17 thoughts on “Desolate Era, B6C21 – [Scarlet Diagram of the Nine Shining Heavens] – Stage Seven” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. even tho imma thankful for the chapters Ren… it would be bad if you translate more then your body can handle or something.. anyway, don´t get worn out… and thank you for the chapter

  2. Thanks so mutch for the chapter Ren. Just don’t overwork yourself it’s even fine (for me atleast) if you wait til IEW is back and just focus on CD for now.

    Again thanks so mutch for your hard work.

  3. Ren, you are a hero among men. An immortal descended to this plane to bring us translations. How else could a person do so many chapters in a day?
    But don’t be reckless and overwork yourself.

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