Desolate Era, B7C1 – Mid-Journey

Hey guys, let’s embark together on book seven of Desolate Era!  Book 7, Chapter 1 – Mid-Journey has been released.  New adventures in the greater world at large now await Ji Ning!

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    1. Why are you even questioning this? Try read Ren’s post on translating first before you ask stupid questions like this, it can save you some embarassment.

        1. Sorry, but it feels like he questions translators’ ability when the quality of the translation spoke for itself. You can’t get the wuxiaworld’s quality translation from fixing MTL!

          1. of course i’m not questioning the quality.. and i didn’t doubt that they could understand some chinese, i was just wondering because there should be so many different characters and i often see people comment about how tough it is to translate, so i really wanted to know if he could read it 100% raw or there were any mishaps now and then that needed to be looked up.

          2. uh my last comment timed out while i was editing ^_.
            to clear up, i didn’t doubt it was manually translated. i have at least been here for half a year and noticed the amazing gifts of all the translators on this site.
            was mainly meant to understand how profound you were at reading chinese directly, as you(rwx) have written yourself that (we read DE together) so i just grew curious whether you preferred to read in chinese or in english 🙂

      1. uh i’ll look around.. i haven’t really caught up with everything on this website yet, still missing a few books of child of light, and i was at the forum once.. but it seemed quite big so im kinda saving it for until after i caught up? 😛 anyway sorry still..

  1. I uh just looked it up, and Desolate Era is complete at 46 volumes…. In less than 2 years…. While probably sharing that time with 2 other Novels……. I am frightened.

    Hey Ren, I think it’d be cool if you made a post about how long it took IET to write each series, cuz It looks like he’s writing faster than you translate…. and you translate faster than pretty much every writer I know of.

    P.S Exactly how much harder would you say it is to read in Chinese compared to English?

  2. (repost)

    Hello, and thank you for your hard work. I have a suggestion completely out of place, but i dont know where else to leave it. So here it is.
    Now that Coiling dragon has ended, i was wondering if you could help Translations Nation translate Swalloed Star made by the same author. their pace of release is exteamly slow, and quite frankly it makes my teeth ache.
    In respect for your work, I sincerely apollogise for leaving such an out of place comment on your page, yet thank you in advance.

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