Desolate Era, B6C29 – Strongman

Hey guys, here’s a chapter of Desolate Era, the first for the week. I had a great rest yesterday, zoned out with no translating at all for the first time in a long time. Whew! That was nice, haha. It was relaxing to do this chapter of DE – Book 6, Chapter 29 – Strongman. Almost have chapter 30 done, so that’ll come out tomorrow!

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    1. Give the man a break 😛 He deserves a long one.

      From his afterword:

      Coiling Dragon is over, but I’m sure there will be other projects I will work on in the future (and I will continue helping out on Desolate Era in IEW’s absence), so this is, dear friends, is farewell but not goodbye. I will take a good, long, rest…and then I’ll be back.

      But for now, it is time to hibernate a bit.

  1. Overlord Ren,
    I thought we all decided for you, to relax and not to go right back to working right away lol. but in all seriousness, thanks a lot for the chapter!!!

  2. Thank you Ren very much! Ummm but you still better take a long break. Like longer than now. …. Don’t make me find you and then tie you up. I’ll do it if only to not forget that your human. Because seriously I think you’re an Overgod sometimes. 😀

  3. Although it is nice to have a new chapter, I agree with my fellow readers above, you really should take some time for yourself. If translating one or two chapters helps you relax then it’s good, but you should really rest some more, completing CD was fantastic enough. Thanks for the chapter by the way

    1. lol settle down there boy , its not like it was his gf or wife who got raped or killed , that one chick was literary a slave , a slave delivered by his father for him , what did you expect would happen to slaves in these kinds of stories , not saying it was right but wasnt a trully ntr and its not a tragedy story hahaha

      To your standards then Linley got NTR with alice and its a tragedy ? Its only the beggining of the novel

  4. I expected at least a week if not a month or more but 2 days? That is no where near enough time to relax. Look at FBT. He takes a week or 2 after each book. You finished an entire story and took 2 days…

    Thanks for the chapter but take more time for yourself.

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