21 thoughts on “Desolate Era, B6C31 – Opening the Celestial Eye, Manifesting the Divine Sense” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. If you do decide to take over for this then you definitely don’t need to do anywhere near as much as you were doing for CD. Give yourself some free time on us. Thanks for the chapter!

      1. Ey, that´s a harsh thing to say. i actually like the Horo guy, he reminded me of a novel i forgot to finish so don´t be rude you bro/sis-con!!

    1. is it? what a sad life you must live… ooh well, i shouldnt really compare the life of a Overlord with a Horo, ur name reminds me of Horo from spice and wolf tho

  2. Nice, you deserve a break…

    Though I hope for more ATG (I mean, doesn’t that project have quite a few translators? Yet it feels like the pacing is worse than the series with only 1 translator -though I am grateful for their hard work)

    Thank You Ren for doing so much for us XD

  3. I agree with the others, getting 2 chapters a day was definitely awesome, but you probably should not do it that much. There is no point in getting this many chapters if the translator exhausts himself to death, just enjoy it, translate if you want to and relax if you want to.

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