Desolate Era, B7C15

Hey guys, it’s Jan 2nd where I am…so it’s time to starting clearing that queue! Here’s your first chapter, with many more to come in the coming days! Book 7, Chapter 15 – Capturing Fiendgods was sponsored by our ever-redoubtable HH of Norway. This is the first of three chapters for my today. Enjoy the read, guys!

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  1. Hey Ren, not sure how to contact you (tried twitter), but looks like the /2015 version of the site doesn’t update anymore for 2016 releases. Any chance we can get a Classic view in the works, now that /2015 isn’t an option anymore for new releases?

  2. I genuinely think HH of Norway deserves some kind of award or something! Really grateful for your continued support fellow reader HH!!

    Thanks as always to you Ren! You do a lot for us, more than we’ll ever know.

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