Desolate Era Glossary



Pangu: The creator deity who made the universe, the Fiendgod of Primordial Chaos.
Nuwa: The creator of humans, currently supposedly the most powerful god in existence and the only one to reach Pangu’s level.
Cui Jue: The Lord of Cui Palace, the First Judge of the Dead.  Also from Earth.
Grandma Meng: Dispenses her special ‘elixir’ in the land of the dead, which causes the dead to forget their memories before being reincarnated.

Ji Clan :

Ji Ning: The main character of this novel.
Ji Yichuan: The father of Ning, nicknamed the ‘Raindrop Sword’.  Number one expert of the Ji clan of the West Prefecture.
Yuchi Snow: The mother of Ning.  Member of the Yuchi clan.
Ji Ninefire: The Patriarch of all five prefectures of the Ji clan.
Ji Young: The Prefecture Lord of the Ji clan of the West Prefecture.
Ji Lee: Nicknamed the ‘Fire God’, the number two expert of the Ji clan of the West Prefecture.  Leads a faction opposed to Prefecture Lord Young.
Ji Jadewich: The son of Ji Lee.
Ji Grizzly: The adoptive son of Ji Lee, had been taken in as an infant by a grizzly bear monster.
Ji Redflower: Friend of Ji Yichuan, rides an Azure Firebird.

Spring Grass: Also known as ‘Miwa’.  One of the two maidservants of Ning who took care of him as he grew up.
Blacktooth: The father of Spring Grass, and the chief of Blacktooth Tribe.
Autumn Leaf: One of the two maidservants of Ning who took care of him as he grew up.
Blindfish: The number one archery expert, serves the Ji clan.
Mowu: An experienced Ninefang Warrior, loyal to Ji Yichuan.  Follows Ning on his first adventure along with Autumn Leaf.

Ironwood Clan

Ironwood Zhan: A late Ki Refiner Xiantian expert of the Ironwood clan.  Has a Bi’an Tiger as his spirit beast.  Wielded the Blackwood Vinewhip as his weapon.


Juhua Immortal: A powerful Loose Immortal who lived for millions of years.  Controlled an Immortal estate which he was the third master of.
Rampart: The disciple of the Juhua Immortal.  Died somewhere.



Armored Wurm: A dragon type Godbeast that seems to be like an Ankylosaurus.
Whitewater Hound: A large, snow-white hound-type creature.  Ji Yichuan has one, who once saved Ning and Snow.
Emerald Skyserpent: A serpent-type Godbeast, one of the more powerful creatures in Eastmount Marsh.  Fought against Ning several times when Ning was at the peak Houtian stage.  Capable of ‘Void Blink’ upon reaching the ‘one with the world’ level.
Howling Moonwolf:
Earthquake Rhino:
Redclawed Goldenraven:
Thundersea Owl:

Other Monsters:

Serpentwing: A named late Xiantian level winged serpent, lives in Serpentwing Lake.
Azure Firebird: A flying fire-type bird-type monster.  One is in service to the Ji clan of the West Prefecture.


Dao Battle-Armor: A type of armor that allows multiple users to join their strength together.
A magic scroll imbued with certain powers, such as the ‘Divine Movement Seal’, ‘Light Body Seal’, and more.
: A naturally occurring gemstone which is like a ‘bag of holding’, able to store a certain amount of materials in an extradimensional space.
Goldstar Shirt: A naturally occurring treasure which protects against all attacks below the Xiantian level.
Darknorth swords: A set of three swords, extremely sharp.  Originally a damaged ‘magic treasure’ of the ‘flying sword’ variety that was ranked.  Purchased by Ning.
Blackwood Vinewhip: A magic treasure previously held by Ironwood Zhan.
Traceless Talisman: A single-use talisman that can allow a person to travel ten thousand kilometers in an instant.


Sword Techniques:

Possessed by the Ji Clan:

[Raindrop Sutra]: The most defensive of the Ji clan.  The technique which Ji Yichuan became famous for using, thus being nicknamed the ‘Raindrop Sword’.  Includes the attacks: ‘Drizzling Rain’, ‘Rain Line’, ‘Raindrop Pierces Rocks’, ‘Thin Streams Flow Forever’, ‘Tempest Curtain’, ‘Watertight’, ‘Eternally Fresh Waterflow’, ‘Merciless Waterflow’.
[Thunderflame Sword]: The most offensive technique of the Ji clan.  Only three stances were found in the burnt manual, but despite that, is incredibly powerful.  No defensive stances.  Includes the attacks: Thunderflash Flint, Blazing Thunderclap, Moth Flies Into the Flame.
[Polaris Secret Manual]: A very balanced, orthodox technique, part of the [Polaris Sword Manual].
[Illusion Sutra]: An insidious technique that could be applied to any weapon.  Allowed one to hide their true powers and actions.
[Melody of 10000 Swords]: The first ‘elite’ swordplay the Ji clan obtained, which they themselves developed.  The most complicated, yet also the simplest when mastered.

Formation Techniques

Yin Yang Twin Energy Formation: A formation which Ironwood Zhan of the Ironwood clan had, set up by using eight formation flags.  Very powerful at the Xiantian level.
Lesser Thousand Sword Formation: A formation of an enemy of the Juhua Immortal, uses up to hundreds of sword-type magic treasures.

