19 thoughts on “Desolate Era, B6C36 – The Exalted Envoy of the Marquisate of Stillwater” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Hey…Ren…!!!
    can you help out Jr a bit while he’s doing prep for exams….
    Just one chapter a week will do….nothing extra …just replace some DE chapters instead.
    ( Jr left us with a huge cliffhanger)

    1. nein, being able to resist the temptation of cliff hangers is also a strength.. don´t give up and continue living your life as a man!

    2. Sorry, too much work jumping into a middle of a translation that I’m completely unfamiliar with in terms of terms, storyline, etc. (alas, I don’t have time to regularly follow every single translation).

  2. Hey, Ren. No idea how to contact you so I hope you read this.

    Just wanted to let you know I have been having a recent problem with the mobile version of the site. A lot of the video ads redirect constantly. I will be at the top of the page trying to look at new releases or click on a post, then the browser is forced to the bottom ad of the page before I have time, or sometimes I will try to use the recent release index at the bottom of the page and it gets shifted to the top. I makes the entire site unusable as the same thing happens when reading.

    I have had this problem once before but it happened rarely and fixed itself. Now it is so frequent I had to disable Java when on this site for mobile. Which sucks because I want to give you ad support. Anyway, hope you can look into it. I am using an Android device on the most recent software update.

  3. Hey Ren… I have noticed a problem with redirects, in which someone I know, has been trying to access the home page or a chapter, however he would get redirected to an adsite.
    Is this supposed to happen?

  4. Ren The added functionality is nice, but I think it would be better if you only showed the chapter number and put that number next to the name of the LN (or in a nice tidy column for it).
    So for For Against The Gods Chapter 268
    It would be (the “__” are there to add space) :
    Against The God | 268 _____ X hours ago
    Rather than :
    Against The God_____ ATG268 X Hours ago.
    We already know it’s “ATG” so no need to rewrite it, and it would be cleaner if the number was closer to the name. I think.

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