16 thoughts on “Desolate Era, B6C28 – The Seven Great Divine Abilities of the Divine Abilities Hall” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thx a lot RXW. Don’t push yourself too hard we’d totally understand and we don’t want you to burn out. I fully expect you to take a nice long break from translating after you finish off coiling dragon so you don’t wear out.

    1. Just like he said, we already wondering if you’re trying too hard already, so really should considering some more rest (this is your rest day and still translating… ).

  2. To be honest, I’d rather you just finished off Coiling Dragon instead… using 2 chapters of Coiling Dragon over 2 more chapters of Desolate Era….

    And then we’d have to wait onto our Keyboards for the finale of that marvelous series

    That said, thank you very much for your hard work XD

    1. I am of the same mind, I very much enjoy DE (a lot actually, it’s in my top 3 here with CD and TDG ). But there is no urgency with DE even if we are in a cliffhanger. While we are 5 chapters to the end with CD… I’d much rather have CD ended and clear the way for DE.

    2. well, as someone who have already finished CD since ages ago my statement probably won´t amount to much or maybe it´s the other way around but, sometimes.. it just feels a lot more exiting to wait for the ending.. like not read it all in one go, that way.. you won’t feel as empty inside or not, well, who knows? but my point is, do i even have a point ?

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