Delayed Chapter

Sorry guys, I woke up in the morning and Pokemon Go is finally available in my country! I immediately changed and headed out lol… Only remembering that I have a chapter to post today few hours ago.

I’ll release both the chapters tomorrow. I deeply apologise for the delay…
On the other hand, wish me luck for my law exams on Wednesday!

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    1. Thyaeria mentioned it previously in one or a few of his posts..we’re both in Singapore.
      I knew earlier that Pokemon Go will officially launch as of this morning but I don’t know how to even download the app… o.O

      1. really? just go to the app store and type in Pokemon Go, or go to google and type in Pokemon Go. If you use unsupported phones, simply download the APK

        1. Thanks, @mikester919. I couldn’t find it in the app store..I’ll try in google.
          On the other hand, still waiting for the double release today… 😀

      2. Oh hoooo. I see. Well i heard it just came out in Malaysia cuz I’m Malaysian, tho I don’t live there currently. (Living in Japan now)
        But i also know that it’s late for lots of other certain asian countries so I didn’t wanna specify yet in case i got it wrong.
        Thanks for shining light on my question

  1. Yep, I was walking at a shopping center and 1 out of 10 that I passed by was playing Pokemon Go.
    That, of course, includes me as well haha. I knew how you feel.
    Thanks for the double chapters in advance. I wish you luck with those tests. 🙂

  2. It can’t be helped, its Pokemon GO after all…

    By this point you could even send a note to your boss saying “sorry, I can’t go to work, I gotta catch ’em all” and he would be ok with it.

  3. ok so this might be the only negative reply, but i wouldn’t recommend playing it. i don’t know in your country but i am nearly lvl 20 and already giving up due to the same pokemons that i am getting. may be cause i am lazy, also cause we can’t occupy a gym for more than 5 min, even if you have pokemon of CP 3000.

    1. im lv 15 and i sort of gave up lol now im just playing intermittently to collect all the pokemons im still waiting for the next update where they say they’re going to fix the tracking issue

  4. Lol. Good for you. Pokemon Go rocks. I was lucky enough to live in America where it first came out. Hopefully you’ve got enough Pokestops near you, although if you don’t you can request Niantic to add some.

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