26 thoughts on “Desolate Era, Book 6, Chapters 26, 27” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. You didn’t keep your words…..
    you said that you would help with ATG….
    but you are doing DE instead…..
    Didn’t expect this kind of things from you at least.
    As I see it IEW won’t come back for quite a long time…or he might not be back at all….what are you gonna do then….????

    1. Atg sucks, go sleep and never wake up! and btw, ren only said that he would help in atgs time of need, he already helped them through solving their problem.. Ren shouldn’t waste more time on a second rated novel with a playboy and hypocritical guy as a mc!

        1. why translate ATG it’s still ongoing you never know if it will get an end. Better translate DE which is allready released and only need to get it’s translations done. Better work on an project which have an end instead of something which you will never know if it even will end…

  2. I knew it IEW is so irresponsible… since you have done the courtesy of translating two chapters for IEW I believe you should take over this project after CD ….. Thumbs Down for IEW !

    1. IEW had some RL stuff come up you cant be mad at him for dealing with them I mean sure he has been gone for a while but that dosent mean he is irresponsible and won’t come back

    2. He’s been gone for more than 2 weeks and RWX supposed to be ‘just’ to help him translate, but now for more than 2 weeks the one translating this novel is RWX ‘ONLY’. Isn’t this too .. Shameless? The original translator of this novel is IEW and not RWX. Even if he have some RL problems, he should have been the one, or at least help RWX translate some chapters. He’s been gone for more than 2 weeks, and didn’t help in translation, if he is not irresponsible then what do you call it?

      1. IEW and Ren did agree from the beginning that IEW might be gone for a couple of weeks and that Ren could chip in, in those cases… so not really shameful if they already had agreed he could do it..

        and ofc, you always just translate DE yourself, but don´t forget to start from chapter 1, you dipshit!

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