DE/Godsfall Delayed This Week

Hi all, traveling aside Qidian’s been up to shenanigans again, this time copying and pasting all of Wuxiaworld’s novels over to their website without our consent. I’m dealing with lawyer issues as a result, so things this week will be very weird. I will still do my very best, but for this specific week there are no promises. Sorry!

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    1. Qidian was like MGA’s villains… Useless Impotent Bee is mooching off his readers, requesting money envelopes every chapter, holding the chapters intentionally and then saying that there was a quota of payments to be had first before he post chapters.

      Useless Impotent Bee’s story’s villains are the very definition of shameless, thick-faced antics of an assshole.

      Qidian is just like Bee and Bee is like a lapdog. It’s as if they’re master and disciple. Qidian’s actions are reflecting Bee’s story’s villains upon himself like a useless trash of a writer. Pweh… He’s even an insult to be called a writer and he only knows one kind of progress method to move up his title’s plotlines.

      Clearly, these two are of the same blood origins so it’s no wonder they move the same way as if they were twins.


      It’s really disgusting to the skin knowing I live on the same planet as these guys.

  1. i believe you already translated the chapter for today yet you dont post it…i dnt know your reason is but everytime there is an episode that have cliff you always delayed the releases of the chapters.. i hate what quidan done they were so greedy…

  2. Extort them of their money legally, Meng Hao style. Qidian’s shamelessness will be punished by Lord Fifth! For real though, Qidian is disgusting.

  3. please please focus on the qiduan thing and take a complete break from translating if needed. dont ignore the bigger picture for short term benefits. those bastards have to get shut down, I’m only one person but I’m going to stand with WW and won’t give a single view to their site

  4. I want to start by thanking Ren for all the hard work he has put in translating and building up this community. Many times these translations have been the highlight of my day. It is sad to see such things happen. No, it is infuriating. What they did is theft.

    I can only hope this is yet another obstacle that will help us grow better and stronger. It is sad to see this ugly face of the world but enlightening nevertheless. We’re with you Ren.

  5. You should have people take care of this stuff and not stopping one of the main novels on the site. If you want to be taken seriously as a professional company you have to decide between management or translating and maybe shift some of that translation work to others so a series doesn’t come to a stop when issues happen.

    It may sound rude and arrogant however this is one of Qidians plan. If it can stop one of your translations by having you busy with stupid issues all the time, the website will lose credibility and professionalism.

    Thanks and good luck.

    1. Couldn’t agree more!
      yes quidian are at fault.
      yes, something needs to be done about it
      but they have to have translators and management separated. One of the leading novels have release problems time and time again(wifi, Quidian and what not)

      Thanks for your work but please at least try to stock chapters so in cases like this, you would still have an oportunity to release chaps.

  6. Thanks for the hardwork and do not worry!
    Beat the bastards and we will continue enjoy the work of those jewels better than ever! ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)

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