence of primal water as well. By then, when you use it to train in water-type Daos, you will find it much simpler. It seems as though you are destined to travel very far in the element of water.”

The Dao of Rainwater was nothing more than an extremely unremarkable type of Dao that belonged to the element of water, one of the Five Elements.

“How is your soul? Is it capable of withstanding a Primaltwin secret art?” The giant yellow bear asked.

To divide a soul in half was extremely dangerous. The soul had to be sufficiently strong; if it wasn’t, then dividing it in half was akin to suicide! Thus, generally speaking, only Primal Daoists who had been at that stage for a very long time or experts who had already reached the Void level and become Earth Immortals would be able to produce a Primaltwin!

“My divine sense stretches to a thousand kilometers,” Ning said.

“Mm. There are very few Primal Daoists who have souls comparable to yours; you can compare to a weak Loose Immortal.” The giant yellow bear nodded. “You can split your soul in half.”

Ning felt a fire begin to blaze in his heart. To produce a Primaltwin at the Wanxiang level; this was far too rare. First of all, the soul had to be strong enough; then, one had to have a vessel, such as the ‘Darkvalley Pearl’ or the ‘Sole-Ki Pearl of Primalwater’. Thus, for every thousand recinarnated Immortals, perhaps only one would be able to produce a Primaltwin at the Wanxiang stage.

The reason why only those below the Primal stage were allowed to participate in the contests of the Conclave of Immortal Destiny was to ensure fairness!

Although Ning might have refined a Primaltwin, his true body remained at the Wanxiang level. So long as it was only his true body which went to compete, and his Primaltwin stayed out of it…there would be no problems! Ning had already chatted previously with Yu Wei regarding the Conclave, and so he naturally knew about some of the rules of it.

Only geniuses amongst geniuses would be capable of producing Primaltwins at the Wanxiang level; naturally, they wouldn’t be barred from participating in the Conclave of Immortal Destiny. However, they would only be allowed to use their true bodies to compete; in fact, their Primaltwins wouldn’t even be permitted to enter the competition grounds!

“Eh?” The giant yellow bear frowned.

“What is it?” Ning asked.

“A Celestial Immortal has come to Serpentwing Lake,” the giant yellow bear said.

“Celestial Immortal?” Ning was shocked. “It must be the Youngflame clan!”

“Don’t worry. I can discover him, but he can’t discover me.” The giant yellow bear said calmly, “Master spent unfathomable amounts of blood, sweat, and effort in order to forge me. There is no one in the entire Grand Xia Dynasty capable of discovering me.”

In the air above Serpentwing Lake.

It was already dark. Nine Flood Dragons, pulling an Immortal carriage behind them, had appeared in the skies. Aboard the Immortal carriage sat Patriarch Arcanum, with the Godplume Duke attending to him by the side.

“This is the place where Ji Ning is permanently stationed?” Patriarch Arcanum, with but a single thought, was able to scan this entire region. Brightheart Island was now completely empty; not a single person was present. However, there were still a few people on boats who were sailing aboard Serpentwing Lake. These were ordinary mortals. Given how large Serpentwing Lake was, it would take them a tremendous amount of time to pass through it.

“They fled?” A baleful look appeared in Patriarch Arcanum’s eyes. “Kill those mortals.”

“Kill them?” The Godplume Duke hesitated.

The Dao of the Heavens was protective of mortals. For Immortal cultivators to kill mortals was a grave sin. Even someone like Patriarch Arcanum, who wanted to kill these mortals, wasn’t willing to personally kill them and cause sin to surround him. Even Celestial Immortals would see their luck plummet, and as their luck plummeted…they would run into all sorts of trouble. If Celestial Immortals had sufficiently bad luck, they might end up dying in battle.

“Why aren’t you acting yet?” Patriarch Arcanum gave the Godplume Duke a sidelong glance.

“Alright.” The Godplume Duke gritted his teeth, then looked at the nine Flood Dragons pulling the Immortal carriage. He sent a spirit-message: “Kill the mortals.”

Although none of the nine Flood Dragons wanted to obey, they still all opened their mouths.


Nine streaks of fire descended, instantly sweeping through the entire lake. The commoners on the lake’s surface were all shocked and terrified for a moment…and then they transformed into ash. Tendrils of sin instantly descended, with some swirling around the bodies of those nine Flood Dragons, and the rest swirling around the Godplume Duke. A very small amount of sin ended up swirling around Patriarch Arcanum as well.

“Let’s go to the City of Ten Thousand Swords.” Patriarch Arcanum gave the order, and the nine Flood Dragons pulled the Immortal carriage away, quickly arriving at the City of Ten Thousand Swords, just a few thousand kilometers away.

The City of Ten Thousand Swords remained as it always had been.

Patriarch Arcanum did a quick inspection. His face immediately changed. “There are this many monstrous Dao-soldiers here? Hrm? Ji Ning’s master, that Sword Immortal known as Diancai, he is here as well?”

“Hmph.” Patriarch Arcanum’s temper was volatile, but he knew that there was nothing he could do to this city. He immediately ordered coldly, “Fujun, arrange for the City of Ten Thousand Swords, Western Prefecture City and Serpentwing Lake be under constant watch! This is the homeland of Ji Ning’s clan; I refuse to believe he will never return. Also, ask the Heavenly Treasures Mountain to keep a close watch on Ji Ning. Upon discovering his whereabouts, immediately inform our Youngflame clan. No matter where he is hiding, once we discover him, immediately send people to kill him.”

“Yes,” the Godplume Duke said respectfully.

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