Desolate Era, B6C23 – Sealing

Hey guys, I’m changing up the DE schedule. I know I said 3 on the weekend, but it seems that doing 2 CD + 2 DE on a day is just too exhausting. From now on, while I’m doing DE, I’m going to be doing a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday schedule. That’ll ease the burden on me a bit, and also keep things flowing semi-regularly, so y’all won’t have to go cold turkey for a week at a time.

Book 6, Chapter 23 – Sealing is out. Enjoy!

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    1. Please do not be so disrespectful.

      It reflects badly on you and such words tend to upset translators and fans alike. Translators put in hard work to bring us these translations, and I highly doubt that RWX would approve of your comments at all.

      Please keep your negative, nonconstructive comments to yourself.

      1. Mh for me DE is better than TDG, but i quite like TDG too.
        Anyway thanks for the chapter Ren, if it is too exhausting just finish CD before helping with DE 🙂

      2. TDG isn’t a completed work and at the rate it is being translated it will probably either catch up or always be close to what is being released. DE on the other hand is complete and is a lot larger than TDG atm.

      3. TDG ? Seriously ?
        It’s a bit enteraining but god it’s “easy” and childish.
        It has one of the worst first 50 chapters of all the Xianxia’s (well, except if you like to jerk off). It’s easy to appreciate and has no depth. Even if yes, past the 200 chapters, the quality will increase.

        You can’t compare it with DE.
        DE is not perfect, but it’s on another level. You can clearly sense that it’s not the first novel he writes.

        1. I love how you write your own opinion as if it’s a matter of fact. How is TDG “easy” and childish? Care to explain how the first 50 chapters is one of the “worst”, easy to appreciate and has no depth?

          What makes you think you can say people can’t compare whatever with whatever? On what basis can you say DE is “on another level” and how can you “clearly” sense it’s not the first novel he writes?

          But before all that, let’s start with the most basic question : what qualification do YOU have to justify all your opinion, and to view it higher than others?

        2. Personally I kinda liked the starting chapters. The chapters in the mid with Nie Li constantly just showing off and generally being a jerk that made me a little apathetic but the recent few chapters got interesting again. But that’s just my opinion

    2. DE is actually an awesome series! Quite on par with CD!
      I understand people really want to see the end of CD but your comment is quite disrespectfull to DE fans and the effort Ren is putting!

      I rather have happy translators doing chapters of series they like at their own pace than tired out and burnt out translators giving up!! So let them get the chapters out at their own pace! They’ll know what they can do!

      On a side note, Ren I really appreciate the effort to keep DE going while doing CD and even not dropping the pace on CD. Thanks a lot!

      I really enjoy CD, but honesty I’ll read everything you guys put out! 😀

      1. Agree wholeheartedly !

        CD is about to end very soon so I think this is the right decision by Ren..

        DE is awesome..

        It would be awesome if the melody of the 10000 swords is combined into the rain.. Like rain announcing war with a blood curdling song!

    3. Don’t be a dick, didn’t your parents ever teach you that? It’s ok to have that opinion but the way you said is rude, there’s already enough of that on the internet without you adding to it.

        1. I agree that DE is a better story (at least at the moment) but really RWX should definitely maintain his current release rate for CD (presuming he has time to do the same number of chapters) and get the story completed.

          Actually completing long running project is a reward in itself and if anyone deserves a moment of enlightenment followed by some closed door meditation upon completing a project it is RWX. 😉

          It will probably make it easier for him to work on other projects knowing he has finally completed CD.

  1. Thanks Ren for translating. This is no CD but its still good story so im glad that you are doing both. Keep up the awsome job that you do while translating 🙂

  2. Thanks for the chapter! Keep up the good work and don’t listen to the haters. CD is almost finished then you can do what you please. I enjoy all the works on her so far except I think skyfire? Sorry that your work load sucks though :/

  3. Uhhh Overlord Ren,
    Ur only supposed to do 3 chapters a week for helping out not this crazy 2 each time. But honestly us readers who have been reading DE are used to the slowness of chapter releases. So dont spoil us too much lol.

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