Fiendgod Body Refining Techniques:

Possessed by the Ji Clan:

[Crimsonbright Diagram of the Nine Heavens]: The technique Ning chooses.  The unquestioned best Fiendgod Body Refining, but also the hardest to learn.  One has to be able to sense the Great Yang (Sun) and the Great Ying (Moon), then absorb their energies.  If one is extremely suited, the first time training it, small balls of energy will appear in the trainer’s hands, with the left having the ‘Moon’ with a picture of an ‘Osmanthus Tree’, while the right would have the ‘Sun’ with a picture of the ‘Golden Crow’.

[Calamity Fiend] , [Indestructible Blood Fiend], [Song of the Inferno], [Vajra Buddhist Sutras], [Freeform Soul] , [Eternal Mysteries of the Yellow Earth] , [Spirit Fox Sutra] , [Sutra of the Future Buddha]

Footwork Techniques:

Shadewind Steps: A unique set of footwork techniques which only Ning’s mother, Yuchi Snow, knows.  Taught to Ning.
Windwing Evasion: Another set of footwork techniques which only Ning’s mother, Yuchi Snow, knows.  Can only be trained at the Xiantian level.

Divine Abilities:

Kuafu Sunchaser:
72 Transformations:
Three Heads, Six Arms:
Houyi Shooting the Sun:
Heavenly Transformation:
Windwing Evasion (see above)

Other Techniques:

Nuwa Painting visualization technique: A soul-strengthening visualization technique taught by Lord Cui.  Supposedly an elite skill even in the Deva realm, much less the mortal realms.
Inner Visualization of the Shining Sun-Moon Buddha: The visualization technique used by the Juhua Immortal.
Waterflame Lotus: A technique which Ning develops during a night of meditation by a pool through a hint of the Dao which he came to understand.


Grand Xia Dynasty: The empire which rules over the entire world.  Trillions of years old.
Stillwater Commandery: The Commandery region in which Swallow Mountain is located.  Controlled by the Marquisate of Stillwater.
Dark North Sea: The unending ocean in the north of the world.  Where Yichuan and Snow met and conceived Ning.
Swallow Mountain: A massive area, where Ji clan of the West Prefecture is one of the local hegemons.
Serpentwing Lake: A large lake a hundred kilometers long in the Swallow Mountain Area.  Lair to the Xiantian monster, Serpentwing.
Eastmount Marsh: A large marsh with a lake in the middle of it.  Home to many Xiantian level Diremonsters.


Power Levels:

Houtian: Lifespan of a hundred years.
Xiantian: Lifespan of two hundred years.  ‘Diremonster’ is a term used to refer to monsters who have reached this level.
Zifu: The ‘Violet Palace’. At this level, one will be addressed as Zifu Disciple. Lifespan of five hundred years.  Generally capable of ‘dividing the mind’
Wanxiang: ‘Myriad Manifestations’. At this level, one will be addressed as Wanxiang Adept. Lifespan of eight hundred years.  Generally capable of ‘divine will’, which allows them to control objects with their mind.
Primordial: Can be referred to as Primordial Daoist.  Generally capable of ‘divine sense’, an extrasensory ability.
Void: Can be referred to as ‘Land Immortal’, or ‘Earthly Immortal’. In the later levels of the Void stage, a heavenly tribulation will test them. If they fail, then they will die and their spirits will be extinguished. If a Primordial’s body is destroyed but manages to escape with his soul, then he will become a ‘Loose Immortal’, whose power is roughly on par with the ‘Earth Immortals’.
Celestial Immortal: Only at this stage can one be considered to have ascended beyond the Three Realms and no longer be formed by the Five Elements!

Insight Levels:

Basic => Advanced => ‘One With the World’ => ‘True Meaning of the Dao’=> ‘Dao Realm’ => ‘Dao Path’

The Greater Universe:

Three Realms: The ‘Heaven’ Realm, the ‘Mortal Realm’, and the ‘Netherworld Kingdom Realm’
Six Realms of Reincarnation: Deva, Asura (these two are Heaven realm), Human, Animal (these two are ‘Mortal’ realm), Preta Ghost, Hell (these two are ‘Netherworld Kingdom’ realm)
Book of Life and Death: The book on which every person’s fate is written, their birth, their life, and their death.  A person can change their fate by their actions, however.  Controlled by Lord Cui.

Miscellaneous Terms and Phrases:

Beasthead: Used to refer to an amount of gold that weighed ten pounds in the world where Ning was born into for his second life.
Fiendgod: Powerful creatures that were born from nature itself and possess unbelievable might.  The creator of the universe, Pangu, was himself a Fiendgod.
Godbeasts: Monstrous beasts that have the lineage of the Fiendgods in them.  Far more powerful than normal beasts.
Fiendgod Body Refining Technique: Techniques meant to build up the body and make it as powerful as a Fiendgod’s.  Far more powerful than Ki Refining of the same level.  Cannot utilize magic treasures unless also training in Ki Refining.
Ki Refining technique: Techniques meant to build up internal ki energy, which allows one to use magic treasures at the Xiantian level.
Ninefang Warriors: A term for peak Houtian level warriors in the Swallow Mountain region.