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  1. (repost)

    Hello, and thank you for your hard work. I have a suggestion completely out of place, but i dont know where else to leave it. So here it is.
    Now that Coiling dragon has ended, i was wondering if you could help Translations Nation translate Swalloed Star made by the same author. their pace of release is exteamly slow, and quite frankly it makes my teeth ache.
    In respect for your work, I sincerely apollogise for leaving such an out of place comment on your page, yet thank you in advance.

    1. Please stop spamming this. This is disrespectful to the Swallowed Star translator. If I ever were to take over another translation, I would start from the very beginning. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for the me-…sorry, for the chapter. *walks away while whistling*
    Ren, man! Take a break…I love your translations but you’ve almost burned yourself with CD and without rest you took the slack from IEW…we want you to slave for us years doing translations :p

    Btw, interesting fact. I’ve seen gravity site having server problems(again) and decided to check it through Wayback Machine…long story short (People check it out for yourselves to understand what I’m about to tell! [Google it…])
    …WW was active from year 2002 min. 😛

  3. Oberon there is a really good post by ren which talks about how ppl complain about slow releases and how it does only damage over time.

    Basically never complain about slow releases as it is insulting to the translator. As a reader having one person translate not only provides higher quality of translations but also pride to the translator.

    Example: stellar transformation vs coiled Dragon, cd is not only completed but consistent even though it was started after ST

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