Desolate Era, B6C7 – The Ji Clan Gathers

Hey guys, and here is your third chapter of Desolate Era for the week!  As promised, I’m pitching in to help iewatermelons every so often with chapters as necessary.  This one is Book 6, Chapter 7 – The Ji Clan Gathers.  Happy reading 🙂

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  1. Thank you RWX!! I truly appreciate the work that you do.
    Everyday, everytime a chapter is posted on wuxiaworld, i feel happy, and less depressed about things in life, so being able to not think about somethings even for just the 5min that i read a chapter truly does lessen the stress. Just saying Thank you alone, can not express my gratitude for the work that you, and all the other translators have done.

    1. Wow. Thanks so much for sharing, DragonZx. I’m really honored and moved each time I see a comment like this. It really does make my day. So thank you for sharing, and we will keep at it to provide you with entertainment and enjoyment. I hope it continues to help with your depression. Much love! *hug*

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